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									 Waking the Dead                                                                                            DRAMA

 Series 6                                                                                                   TX Date:
                                                                                                                        31 March 2007
                                                                                                                        12 x 60 minutes
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Episode Synopses
The Wren Boys (Episodes 1 & 2)
Written by Declan Croghan
Director Tim Fywell
Boyd and his team re-investigate the mysterious death of an unidentified teenage boy who
drowned 16 years ago in a concrete pit. Their investigation takes them deep into the culture
and traditions of Irish Travellers.

The Cold Case team is joined by new forensic scientist Dr Eve Lockhart (Tara Fitzgerald) as they
investigate the death of a teenage boy, Davy McDonagh (Gregory Foreman), who drowned in
concrete. A lump of human ear found in his stomach belongs to a comatose teenager whom Eve
discovers is his brother. Meanwhile, Stella (Félicité Du Jeu) is attacked by a dog at a woodland shrine,
where a mysterious nun (Carey Mulligan – Pride & Prejudice, Bleak House) who seems to have
stigmata, warns her to leave.

Boyd interviews Sean Killigan (Daragh O’Malley – Sharpe), who owned the construction site where
Davy was found. Eve discovers traces of woad and the hallucinogen fly agaric in Davy’s skin. A classic
boxer’s injury meant he also was blind when he went into the pit.

The dumpsite and shrine land where the team uncover pagan fighting ‘Wren Boy’ masks is traced to a
nearby abbey on a dissolution order.

Davy’s brother is identified as Joe McDonagh (Edward MacLiam). Interviewing his Irish traveller
parents, the team discover Joe makes a living bare-knuckle boxing. His opponent Martin Ward (Myles
Horgan), who put him in a coma, says it was up to the banker to call it off. Spencer and Stella find
former construction site security guard Liam Ryan (Tony Rohr) injured. He pleads for protection from
the Devil. Joseph cuts his own hand, swearing revenge for Davy.

Joe awakes from his coma to hear Davy is dead. Ward reveals banker Killigan Senior requested the
bad punch. Esther (Olivia Caffrey) says that Killigan Senior rescued her when she was pregnant. The
team finds a corpse near the shrine. But it is a still-born male from 40 years ago. Esther admits she was
Davy’s lover. She doesn’t know if the baby was his. Mary admits she gave the baby to the abbey.

Hallucinogens are traced to Sean Killigan Junior (Scott Hazell). Grace visits nun Bridget (Carey
Mulligan – Pride & Prejudice, Bleak House), now 16, who was brought up in the abbey. She
confronts the Mother Superior (Ann Bell – Tenko) over Bridget’s ‘stigmata’, which are the work of
someone who wants to save the abbey.

Boyd realises the fight was for Esther, but Davy stabbed Joe in the process. Sean laced the woad and
slipped Davy the knife, then led him to the concrete pit. Joe and his family rescue Esther, as Sean tries
to force himself on her. Boyd and the team get there just as they are tying Sean to a tree where he
confesses he killed Davy. Boyd presents Joe and Esther with their daughter Bridget. The McDonaghs
set fire to Davy’s caravan as a way of saying goodbye.

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 Waking the Dead                                                                                             DRAMA

 Series 6                                                                                                    TX Date:
                                                                                                                         31 March 2007
                                                                                                                         12 x 60 minutes
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Episode Synopses
Deus Ex Machina (Episodes 3 & 4)
Written by Nicholas Blincoe
Director Andy Hay
When Khaled Ahmad goes on hunger strike in the UK, Boyd and the Cold Case team are
racing against time to find the mythical Mahdi’s skull. At the same time, MI6 are keen for
Boyd to re-investigate the murder of an Iraqi dissident, even though his killer has been tried
and convicted.

A Sudanese politician in the UK, Khaled Ahmad (Abdi Gouhad), goes on hunger strike. He is
protesting at the UK’s continued refusal to hand over the skull of the ‘Mahdi’, a Sudanese ruler from the
19th Century. It was originally stolen from a Sudanese mausoleum by British forces. Boyd and the Cold
Case unit are asked to investigate the current whereabouts of the skull so that UK authorities can return
it to Sudan.

At the same time, a retired MI6 agent, Sir Cyril Barrett (Graham Crowden – A Very Peculiar Practice,
Waiting For God), asks Boyd to reopen the cold case of Omar Jaffiri (Hassani Shapi), an Iraqi refugee
found murdered in his London grocery shop 20 years previously. Barrett tells Boyd the two cases are

Michael Leonard (Adam James), from the Foreign Office, tells the team that he used to be a member
of the Fakirs and that they have a skull, which he suspects may be the Mahdi’s. The team discovers that
Omar Jaffiri was tortured before being stabbed to death in his shop, and that his young daughter Leila
(Houda Echouafni) (now in her 20s) may have witnessed the killing. The team questions her.

