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					                                 JOHN TOWNER WILLIAMS

                      This is my complete Williams CD collection as of 28.07.09
                                        Blue colour = CD-R

Title:                                                   Remarks:

1941                                                     Varese rerelease
20th Century Concerti                                    Includes tuba concerto
Accidental Tourist, the
A.I. – Artificial Intelligence
Amazing Stories                                          Includes theme and episode score “The Mission”
Amazing Stories (2CD)                                    Includes theme and episode score “Ghost Train”
American Journey                                         Includes:
                                                         * Call of the Champions (2002 Olympics theme)
                                                         * American Journey aka The Unfinished Journey (without narration)
Andre Previn plays the Music of Young Hollywood          Includes versions of:
Composers                                                * Tuesday’s Theme
                                                         * Checkmate
Angela’s Ashes                                           Decca version (no dialogue)
Apartment, the (Deutsch)                                 Williams performs on piano
Black Sunday                                             Improved sound, bonus tracks:
                                                         * Pete’n’Tillie: Main Title, Pete’s Piano Rag, End Titles
                                                         * E.T. Botanicos (Amusement park ride)
                                                         * Bachelor Flat: Tuesday’s Theme
                                                         * Masterpiece Theatre: American Collection Theme
                                                         * The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing: Dream Away (Frank Sinatra
Born on the 4th of July
By Request…                                              Includes:
                                                         * The Cowboys: Overture
                                                         * Liberty Fanfare
                                                         * Theme from NBC News (aka “The Mission”)
Catch Me If You Can
Checkmate / How to Steal a Million                       Improved LP-to-CD sound
Checkmate / Rhythm in Motion                             3000 Ltd. Ed.
Cinderella Liberty                                       Bonus tracks:
                                                         * Witches of Eastwick: Suite
                                                         * Raiders of the Lost Ark: Well of the Souls (unreleased track)
                                                         * Family Plot: End Titles
                                                         * Pops on the March
Cinderella Liberty                                       Includes multiple versions of “Nice to be Around”
Cinderella Liberty                                       Intrada release
Concert Works                                            Includes:
                                                         * Essay for Strings
                                                         * Concerto for Cello
                                                         * Satelitte Celebration
                                                         * Celebrate Discovery
                                                         * Amblin (logo)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the Third Kind                       Arista expanded release
Cowboys, the
Cowboys, the                                             Fan-made expansion
Daddy-O                                                  Taped episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (video)
Diamond Head / Gone with the Wave                        GWTW by Lalo Schifrin, DH same as LP release, 3000 Ltd. Ed.
Don’t Make Waves / Penelope                              DMW by Vic Mizzy, Penelope same as LP release
E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial
E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial                             Expanded 20th Anniversary Edition
Eiger Sanction, the
Empire of the Sun
Family Plot                                          Recording sessions
Fanfares and Themes                                  Includes:
                                                     * NBC News: Theme (aka “The Mission”), Fugue for Changing Times,
                                                     Scherzo for Today, The Pulse of Events + bumpers and
                                                     * Sound the Bells
                                                     * Jubilee 350 Fanfare
                                                     * We’re Lookin’ Good (1987 Paralympics theme)
                                                     * Esplanade Overture (aka “Meeting in Sicily” from Monsignor)
                                                     * To Lenny! To Lenny! (Leonard Bernstein tribute)
                                                     * Variations on Happy Birthday (dedicated to Sejii Osawa on his 60th
                                                     * A Nostalgic Jazz Odyssey
                                                     * Sinfonietta for Wind Ensemble
                                                     * Fanfare for a Festive Occasion
Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, the                   6CD-box:
                                                     * Disc 1: Lost in Space, volume 1 (Williams)
                                                     * Disc 2: Lost in Space, volume 2 (Williams, Courage)
                                                     * Disc 3: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Sawtell, Goldsmith)
                                                     * Disc 4: The Time Tunnel (Williams, Duning)
                                                     * Disc 5: Land of the Giants (Williams)
                                                     * Disc 6: Bonus CD (interviews, alternate cues etc.)
Far And Away
Fiddler on the Roof (musical, Bock)                  Adaptation, 30th anniv. Edition w/extra score tracks
Film Music Concert, Disney Hall, L.A., 2003          3CD, opening of the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.
                                                     Includes: Soundings (concert work)
Fitzwilly / The Long Goodbye                         1500 Ltd. Ed.
Five Sacred Trees, the                               Includes bassoon concerto
Fury, the
Fury, the                                            2CD, 3000 Ltd. Ed.
