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					Glasgow Building Preservation Trust
The Tobacco Merchant’s House
42 Miller Street
Glasgow G1 1DT
Tel: 0141 221 6061
Fax: 0141 221 8007
                                      Annual Report 2004
The Trust and its projects are supported by:
Chair’s Report
Last year’s Annual Report recorded the impressive 21 year              are contributing to much more than simply heritage. We are           Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic Scotland, Strathclyde European
history of Scotland’s first Building Preservation Trust. Since then,   improving the quality of life for large numbers of Glasgow’s         Partnership, Merchant City Townscape Heritage Initiative,
what we created in Glasgow has been emulated throughout                people.                                                              Scottish Enterprise Glasgow, Merchants House of Glasgow, The
Scotland. What we and Glasgow District Council initiated in GBPT                                                                            Trades House of Glasgow, World Monuments Fund and many
has influenced greatly the framework of the heritage movement          In addition to its work in reporting upon and improving historic     private Trusts.
in Scotland. The model established in GBPT has been followed           buildings GBPT inaugurated and coordinates the City’s Annual
by 37 other BPT’s whose existence and work has been made               Doors Open Day. Now in its 15th year this event has expanded         As might well be appropriate for a coming of age, the year since
possible by our action in initiating the Association of BPT’s.         enormously in its scope and scale to become one of the most          Glasgow Building Preservation Trust’s 21st birthday has been
                                                                       popular weekend festivals in Glasgow’s annual calendar. This         an eventful one which has seen significant change. In addition
There is no question that the efforts of GBPT’s dedicated trustees     year well over 50,000 people enjoyed visiting a huge variety         to a vastly expanded programme we have consolidated our
and staff over two decades have had a huge and beneficial              of buildings many of which are generally closed to the public.       staff structure. To our new staff, Director, Neil Baxter, Depute
impact upon the City. The value of our many projects is evident in     In addition specialist workshops celebrated the craftsmanship        Director, Susan O’Connor, Administrative Assistant, Theresa White
the improvement of local areas and the huge economic change            which contributes to the restoration of historic buildings, expert   and Researcher, Linda Tinto we have, I hope, extended a warm
which they have generated. The area around St. Andrew’s in the         guided tours and bus trips gave new insights and the streets         welcome. There is no question that the ongoing work of the Trust
Square for example has been re-established as a townscape              buzzed with music, performance and sheer enthusiasm.                 has given them plenty to do. The continuing input, perseverance
of which local people are proud and which is attracting major                                                                               and good humour of Ruth Oliver has helped immensely in the
investment in flourishing ongoing development. At Wellpark/            We owe a considerable debt to the volunteers who serve on            process of transition. I would like to thank all of them for their
Kirkhaven we have created a business centre which is fully let to      the Board and Executive of the Trust. Our partners Glasgow           efforts and dedication.
organisations which work within and for the community.                 City Council, Greater Glasgow and Clyde Valley Tourist Board,
                                                                       Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, The Merchants House of                  The Trust, bold and vital as a 22 year old should be, looks
The Trust’s recent work in Easterhouse, Govan and the Gorbals          Glasgow, Scottish Trades Union Council, The Trades House of          forward to a hard working future of contributing to the
and our ambitions for Castlemilk Stables will ensure that there        Glasgow and Glasgow Institute of Architects have continued their     architectural, cultural and social wellbeing of the City of Glasgow.
is hardly any part of Glasgow which has not seen the benefits          unstinting support and the individual members have provided
of conserving the best of its architectural heritage. However          invaluable advice and guidance.
this is a community based trust which works with local people
in all its endeavours. By helping communities achieve their            The Trust is a charity which could not do its work without our
aspirations and establish new business or leisure facilities we        funders, Glasgow City Council, The Architectural Heritage Fund,      Patricia Chalmers
                                          ALEXANDER BLAIR, 1794, ‘B’ LISTED

                    Castlemilk Stables
The Stables Block of the former Castlemilk House
(demolished 1960’s) only survives because, at the time of
the demolition of the house itself, the building was being
used as a tool store for the adjoining park. Set around
a cobbled quadrangle the building is a simple, elegant,
late Georgian design whose entrance is marked by an
octagonal tower.

Following a Feasibility Study completed in 2001, as well as
extensive business planning and funding appraisal work, it
was proposed to renovate the building for community use.
As well as offices for Cassiltoun Housing Association, it will
                                                                 Professional Team
accommodate pre-fives childcare, training and meeting
rooms and a small café. The training and support housed               Elder and Cannon
within the building will, in time, generate new jobs in the      QS
Castlemilk community.                                                 Neilson Binnie
Over the past year GBPT, working closely with the                ENGINEER
                                                                      Dewar Associates
Cassiltoun Trust and Glasgow City Council has drawn
                                                                 M & E C O N S U LTA N T S
together funding from a number of sources including                   Hawthorn Boyle
Glasgow City Council, European Regional Development                   Partnership
Fund, Historic Scotland, Communities Scotland,                   A C C E S S C O N S U LTA N T S
                                                                      ADAPT Trust
Architectural Heritage Fund and a number of other grant-
giving organisations. However the funding package is still       SUPERVISOR

incomplete and without further support this important                 CDM Scotland Ltd
                                                                 FIRE ENGINEERS
project cannot proceed. The Trust and its partners are                SAFE
continuing strenuous efforts to persuade other major             VA L UAT I O N
funders to help us save this hugely important building.               Freeman MacLeod and
                                                                      District Valuer
H A I G A N D L O W, 1 8 6 4 , ‘ B ’ L I S T E D

                                                    Converted in the 1930’s to provide
                                                    food and support for homeless people
                                                    in the east-end, this former Church
                                                    was sub-divided horizontally to
                                                    provide a utilitarian hall at ground level
                                                    leaving the truncated Church with its
                                                    magnificent ceiling largely untouched