The team breaks into the Fakir’s house during an initiation ritual. The Fakirs have a skull which the team
take, but it is not the Mahdi’s. Nevertheless the team suspects that the Fakir society members have
knowledge of the Mahdi’s skull. Boyd questions both James Andrews (Alex Jennings – Cranford, The
State Within, The Four Feathers) and Elaine Wilson (Lisa Jackson), the married couple who are in
charge of the Fakirs. Boyd bullies Wilson into giving him information about the skull. Stella and Spence
rush to the Fakir house – and find Leonard hanging by his arms. He has been tortured.

Khaled Ahmad comes off his hunger strike. Michael Leonard tells Stella that he was tortured by
Catherine Braithwaite (Polly Walker – Savage Messiah, Rome, State of Play, Cane), the CEO of
a multinational weapons company, Scott Grey. But Braithwaite has an alibi and the team wonders if
Leonard is trying to implicate her for a crime she didn’t commit.

The team concludes that Omar Jaffiri had been tortured for information by the Western Alliance in Iraq
before being released and had then been killed by Iraqi agents for giving information to the West. The
Fakirs take Elaine Wilson prisoner and torture her because they feel she has betrayed their secrets.
Grace helps Leila to remember more events of the morning of her father’s murder – and of a Caucasian
man who came to the shop after her father’s murder. She identifies the man as James Andrews.

Boyd and the team discover that the Fakirs are closely associated to Scott Grey, Catherine
Braithwaite’s company, and together they help Western governments by employing ancient methods
of torture around the world to get information from their opponents. They discover Sir Cyril Barrett
tortured Michael Leonard to try and frame James Andrews. Boyd questions Andrews, who believes he
is untouchable.

The team reunites Khalid Ahmed with a second skull that was in the Fakir’s possession, not the Mahdi’s
skull but that of a relative of Ahmed’s. Once back in the Sudan will Ahmed regain power by professing
to have retrieved the Mahdi’s skull?

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 Waking the Dead                                                                                             DRAMA

 Series 6                                                                                                    TX Date:
                                                                                                                         31 March 2007
                                                                                                                         12 x 60 minutes
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Episode Synopses
The Fall (Episodes 5 & 6)
Written by Damian Wayling
Director Robert Bierman
A mummified, sexually conjoined couple fall from a concealed office during the renovation
of a city bank. The discovery awakens a fraudulent scandal buried in the city of London
around the time of Black Wednesday.

The team is called in when workmen dislodge two sexually conjoined bodies which fall through the
ceiling in a former City bank which folded after Black Wednesday. A 13-digit number on a gold ingot
matches that found on a cold case river corpse from 1993. The City bank corpse is bank director
Mervyn Simmel (Nigel Whitmey), who disappeared and was suspected of skipping the country with
the bank’s funds. Simmel’s co-chairman, Lucien Calvin (Peter Capaldi – The Thick Of It, The Crow
Road), who was released following imprisonment for fraud, now masquerades as a therapist, preaching
against greed.

Journalist Lisa Tobin (Catherine Walker – The Clinic, Northanger Abbey) takes a keen interest in the
case. The female bank corpse is identified as Katherine Keane (Alison Doody – Indiana Jones And
The Last Crusade), reported missing by her husband, Declan Keane (Nick Dunning – The Tudors,
Medics), in 1992. Lisa Tobin makes a connection between the two corpses before the team does and
explains that she was researching Katherine’s biography. She knows Katherine had three other wealthy
lovers at the time of her death: City Alderman Philip White (Terence Harvey), banker Anthony Garland
and Shadow Trade and Industry Minister Ian Taggart. Garland had an alibi but is now deceased so the
team checks out Taggart and White, and and questions Lucien Calvin.

Eve finds evidence of mortification on Katherine’s thigh which could link to Opus Dei. Boyd is warned
off by Opus Dei’s London director, Hugo Keegan (Oliver Ford Davies – Star Wars). Meanwhile, the
river corpse is identified as Brian McGurk, aide to an Irish Ambassador in London until he was sacked
in 1992. The team learns that McGurk was on charitable trust boards with Simmel and the disturbing
Calvin. The trail takes the team to Dublin. Together with DI Bailey (Stanley Townsend – Rough
Diamond) from the Irish Garda (police), Boyd and Spencer find Katherine’s husband, drug-dealer
Declan Keane. Boyd and Spencer see a masked figure as they chase after Declan. Boyd finds Declan
hanging from a bridge between two roofs. He screams at Boyd not to kill him. Boyd tries to pull him up
but Declan falls. His bag splits, revealing gold ingots.

