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					                                                                  Chatsworth High School

                                    The Clarion                                   January 2008

Olympic Rings And Other New Things New Laws Cover Wages,
By Lena Riemer
Staff Writer                       Tanning And Bike Lights               follow-up of the Narnia movie
                                                                         released December 2005; and
                                                                         finally, there will also be a new
     The new year has just re-                                           Indiana Jones movie, called          By Mariel Vazquez                   ciding which text to require for
cently started and there is al-                                          “Indiana Jones and the kingdom       Staff writer                        their students helping the stu-
ready a lot planned for 2008.                                            of the Crystal Skull.”                                                   dents save money.
    Probably the most important                                               Not only in the movie busi-         New laws that kicked in             Teenagers from ages 14 to
event for the United States will                                         ness, but also in the music sec-     Jan. 1 will affect teenagers in     17 will now have to get parental
be the 44th presidential election                                        tion will be big releases in         areas such as education, health,    consent to go into a tanning
in November. By the end of the                                           2008. Radiohead, Metallica, the      vehicles, and most importantly,     booth. This law is mostly aimed
year America will have elected                                           Offspring and Nicole Scherz-         work.                               at preventing skin cancer.
a new leader and it could be the                                         inger are planning to bring out          One law that will involve           On the roadways, bicyclists
first black or female president                                          their new albums in the begin-       school is the emergency cards,      must use lights while riding
in U.S. history.                                                         ning of this year and there will     which will now have a box           anywhere after dark, including
      Junior Carolyn Montes said                                         even be a new Michael Jackson        where parents will decide if        sidewalks, bikeways, or high-
about the presidential election,                                         album called Thriller- 25th An-      they want their kids’ names on      ways, or face a fine. The smog
“I think there will be a big                                             niversary Edition.                   the lists provided to military      abatement fee will make car
change for America because of        big movies in December and              The 50th annual Grammy           recruiters. Another law requires    owners pay from $12 to $20, to
the presidential election. I think   according to,         Awards will be handed out in         that additional school counsel-     help fund alternative fuel devel-
Hillary Clinton will win,” she       Hollywood is going to keep this     February at the Staples Center.      ing services are to be made         opment. Registration fees will
said.                                up in 2008 and will release over        With the Olympics in Bei-        available for students and par-     be raised by three dollars. And
      Primaries started in the be-   500 films.                          jing, China, this year, there will   ents including a career path and    the most important one aimed at
ginning of January in Iowa and           The web page also recom-        also be a lot going on in the        how students can get into a         teen drivers will be the ban on
New Hampshire and the Cali-          mends 66 must-see-movies for        sports section. The games start      four-year university. Students      cell phones and other electronic
fornian primaries will be held in    2008. There will be films like      with a huge celebration on Aug.      planning on going to a four year    devices beginning July 1.
February. In comparison to           “Iron Man”, which is Jon            8 and end 16 days later. China       university now get a little help        Got any gift cards with an
other states, in California only     Favreau’s adaptation of the fa-     prepared a huge event and in-        from a law that says publishers     amount less than $10? Well a
members of the parties will vote     mous comic book character; the      vented five Olympic mascots,         and college bookstores will         new law requires retailers to
for their presidential candidate     second Narnia movie this year,      the most in Olympic history.         have to disclose the price of the   redeem any gift card for cash if
this year.                           “The Chronicles of Narnia:               The computer section will       books to the faculty members in     the amount is less than ten dol-
      2007 finished with a lot of    Prince Caspian”, which is the                    Continued on page 4     universities when they are de-      lars.

Seeing CHS From Both Sides Of The Classroom
By Faith Lim                                                                                                  1999 to teach calligraphy and       years and “got in a lot of trou-
Staff Writer                                                                                                  photo classes.                      ble for being a class clown.”