                                                    The Mission struggles to sustain its
                                                    much needed service and approached
                                                    the Trust in the hope that the largely
                                                    unused space within the upper part
                                                    of the building might lend itself to
                                                    sympathetic conversion which would
                                                    in turn support the Mission’s ongoing
                                                    work. Funding is currently being
                                                    sought to enable the Trust to proceed
                                                    with a Feasibility Study which would
                                                    endeavour to reconcile the heritage
                                                    value of the original 1860’s church with
                                                    its community use.
Area    Following the Govan Built Heritage
        Study in 2003, a number of

Report meetingswith Govan in the Pearce
                  were held
                 Greater Govan Social Inclusion
                 Partnership, representatives of
                 the Community Council, local
                 Councillors and other interest
                 groups. It was agreed that the
                 quality of the townscape and
                 architecture of central Govan was
                 worthy of recognition and that
                 Glasgow Building Preservation
                 Trust should review the possibility
                 of central Govan being granted
                 conservation status.

                 Preliminary soundings with
                 Glasgow City Council’s
                 conservation team proved
                 positive, particularly as the Central
                 Govan Action Plan, a major study
                 of the development potential
                 of the whole area, was being
                 commissioned. Funding is being
                 sought to extend the scope of the
                 Built Heritage Study and prepare a
                 full conservation area submission.
                             J O H N H O N E Y M A N , 1 8 6 3 , ‘A’ L I S T E D

Lansdowne Parish Church
       Described in the Buildings of Scotland,
       Glasgow as ‘the most striking Gothic
       Revival Church in Glasgow’ this
       magnificent Great Western Road landmark
       dates from the 1860’s. In recent years,
       like many Churches, it has suffered
       from a dwindling congregation and ever          Professional Team
       increasing costs for its upkeep.                ARCHITECT
                                                          Honeyman Jack &
       Glasgow Building Preservation Trust has
       been commissioned by the congregation
       to undertake a Feasibility Study into the
       current condition, required restoration
       and potential re-use of the building in the
       hope that a sustainable future use may be
       achieved. The support of the Architectural
       Heritage Fund has enabled us to engage
       Honeyman Jack & Robertson to work with
       the Trust on a comprehensive study which
       we hope will produce a sustainable future
       for this superb building.
                                                                        J O H N B U R N E T, 1 8 6 7 , ‘ B ’ L I S T E D

Orkney Street Police Station
                    Designed by John Burnet (Senior) and opened in 1867 as Govan               Professional Team
                    Burgh Chambers this plain, classical edifice was converted in 1899         ARCHITECT
                                                                                                    ATA Studio
                    to serve in its new role as the Police and Fire Station for the area.
                    Sturdily plain classical in style with its main front entrance set              Thomas J Ross
                    within an impressive rounded arch the building’s importance within
                    Govan was highlighted within GBPT’s Govan Built Heritage Study in

                    In June 2004 Glasgow City Council commissioned Glasgow Building
                    Preservation Trust to undertake a Feasibility Study to review the
                    condition of the building and its potential for regeneration. The
                    study required a review of the building’s fabric and consideration of
                    how it might be adapted for future usage. In addition business plan
                    information, considering potential and expenditure streams and the
                    sustainability of the building, was required.

                    The study included meetings with appropriate community
                    organisations including Govan Initiative, Greater Govan Social
                    Inclusion Partnership, the Community Council, Housing Associations
                    and potential occupants of the building in addition to the Councillor
                    for the area.

                    The study, submitted in November 2004, included detailed
                    appraisals of potential redevelopment, reconfiguring the interior
                    of the building to provide business start-up units and office
                    space. The scope of the study was extended through the goodwill
                    of the architects, ATA Studio, to review the potential for further
                    development within the immediate environs of the building to
                    reinforce and support its proposed new usage.
                                                                    R R OWA N D A N D E R S O N , 1 9 0 6 , ‘A’ L I S T E D

                            The Pearce Institute
                            The Pearce Institute, known locally as the PI, sits at the heart of Govan, an impressive
                            physical presence on Govan Road and a major focus of community life. Its role is diverse,
                            combining offices, meeting spaces, a café, theatre facilities and a large central hall (which
                            accommodates large gatherings, ceilidh’s and special events). The building reflects the
                            life and vibrancy of Govan itself.

                            In recent years the PI has overcome significant problems. Temporary closure from
                            September 2001 led to a rescue endeavour including the formation of a new Management
                            Group with representation from funding partners, the public sector and the community.

                            After its official reopening on Doors Open Day 2003, a programme of fabric repair was
                            organised by GBPT with funding from Communities Scotland. Since then three other short
                            programmes of works have helped overcome a number of major problems and to ensure
                            that the building is wind and watertight, providing a comfortable working environment for
Professional Team           tenants and visitors. Funding from Greater Glasgow Health Board, the Landfill Tax Credit
                            Scheme, the Social Inclusion Partnership and Scottish Enterprise Glasgow, as well as
     Page & Park
                            further support from Communities Scotland has enabled the full repair, restoration and
     Gardiner and           protection of the building’s windows. In addition, vital repairs have been undertaken to the
                            roof as well as improvements to visitor facilities, including the entrance hall and toilets,
     Hawthorne Boyle        have helped make the PI a more comfortable and welcoming environment.
                            In consultation with the Management Group GBPT has agreed that the series of short-
                            term remediation and repair projects already undertaken should be continued, to
                            address the most urgent aspects of the building’s repair, care and maintenance. After the
                            windows contract at the start of 2004, further works have been commissioned to provide
                            new boilers, further roof repairs and improvements to the café area. This process of
                            incremental repair is designed to support the on-going work of the Pearce, ensure that it
                            remains open and limit disruption to its operation to ensure that the building continues to
                            serve the people of Govan.
A R C H I T E C T U N K N O W N , 1 5 T H C E N T U R Y, ‘ A ’ L I S T E D