Grace discovers Katherine gave away a child, who was Lisa Tobin. Boyd and Spencer trace two safe
deposit boxes. One – for her and Simmel – is full of gold ingots. Bailey was an arresting officer when
McGurk crashed his car in Dublin some years back. Stella realises Clive Marlow, a rich client of Calvin’s,
is officially missing.

Eve discovers Katherine was dying of a brain tumour when she was killed. Lisa is abducted by a
gunman. Grace realises Calvin’s parents committed suicide and he always blamed himself. He was
scared of becoming bankrupt. The team traces the gold to another bank in the city. Turncoat Bailey
removes it, only to have a knife held to his throat by Calvin. Eve links a saliva sample from the scene to
White. Meanwhile, White is denied forgiveness by Opus Dei leader, Keegan. On searching Calvin’s
house, the team discovers the body of Clive Marlow in the freezer.

Boyd and Grace find Calvin upstairs conducting a ritual. Calvin raises a kitchen knife to Boyd, but
Bailey, whose throat has been slashed, shoots Calvin. Boyd holds Bailey as he dies. Boyds finds Lisa,
to whom gunman White hands over his weapon. She avenges her mother’s murder by shooting White.

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 Waking the Dead                                                                                                  DRAMA

 Series 6                                                                                                         TX Date:
                                                                                                                              31 March 2007
                                                                                                                              12 x 60 minutes
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Episode Synopses
Mask of Sanity (Episodes 7 & 8)
Written by Declan Croghan and Laurence Davey
Director David Thacker
The cold case team re-investigates three murders between 1979 and 1985, when the
personal effects of all three victims are anonymously sent to one of the widows. What was
once certainly the work of serial killer, James Jenson, is now thrown under suspicion.

When a long-term patient in a secure psychiatric unit is released on the same day that the wallets of his
murder victims are sent to the wife of one of them, the spotlight falls again on James Jenson (Nicholas
Beveney). Jenson was the prime suspect at the time of the three murders but was deemed mentally
unfit to stand trial following a confession.

One of the other suspects was Dr Bruno Rivelli (James Fox – A Passage to India, The Servant, Patriot
Games), but this line of enquiry was dropped when Jenson confessed. Grace goes to interview Dr
Rivelli, who now runs a successful paediatric psychiatry unit, having previously run the council-owned
Hickley children’s home. A former resident of Hickley, Jenson returns to the children’s home, now
derelict, and remembers incidents from his childhood. Boyd decides to stir things up by telling Jenson
that his friends sent the wallets in order to implicate him in the murders. Spencer follows Jenson to the
launch of a new housing development, where Jenson confronts Harris Wall (Martin Marquez – Hotel
Babylon) as he makes a speech presenting the new development. The situation is defused by Wall’s
wife, Sophie (Jemma Redgrave – Cold Blood, Bramwell), who clearly has influence over Jenson.

Alan Pierce (Paul Ritter – The Libertine, Nostradamus, The Girl in the Café), an old friend of Jenson’s
from the children’s home, gives him a message – Sophie wants to meet with him after the presentation.
But when Jenson arrives for the meeting, he is set upon by Harris Wall’s security guards. Jenson sees
off the security men and manages to escape. Alerted by Spencer, Boyd and Grace race to Pierce’s flat
but arrive too late; Alan Pierce has been murdered…

Boyd and the team establish that it was Jenson who killed Pierce. From scars on his body, they learn
that Pierce had been severely beaten as a child at the children’s home. Boyd questions Harris Wall and
then Bruno Rivelli, accusing Rivelli of running a regime of cruelty and beatings in the home. Rivelli denies
it but admits that his housemaster Harry Valentine (Dominic Letts) beat the boys.

Sophie Wall comes to the unit, worried about her husband and her father, and is interviewed by Grace.
Sophie then returns to the Rivelli Institute to take a children’s class, where she is confronted by Jenson.
Sophie is scared that Jenson will attack her or one of the children. She calls the Cold Case team, but
someone has also called in armed police. Grace and Spence manage to calm Jenson, but also allow
him to escape. The team discover that Ricardo Rivelli (Richard Dillane) made the call summoning
armed police and that he clearly wanted the situation to escalate.

