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									                                       OPE Projects 2005 – 2008
                                   Contact Information and Resources
  Included in the table below is a list of all of the 2005 – 2008 OPE grantees. That list is in the first column
  on the left, the middle column contains the project’s name and the final column contains any resources
  that the project has put out that others can access.

       Contact Information                    Project Name                          Project Resources
University of Arkansas at Little        Project PACE                   Project site:
Rock                                                                   (Will send more specific web addresses
Melanie Thornton                                                       soon.)

St. Petersburg College                  Disability Awareness           Project website:
Peg Connell                             Project              

Colorado State University               ACCESS Project                    UDL Web Modules
Cathy Schelly                                                             UDL Video
Colorado State University                                                 Self-Advocacy for Students with
Fort Collins, CO 80523                                                     Disabilities Guidelines                                                UDL Implementation guidelines for
                                                                           gateway courses

San Diego State University              Disability & Diversity –        Project website:
Bobbie Atkins                           Higher Education        
Mari Guillermo                                                            (Being updated to include modules)
BATKINS@MAIL.SDSU.EDU                                                   Scholar Flyer & Application                                               Pre-Post Evaluation Forms
                                                                        Workshop Evaluation Form
                                                                        Disability & Diversity Project Abstract
                                                                        Training Materials
                                                                       (Expanding definitions of Diversity;
                                                                       Applications of Technology in the
                                                                       Classroom and Online; Capacity Building
                                                                       Institute; Curb Cuts to Learning:
                                                                       Universal Design in the Classroom;
                                                                       Designing Curriculum for All Students)
Regents of the University of            Pedagogy and Student 
Minnesota                               Services for Institutional
Jeanne Higbee                           Transformation (PASS IT)
Emily Goff
Allan Hancock Joint Community   Preparing Faculty for          Produce distance learning/universal
College                         Student Success                design video training modules for faculty
Mark Malangko
Nancy Meddings

University of Hawaii            Innovative and       
Robert Stodden                  Sustainable Teaching           Mentoring Model;
Kelly Roberts                   Methods and Strategies         Literature reviews on mentoring,
STODDEN@HAWAII.EDU              to Ensure Students with        assistive technology, and UDI; online             Disabilities Receive a         modules – Spring 2007; faculty
                                Quality Higher                 certification; Capacity Building
                                Education (IST)                Institutes
Renton Technical College        Universal Design for           *Website with Best Practice Teaching
Cathy Jenner                    Learning Project/              Strategies for Faculty
CJENNER@RTC.CTC.EDU             Disability Services            *UDL Manual for RTC Faculty
                                                               *Webtool for assessing students learning
                                                               styles and barriers; gives individual and
                                                               group reports with individualized
                                                               *UDL On Line Course-available to public
                                                               in Spring 2007
                                                               *Descriptions of Assistive and Multi
                                                               Modal Technologies for Faculty

Landmark College                A Needs-Based Best             Resource 1: A collection of online
Steven Fadden                   Practices Professional         learning modules for community college        Development Program for        faculty, staff, and specialists (such as
                                Teaching Students with         tutors), including the following:
                                Learning Disabilities in the        “Understanding and Promoting
                                Community College                       Student Metacognition”
                                Setting                             “Supporting Reading
                                                                        Comprehension for Struggling
                                                                    “Supporting Students with ADHD”
                                                                    “Promoting Effective Reading &
                                                                        Study Skills”
                                                                    “Rights & Responsibilities of
                                                                    “Understanding Testing &
                                                                        Accommodations for Students
                                                                        with Learning Disabilities”
                                                                    “Social-Emotional Issues & Co-
                                                                    “Teaching Writing to Students with
                                                                      Learning Disabilities”
                                                                    “Teaching Math to Students with
                                                                      Learning Disabilities”
                                                                    “Assistive Technology for Students
                                                                      with Learning Disabilities”

                                                                Resource 2: An online needs assessment
Kent State University              Access to Quality Higher     Web site:
Phillip D. Rumrill                 Education Project  
Clis Stauffer
Courtney Vierstra
DePaul University                  Project PLuS                 Note: focus of resources is LD and ADHD
Carol Wren                                                      Website:
Douglas Petcher                                       
CWREN@DEPAUL.EDU                                                y_staff.html                                             PLuS Perspectives (fact sheets about LD
                                                                and ADHD)
                                                                DVD (coming in July)

University of Alaska Anchorage     College Access Project for   Project website:
Marjorie Kassier                   Rural Alaska       
Carl Evertsbusch                   2005-2008
Jill Wheeler

University of Massachusetts        Equity and Excellence in     Project website:
Debra Hart                         Higher Education 1999 –      (including online tutorials for faculty
Kirsten Behling                    2008                         adding UD to their courses, video (soon),
DEBRA.HART@UMB.EDU                                              examples of UD course work, UD                                         instructional strategies and a blog)

Bank Street College of Education
Olga Romero
Andrea Spencer
Judith Lesch
University of Washington AccessCollege                            AccessCollege website:
Sheryl Burgstahler                                      
SHERYLB@U.WASHINGTON.ED                                           s/postsec.html
U                                                                 Knowledge base:
                                                                  publications, videos, training materials:

Sonoma State University EnACT: Ensuring Access                    Thumbnail:
Emiliano C. Ayala       through Collaboration and                 1. Eight campuses of California State
EMILIANO.AYALA@SONOMA.E Technology                                    University will deliver UDL training
DU                                                                    to new faculty
                                                                  2. Establishment of Critical Friends
                                                                      Group at each campus (faculty
                                                                      learning communities)
                                                                  3. Development of Accessible
                                                                      Instructional Multimedia (online
                                                                      faculty resources)
                                                                  Project description and related resources
                                                                  located on our website at:

University of Southern Mississippi   ACCESS for ALL               Training modules and resource lists on
Jane Siders                                                       Web site

Texas A&M University                 The Disability Training
Dalun Zhang                          Network for the TAMU                       System

Eastern Washington University        Supporting the Educational
Sandra Altshuler                     Success of Students with
Romel Mackelprang                    Disabilities in Higher             Education

Universidad Metropolitana
Maria Torres Carrasquillo

University of Wisconsin –            ACCESS-ed Project            A3 Model
Milwaukee, Board of Regents                                       Accessibility Protocols
Roger O. Smith                                                    Accessibility Audits
SMITHRO@UWM.EDU                                      Campus Accessibility Survey
                                                     Student Taxonomy
                                                     Tips Sheets/Posterettes

Research Foundation - Baruch
Karen Gourgey
Pratik Patel

Claflin University
Tishiro Inabinet
Sadie Jarvis
Gwendolyn Phillips

City University of New York     PeopleTech Project
Karen Gourgey
Pratik Patel
Sheryll Porter

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