                                                             Provanhall by The National Trust for
                              Professional Team
                                                                                    Scotland as ‘probably the most perfect
                              (Feasibility Study)
                                                                                    pre-reformation mansion house in
                              BUILDING SURVEY/QS
                                                                                    Scotland’, Provanhall, at the edge of
                              M & E C O N S U LTA N T S
                                                                                    Auchinlea Park in Easterhouse, is a
                                 Davie & McCulloch                                  remarkable survivor. Among Glasgow’s
                              L A N D S C A P E C O N S U LTA N T S                 oldest buildings the original house,
                                 Land Use Consultants
                                                                                    together with the later boundary
                              H I S T O R I C B U I L D I N G S C O N S U LTA N T
                                 Dr Bruce Walker                                    enclosure and the adjoining Blochairn
                              DENDROCHRONOLOGIST                                    House, represent a great opportunity
                                 Dr. Anne Crone                                     for restoration towards establishing
                                                                                    a significant new visitor attraction in
                                                                                    an area of the city which has recently
                                                                                    benefited from major investment.

                                                                                    The building is owned by The National
                                                                                    Trust for Scotland which has leased
                                                                                    the property to Glasgow City Council.
                                                                                    In Autumn 2004 the Council instructed
                                                                                    Glasgow Building Preservation trust
                                                                                    to produce an extensive and detailed
                                                                                    Feasibility Study reviewing the physical
                                                                                    condition of the building, the required
                                                                                    programme of restoration, and the
                                                                                    historic and physical context of the
                                                                                    property. This study is currently being
                                                                                    finalised. GBPT aims to be fully involved
                                                                                    in the development of a full restoration
73-77 Trongate                      Owned by Glasgow City Council this modest but distinctive group
                                    of shop units adjoins the Tron Steeple which itself was restored
     JOHN CARRICK, 1868
                                    in a project initiated by Glasgow Building Preservation Trust in
           ‘C (S)’ LISTED
                                    conjunction with the Merchant City Townscape Heritage Initiative.
                                    The building was badly dilapidated and its key position within the
                                    Trongate argued strongly for its restoration.

                                    A Feasibility Study in 2002 explored the possibility of restoring
                                    the building as offices. However when the potential office users
                                    withdrew their interest the future of the project was put in

                                    In mid 2004 Glasgow City Council’s late Director of Development
                                    and Regeneration Services, Rodger McConnell met with Glasgow
                                    Building Preservation Trust and agreed that the City wished to
                                    retain the property for retail. While this would require that much
                                    of the funding for its restoration would need to come from the
                                    City itself it was felt that the opportunity of support from the
         Professional Team
                                    THI and Historic Scotland should be welcomed.
              Fiona Sinclair Neil   Work to restore the building is currently proceeding
              MacPhail Architects   on site towards completion in Spring 2005.
              Thomas J Ross
              The Structural
                  C H A R L E S W I L S O N , 1 8 4 8 , ‘A’ L I S T E D

Southern Necropolis Gatehouse
                      Professional Team                                   Among those buried in the Southern Necropolis are the tea magnate Thomas
                                              (Feasibility Study)         Lipton and two of Glasgow’s greatest architects, Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson and
                                                                          Charles Wilson – the designer of the impressive entrance to this city of the dead.
                                                   Fiona Sinclair Neil
                                                   MacPhail Architects
                                              QS                          The Gatehouse is in a very vulnerable condition. Over the years weather and
                                                   Thomas J Ross
                                                                          atmospheric pollution have taken their toll, exacerbated by the attentions of
                                                                          vandals and fire-raisers.

                                                                          The endeavour to restore and re-use the Gatehouse started with the Southern
                                                                          Necropolis Project in 1999 which, in turn, led to the formation of the Gorbals
                                                                          Heritage & Environment Trust at the end of 2001. A Feasibility Study,
                                                                          commissioned at that time, demonstrated that the building could be restored, but
                                                                          the internal space was very limited and potential beneficial use of the building
                                                                          might be problematic.

                                                                          In Spring 2003 further damage to the Gatehouse resulted in the erection of
                                                                          temporary scaffolding and armatures to stabilise the property.

                                                                          Over the last year, the proposed re-use of the building as a centre for genealogy
                                                                          research has been rejected as the restricted internal space of the building and
                                                                          problems of access rule out establishing such a facility. However the City Council
                                                                          is proceeding with a programme of ‘holding’ repairs which will clear out debris
                                                                          from within the structure, provide a new roof, concealed behind the parapet,
                                                                          consolidate unstable masonry and provide pigeon netting to prevent further
                                                                          damage to the interior. In addition a new lighting scheme will celebrate the unique
                                                                          importance of this building as a monument within the Gorbals. It is hoped that, in
                                                                          time and with the projected redevelopment of the Laurieston area, further funds
                                                                          might be forthcoming to provide more substantial and more permanent repairs to
                                                                          ensure the long-term future of this key Gorbals landmark.
                                                                            ALEXANDER ‘GREEK’ THOMSON
                                                                                             ‘A’ L I S T E D

                    St. Vincent Street Church
                                                As Alexander “Greek’ Thomson’s last surviving Church, St.
                                                Vincent Street is uniquely important. The building is owned
                                                by Glasgow City Council and is still in operation as a place of
                                                worship, but requires major restoration. This led to its inclusion
                                                on the World Monuments Fund Watch List of Endangered Sites.

