; 2007 FHSAA Girls Soccer Finals
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2007 FHSAA Girls Soccer Finals


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									School Name:           LAKE HIGHLAND PREPARATORY SCHOOL                                                  Class:    3A

                      2008 FHSAA Girls Soccer Finals
         Team Data Form for Official Souvenir Program & Press Booklet
Quick Directions: (1) Name and save this file with your school name up to eight characters. For example, Miami High
School should save the file as "miami.doc"; Central High School in Brooksville should save the file as "brookcen.doc." It is
essential for PC users that you include the ".doc" suffix in the name. (2) Place cursor in the first cell in a table in which a
response is required by clicking on that cell. (3) Tab from cell to cell in the table as you type your responses. Do not type
in gray cells. Tab past them. (4) To move to the first cell in the next table, repeat step 2. Do not attempt to tab to the first
cell in the next table, it won't work. Instead, an additional cell will be created each time you attempt it. (5) Save your work
periodically. (6) Refer to the complete instructions following the form for directions on transmitting the form to the FHSAA

Girls:    X    Boys:

                                                1) General Information

Name of School:                Lake Highland Preparatory            City:                 Orlando
Team Nickname/Mascot:          Highlander
                               School                               School Colors:        Red/ White
Principal:                     Mr. Warren Hudson                    Athletic Director:    Frank Prendergast

                                                    2) Coaching Staff

Name of Head Coach:       Tino Rodrigues                                                                   Age:         47
College Attended:     Indiana University (B.S.)           City, State:   Bloomington, IN         Year Graduated:        1983
College Attended:     University of Florida (M.S.)        City, State:   Gainesville, FL         Year Graduated:        1989
High School Attended:     LaVille Jr.Sr. H.S.             City, State:   Lakeville, IN           Year Graduated:        1976
High School Attended:     Colegio Maristas                City, State:   Sao Luis/Rio-Brazil     Year Graduated:        1977
Years as Varsity Head Coach in This Sport at This School:        Six (6) Years
Win-Loss Record as Varsity Head Coach in This Sport at This School:          138-30
Years as Varsity Head Coach in This Sport at All Schools:       Twelve (13) years (USA)
Win-Loss Record as Varsity Head Coach in This Sport at All Schools:         239-60 (USA)
Names of Assistant    Amy Geltz

         3) Head Coach's Year-by-Year Record as a Varsity Coach in This Sport at All Schools

Year      School (city, state)                Record      Playoff Finish (i.e.: district champ; regional runner-up;etc.)
07-08     Lake Highland (Orlando, FL)         15-4-7      District Champions
06-07     Lake Highland (Orlando, FL)         19-6-5      District Champions; Regional Champions; State Runner-up
05-06     Lake Highland (Orlando, FL)         25-1-3      District Champions; Regional Champion; State Champions
04-05     Lake Highland (Orlando, FL)         23-4-5      Regional Champion; State Runner-up
03-04     Lake Highland (Orlando, FL)         19-7-3      District Runner-up; Regional Runner-up
02-03     Lake Highland (Orlando, FL)         20-3        District Champions
01-02     Lake Highland (Orlando, FL)         17-5-1      District Runner-up
00-01     Buchholz (Gainesville, FL)          22-5-3      District Champions: Regional Runner-up
99-00     Buchholz (Gainesville, FL)          25-4-4      District Champions; Regional Champions; State Runner-up
98-99     Buchholz (Gainesville, FL)          13-10-2     -
97-98     Buchholz (Gainesville, FL)          21-5-2      District Champions: Regional Runner-up
96-97     Buchholz (Gainesville, FL)          20-6-2      District Champions; Regional Runner-up
School Name:         LAKE HIGHLAND PREPARATORY SCHOOL                                                      Class:    3A

2008 FHSAA Girls Soccer Finals Team Data Form – Page 2 of 3
                                                 4) Tournament Roster
Provide the jersey number, first and last name, position, height, age, and class (i.e. Fr., Jr., etc.) for up to 22 players (20
players and two goalkeepers). Also, provide the following final regular season statistics for each player: games played,
shots on goal, goals scored and assists. Do not include statistics from preseason classic tournaments, district
tournaments or regional tournament games. Double check and triple check your spellings.

                                                                                   Games       Shots       Goals
No.    Name                                             Pos.    Height    Class    Played      On Goal     Scored      Assists
2      ALLIE BAKER                                      MF      5’2”      FR       24          8                       1
3      KRISTEN LANGERMANN                               FW      5’4”      SO       19          37          4           2
4      SYDNEY ALLISON                                   MF      5’4”      8        7           5
6      REBEKAH O’BRIEN                                  DEF     5’3”      FR       15          15          2           3
7      JAYMEE LEFFLER                                   FW      5’3”      SR       25          28          4           5
8      NATALIE HURT                                     DEF     5’7”      SR       14          14          1           3
9      KELLEY LOOTENS                                   DEF     5’7”      SR       15          11                      1
10     JORDAN NOLETTE                                   FW      5’3”      8        23          29          4           11
11     NICOLE ZWIRN                                     MF      5”5”      SR       12          24          2           3
12     VALORIE O’BRIEN                                  MF      5’10”     SR       24          53          17          14
13     MEREDITH GURNEE                                  FW      5’3”      7        12          22          5           5
14     SARA CANDELA                                     MF      5’6”      SR       26          15          3           3
15     MADDIE COATS                                     FW      5’0”      6        17          18          4           2
16     MIA JAKUBISIN                                    FW      5’6”      S0       20          14          2           2
17     ELLERY GAINZA                                    FW      5’5”      FR       22          49          5           5
19     TAYLER SANSBURY                                  MF      5’7”      JR       22          41          3           4
20     EMMA BLOOM                                       MF      5’0”      7        6           6           2           2
21     ALYSON COTTER                                    FW      5’1”      8        15          14