                                                                                                                    Mr. Hayashida, the head           A recent Chatsworth gradu-
     All of us know how it feels                                                                              football coach, graduated in        ate is Ms. Nowak, a history
to be Chatsworth students, and                                                                                1980 and grew up with Dr.           teacher. She graduated from
137 people here on campus                                                                                     Davis, the former principal.        CHS only five years ago. She
know how it feels to be Chats-                                                                                They played sports in the same      always wanted to be a high
worth teachers. But 13 have                                                                                   youth organization, West Val-       school teacher and often
been both Chatsworth students                                                                                 ley Eagle. He played basketball,    thought about teaching here at
and teachers. Instead of sitting                                                                              football and ran track in high      Chatsworth. “Because my mom
down and listening to the lec-                                                                                school. In Hayashida’s mem-         (a former CHS counselor) was
tures, now they are standing                                                                                  ory, Chatsworth now is same as      working here, I already knew
and lecturing. Instead of doing                                                                               the Chatsworth twenty years         the behind-the- scenes, and had
homework, now they are grad-         Here are the senior pictures from two former Chatsworth students         ago. “The school looks exactly      some of the privileges, like us-
ing papers, and instead of call-     who now teach here. Find out who they are on page 2.                     the same. Many alumni come          ing faculty bathrooms,” said
ing their teachers by title, now                                                                              back and say that it’s the same.    Nowak. She hung out in front
they are calling their old teach-    the campus used to be cleaner.      building,” said Mrs. Coyle, who      I think the school can use face     of the student store with her
ers by their first names.            She also remembers that her         graduated in 1972. She also          lift and change some of the ap-     fellow basketball players when
     One of the art teachers,        senior year was the first year to   hung out in J-hall most of the       pearance.”                          she was a student. “Being a
Mrs. Donner, graduated in 1970       allow the girls to wear pants       time. She was on the swim team            “I came back to get even       teacher is harder than I thought:
and came back in 1996. Her life      and the boys to have facial hair.   throughout her high school           with the teachers that taught       lesson planning and making
in J-hall started when she was a     Donner described herself as a       years.                               me,” said English teacher Mrs.      tests, and I have to stay ahead
high school kid. She spent most      solid-C student. “ I was a wild        According to what she said,       Ramos who graduated in 1986.        of the kids,” she said.
of her time in J-hall and also       child. I spent most of the time     there was no T-building, no          When she was a student, the
had her locker in J-hall. Donner     in assistant principal’s office,”   bungalows, and no fences at          school didn’t have fences. “It          See page 2 for a list of
said many things have changed        she said.                           that time, and the school colors     was much easier to go out for       Chatsworth teachers who also
since she left. She remembers            “J-Hall used to be smoker’s     used to be yellow and orange.        lunch and never come back.”         went to school here.
classes used to be smaller and       bathroom. It was some tough            Coyle came back to CHS in         She played softball for three

                                                                                                                 Election 2008
                                                                         Candidates’ Platforms On Education
                                                                         With the presidential election       tial.” He plans to create Early     encouraging underprivileged
                                                                         approaching, the next several        Learning Challenge Grants to        students to seek more education
                                                                         editions of the Clarion will fea-    promote education before kin-       after they graduate from high
                                                                         ture the front-running candi-        dergarten, expand both summer       school.
                                                                         dates’ positions on important        learning and after school oppor-    For more information, visit
                                                                         issues. This month’s issue is        tunities, reform the No Child
                                                                         education.                           Left Behind policy, and recruit
                                                                                                              professionals from the fields of    HILLARY CLINTON – Wants
                                                                         By Huong Nguyen                      math and science. He also plans     to invest $10 billion to make
                                                                         Editor-In–Chief                      to reduce the dropout rate by       pre-school available to 4 year
                                    Staff Photo by Katherine Falcon                                           “investing in intervention” in      olds. In her opinion, the No
Juniors Justin Palarca, left, and Jonathan Cruz stage a boxing match                                          middle school. Regarding            Child Left Behind program kills
at the Humanitas Gatsbyville presentation Jan. 18th. Gatsbyville,              DEMOCRATS                      higher education, he plans to       passion and creativity and she
based on the novel “The Great Gatsby,” was open in Chancellor            BARACK OBAMA – Believes              support college outreach pro-       blames Bush for the poor fund-
Hall for all students to come see and learn about the trends, tradi-     that we need to help underprivi-     grams and simplify the process      ing and quality of the program.
tions, and activities during the 1920’s. Booths featured boxers, flap-   leged and disadvantaged stu-         of applying for financial aid,      Clinton plans a $3,500 tuition
per dancers and a movie house, among many others.                        dents “reach their full poten-                                                       Continued on page 4
 The Clarion
                                                  Features                                                                                                 January 2008          Page 2

Would You Please Stop Saying That? Seeing Your Way To A
By Perri Eriksen
Staff Writer
                                             English teacher Mrs.
                                       Sheinberg once got told to take
                                                                            Nah said. He thinks it disturbs
                                                                            the peace in school.
                                                                                                                   Better Vision Decision
                                       a chill pill. “I sent one to K78          The Internet has become
       When you think about it,        for that,’’ she said. “And when      one of the main sources for new        By Fanny H. Yoon                    vessels growing over the front
most of teenagers’ words and           they address me with Miss and        words and expressions these            Staff Writer                        of your eyes, infections, lid
phrases these days do not make         don’t know my real name, and         days, and the “word” “LOL”,                                                changes, allergies, corneal warp-
sense to a lot of people. That’s       they expect me to know their         which is short for “laugh out               Glasses and contact lenses     ing, corneal swelling and possi-
why we asked some students             names,’’ Mrs.Sheinberg also          loud,” is one of them. Other           are both helpful to people who      bly even blindness.
and teachers about which words         said.                                short terms are: lmao (laugh my        have bad eyesight, but which is          Also, there are some times
and phrases they wish people                Senior Jonathan Martinez        ass off), idk (I don’t know), nvm      right for you?                      when glasses are needed, such
would just stop saying.                and sophomore Edwin Fuentes          (never mind), and atm (at the               According to eyeTopics,        as windy days, because of dry
      “Chill. I hate the word chill,   had a more original phrase that      moment).                               which is a website that gives       eyes.