                                                From 1998, The Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson Trust, working with
                                                Glasgow Building Preservation Trust, has sought to produce
                                                a viable solution to the restoration and ongoing care and
                                                maintenance of the building. This would require alternative
                                                usage of the lower hall and ancillary accommodation which
                                                might generate sufficient income to support the whole building.
Professional Team
ARCHITECTS                                      The most urgently required repairs, to the Church Tower, were
     Page & Park Architect
                                                undertaken in 2001. Since then a number of options have been
     RM Neilson                                 proposed for the usage of the rest of the building none of which
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER/PLANNING                    were appropriate or viable. A new usage study, following from
     Babity Group
                                                the original Feasibility Study, is currently underway to consider
     David Martin
                                                whether there is an appropriate sustainable future use for the
                                                building or whether, in this unique instance, other mechanisms
     Historic Scotland                          should be established to restore, protect and preserve St.
     World Monuments Fund in Britain
     The Monument Trust                         Vincent Street Church for future generations.
     The Architectural Heritage Fund
                                              SALMON & GILLESPIE, 1907                       ALAN DREGHORN, 1739                           PEDDIE & KINNEAR, 1858
                                              ‘A’ L I S T E D                                ‘A’ L I S T E D                               ‘A’ L I S T E D

Kinning Park                                  Lion Chambers                                  St. Andrew’s in                               Wellpark/Kirkhaven
Complex                                                                                      the Square
The Council owned former school               Among the first reinforced-concrete            The superbly restored St. Andrew’s             Fully restored in 2003 the former
block which sits opposite Kinning Park        buildings in Britain, Lion Chambers            Church which reopened on St. Andrew’s          Kirkhaven Church is now, like the
Underground Station has, in recent            was designed as offices for lawyers            Day 2000 is now owned by Glasgow               adjoining former Wellpark School, a
years, been managed by Scotland               with artists’ studios on the top floor. Its    Building Preservation Trust and managed        thriving business centre, fully let and
in Europe as a centre for childcare,          innovative construction has, after nearly      by the St. Andrew’s in the Square Trust.       providing much needed office premises
education, training and artists’              a century, created major problems with         Its success as a venue for Scottish            for a number of community based and
workshops.                                    the surface concrete starting to break         music, dance and celebratory events            start-up businesses in the Dennistoun
                                              free, representing a significant risk.         has made the building a major focus for        area.
In Autumn 2004 Scotland in Europe                                                            the social life of the whole of Glasgow’s
approached Glasgow Building                   After being shrouded in scaffolding for a      east-end.                                      Owned and managed by Glasgow
Preservation Trust seeking a Feasibility      number of years, J Gaff Gillespie’s 1907                                                      Building Preservation Trust the Wellpark/
Study on the restoration and future           masterpiece is now wrapped in a steel          The building’s role as a catalyst to other     Kirkhaven Business Centre’s income is
usage of this highly visible building. This   mesh (works funded jointly by Glasgow          beneficial development in the area             being expended on the ongoing care
study is currently underway.                  City Council and Historic Scotland) which      continues. In addition to the various          and maintenance of these important
                                              will secure the building for a three year      developments highlighted in previous           historic structures. Over the last year
Professional Team                             period, pending further consideration of       GBPT Annual Reports new development            detailed negotiations have proceeded
ARCHITECTS                                    the cost and viability of a full restoration   is currently proposed for St. Andrew’s         to reschedule the centre’s outstanding
     ATA Studio                               of the structure.                              Street, London Road and, of course, east       borrowings from the Architectural
     Thomas J Ross
                                                                                             of Charlotte Street with Homes for the         Heritage Fund to the Charity Bank.
                                                                                             Future Phase II.
     Benham Conway                                                                                                                          Professional Team
                                                                                             St. Andrew’s is a demonstration of just        AGENT
                                                                                                                                              James Barr
                                                                                             how much can be achieved through
                                                                                             the restoration of important historic
                                                                                             buildings and shows how, once restored,
                                                                                             they can play a crucial part in the life of
                                                                                             the community and serve to encourage
                                                                                             the positive regeneration of the urban
                                                                                             landscape around them.