Ghostbreaker, the / Jericho                          Jericho by Jerry Goldsmith, 3000 Ltd. Ed.
Goodbye, Mr. Chips (musical, Bricusse)               Adaptation
Guide for the Married Man, a                         3000 Ltd. Ed.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets              Promo stamp on front cover, adapted by William Ross
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban             Promo stamp on front cover
Heartbeeps                                           Includes:
                                                     * Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting: Suite (w/title song)
Heartbeeps                                           3000 Ltd. Ed.
Heidi                                                Label X version
Home Alone
Home Alone 2 – Lost In New York
How to Steal a Million                               Bonus tracks:
                                                     * Alcoa Premiere Theatre Theme
                                                     * Wide Country: Theme
                                                     * Kraft Suspense Theatre: End Titles
                                                     * Sergeant Ryker: Main Titles
                                                     * None But The Brave: Main + End Titles
                                                     * Ghosthunters: Main Titles
                                                     * Man Who Loved Cat Dancing: Dream Away (song, Paul Williams
                                                     * Pete’n’Tillie: Theme
                                                     * Amazing Stories: Main + End Titles
Images                                               3000 Ltd. ed.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom                 Japanese import
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom                 Expanded Concord release
Interview Disc, vol. 1 – 3                           Includes:
                                                     * John Goldfarb Please Come Home: title song
                                                     * The Long Goodbye: main theme (original version)
                                              * For Sejii! (concert work w/interviews – radio broadcast)
                                              * The Boston Pops John Williams Tribute (Audio of TV show)
                                              * Film Music Special interview (Audio of TV show)
                                              * Interview (unidentified)
                                              * NPR interview: “Meet the Composer”, 1980’s.
Jane Eyre
Jaws                                          Decca expanded release
Jaws 2
Jaws 3D (Parker)                              Includes Jaws motif, 3000 Ltd. Ed
Jaws: The Revenge (Small)                     Includes Jaws motif, promo
Jazz Beginnings                               2CD, Williams performs on piano.
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home               3000 Ltd. Ed.
John Towner Touch, the (various)              Williams performs on piano. Includes:
                                              * Hello (jazz composition)
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park III (Davis)                     Themes by Williams
Keisuke Wakao plays music of John Williams    Japanese import
Killers, the / Flashing Spikes                Includes sound effects and dialogue
Killers, the
Lost in Space, volume 3
Lost World, the: Jurassic Park
M Squad                                       Spanish RCA release
Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, the                3000 Ltd. Ed.
Memoirs of a Geisha
Minority Report
Missouri Breaks, the
Music from NBC News                           2CD compilation, includes:
                                              * The Mission theme and variations (bumpers, openers, closers)
                                              * Meet the Press
                                              * NBC Nightly News variations
                                              * Special Report variations
                                              * Tech Stock variations
                                              * Morning NBC variations
                                              * Investigation NBC variations
                                              * Today Show theme variations
                                              * Dateline NBC theme variations
                                              * America the Beautiful
Music of John Wiliams, the: Film Works and    Includes:
Arrangements, vol. 1                          * Indiana Jones & The Temple of the Forbidden Eye (Disneyland
                                              * Star Tours (Disneyland Ride)
                                              * Make Me Rainbows (new Maureen McGovern version)
                                              * When You’re Alone (performed by Guy Haines)
                                              * Star Wars – The Radio Drama: Suite
Music of Harold Arlen, the                    Performed by The John Williams Band
None But The Brave                            3000 Ltd. Ed.
Not With My Wife, You Don’t!                  3000 Ltd. Ed., also includes Any Wednesday (George Duning)
Patriot, the
Poseidon Adventure, the / The Paper Chase /   3000 Ltd. Ed.
Presumed Innocent
Raiders of the Lost Ark                       DCC release
Rare Tracks of John Williams, the             3CD set, includes:
                                              * Ladd Company (logo)
                                              * Universal (logo)
                                              * Dreamworks (logo)
                                              * The Rare Breed: Suite
                                              * Yes, Giorgio: If We Were In Love (vocal and instrumental)
                                              * Always: Follow Me (alternate)
                                                  * Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: unreleased tracks
                                                  * Spacecamp: unused track
                                                  * Far and Away: Theme (violin solo-version, Perlman?)