It’s just annoying and over-           gets on their nerves. “’Oh my             Teenagers’ choice of words,       eye-related news and informa-            According to Kwan, she
used,’’ said sophomore Danica          god.’ It’s overused, so many         usually create a personality, and      tion, contact lenses offer many     likes to wear glasses on windy
Cooperstone. She also said that        people say that and it gives me      there are even some who make           advantages over glasses, and        days because glasses keep the
she hates it when guys say             an impression of superficiality,’’   up their own words. “Once I            they also give a better view than   dust away from her eyes.
“woman.” For example:                  Martinez said. He also thinks        was about to say ridiculous, but       glasses; sometimes, glass frames         Glasses can also lead to in-
“What’s wrong with you,                “whatever” is a word worth for-      it came out ridonculous, now I         can block one’s vision, espe-       juries and it is easier to get hurt
woman?’’                               getting.                             can’t stop saying it” said Coop-       cially with smaller frame           wearing glasses than contacts.
      Along with “chill” and                Words also mentioned were       erstone.                               glasses.                            According to researches at Co-
“woman”, Cooperstone and her           b****, huh, hella, like, LOL,             This is probably how the               Contact lenses also give       lumbus Children’s Research In-
friend Taylor Devian also had          what and ho.                         trends of certain words start, but     natural vision unlike glasses.      stitute, during a two-year period
other words that they thought               “When they say ‘like’ in        in the end they often make peo-        With glasses, objects can appear    of time, more than 26,000 peo-
were annoying and overused,            almost every sentence, and say       ple wish they were never in-           smaller or larger due to the dis-   ple were treated in U.S. emer-
such as “dog”.                         the ‘N word’ often,” junior Jin      vented.                                tance between the glasses and       gency departments for eye-
                                                                                                                   eyes.                               glasses-related injuries resulted
                                                                                                                         “Sometimes, glasses block     in admission to the hospital.
USA Takes Some Getting Used To                                                                                     my view,” said senior Vicky
                                                                                                                   Phung. “Glasses are sometimes             “My glasses broke when I
                                                                                                                   uncomfortable too. I would like     was playing basketball in 7th
By Perri Eriksen                                                            about the other person’s
                                                                                                                   to try on contacts.”                grade,” said senior Jordan Cui.
Staff Writer                                                                (unbelievably weird) actions.
                                                                                                                        Unlike glasses, contact        “I had to change my glasses at
                                                                            But in America that’s com-
    I’m a foreign exchange stu-                                             pletely normal. I can definitely       lenses are not usually affected     least twice a year. When I
dent, and coming from a tiny                                                say that it’s easier to make           by weather, such as rain or heat    started wearing contacts in 9th
country such as Norway, and                                                 friends here than over there.          and cold.                           grade, I wear it all the time.”
arriving in America for the first                                                 When it comes to the big-              “I like contacts because it        But contact lenses are not
time, is slightly overwhelming.                                             gest difference, it has to be the      doesn’t fog like glasses when I     always convenient. Contacts can
When I knew I was going to the                                              school system. All I can say is        eat noodles,” said senior Lisa      make your eyes dry, hurt your
big CA I was overly excited,                                                that we have 13 years of school,       Kwan. “Also, contacts are more      eyes when they tear off and
and tried my best to keep my                                                we haven’t even heard of the           convenient because I don’t have     make you wash hands and clean
feet on the ground. You might                                               term “school-spirit”, and to get       to worry about them falling.”       them every time you take them
not think about it, but going to                                            good grades is as hard as break-                                           out from your eyes.