  Bank of Scotland
  Biggart Baillie

                                                                                                                        Doors Open Day
  Burness Solicitors
  Construction Group
                         The fifteenth Doors Open Day took place on the 18 and 19th September 2004. A total
  City Sightseeing
                         of sixty-seven buildings, some new to the event, others old favourites, welcomed
  Classical House        visitors over the weekend. Among the new highlights of Doors Open Day 2004 were
  Elder & Cannon         the Maggie’s Centre at the Western Infirmary and the Lodging House Mission at
                         East Campbell Street. The hottest ticket of the year was the Doulton Fountain whose
  Fiona Sinclair Neil
  MacPhail Architects    superb restoration as part of the regeneration of Glasgow Green has been shrouded
                         by scaffolding and mystery. The fortunate few who were able to get tickets for Doors
  G1 Group
                         Open Day enjoyed tours expertly guided by Hunter & Clark Ltd who are restoring this
  Gardiner & Theobald
                         extraordinary monument for Glasgow City Council.
  Gerber Landa & Gee
  Glasgow City Council
                         In addition to visiting buildings, participants were able to join guided tours of many parts
  Hypostyle Architects   of the city and, once again, enjoy TRAM Direct/Gorbals Youth and Community Theatre’s
  Keppie’s               historical re-enactment in the Southern Necropolis. The Keppie Masterclasses gave a
  The Merchants          unique insight into 19th century building techniques and Wellpark/Kirkhaven Enterprise
  House of Glasgow
                         Centre hosted workshops on the restoration and transformation of a 19th century Kirk
  Neilson Binnie
                         into a 21st Century Business Centre.
                         Another innovation in 2004 was the Glasgow Architectural Festival - BLOCK, organised
  Ove Arup & Partners
                         by the Lighthouse which was launched on the Doors Open Day weekend and which
  Page & Park
                         contributed additional events to the rich Doors Open Day mix.
                         Looking forward to 2005, planning is already underway for an event which will build
  Scottish Civic Trust
                         upon the popularity and success of Doors Open Day and, through the incorporation of
  Scottish Enterprise
                         Access to Churches Day, increase the number of visitable buildings substantially.
  Trades House of
  Glasgow                While we are immensely grateful to all those who supported Doors Open Day 2004
                         there is no question that, without major support from Glasgow City Council, this hugely
                         important leisure and heritage event would not happen. The Council is therefore due
                         particular thanks.
Glasgow Building Preservation Trust Limited                 the directors are required to                          Report of the Independent Auditors to the                 Basis of opinion
                                                                                                                   Members of the Glasgow Building Preservation              We conducted our audit in accordance with United
Report of the Directors for the Year Ended 31st             •   Select suitable accounting polices and then        Trust Limited                                             Kingdom Auditing Standards issued by the Auditing
March 2004                                                      apply them consistently;                                                                                     Practices Board. An audit includes examination, on
                                                            •   Make judgements and estimates that are             We have audited the financial statements of               a test basis, of evidence relevant to the amounts
The directors present their report with the financial           reasonable and prudent;                            Glasgow Building Preservation Trust Limited for           and disclosures in the financial statements. It
statements of the company for the year ended 31st           •   Prepare the financial statements on the going      the year 31 March 2004 on pages four to thirteen.         also includes as assessment of the significant
March 2004.                                                     concern basis unless it is inappropriate to        These financial statements are been prepared              estimates and judgements made by the directors in
                                                                presume that the company will continue in          under historical cost conventions (as modified by         the preparation of the financial statements, and of
Principal Activity                                              business.                                          the revaluation of certain fixed assets) and the          whether the accounting policies are appropriate to
The principal activity of the company in the year                                                                  accounting polices set out on page six.                   the company’s circumstances, consistently applied
under review was that of identifying and restoring          The directors are responsible for keeping proper                                                                 and adequately disclosed.
historic or architecturally significant buildings at risk   accounting records which disclose with reasonable      Respective responsibilities of directors and
from neglect or abuse within Greater Glasgow and            accuracy at any time the financial position of the     auditors                                                  We planned and performed our audit so as to obtain
its environs.                                               company and to enable them to ensure that the          As described on page two the company’s directors          all the information and explanations which we
                                                            financial statements comply with the Companies Act     are responsible for the preparations of financial         considered necessary in order to provide us with
Directors                                                   1985. They are also responsible for safeguarding       statements in accordance with applicable law and          sufficient evidence to give reasonable assurance
The directors during the year under review were:            the assets of the company and hence for taking         United Kingdom Accounting Standards.                      that the financial statements are free from material
                                                            reasonable steps for the prevention and detection of                                                             misstatement, whether caused by fraud or other
S. Leighton              M. Dyer                            fraud and other irregularities.                        Our responsibility is to audit the financial statements   irregularity or error. In forming our opinion we also
M. Leggat                J. Dinsmore                                                                               in accordance with relevant legal and regulatory          evaluated the overall adequacy of the presentation of
Cllr. J. McNally         P. Chalmers                        Auditors                                               requirements and United Kingdom Auditing Standards.       information in the financial statements.
H. McKeown               J. Entwistle                       The auditors, Gerber Landa & Gee, will be proposed
J. Sheridan              T. McInally                        for re-appointment in accordance with Section 385      We report to you our opinion as to whether the            Opinion
D. Martin                P. Zealey                          of the Companies Act 1985.                             financial statements give a true and fair view and are    In our opinion the financial statements give a true
M. Jarvis                R. Corrigan                                                                               properly prepared in accordance with the Companies        and fair view of the state of the company’s affairs
J. Armitage              J. Steele                          This report has been prepared in accordance with       Act 1985. We also report to you if, in our opinion,       as at 31st March 2004 and of its surplus of the year
D. Page (resigned 2nd December 2003)                        the special provisions of Part VII of the Companies    the Report of the Directors is not consistent with the    then ended and have been properly prepared in
E. McAllister (resigned 16th February 2004)                 Act 1985 relating to small companies.                  financial statements, if the company has not kept         accordance with the Companies Act 1985.
F. Sinclair (resigned 2nd December 2003)                                                                           proper accounting records, if we have not received
M. Starbuck (resigned 2nd December 2003)                    On Behalf Of The Board                                 all the information and explanations we require for
                                                                                                                   our audit, or if information specified by law regarding
Statement of Directors’ Responsibilites                                                                            directors’ remunerations and transactions with the        Gerber Landa & Gee
Company Law requires the directors to prepare                                                                      company are not disclosed.                                Registered Auditors
financial statements for each financial year, which         John Entwistle, Director                                                                                         Chartered Accountants
give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the                                                           We read the Report of the Directors and consider the      11/12 Newton Terrace
company and of the profit or loss of the company for                                                               implications for our report if we become aware of         Glasgow, G3 7PJ
that period. In preparing those financial statements,                                                              any apparent misstatements within it.
Glasgow Building Preservation Trust Limited                                     Glasgow Building Preservation Trust Limited
Revenue Account for the Year Ended 31st March 2004                              Balance Sheet as at 31st March 2004

     31.3.03      Notes                                               31.3.04        31.3.03     31.3.03                                                            31.3.04           31.3.04
           £                                                                £              £           £      Notes                                                       £                 £
                           INCOME                                                                                     FIXED ASSETS
     10,000       3        Grants Received                             10,000                    800,542      9       Tangible assets                                                796,720
     32,099       4        Management Fees                              8,346
     10,018                Fundraising and Donations                    7,570                                         CURRENT ASSETS
     30,001       5        Rental Income                                1,401        84,385                   10      Debtors                                       60,072
     23,801       4        Consultancy Fees                            31,098       394,246                           Cash at bank and in hand                     284,407
      7,914                Investment Income                           10,567       478,631                                                                        344,479
          -       6        Wellpark/Kirkhaven Income                  169,253                                         CREDITORS: Amounts falling
    113,833                                                           238,235       490,255                   11      due within one year                          659,782

