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									                            DOCTORS SPEAK OUT                                    "Like antibiotics, pesticides should
PESTICIDES AND                                                          be used only when necessary, and where
                                                                        indications for their use are clear. The
   HEALTH                         "It is not a case of innocent until
                         proven guilty. We have ample reason to         overuse of pesticides not only leads to pest
                         be concerned. We must act on what we           resistance, but also poses health and
                         know now, because health risks are             environmental risks. I urge the residents of
                         cumulative and can last for years."            Ottawa to try alternatives to pesticides on
                          Dr. Joe Reisman,                              their lawns and gardens."                  
                         Chief of Paediatrics, CHEO                     Dr. Robert Cushman,former Ottawa
                         Professor and Chairman, Dept.                  Medical Officer of Health                       The CHO is a coalition of health
                         Paediatrics, University of Ottawa                                                              care professionals, scientists,
                                                                                 “Scientific evidence links
                                                                                landscaping pesticides, to              health and environmental
                                   “We are facing increasing
                         numbers not only of some childhood             impaired male fertility and an increased risk   organisations and individuals
                         cancers but other conditions such as type      of miscarriage."                                working to reduce the use of
She deserves clover      one diabetes, autism, and childhood            Prof. Paul Claman, MD. Clinical Director,       pesticides for landscaping in
                         asthma. These are real and consistent and      Division of Reproductive Medicine,              Ottawa. The CHO supports
                         are happening so quickly that they are         Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology,             healthy, sustainable landscapes
      WHAT DO            clearly caused by the environment.
                         Pesticides are associated with an
                                                                        The Ottawa Hospital, University of
                                                                        Ottawa                                          by encouraging non-toxic pest-
                                                                                                                        management strategies, and
                         increased incidence of childhood
      DOCTORS            neuroblastoma. How many deaths are
                                                                                "In my former country, autopsies
                                                                        were performed on every child who died.
                                                                                                                        seeking laws restricting the
                                                                                                                        cosmetic use of pesticides.
                         acceptable before we act?"
       THINK?            Dr. Alex MacKenzie, Paediatrician
                         Director, CHEO Research Institute
                                                                        Childhood cancer was non-existent. The
                                                                        communist government could not afford           For more information, please
                                                                        Dr. Libuse Gilka                                visit
                                   "Some pesticides cause birth         Physicians for a Healthy World                       329 March Road,
                         defects or cancer after chronic exposure.                                                           PO Box 72007,
                         Many of the most common cancers in                      "Environmental illnesses linked to          Ottawa, ON K2K 2P4
                         children and in adults have been                        pesticides include development of
                         demonstrated to be correlated with             environmental sensitivities, worsening of       “Ottawa is not managing pesticides
                         pesticide exposure. Pesticides also affect     allergies and other chronic illnesses, and      effectively, nor can it honestly say that
                         hormone systems and may be altering the        chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia syndrome.          pesticide use in Canada is safe…the
                         basis of life. Some pesticides inhibit         Reduce the "chemical soup", starting with       public is concerned about pesticide   cholinesterase, affecting the nervous and      pesticides, and I assure you the population     safety. After my audit, so am I.”
                         immune systems."                               will be healthier."                             JOHANNE GÉLINAS, Commissioner
                         Dr. Richard van der Jagt, Haematologist        Dr. Jennifer Armstrong, Physician,               on Environment and Sustainable
                         and Chair of the Canadian Leukemia             Ottawa Environmental Health Clinic              Development, Globe and Mail
                         Studies Group                                  American Academy of Environmental               Wednesday, October 8, 2003 – p. A25
      Family Physicians Review
                                                 Subtle Pesticide-Induced Problems in Children                                                 WHAT’S HAPPENING
       Pesticides’ Toxic Effects
The Ontario College of Family
                                                Dr. Elizabeth Guillette studied two groups of children in Mexican communities in the Yaqui     ACROSS CANADA?
                                                Valley; one from the foothills where traditional agriculture employing little pesticides was   Quebec has restricted the use of
Physicians (OCFP) strongly                      used, and one from the pesticide-intensive valley. The disturbing results showed that the
recommends that people reduce their                                                                                                            twenty landscaping pesticides on
                                                children exposed to agricultural chemicals in the valley had decreased co-ordination,
exposure to pesticides wherever possible,                                                                                                      public and private land. The Pesticide
                                                balance, stamina, problem solving, memory and sensory abilities, and increased infection
after completing a comprehensive review                                                                                                        Code imposed fines of as much as
                                                rates and abnormal breast development during early puberty. The study’s initial findings are
of the effects of pesticides on human           graphically illustrated below.                                                                 $30,000 for the use of any of the listed
health. Released April 23, 2004, the                                                                                                           pesticides on provincially or
review found consistent links to serious                                                                                                       municipally-owned property, while
illnesses such as cancer, reproductive                                                                                                         allowing private property owners a
problems and neurological diseases,                                                                                                            three year phase in period.
among others. Children are particularly                                                                                                        Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal,
vulnerable to pesticides. “Many of the                                                                                                         Halifax – in fact over 100 other
health problems linked with pesticide use                                                                                                      Canadian municipalities restrict
are serious and difficult to treat, so we are                                                                                                  pesticide use on private property
advocating reducing exposure to                                                                                                                because of health concerns.
pesticides and prevention of harm as the
best approach”, said Dr. Margaret                                                                                                                Ottawa needs a bylaw, and
Sanborn of McMaster University, one of                                                                                                              provincial and federal
the review’s authors.                                                                                                                            legislation are needed too!
Read the full report at:
        “Pesticide exposure can cause                                                                                                            WHAT CAN YOU DO?
many different health effects, from acute                                                                                                        Call, write, email, and/or visit your
                                                                                                                                                city councillor and members
problems such as dermatitis and asthma
                                                                                                                                                of parliament;
exacerbation to chronic problems such as
                                                                                                                                                 Talk to family, friends, and
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease                                                                                                           neighbours about the need for pesticide
and cancer.”                                                                                                                                    reduction;
Canadian Medical Association Journal                                                                                                             Write a letter to the editor;
(May 2002)                                                                                                                                       Call the Organic Landscape Alliance
         2,4-D, the most common                                                                                                                 (OLA) to find an organic lawn care
herbicide used on lawns, is “persuasively                                                                                                       company in your area 1-866-824-
                                                                                                                                                7685 or email:
linked to cancers, neurological impairment
and reproductive problems.” The federal
                                                                                                                                                 Call the City of Ottawa
Pest Management Regulatory Agency                                                                                                               Pesticide-Free Gardening Advice Line
2,4-D reassessment “does not approach                                                                                                           (613) 724-4227;
standards for ethics, rigour or                                                                                                                  Join CHO today at
transparency in medical research.”                                                                                                           
Paediatrics and Child Health (May 2006)

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