California is a lot of people’s        to do. At the beginning I felt a     ing steel into two halves.                  But, even if you wear con-          And some are just not com-
dream. For me it came true. I          little stuck, in a way. Not being          Other things I’ve noticed        tact lenses, you must have          fortable wearing contacts. Peo-
honestly didn’t think my coun-         able to walk where I wanted, do      when I came here are that, it’s        glasses. When you are not wear-     ple might not be interested in
try and America would have             what I wanted when I wanted it,      dirty, people tend to judge, the       ing contacts, you have to wear      wearing contacts or some might
any differences at all. But I’ve       because I was not allowed to go      food is terrible (what’s up with       glasses and it is safe and com-     be afraid of wearing contacts.
learned.                               alone. In Norway, public trans-      macaroni and cheese?) and it’s         fortable to remove the contacts           “I wouldn’t wear glasses if
      First of all, Norway is lo-      portation is the most common         hard to ignore the hot weather.        an hour before you go to sleep.     I had bad eyesight,” said senior
cated in North-west of Europe,         thing, walking is like a hobby,      Despite all of that, I really do            According to allaboutvi-       Tommy Wu. “Glasses are easy
and is just as high up as Alaska,      and coming home at the time of       love this place. I look at L.A. as, a website where ques-     to put on and it will be hard to
so yes, it’s cold. Not all the time    your choosing is part of your        a place of opportunities, espe-        tions about vision can be an-       wear contacts.”
though. Once every nine                everyday life.                       cially if you’re a film enthusiast     swered by doctors, it is very im-        Choosing from glasses and
months we’re actually able to                We can drink, drive and
                                                                            like me. There is always some-         portant to keep the contact         contacts is just an individual
wear a thin sweater.                   become adults when we’re 18,
                                                                            thing to do here.                      lenses clean because improperly     choice, depending on your pref-
     One of the biggest differ-        (but it’s no surprise to see a 14
ences is the violence. While           year old walking around with a             So far, I’ve had a lot of fun,   worn contact can lead to blood      erences.
America is one of the most vio-        beer bottle). In America, you        meeting and talking to new peo-
lent countries, Norway is the          can drink when you’re 21, drive      ple everyday. Doing stuff I
                                                                            would probably never experi-

                                                                                                                     Clarion Staff
least violent country in the           when you’re 16 and become
world. But it does not surprise        legal when you’re 18. It does        ence if I didn’t take the chance
me, seeing how Norway has a            not make sense to me.                to come here, such as the Dis-
population of about 5 million                Another big difference is      neyland visit I had that I had
people. That means America             the people. While Norway is          been dreaming about as a little        Adviser: Mr. Lehr
has around 298 million more            little and shy, America stands       girl.                                  Editor in Chief: Huong Nguyen
minds able to cause destruction.       out like a big confident place. If         I’m definitely coming back       Features Editor: Belen Espinoza
     Because of that, America is       a stranger came up and talked to     after this year, even if they          News Editor: Faith Lim
much more strict. It has curfews       you in the middle of the street      make me eat macaroni and               Editorial Editor: Katherine Falcon
and rules on what and what not         in Norway, you would hesitate        cheese for a year straight.            Sports Editor: Lena Riemer
                                                                                                                   Copy Editors: Belen Espinoza, Caleb Sperling, Katherine Falcon
                                  CHS Alumni Teachers                                                              Design and Layout Editor: Huong Nguyen
                                                                                                                   Staff Writers: Julio Colocho, Perri Eriksen, Andrew Park, Caleb
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peeps hung out.”                                                                                                   will correct them in the next edition.
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                                          Features                                                                                                        January 2008           Page 3

TV Season Strikes Out                                                                                             Movie Buffs Will
By Andrew Park
Staff Writer
                                      Massey, the new media teacher
                                      at Chatsworth High School,
                                      says, “I think what the writers
                                                                            back without the writers. These
                                                                            shows include “The Tonight
                                                                            Show with Jay Leno”, “Late
                                                                                                                  Not Hate ’08
     Many are wondering why           are saying now (is) ‘We’re go-        Night with Conan O’Brien”,
                                                                                                                  By Perri Eriksen                     hunter trying to survive through
all the TV shows have been re-        ing to participate in those prof-     “Late Show with David Letter-
                                                                                                                  Staff Writer                         dangerous areas to secure the
peating the same episodes over        its.’ ”                               man”, “Late, Late Show with                                                future of his tribe. It’s an epic
and over again. The writers’                Massey supports the writ-       Craig Ferguson” and “Jimmy                 2007 was indeed a good          adventure, and it involves action
strike, led by the members of a       ers in their cause and believes       Kimmel Live”. Also, Comedy            year for movie releases. Biggies     and prehistoric animals.
union called the Writers Guild        that they should be included in       Central’s Jon Stewart and Ste-        like “The Simpsons Movie”,                In May, one of our beloved
of America, is keeping writers        the new media.                        ven Colbert came back with            “Superbad” and “I Am Legend”         sequels is hitting the theatre. The
from their shows. Without writ-             An article in the Los Ange-     their late night show. While          came out, making people’s DVD        Narnia series continues with an-
ers and scripts, new episodes         les Times, by staff writers Rich-     Stewart, Colbert, Leno and            collections a little bit bigger.     other great adventure in “The
are nearly impossible to broad-       ard Verrier and Meg James,            O’Brien have come up with             Now that we finally hit 2008, the    Chronicles of Narnia: Prince
cast.                                 says, “The Internet had lured         their own scripts and sketches,       question is, will it beat 2007?      Caspian”. This time, the siblings
     The strike officially started    away younger viewers and ad-          Ferguson and Letterman won                 As much as many of us hate      return to Narnia to help Prince
on Nov. 5, when 10,500 mem-           vertisers from television while       back their writers.                   sequels, we have to admit that       Caspian to his throne where he
bers of the Writers Guild of          threatening to make movie stu-                                              it’s not a complete year without     belongs, but first, they have to
America and some cast and             dios more vulnerable to piracy              The strike seems to be go-      them. And yes, there will be se-     conquer an evil king.