                           EXPENDITURE                                                           (11,624)             NET CURRENT (LIABILITIES)/ASSETS                              (315,303)
     87,846       7        Building Restoration                        58,466
      5,214       7        Fundraising                                  3,470                    788,918              TOTAL ASSETS LESS CURRENT LIABILITIES                          481,417
     11,297       7        Administration                               7,519
          -                Wellpark/Kirkhaven Expenditure             165,398                                 12      CREDITORS: Amounts falling
    104,358                                                           234,853                    310,833              due after more than one year                                           –
      9,475                (Deficit)/Surplus For Year                   3,382
                                                                                                 478,035                                                                             481,417

Statement of Total Recognised Gains and Losses                                                                        UNRESTRICTED FUNDS:
                                                                                                  53,382      17      Revaluation Reserve                                             53,382
     31.3.03                                                          31.3.04                    105,559      18      Designated Reserves                                            133,059
           £                                                                £                    319,094      19      General Funds                                                  294,976
                                                                                                 478,035                                                                             481,417
       9,475               (DEFICIT)/SURPLUS FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR     3,382
           -               Deficit on Revaluation                           -
                           TOTAL RECOGNISED GAINS AND LOSSES                    These financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the special provisions of Part VII of the
       9,475               RELATING TO THE YEAR                         3,382   Companies Act 1985 relating to small companies.

                                                                                On Behalf Of The Board:
All activities relate to continuing operations.

                                                                                Patricia Chalmers, Director                             John Entwistle, Director
The notes form part of these financial statements.
Notes to the Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31st March 2004                                                     Pensions
                                                                                                                         The company operates a defined contribution pension scheme. The assets of the scheme are held separately
1. ACCOUNTING POLICES                                                                                                    from those of the company in an independently administered fund. Contributions payable for the year are
                                                                                                                         charged on the profit and loss account.
Accounting convention
The financial statements have been prepared under the historical cost convention as modified by the                      Grants
revaluation of certain assets and are in accordance with applicable accounting standards, the Charities                  Revenue Grants are taken to Revenue Account in the year to which they relate. Project Grants are deducted
Accounts (Scotland) Regulations 1992 and Accounting and Reporting by Charities: Statement of Recommended                 from the cost of Investment Properties. A condition of certain project grants requires repayment of all or part of
Practice (SORP) issued in October 2000.                                                                                  the grant if the properties are disposed of within certain time periods.

Financial Reporting Standard Number 1                                                                                    Depreciation
Exemption has been taken from preparing a cash flow statement on the grounds that the company qualifies as               No depreciation is provided in respect of investment properties. The directors consider that this accounting
a small company.                                                                                                         policy (which represents a departure from the standard accounting principles) is necessary to provide a true
                                                                                                                         and fair view.
Tangible fixed assets
Depreciation is provided at the following annual rates in order to write off each asset over its estimated useful        Rent and Service Charges
life.                                                                                                                    Gross rents and service charges received and receivable from the investment properties are included in the
                                                                                                                         revenue account on the basis that credit is taken as they fall due for payment. Provision is made for any rents
Land & Buildings                   - not provided                                                                        due but not considered receivable.
Plant and machinery, etc           - 25% on cost and
                                   - 33% on cost

Deferred taxation
Provision is made at current rates for taxation deferred in respect of all material timing differences except to
the extent that, in the opinion of the directors, there is reasonable probability that the liability will not arise in
the foreseeable future.

Hire purchase and leasing commitments
Rental paid under operating leases are charged to the profit and loss account as incurred.
2. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES                                                                3. GRANTS RECEIVED
                                                                                                    This grant represents core funding received from Glasgow City Council.
                                                           For financial year ended 31 March 2004

                                       Unrestricted Restricted Endowment Total Funds       2003     4. MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTANCY FEES
                                            Funds      Funds       Funds                    Total   This represents income from the provision of project management and consultancy services.
                                                £           £           £          £           £
INCOMING RESOURCES                                                                                  5. RENTAL INCOME
Grants Received                            10,000           -           -     10,000      10,000    This represents rental income from the Trust’s property at St Andrews in the Square.
Management Fees                             8,346           -           -      8,346      32,099
Fundraising & Donations                     7,570           -           -      7,570      10,018    6. WELLPARK/KIRKHAVEN INCOME
Rental Income                               1,401           -           -      1,401      30,001    This represents rental, service charges and other income from the Trust’s property at the Wellpark/Kirkhaven
Consultancy Fees                           31,098           -           -     31,098      23,801    Enterprise Centre.
Investment Income                          10,567           -           -     10,567       7,914
Wellpark/Kirkhaven Income                 169,253           -           -   169,253            -    7. EXPENDITURE
                                          238,235           -           -   238,235      113,833                                                                                     For year ended 31st March 2004
                                                                                                                                            Building        Fund    Wellpark/                      2003
RESOURCES EXPENDED                                                                                                                      Restoration      Raising       Admin.    Kirkhaven         Total
Building Restoration                       58,466           -           -     58,466      87,846                                                   £            £            £            £            £             £
Fundraising                                 3,470           -           -      3,470       5,214    Employment Costs                         65,276        3,885        8,548              -     77,709       79,106
Administration                              7,519           -           -      7,519      11,298    Publicity & Marketing Costs               3,709          221          485        3,188        7,603        2,518
Wellpark/Kirkhaven                                                                                  Services Costs                            6,331          377          829      127,243      134,780        5,687
Expenditure                               165,398           -           -   165,398            -    Professional Fees                         5,201          310          681       21,381       27,573        7,820
Total Resources                                                                                     Office Costs                          ( 22,174)       (1,320)      (2,904)      13,586      (12,812)       9,227
Expended                                  234,853           -           -   234,853      104,358                                             58,343        3,473        7,639      165,398      234,853      104,358

Net Incoming(Outgoing)                                                                              The following are included in the above; Audit Fee £4,000, (2003: £4,657): Depreciation £4,567 (2003:
Resources                                   3,382           -           -      3,382       9,475    £1,403).