No.    Goalkeepers                                      Pos.    Height    Class    Games       Allowed     Avg.        Saves
1      SONJA SAHLSTEN                                   GK      5’9”      SR       15          8           0.53        65
00     SHANNON TAYLOR                                   GK      5’7”      8        11          9           0.81        46

Use the space below to report any interesting facts or statistics about your head coach, individual players, team or school
in general that might be of interest to news media covering the FHSAA Girls Soccer Finals.
Lake Highland Prep Girls Soccer Team led by team captains, seniors Sonja Sahlsten, Valorie O’Brien and Natalie Hurt
are continuing to build a successful tradition, working towards returning to the FHSAA Class 3A Final 4. Valorie O’Brien is
the 3A district 10 Player of the year, and has been nominated by the area coaches to the Florida 2007 All-State team.
She has led the team from the central defender/midfield position with 21 goals and 15 assists. Sonja Sahlsten is a
Division 1 level Goalkeeper in a defense also anchored by Senior Natalie Hurt with consistent high level play. Shannon
Taylor also has been seeing a lot playing at goal with 0.81 GAA in 11 matches. Seniors Jaymee Leffler, Sara Candela
and Kelley Lootens also ancor an experienced defense and are playing the best soccer of their high school careers. The
youth is directly represented by Jordan Nolette, Rebekah O’Brien, Ellery Gainza, Allie Baker and Meredith Gurnee who
are also important attacking personalities in the team’s line-up.
With a highly competitive regular season schedule, including power house programs such as Lake Mary, Edgewater,
Bishop Moore, West Shore, and Orangewood, LHPS Girls Soccer Team has recorded 15 wins, 4 losses and 7 ties, and
were crowned District 7-3A Champions by winning the Final 1-0 over Trinity Prep. Also made to the Final 4 of the Michelle
Akers Classic.
Senior Goalkeeper Sonja Sahlsten has recorded 12 shoot-outs this season and has season Goals Against Average of
0.53 per match. This is the seventh time (seven consecutive seasons) the team has qualified to play in the FHSAA State
Series. In the six-year span of the 2001-2008 seasons, LHPS Girls’ Soccer has recorded 138 wins and 30 losses.
School Name:        LAKE HIGHLAND PREPARATORY SCHOOL                                                  Class:   3A

2008 FHSAA Girls Soccer Finals Team Data Form – Page 3 of 3

                                  5) Game-by-Game Results of This Season
List the scores of each game played during the regular season, including invitational tournaments, etc., as well as scores
from District Tournament games through the championship game. Indicate games played in tournaments with an
preseason games must not be counted on your team's won-loss record.

Our overall won-loss record through the District Tournament championship game is:              15    wins      4    losses

                                                 Regular Season Games

Date     Opponent (list city and state if school is out-of-state)              W/L/T         Our Score         Opp. Score
         EASTRIDGE                                                               W                     6                     0
         BISHOP MOORE                                                            T                     2                     2
         BERKELEY PREP                                                           W                     4                     2
         DELTONA                                                                 W                     3                     0
         SAINT CLOUD                                                             L                     1                     2
         HOLY TRINITY EPISCOPAL                                                  T                     0                     0
         GAINESVILLE -BUCHHOLZ                                                   T                     0                     0
         EASTRIDGE                                                               W                     3                     0
         WEST SHORE                                                              W                     2                     1
         SPRUCE CREEK                                                            T                     1                     1
         CROOMS ACADEMY                                                          W                     8                     0
         TRINITY PREP                                                            T                     0                     0
         TIMBER CREEK                                                            L                     0                     1
         JONES                                                                   W
         OVIEDO                                                                  T
         LAKE BRANTLEY                                                           W                     2                     0
         WINTER PARK                                                             W                     1                     0
         LAKE MARY                                                               L                     0                     2
         BISHOP MOORE                                                            W                     1                     0
         ST. PETERSBURG CATHOLIC                                                 T
         EPISCOPAL                                                               L                     1                     5
         LAKE BRANTLEY                                                           W                     3                     0
         ORANGEWOOD CHRISTIAN                                                    W                     4                     1
         MATANZAS                                                                W                     8                     0

                                              District Tournament Games

Date     Opponent                                                               W/L          Our Score         Opp. Score
01-16    CROOMS ACADEMY                                                          W                     8                     0
01-18    TRINITY PREP                                                            W                     1                     0

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