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									                         Pain in the Ovary: Does It Signal Cancer?

Before you hit the panic button, you should know that there are several reasons why a woman
is experiencing right ovarian pain, most of which are not cancerous or life-threatening.

However, any ovarian pain that you may be experiencing should not be immediately
dismissed because while the chances of it being cancerous are slim to none, one cannot
discount the fact that there could be something in your ovaries that’s causing the pain.

Having it checked will give you peace of mind.

Presence of Cyst in the Ovary

For the most part, a woman may feel a sudden, stinging pain or a chronic dull ache in the
lower abdominal area where the ovaries are, because of a cyst. When the cyst grows to be of a
considerable size, this is the time when you may start to feel pain in the ovary.

A cyst may have developed in the ovary because the egg produced by the ovary, after it was
not fertilized, did not rupture and was not released within a woman’s monthly cycle.

In most cases, the cyst is expelled in subsequent menstrual cycles. It may also be
asymptomatic especially if it is of a rather small size.

Signals of an Ovarian Cyst

At any rate, it is best to be aware of some of the more common signs that signal the presence
of a cyst in the ovary. This way, you will know whether a visit to the doctor is in order or not.

These symptoms include the following:

- Irregular menstrual cycle

- Discomfort or pain in the pelvic area especially when nearing the start of your menstrual
cycle and nearing its end as well

- Pain in the pelvic area during sexual intercourse

- Feeling of being bloated or full

- Feeling of having something pressing on your bladder which compels you to keep urinating

- Pain in the lower abdominal area that starts as dull and then spreads to the lower back

These symptoms may come suddenly and go just as suddenly or they may also give you
chronic pain, in which case, a visit to your OB-GYNE is highly recommended.

Now, if you feel any of these symptoms and at the same time you have a fever or you are
throwing up; it is even more urgent that you seek your doctor’s help as soon as possible.

It is still not an indication however, that you have a cancerous growth in the ovary. It could
still mean that the cyst is already of a size that is causing these other symptoms and it simply
needs to be taken out.

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