What are the Hidden Costs when Buying Home? by joymali


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									                 What Are The Hidden Costs When Buying Home?

Buying a home can be quite enjoyable but did you know that there are tons of hidden charges that may
cost you a lot of money? There are tons of low mortgage rates out in the market with affordable home
prices but again, it will still have hidden charges along with it. The cost of buying a house may shock
buyers who are not prepared for the real amount of buying a property.

Here’s what you need to know.

       Fees- did you know that before you buy a house you have to pay for a home inspection. You
        even have to pay a little more for inspections on pests or rats. These inspections are necessary
        for protection to avoid paying too much for a flawed or damaged property.

       Closing costs- people who are looking for houses can negotiate with the seller for these costs.
        However, the buyers need to be ready with the money for anywhere from 2 to 4% on the
        mortgage balance.

       Taxes- everyone who has a property is required to pay their taxes, all the time. It is part of what
        you pay every month. Do not forget that even if you have a fixed home loan, your property taxes
        can go up along with your monthly expenses thus, adversely affecting your credit rating.

       Insurances- a lender will always ask a home insurance from you and it can be quite expensive
        because it will depend on a lot of factors, such as the type of construction materials that you will
        use for your home and where it’s going to be built. A renter’s insurance will not guarantee a
        smaller insurance cost because you will be paying for the construction of your home. Insurance
        costs rise every year and you may need enough coverage if you live in a flood or disaster prone

       Moving- moving is such a tiring job and it may cost you a bit as well. You will have to hire a
        moving company or a moving truck to help you with moving your belongings; you even have to
        make deposits first.

       Bills- no matter where you live, you have to pay for your utility bills. This includes your electricity,
        gas budget, water etc. Can increase when you move in to your new home. You have to prepare
        for phone bills, cable, internet and many more.

       House miscellaneous- you may not think that this is not included in the expense list, but most
        people who transfer to a new home would new furniture or other home decorations. Don’t be in a
        hurry to buy these extra things, put bigger things in priority first.

       Home maintenance- maintaining a house can be quite costly and time consuming. You may be
        able to repair some things by yourself but there will come a time that you are going to hire
        somebody to do it for you.

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