crew members of certain shows         and to gut their lucrative DVD        ing on forever but attempts to        quels, weird movies and block-            In June, “WALL:E,” a Dis-
picketed outside their studios.       business, which had recently          reach a deal have been made.          busters coming up this year, such    ney production, comes out. It’s
The writers started this strike       peaked.”                              The strikers and studios have         as “The Chronicles of Narnia:        about a robot left alone on Earth
because they believed that they             Many of the hit shows like      met a couple times to try and         Prince Caspian,” “James Bond         doing the same routine every
were not being fairly compen-         “The Office”, “Heroes”, and           reach an agreement and some           22,” and “Harry Potter and The       day, but soon discovers what he
sated for media attractions that      “30 Rock” have ended broad-           progress has been made. For           Half Blood Prince,” the sixth of     is really there for. This movie
have been going out to the pub-       casting new episodes. Other           example, the writers have let go      seven movies in the series.          was mentioned as being the
lic through multiple media.           shows that have ended produc-         of their demand to double DVD              First up in January, the        “new” “E.T”.
     These days, popular media        tion include “Desperate House-        pay and in return the studios         much talked about movie                   Dan Brown’s novel, “Angels
devices and software like             wives”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and         have decided to pay the writers       “Cloverfield” hit the theaters.      and Demons,” was made into a
DVDs, webisodes, Bluray, and          “Brothers and Sisters”. Also,         for any Internet episodes from        It’s about a mysterious monster      movie and will come out some-
especially iTunes are making          Fox’s “24” has postponed its          scripted shows.                       attacking New York, while a          time in 2008. Brown wrote the
tons of money from the public         January debut because the lack              When asked how long the         group of five is throwing a party.   wildly popular “Da Vinci Code,”
buying or downloading movies          of writers has only allowed a         strike would last, in his opinion,    The actors are the ones “filming”    which was also made into a
and shows at cheap prices. Stu-       third of the episodes to be com-      Massey says, “I don’t think           it, making it like a documentary     movie. In “Angels,” Robert
dios have not been paying their       pleted.                               we’re (going to) go another five      of how they are trying to survive.   Langdon is back but this time he
writers much for most of the                Although all hope in TV         years.” According to Massey           There are different opinions         works on a murder case. If that
work they have been involved          seems to be lost, some late           it’s “really about who has more       about whether the movie actually     isn’t enough he also tries to pre-
in besides TV broadcasts. Mr.         night shows have made a come-         power.”                               lives up to all its hype.            vent a terrorist act against the
                                                                                                                       In February, Jack Black is      Vatican.
                                                                                                                  back with another humor filled            And last but not least, Sacha
Fears Are Nothing To Be Afraid Of                                                                                 big screen movie.
                                                                                                                  “Be Kind Rewind” is about a
                                                                                                                                                       Baron Cohen comes back this
                                                                                                                                                       time as a character named
                                                                                                                  guy destroying every videotape       Bruno, in “Bruno: Delicious
By Lena Riemer                        movie ‘It’ by Steven King,” said      they are brave enough.                in his friend’s video store by ac-   Journeys Through America for
Sports Editor                         junior Lilly Hernandez.                      To overcome a fear, one        cident. They figure out a way of     the Purpose of Making Hetero-
                                             There is even an official      needs a lot of training and disci-    keeping his loyal customer- an       sexual Males Visibly Uncom-
     Everyone is scared of some-      term for this particular type of      pline. If you don’t want to see a     old woman with dementia - by         fortable in the Presence of a Gay
thing, whether it’s dangerous         fear, which is called coulropho-      hypnotist or take lessons, the        remaking whatever movie the          Foreigner in a Mesh T-shirt.”
animals, scary movies, fast           bia.                                  homepage sug-          customer requested.                  Does it have a chance to win an
roller coaster rides or being              No one really knows where        gests four steps to handle your            March’s big movie is proba-     Academy award? I doubt it, but
alone. For example, 10 percent        this fear of clowns comes from,       fear better:                          bly going to be “10, 000 B.C.”       if there was an award for longest
of Chatsworth High School stu-        but Doctor Kathryn Cillick pub-       1. Make a list of your fears and      The movie is about a mammoth         film title…Definitely.
dents say they are afraid of dif-     lished on a possi-     write down what scars you and
ferent animals, especially spi-
ders and snakes.