Deficit on Revaluation                           -          -           -          -           -    8. TAXATION
                                                                                                    No liability to UK corporation tax arose on ordinary activities for the year ended 31st March 2004 nor for the
Balances Brought Forward                                                                            year ended 31st March 2003.
at 1 April 2003                           478,035                       -   478,035      468,560

AT 31ST March 2004                        481,417                       -   481,417      478,035
9. TANGIBLE FIXED ASSETS                                                                                           10. DEBTORS: AMOUNTS FALLING DUE WITHIN ONE YEAR
                                                                   Land and         Plant and                               31.3.03                                                         31.3.04
                                                                   Buildings   Machinery etc            Totals                     £                                                             £
COST OR VALUATION:                                                         £                £                  £             26,628     V.A.T.                                                    -
At 1 April 2003
                                                                    798,853           17,894          816,747                56,732     Sundry Debtors                                       55,285
Additions                                                            63,072           18,809           81,881                 1,025     Prepayments                                           4,787
Disposals                                                                  -                 -                 -             84,385                                                          60,072
Grants received                                                     (81,136)                 -        (81,136)
Deficit on Revaluation                                                     -                 -                 -   11. CREDITORS: AMOUNTS FALLING DUE WITHIN ONE YEAR.
At 31st March 2004                                                  780,789           36,703          817,492               31.3.03          31.3.04
                                                                                                                                   £                                                             £
DEPRECIATION:                                                                                                                      -         VAT                                              8,018
At 1st April 2003                                                          -          16,205           16,205                      -    12 AHF Loan                                         299,918
Charge for year                                                            -            4,567           4,567              181,750           Trade Creditors                                 90,771
On Disposals                                                               -                 -                 -           207,761           Payments on Account                            139,325
At 31st March 2004                                                         -          20,772           20,772                61,486          Deferred Income & Sundry Creditors              49,366
                                                                                                                             39,258          Accrued expenses                                72,384
NET BOOK VALUE:                                                                                                            490,255                                                          659,782
At 31st March 2004                                                  780,789           15,931          796,720
                                                                                                                   12. CREDITORS: AMOUNTS FALLING DUE AFTER MORE THAN ONE YEAR
At 31 March 2003
                                                                    798,853             1,689         800,542               31.3.03                                                         31.3.04
                                                                                                                                   £                                                             £
If the investment properties had not been revalued they would have been included at the following historical               310,833      12 AHF Loan                                               -
cost, which represents development costs less project grants received:
                                                                                                                   13. LOANS AND OVERDRAFTS
               31.3.03                                                                                31.3.04      An analysis of the maturity of loans and overdrafts is given below:
                     £                                                                                         £
               745,471    Cost                                                                        727,407               31.3.03                                                         31.3.04
               424,433    Valuation at 31/3/97                                                        424,433                      £                                                             £
               (48,476)   Valuation at 31/3/99                                                        (48,476)                          Amounts falling due within one year or on demand:
              (322,575)   Valuation at 31/3/02                                                      (322,575)                      -    Bank overdrafts                                           -
               798,853                                                                                780,789                      -    AHF Loan                                            299,918
                                                                                                                                   -                                                        299,918
The properties known as Wellpark Enterprise Centre & Kirkhaven at Duke Street were valued on a current open                             Amounts falling due between one and two years:
market value basis on 22 May 2003 by the District Valuer. The cost of the property known as Kirkhaven at                   310,833      AHF Loans                                                 -
Duke Street, Glasgow includes capitalised interest of £30,883.
14. OBLIGATIONS UNDER LEASING AGREEMENTS                                                                         18. DESIGNATED RESERVES
The following payments are committed to be paid within one year:                                                          31.3.03                                                                                      31.03.04
         31.3.03                                                                                    31.3.04                     £                                                                                              £
                £    Operating leases                                                                        £           105,559      As at 1st April 2003                                                               105,559
           4,070     Expiring: Between one and five years                                             4,070                      -    Transfer from General Funds                                                         27,500
                                                                                                                         105,559      AS AT 31st MARCH 2004.                                                             133,059
The following secured debts are included within creditors:                                                       The directors have designated funds for repairs, which may be required for the investment properties.
         31.3.03                                                                                    31.3.04
                £                                                                                            £   19. GENERAL FUNDS
        310,833      AHF Loan                                                                      299,918                31.3.03                                                                                        31.3.04
                                                                                                                                £                                                                                              £
The AHF Loan of £299,918,is secured over the property at “Kirkhaven” 176 Duke Street, Glasgow.                           113,833      Incoming Resources                                                                 238,235
                                                                                                                        (104,358)     Outgoing Reserves                                                               (234,853)
16. PENSION COMMITMENTS                                                                                                     9,475                                                                                          3,382
The company contributes to a defined contribution pension scheme for its employees. The contributions paid                       -    Transfer to Designated Reserve                                                     (27,500)
in the year were £3,721 (2003: £4,179).                                                                                  309,619      General Funds at 1st April 2003                                                    319,094
                                                                                                                         319,094      GENERAL FUNDS AT 31ST MARCH 2004                                                   294,976
         31.3.03                                                                                    31.3.04      20. ANALYSIS OF NET ASSETS BETWEEN FUNDS
                £                                                                                            £                                                    Unrestricted     Restricted             2004              2003
          53,382     Revaluation of Investment Property                                             53,382                                               & Designated Funds            Funds              Total             Total
                -    Revaluation in year                                                                     -                                                              £               £                 £                £
          53,382     REVALUATION RESERVE AT 31st MARCH 2004                                         53,382       Tangible Fixed Assets                               796,720                -          796,720           800,542
                                                                                                                 Net Current Assets                                 (315,303)               -        (315,303)           (11,624)
The revaluation reserve is required by the Companies Act 1985 and represents the amount by which                 Creditors Falling Due after More That One Year              -              -                 -       (310,833)
investment properties exceed their historical cost.                                                                                                                  481,417                -          481,417           478,035