                                                  * Jurassic Park: music from The Making Of…
                                                  * Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: Live Suite
                                                  * A Hymn to New England
                                                  * America, the Dream Goes On
                                                  * The Unfinished Journey (Spielberg millenium short w/narration)
                                                  * Tuba Concerto (live in London)
                                                  * Clarinet Concerto
Reivers, the
Rhythm in Motion (various)                        Williams performs on piano
River, the
Saving Private Ryan
Schindler’s List
Screaming Woman, the                              w/ sound effects
Seven Years In Tibet
Singles Collection, the                           Includes:
                                                  * Pete’n’Tillie: Love’s The Only Game In Town (performed by Walther
                                                  * Vic Damone: Adult on a Star, The Pleasure of Her Company (arr.
                                                  By Williams)
                                                  * Lapti Nek single remixes
                                                  * Nice To Be Around x 3 (performed by Maureen McGovern, Johnny
                                                  Mathis, Helen Reddy)
                                                  * Stuck on TV Medley (includes theme excerpt from Bachelor Father)
                                                  * Make Me Rainbows x 2 (performed by Trudy Desmond, Ella
                                                  Fitzgerald w/the Count Basie Orchestra)
Staccato (E. Bernstein)                           Williams performs on piano
Stan Kenton Conducts the LA Neophonic Orchestra   Includes:
                                                  * Prelude and Fugue (concert piece)
Stanley and Iris
Star Wars: A New Hope                             2CD, Special Edition w/unreleased cues – “book” case
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back                2CD, Special Edition w/unreleased cues – “book“ case
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi                     2CD, Special Edition w/unreleased cues – “book” case
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace           2CD, “Ultimate Edition”
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones        Boba Fett cover
Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars Trilogy: The OST Anthology              4CD-box:
                                                  * Disc 1: Star Wars (expanded)
                                                  * Disc 2: The Empire Strikes Back (expanded)
                                                  * Disc 3: Return of the Jedi (expanded)
                                                  * Disc 4: Alternate cues/themes/etc.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Kiner)
Star Wars: The Ewoks (P. Bernstein)               Includes:
                                                  * Ewok Celebration – suite
                                                  * The Force suite
                                                  * The Star Wars Experience (Meco?)
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (McNeely)        Incl. “Main theme” and “Imperial March”
Star Wars: Music from…                            Arranged for church organ(!)
Star Wars: Sketches on…                           Arranged for jazz trio(!)
Sugarland Express, the / The Man Who Loved Cat
Summon the Heroes                                 Includes:
                                                  * Summon the Heroes (1996 Olympics theme, two versions)
                                                  * Olympic Fanfare and Theme
                                                  * Olympic Spirit
Superman – The Movie
Superman – The Movie                              Rhino expanded 2CD
Superman 2+3 (Thorne)                             Japanese import, includes themes
Terminal, the
Themes to Remember                                Stanley Wilson-conducted compilation.
                                                  * Tomorrow (from Wagon Train)
                                                  * Alcoa Premiere Theatre (theme)
                                                  * The Wide Country (theme)
Thomas and the King (musical)
Tokyo Concert plus bonus tracks                   Includes:
                                                  * The Long Goodbye (Harry Connick Jr.)
                                                  * Bachelor Flat, the: Opening, End Titles
                                                  * Family Plot: Opening
                                                  * Diamond Head: Opening
                                                  * Secret Ways, the: Finale and End Titles
Tom Sawyer (musical, Sherman bros.)               Adaptation
Towering Inferno, the                             3000 Ltd. Ed.
Treesong / Violin Concerto / Schindler’s List
Trumpet Concerto / Essay for Strings
Valley of the Dolls                               w/ Andre Previn
Video CD (2CD)                                    Includes 3 mpeg (video) files:
                                                  * Star Wars: Music by John Williams (one-hour BBC TV Special from
                                                  * John Williams and Rita Dove discuss Seven For Luck (PBS Special
                                                  * The MDR Symphony Orchestra plays music of John Williams
Video CD, vol. 2 (3CD)                            Includes:
                                                  * Evening at Pops 1980
                                                  * Evening at Pops 2002
                                                  * Evening at Pops excerpts
                                                  * Olympic Games 1996/2002
                                                  * Andre Previn and John Williams: Personal Notes
                                                  * The Unfinished Journey
                                                  …and more
Video VHS                                         Includes:
                                                  * The Boston Pops John Williams Tribute Concert
                                                  * Star Wars/Hollywood Bowl
Violin & Flute Concerti, the
Wagon Train (various) / The Big Valley (Duning)   WT contains 3 Williams tracks
War of the Worlds, the
Williams On Williams                              Compilation
Witches of Eastwick, the
Yo Yo Ma Plays the Music of John Williams

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