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									                           Job Description – Blind Veterans UK

Job title:             Centre Manager (Brighton)
Reports to:            Director of Welfare Services
Department:            Welfare Services
Location:              Brighton
Last updated:          May 2012

Job purpose
To be responsible for the delivery and ongoing development of residential, training and
leisure services provided to Members and other beneficiaries of the Charity at our Brighton
Centre and local satellite buildings in accordance with our strategic plan.

  1. Direct line management of 9 members of staff
  2. Indirect responsibility for up to 220 workers including those employed by the external
      contractor for catering services.
  3. Manage and monitor a designated budget totalling approximately £6.6 million
      expenditure and £1.5 income per annum.
Main accountabilities of the post
  1.    Ensure effective performance and service delivery of our Brighton Centre so that
        Members and other beneficiaries receive an optimum service.
  2.    Participate as a member of the Operational Management Team (OMT) to ensure an
        effective contribution is provided to operational policy development.
  3.    Plan, co-ordinate and provide operational direction for the various departments within
        our Brighton Centre.
  4.    Through department managers ensure optimum services are available to permanent
        residents and visitors to the centre including, trainees, respite care and holiday
  5.    Plan, co-ordinate and oversee all aspects of facilities management so that the
        buildings are safe, clean and secure at all times.
  6.    Work with managers, staff and contractors to monitor, review and develop internal
        processes, standards and plans to ensure a culture of continuous improvement is
  7.    Formulate and monitor budgets for the centre, working with the relevant managers to
        develop financial strategies which ensure the delivery of services within budgetary
  8.    In conjunction with the Head of Care ensure our Brighton Centre has effective
        systems in place for clinical governance to ensure continued accreditation under the
        Care Quality Commission.
  9.    Provide inspirational and leadership to all at the centre to maximise staff performance
        and development of a high performing, engaged workforce that embraces positive
  10.   Act as Duty Administrator for the centre, on call 24 hours a day, on a rotational basis.
  11.   Undertake the lead responsibility for the efficient management and operational
        activities of the Bookings Service for all 3 centres and the pan organisational
        Transport Service.
  12.   Work together with other Centre Managers to ensure consistency of service delivery
        through development of the professional lead role (care, art & crafts, sports,
        rehabilitation & training, transport).
  13.   Support the implementation of the Charity’s Volunteer Strategic Plan ensuring
        volunteers are effectively managed and deployed at the Centre.
  14.   Take a leadership role in representing the Charity’s interests internally and externally
        in respect of the Brighton Centre.
Additional responsibilities
  1. Attend in-house and relevant external training courses, as agreed with line manager.
  2. Practice and comply with all aspects of Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and
       the Charity current Health and Safety policies.
  3. Undertake any reasonable tasks from time to time at the line manager’s request, as
       may be deemed appropriate within the scope of the post.
  4. Carry out, when required, duties associated with disciplinary and grievance
       procedures including undertaking investigations and acting as chair at related

Work context
  1. Primarily office based at our Brighton Centre with a requirement for travel to other
      Charity sites across the UK with occasional overnight stays. Consequently there will
      be times when there may be the need to work outside of a standard working week.
  2. This role can be emotionally challenging when dealing with the health and welfare
      issues of Members, either directly or through the supervision of other members of
  3. Dealing with a range of staff issues including performance, absence management,
      investigations and hearings can be emotionally challenging.
  4. The post requires flexibility when acting as Duty Administrator for the Brighton Centre
      out of normal office hours or at short notice.
  5. The post requires the ability to prioritise and plan work at short notice and to manage
      a complex workload specifically in relation to managing a multi-purpose facility.

Autonomy and decision making
    1. The post holder has overall accountability and responsibility for the operational
       management of our Brighton Centre.
    2. The post holder is accountable to the Director of Welfare Services for decisions
       affecting the Charity regarding a range of complex and diverse matters including, but
       not limited to, overall accommodation charges to visitors, changes to internal
       operations within the Rehabilitation and Training Department and Care Department
       (such as reviews of Introductory Weeks and bed usage within care) and any media
       relations activity.
    1. SRG monthly meetings where a full range of communication methods are required in
       order to provide and receive complex, sensitive and operational information.
    2. Human Resources Department regularly regarding staff training, recruitment and
       other employee relations matters including investigations, formal hearings and
       performance management issues.
    3. Managers of the Brighton Centre departments when chairing monthly meetings.
    4. Centre Managers group
    5. Rehabilitation and Training Department weekly to develop the services and
       programmes on offer to Members and other beneficiaries so that the benefits are
    6. Members of the Charity and other beneficiaries on a daily basis when at the centre.
       Chairing monthly residents meetings.
    7. Estates Department regarding planned major maintenance to any of the Brighton
       Centre properties.
    8. All Brighton Centre based staff and volunteers to ensure services and behaviours
       fully reflect the Charity’s brand personality.
    1. Contractors to ensure that facilities are maintained to the appropriate standard.
   2. Statutory bodies and agencies such as the local authority, police, English Heritage as
      required from time to time.
   3. Press and other media when news stories emerge.

Main areas of difficulty
   1. Managing the expectations of the various stakeholder groups within budgetary
   2. Balancing the immediate needs of individuals or groups with the necessity to meet
      long term objectives.
   3. Ensuring continuity of service provision to long standing Members and permanent
      residents whilst striving to provide innovative and pioneering service to new
   4. Balancing the need to provide a ‘home’ for permanent residents alongside the
      requirement to provide holiday and training centre facilities for short term visitors.

Additional information
This Job Description is a guide to the work the job holder is required to undertake. It may be
changed from time to time to meet changing circumstances. It does not form part of the
Contract of Employment.

Person Specification – Blind Veterans UK

                                        Essential                         Desirable
Knowledge                      Demonstrable knowledge of           Knowledge of the armed
                                the variety of disciplines           forces
                                involved in running a
                                successful centre for use by
                                vulnerable adults.
                               Up to date knowledge of
                                relevant Health and Safety
                               Demonstrable knowledge of
                                best practice in staff
Skills                         Able to effectively lead,
                                mentor and motivate staff
                               High level communication
                                and interpersonal skills
                               Excellent organisational, time
                                management and problem
                                solving skills
                               Ability to work under pressure
                               Ability to build positive
                                relationships at all levels
                               A confident presentational
                                and public speaking style
                               Ability to effectively manage
                               Ability to act in an
                                ambassadorial capacity for
                                the Charity within the local
                        Computer literate including
                         MS Word, Outlook, Excel and
                         Database systems
Qualifications          Management qualification or       Health or social science
                         equivalent vocational              degree.

Experience              Extensive operational and         Experience working with
                         people management                  visually impaired, elderly
                         experience                         or disabled people
                        Experience of forecasting,        Background in
                         planning and managing              professional care (Social
                         budgets                            Work, Occupational
                        Experience of developing and       Therapy, Rehabilitation,
                         delivering business                Nursing etc)
                         management plans                  Experience of managing
                        Experience of making and           a similar sized
                         implementing operational and       multidisciplinary centre
                         strategic management
Personal qualities      Modern and pioneering
                        Engaging and proactive
                        Confident and friendly
                        Approachable
                        Calm under pressure
                        Analytical decision maker
                        Tactful and diplomatic
                        Flexible
                        Organised
                        Decisive
                        Discreet

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