                                      ble answer. “It is impossible to
                                      gauge a clown’s true emotion
                                                                            2. Learn how to relax and calm
                                                                                                                   The Coolest New Phones
     When we are scared our           and that’s why people are             down. If you know how to relax,        By Julio Colocho
muscles get tense, our heart          scared,” she said.                    it is easier to calm down when         Staff Writer
races faster, we start sweating            While many people are only       confronted by your fear.                    According to teenagers at CHS, the three coolest phones out
and we get goose bumps. All of        creeped out by different things       3. Imagine yourself confronting        right now are, the iPhone, the Voyager, and the Sidekick Lx.
us have experienced this              like spiders or darkness, for oth-    your fear. Tthe more you think
whether we admit it or hide it.       ers it is a lot worse. They have      about it, the less scary it will be                  The phone that got the best ratings was the Apple
     Did you know that some           nightmares and their daily life is    for you                                              iPhone. This phone features a touch screen, iTunes,
people are afraid of cute and         constantly affected by their pho-     4. If you think you are ready,                       GPS, instant access to YouTube, and much more.
innocent things?                      bia. Therefore a lot of them try      confront your fear, try to relax                     This phone is very popular but averages $400, for
According to the web page             to get rid of their fears and there   and if you made it once, the next                    just the phone itself. With a plan, the price changes, Nicole Kid-             are different ways to do it. One      time, it will be a lot easier.                       to about $300 with the mail in rebate, but these
man, for example, has a bizarre       way is hypnosis. If you choose              Fears are not only negative,                   prices don’t stop people from buying them. “I like
fear of butterflies. Her phobia       this therapy, you either look for a   they can also be positive. Fears       the iPhone because it has the fastest Internet,” said freshman Scott
developed when she was a child,       hypnotist or you take the cheaper     keep us away from dangerous            Harris.
“I jump out of planes, but I just     way and buy therapy on CD or          situations. Without fear, we
don’t like the feel of butterflies’   an mp3 on the Internet. The web       would walk on the street without                           Verizon’s best attraction is the new Samsung
bodies,” the actress said.            page www.hypnosisdownloads.           stopping for an upcoming car or                            Voyager, which is priced around $250. The fea-
     Colleague Johnny Depp            com, for example, offers for $        we would never study because                               tures on this phone are very similar to the iPhone
also has a strange phobia. He is      12. 95 per download, which they       we wouldn’t be afraid of our par-                          but the difference is that it opens, has a physical
afraid of people dressed as           claim will either lessen or help      ents when we bring home a bad                              keyboard, and is thicker yet lighter than the
clowns. Since he has had horri-       you completely overcome your          grade.                                                     iPhone. “This phone is great I’m looking forward
ble nightmares of them. He is         fear.                                        Furthermore the fear of los-     to getting this phone,” said freshman Caralyn Divis.
not the only one who fears peo-            Another way to get rid of        ing can give us a jolt of adrena-
ple with read noses and funny         your fear is to take lessons. A lot   line that helps us to give our best                       The Sidekick Lx is the newest phone available
clothes. Bad boy rapper P.            of theme parks offer classes for      and pursue challenges. Athletes,                          through T-Mobile. This phone is different be-
Diddy has a “no clown” clause         people who are scared of roller       for example, are afraid of losing                         cause it’s similar to a portable laptop. Lx, with its
in his contract and even seven        coaster rides. Participants learn     a competition and this fear helps                         midnight blue color, matches the basic features of
out of 50 Chatsworth High             slowly how to deal with their         them to concentrate and to be                             the Sidekick 3 such as e-mail and a keyboard but
School students are afraid of         fear. They watch movies of            more physical. After all, how           it also features an improved camera and is thinner. The price tag
them.                                 roller coaster rides, learn about     boring would a horror movie be          on this phone is $300 “I like the Lx because T-Mobile gets the
      “They are creepy. I think I     the security systems behind the       without goose bumps and a rac-          best reception,” said freshman Mark Fierro.
am afraid of them because of the      rides, and finally take a ride if     ing heart?
The Clarion
                                                    Sports                                                                                            January 2008           Page 4

Boys Soccer Trying To                                                     Girls Soccer Starts Out Well
Work It Out                                                               By Lena Riemer
                                                                          Sports Editor
                                                                                                                Camino is the biggest of the
                                                                                                                season,” she said.