The team discovers that as a teenager Sophie was pregnant with Harris’ baby and that she had
an abortion. Boyd questions Bruno Rivelli again, confronting him with this new information. Rivelli
confesses to all three murders, but Boyd realises he is lying. Harris also tries to take the responsibility for
the three killings – clearly they are trying to cover up for someone else.

Jenson has returned to the children’s home. He is met by Ricardo who stabs him, leaving him to bleed to

The team works out that it must be Sophie whom they are covering up for, and that she initiated the first
murder – of Dr Reilly who carried out her termination – and was then an active participant in the next two
murders. They force her to accompany them to the children’s home to talk Jenson down. They get there
to find Jenson dying.

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 Waking the Dead                                                                                             DRAMA

 Series 6                                                                                                    TX Date:
                                                                                                                         31 March 2007
                                                                                                                         12 x 60 minutes
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Episode Synopses
Double Bind (Episodes 9 & 10)
Written by Richard Warlow
Director Andy Hay
A badly decomposed body is discovered buried in a Hampstead garden, and a convicted
murderer escapes from a secure psychiatric unit. The cold case team is drawn back to an
horrific double parricide from 1967.

The Cold Case team is called in when escaped psychiatric patient Daniel Lennon (Miles Anderson
– Ultimate Force, House of Cards) directs a family to unearth a male body in their Hampstead garden.
Unable to remember killing his parents, for which he was convicted, Daniel is off his medication, on the
run and has started taking drugs.

The team discovers that the body in the garden is Austrian student Rolf Voller (Kristian Kiehling), who
went missing in the 1960s. They question elderly consultant psychiatrist Dr Raymond Parke (Richard
Johnson – Anglo Saxon Attitudes), who worked with Voller. Both knew Daniel. Parke warns them to
find Daniel quickly.

Believing the answers to Voller’s death lie in the case of Daniel’s murdered parents, Eve examines the
murder scene. Meanwhile, Daniel cons his way into the home of Dr Parke. Trapped in his own home,
Parke frantically tries to get away.

The team talks to former patient Heather Hardiss (Jessica Turner). They learn that, in the 1960s, Parke
treated both Heather and Daniel in a hippy squat inside the Hampstead house where Voller’s body was
found. Parke pioneered taking psychiatric patients off their medication. Stella follows Daniel’s nephew
Mark (Hugh Mitchell) to woods where Daniel is hiding out. But Daniel, sensing Mark has led her there,
attacks him then escapes.

Eve, detecting a large amount of LSD in vomit in the woods, suspects Daniel is using it to recall memory.
Chris Lennon (Greg Hicks) is still haunted by horrific flashbacks from an acid trip he took when visiting
Daniel in the squat. Chris remembers Daniel going up to a room and the horrendous noises which came
out of it. The team discover that Parke and Voller used role play to re-create disturbing experiences from
their patient’s past – in Heather’s case re-enacting abuse from her childhood.

Riled by Boyd’s accusations, Parke stabs him in the hand with a pen. Watching a documentary about
Parke, Boyd recognises Leaf, Daniel’s second girlfriend at the squat, as Dr Caroline Ritter (Jill Baker
– The Broker’s Man, Rides). They realise she was having a relationship with Daniel and may since have
been keeping Daniel doped up on medication to stop him from remembering anything. In replicating
the parental murder scene, Eve realises from the blood spray pattern that Daniel couldn’t have killed his

They pursue a confession from Chris. Realising Daniel’s instability, Chris managed to convince his
impressionable brother that he’d killed them himself. When the team go to question Dr Ritter, Daniel is
already there. She swears her love for him, but he no longer believes it is love. He holds a knife to her
throat. Daniel’s acid trips have helped him remember – he killed Voller when he found him in bed with
Leaf role-playing. But Boyd forces Chris to convince Daniel of the truth. Daniel, releasing Dr Ritter, has
to face the fact that he didn’t kill his parents, and that his brother Chris is a murderer.

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 Waking the Dead                                                                                             DRAMA

 Series 6                                                                                                    TX Date:
                                                                                                                         31 March 2007
                                                                                                                         12 x 60 minutes
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Episode Synopses
Yahrzeit (Episodes 11 & 12)
Written by Declan Croghan
Director Tim Fywell
The arrival of an anonymous package containing a Nazi SS dagger at CCHQ sparks an
investigation into the unsolved murder of a young Jewish girl in London in 1945.

Boyd receives an anonymous package containing a Nazi ceremonial dagger. Attached is a number
that refers to a cold case file – the unsolved murder of a young girl found stabbed to death on an East
London street in May 1945. Boyd discovers that the last person to look in the file was his old colleague
Mel Silver, two weeks before her death. The pendant sent to Mel was evidence from the case.