                                                                                                                 21. LANDFILL TAX CONTRIBUTIONS
                                                                                                                 During the year the Trust received £nil (2003 – £61k) in respect of Landfill Tax Contributions from Glasgow
                                                                                                                 City Council re the projects at the Pearce Institute and 73-77 Trongate. Funds totalling £24,390 have been
                                                                                                                 expended on the Pearce Institute and £nil on 73-77 Trongate.
Income and Expenditure Account for the Year Ended 31st March 2004                          Income and Expenditure Account for the Year Ended 31st March 2004
(excluding Wellpark/Kirkhaven Enterprise Centre)                                           Wellpark/Kirkhaven Enterprise Centre
    31.3.03    31.3.03                                                31.3.04    31.3.04
          £          £      Income:                                         £          £
    10,000                Core Funding                                10,000                   31.3.03    31.3.03                                               31.3.04   31.3.04
    32,099                Management Fee                               8,346                         £          £    Income:                                          £         £
     3,125                Donations & Subscriptions                    3,070                         -               Rent & Service Charges                    141,841
     6,893                Income From Events (Net)                     4,500                         -               Bank Interest Received                          78
     7,914                Bank Interest Received                      10,567                         -               Other Income                               27,334
    30,001                Rent & Service Charges                       1,401                                    -                                                         169,253
    23,801                Consultancy Fee                             31,098                                         Expenditure:
               113,833                                                           68,982              -               Property Management Fees                   12,337
                          Expenditure:                                                               -               Telephone                                  17,431
    68,667                Salaries                                      67,879                       -               Printing and Stationery                     2,189
     6,260                Social Security                                6,109                       -               Publicity and Marketing                     3,188
     4,179                Pensions                                       3,721                       -               Cleaning                                   18,191
         -                Benefits in Kind                                   -                       -               Professional Fees                           9,043
     1,660                Telephone                                      2,150                       -               Rates                                         770
     1,626                Printing & Stationery                          1,677                       -               Water Charges                               1,310
     2,518                Publicity                                      4,415                       -               Insurance                                   6,359
         -                Project Costs                               (37,632)                       -               Heat & Light                               15,603
       781                Cleaning                                         793                       -               Postage                                    12,832
     3,141                Sundry Expenses                                4,594                       -               Security and Reception                     29,543
     4,657                Auditors Remuneration                          4,000                       -               Waste Disposal                              1,728
     2,587                Accountancy Services                               -                       -               Repairs & Maintenance                      20,993
       575                Legal Fees                                     1,535                       -               Sundry Expenses                               295
     3,844                Rent                                           4,070                       -               Bank Charges                                   41
       677                Rates                                            682                       -               Loan Interest                              11,202
       739                Insurance                                      2,156                       -               Depreciation - Fixtures & Fittings          2,343
       341                Heat & Light                                     331                                  -                                                         165,398
       428                Repairs & Maintenance                            629                                  -    EXCESS OF INCOME OVER EXPENDITURE                      3,855
       134                Bank Charges                                     116
       140                Bank interest paid                                 6
        84                Depreciation - Fixtures & Fittings               839
     1,319                Depreciation - Computer Equipment              1,385
               104,358                                                           69,455
                 9,475    EXCESS OF EXPENDITURE OVER INCOME                       (473)
                          (2003- EXCESS OF INCOME OVER EXPENDITURE)
Board of Directors                                       Professional Staff                            Registered Office

Individual Directors   Nominated Directors               Neil Baxter, Director                         42 Miller Street
Stewart Leighton       Jeremy Armitage                   Susan O’Connor, Depute Director               Glasgow, G1 1DT
John Entwistle         Trades House of Glasgow           Ruth Oliver, Finance/Administration Officer
Patricia Chalmers      (appointed 2nd December 2003)     Theresa White, Administrative Assistant       Registered Number
John Sheridan          Richard Corrigan                  Linda Tinto, Researcher
Henry McKeown          Glasgow Chamber of Commerce                                                     79721
Thomas McInally        (appointed 8th December 2003)
John Steele            Moira Dyer                                                                      Auditors
                       Greater Glasgow Tourist Board
Co-opted Directors     Mary Leggat                                                                     Gerber Landa & Gee
Paul Zealey            STUC                                                                            Registered Auditor
David Martin           John Chapman                                                                    Chartered Accountants
                       Merchants House of Glasgow                                                      11/12 Newton Place
                       (appointed 13th April 2004)                                                     Glasgow, G3 7PJ
                       Cllr. James McNally
                       Glasgow City Council
                       Michael Jarvis
                       Glasgow Institute of Architects
                       (appointed 8th December 2003)

                       Office Bearers

                                                                                                                               Design: Jon Jardine Photography: Alan Crumlish
                       Patricia Chalmers, Chair
                       John Entwistle, Vice Chair
                       John Steele, Secretary

                       Technical Advisor
                       James McDonald
                       Glasgow City Council

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