                                                                                                                                                            Altshule is satisfied with
                                                                                                                     This years’ season is differ-    the season.” We are very suc-
By Lena Riemer                       league play.                               The girls’ soccer team had      ent. The team practiced hard,         cessful and the goal of the sea-
Sports Editor                            Minassian said the boys are      a great start in the regular sea-     and thanks to Corinne Hayes,          son is the championships in
                                     working hard. “We like to see        son, with a record of 3-1-1 and       beat El Camino 1-0.                   March. Every game counts be-
      The boys’ soccer team won      improvement. Every day we are        not allowing a goal through the            Weaver said that she could-      cause all schools have im-
first place in league last year      getting better. We have a big        first four games.                     n’t even talk after the game. “I      proved. Previously there were
but had a mediocre start in the      group of seniors this year and             The early-season highlight      was really excited but we ex-         some teams, we knew we
new season.                          they are working hard with the       came in the second game               pected that we would win. After       would kill them, but now we
      Coached by Mr. Minassian,      underclassmen,” he said.             against El Camino. It was “the        the game we all were just             have to take all of them seri-
the team won its first game              The team’s big strengths are     game we waited for all year           shocked. We couldn’t believe          ously,” she says.
against Cleveland, tied against      goalkeeper Bary Ko and defen-        long,” said defense player Holly      it.”                                       According to Altshule, she
El Camino and lost their third       sive players.                        Weaver. El Camino won the                  Coach Altshule said about        has no specific number one
and fourth games against Bir-            According to Minassian, the      city title for the last seven years   the game that “the girls started      player in her team, but goal-
mingham and Taft. This was           team needs improvement in            in a row and Chatsworth wasn’t        slow, we were so ready to go,         keeper Dana Moreno, is accord-
their first time losing a home       shooting goals. “Shooting more,      able to beat them for the previ-      but once they calmed down,            ing to her, an outstanding
game in two years. Their record      that’s all we need to do. I think    ous 15 games. According to            they played well and next time        player. Moreno did not allow a
before his week’s games stood        we have a good chance,” he           Weaver, last year’s game ended        we will do even better.”              goal during the first three
at 3-6-7 overall, and 1-2-2 in       said earlier this month.             for the Chatsworth High                    During the game against El       league games and did a great
                                          Junior Luis Tellon thinks       School’s team with a                  Camino, player Brianna Ed-            job, especially during the game
Wrestling                            that it is an ok season so far.
                                     “Our problem is that we argue
                                                                          “heartbreaker.” El Camino beat
                                                                          them and therefore the city
                                                                                                                wards sprained her ankle, but
                                                                                                                might resume playing this
                                                                                                                                                      against El Camino.
                                                                                                                                                           “There is one thing we
                                     too much. We have a lot of dis-
Carries On                           agreements within the team. We
                                                                          playoffs were over for the team.
                                                                                Teammate Kishi Smith
                                                                                                                     Chatsworth played El
                                                                                                                                                      definitely have to improve,
                                                                                                                                                      that’s our consistency through-
                                     really have to improve our com-      agrees with her teammate              Camino again Wednesday after-         out the whole game, but I am
With Short-                          munication, but I still hope that
                                     we are going to make it to the
                                                                          Weaver. “We lost always               noon, but results weren’t avail-      sure we will get better on that,”
                                                                          unluckily. The game against El        able before the Clarion was           Altshule says.
Handed Team                          city playoffs,” he said.

By Caleb Sperling
Staff Writer
                                     Boys Struggle With Less                                                    Strong Season Puts Girls
      With only nine wrestlers
instead of the regular 14, and
with two star players injured for
                                     Experienced Players                                                        Basketball In First Place
part of the season, the CHS          By Anthony Suarez                    second round.                         By Belen Espinoza                     tent.”
wrestling team has had to step it    Staff Writer                              The toughest team to beat        Features Editor                            Chevalier thinks her team
up to win meets.                                                          this season is Taft High School,                                            needs to kick up their “mental
      Although Coach Hammond         The boys’ basketball team has        which is one of the best in the            So far, this year’s girls var-   toughness.”
is working with half a team, he      struggled this season with an        state. In fact, CHS lost to Taft      sity basketball team has an                With any team there is al-
still expects a good outcome.        overall record of 7-14, and 2-4      90-46 last week.                      overall record 17-5, including        ways either a progression or a
He’s relying heavily on star         in league play.                           The team’s two league            6-0 against league opponents,         decline and when asked if her
wrestler Thomas Cottrell (130),         “There have been a lot of         wins came against El Camino           which puts them in first place.       team had made any progression
a two-time city champion.            varsity players who are out with     and Granada Hills.                    But despite her team’s achieve-       this year since the last, Cheva-
                                     injuries or they just decided            The top two players the           ments, Coach Chevalier feels          lier said, “Definitely, in terms
     The standouts on the team       they don’t want to play any-         team is counting on are third-        her team still has a lot to ac-       of the win loss column there’s
include sophomore Barsbold           more for personal reasons,           year varsity player Ryan              complish.                             no doubt.”
