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					Stem cell or also known as stem cells are stem cells that could
potentially develop into several different body cells, like brain cells,
muscle, liver and blood. Stem cell therapy is now used more widely, from
medicine to beauty.

According to dr. Prasna Pramita SPPD, a therapy that has been done in
developed countries in Asia, America and Europe is more to treat various
diseases or for health purposes than the purpose of beauty.

"People need to be pretty healthy, and beautiful sound that's for sure,"
he said when met at the event launching VIVAlife Stem Cell Therapy in
Ultimo & Aesthetic Dental Center.

He said the stem cell therapy could reduce the amount of drugs consumed.
In Indonesia this therapy include new thing. One source of stem cells
derived from fat. The fat can be stored for seven to ten years. If the
baby is only possible therapy for three cells, whereas for adults, this
therapy is beneficial from head to toe.

"For the problem of hair loss, fat taken from the abdomen or thighs were
then injected intravenously through an IV. Once injected, two weeks later
tiny hairs grow," he said.

After stem cell therapy for the hair, you are not allowed to wash for
three days. The cost to do this therapy at least $ 40 million.

For slimming, depending on the lifestyle of the body's metabolism. But
when you are dieting, therapy, stem cells can make the diet more
effective. "If for beauty, once the therapy can last for five to ten

As for the breast augmentation, this therapy requires a different
process, which takes fat for 30-40 minutes and then the fat is injected
in the breast. Total take as long as three to four hours. After this
therapy, the next day you can immediately move.

Stem cell therapy is expected to provide solutions for a wide range of
diseases and enhance beauty.

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