The team learns that the dagger was bought from a dealer in war memorabilia by a woman called Sarah
(Michelle Forbes – Prison Break, 24, Homicide), the same woman who was in touch with Mel. They
go to a house to talk to the Polish builder who took the dagger to the dealer to be sold. He is not there
but Spencer questions his brother, Viktor Cyrak (Bohdan Poraj – NY-LON). He shows Boyd and
Spencer where he and his brother Jakub (Radoslaw Kaim) found the dagger, hidden behind a wall.

Outside, Boyd confronts Sarah, who has been following him. She tells him she is working for Interpol on
war crime cases and that the cold case relates to a case she is investigating about World War II crimes.
She asks to be allowed to hook up with the cold case team but Boyd refuses.

Simon Dusniak (Nicholas Palliser – Bodies), the owner of the house, is shocked to discover that his
mother, Abigail (Eileen Atkins – Cranford, Cold Mountain), has returned to the UK from her home in
Panama. She challenges him about why he has put her father Marek (Andrew Armour) in a nursing

The team goes back to the dealer’s shop, but find it ransacked and the dealer dead. It seems that Jakub
came back to get the dagger and in the struggle accidentally killed the dealer.

Boyd finally lets Sarah tag along on the investigation. She and Spencer follow the Dusniak’s family
solicitor Dennis Holland (Pip Torrens – Miss Austen Regrets) to a retirement home. They then see
Simon come out and follow him. They see that he is being watched by Jakub Cyrak. They go to arrest
Jakub but he escapes.

In the retirement home Abigail gets Holland to witness Marek signing over all Power of Attorney to the
family money, even though the elderly Marek is barely aware of what he is doing.

When questioned, David and Simon lie about Marek, saying he is dead, in order to avoid troubling the
old man. But Sarah and Spencer know that Marek is alive and living in the retirement home. Boyd gets
Simon and David back in for questioning and then goes with them to the retirement home to question
Marek. But when the team confront Marek with the SS dagger, Marek is thrown into confusion and asks
for his medication. He takes a pill and his body arches in pain. Boyd realises he has taken a cyanide pill
to kill himself.

Back at the lab, Eve finds a military tattoo on the dead Marek’s torso. This number identifies him as
Nazi doctor Martin Heiss, who worked for Josef Mengele in extermination camps in Poland during
World War II.

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 Waking the Dead                                                                                            DRAMA

 Series 6                                                                                                   TX Date:
                                                                                                                        31 March 2007
                                                                                                                        12 x 60 minutes
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Episode Synopses
Dennis Holland admits to Boyd that Abigail forced him to witness Marek signing over Power of Attorney
to her.

Sarah and Grace talk to the Dusniak family rabbi (Raymond Brody) about the family’s history. They find
the rabbi instructing Simon’s son Ben (Max Rothman) before his forthcoming bar-mitzvah. Ben leaves,
but then Simon comes into the synagogue saying he can’t find Ben.

Eve and Spencer search the house at Chesterhill Road and find five bodies buried under the floor. Four
of the bodies have a DNA match to the dead girl from the cold case (Bernadetta Dusniak – Sophie
Tait), but one of the female children’s bodies does not.

Grace questions David Dusniak (Jim Norton) and forces him to access long-repressed memories.
David recalls with horror how he helped to bury the bodies in the house, and that his father is Josef

Eve finds the same military numbers she found on Marek on the unidentified little girl’s corpse from the

Boyd and Sarah question Viktor Cyrak and he leads them to his brother Jakub. Simon comes into
CCHQ (Cold Case Headquarters) to say that his son Ben is still missing and that he is seriously
worried. Boyd suspects that Jakub has abducted Ben, but he tells them that he has arranged to meet
Abigail later that day and that she is going to pay him for the other documents he found behind the wall
in the house.

When Jakub and Abigail meet, Boyd and Sarah are there and arrest Abigail, who they now feel certain
has taken Ben. Abigail initially denies having Ben. The interview is interrupted by Eve and Sarah – they
have new information that David was a Lebensborn child – part of a programme run by Mengele to
perpetuate the Nazi/Aryan bloodline.

Boyd goes back into the interview and accuses Abigail of killing the third child, Gabby, who was not,
as she thought, another Lebensborn child, but in fact her real sister. Abigail breaks down and tells them
where they can find Ben – in the boot of a car in a London car park. She had intended to smuggle him
back to Panama to carry on the Nazi bloodline.

Ben is reunited with his father Simon.

Boyd is in New York with Sarah. They kiss.

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