Ganbat (135), junior Kane Mi-        causing the team to get a lot of     Osborn, who is the team’s                  When asked how she felt               On this year’s team a
zuno (140), sophomore Luis           junior varsity players,” said        captin and leading scorer, aver-      about this season so far, Cheva-      player that stands out and has
Medel (171), and junior Aaron        Coach Switalla.                      aging 12.2 points per game, and       lier said she has “mixed feel-        made a major contribution is
Berry (189).                             Last season the team had         Kevin Williams, who is the sec-       ings. We are capable of doing         “Kim Smith, she is a senior, a
     At a recent meet at High-       eight wins and only three losses     ond leading scorer and top re-        great things; we’ve had a cou-        guard, and has been the most
land High School, all of the         and made it to the playoffs be-      bounder, with 179 so far this         ple of big wins over some great       consistent go-to player,” said
CHS wrestlers that competed          fore getting knocked off in the      season..                              teams, but we are very inconsis-      Chevalier.
earned a medal. Team leader
Cottrell did not compete be-
                                     Two Chosen To All-City Teams                                               Candidates             Continued from page 1
cause he was getting too close
to the 40-match limit for indi-                                                                                 tax credit to aid college students    ensure that they will be able to
                                     By Lena Riemer                      quarterback for the New England        as well as increase financial aid     compete in the international
vidual wrestlers and there are
                                     Sports Editor                       Patriots.                              grants. She also plans to sim-        marketplace.
very important meets coming
                                                                              Coach Hayashida is proud of       plify the FAFSA forms to make
                                          Chatsworth High School         his players. “As Head Coach it’s       it easier to apply and allow stu-
                                     senior Thomas Franco was            always nice to see your players        dents to apply for financial aid      JOHN MCCAIN – McCain
     For those who don’t know
                                     named to the first team defen-      recognized for their achieve-          just by checking a box on their       plans on “Sending education
how wrestling works, at a tour-
                                     sive unit and his teammate, Mi-     ments. Thomas and Michael              tax return.                           funding directly to classrooms
nament there are 14 different
                                     chael Lo Curto, second team         have worked extremely hard                   rather than having it siphoned
weight classes and if one team
                                     defensive unit.                     throughout their careers here at                                             off by federal and state bu-
has a player in a certain weight
                                          Every year a group of staff    Chatsworth High School, and are             REPUBLICANS                      reaucracies.” McCain also be-
class but the other team doesn’t,
                                     writers from throughout the         well deserving of their recogni-       MITT ROMNEY – Romney                  lieves that students nationwide
the second team automatically
                                     greater Los Angeles area honor      tion,” he said.                        believes that granting teachers,      should be educated on signifi-
forfeits the match as if it were a
                                     outstanding football players and                                           parents, and students freedom is      cant virtues such as the impor-
pin. Coach Hammond hopes to
win as many matches as possi-
                                     their stellar performances           New in 2008                           the key. According to his web-        tance of telling the truth. He
                                     throughout the year by naming        Continued from page 1                 site, “…when parents and kids         also proposed the Ed-Act bill,
ble to compensate for the for-
                                     an All-L.A. City Division, an                                              are free to choose their school,      which would aid disadvantaged
feits in the weight divisions for
                                     imaginary football team              also come out with a new oper-        everyone benefits,” and plans         students, allow parents more
which CHS has no wrestlers.
                                     patched together by the best         ating system for mobile phones,       on promoting charter schools.         opportunities to save for their
     In their most recent dual
                                     players of the city.                 the Android.                          Romney also proposes a plan to        children’s college funding and
matches, CHS beat both Gra-
                                         Franco and Lo Curto both              Junior Nayely Sanchez            improve No Child Left Behind          focus on English and other lan-
nada and Vaughn but lost to
                                     have been named to be a part of      sees the new year positively. “I      in several ways, including fo-        guages to put American stu-
                                     the LosAngeles City All-             think 2008 is going to be a           cusing more on students’ indi-        dents on the same competitive
     Overall, Hammond has
                                     Academic team as well.               more interesting year than last       vidual achievements, rather           level as those in other countries.
confidence in Cottrell and the
                                          Former Chatsworth All-          year. Hopefully it is a better        than evaluating school progress       He would also give more con-
rest of his team, especially now
                                     City players include James           year for every one. There will        as a whole. He also wants to          trol to parents, students, and
that injured wrestlers Robert
                                     Walker, Chris Cozza, Oliver          be a lot of changes this year,”       focus on students’ education in       teachers and emphasizes hiring
Gunther and Alex Bondarenko
                                     Patke and Matt Cassell, back-up      she said.                             math and science in order to          quality teachers.
are back.

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