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									                                                    G. W. "Jay" Schwausch
                                                          5418 Cactus Forest Dr.
                                                           Houston, TX 77088
                                                             Tel: 713-370-6174
                                                             Cel: 281-773-0573

Over twenty-five years in Industrial and Instrumentation Sales with over seventeen years experience in valve actuation, flow measurement
and control sales. Self-starter who is equally at ease working independently or as a supporting member in a team-oriented environment.
Highly computer literate in addition to being a professional speaker/entertainer.

While I was still in Inside Sales at Rawson, LP - because of my aptitude to grasp new product concepts - I was appointed as “Product
Champion” (the company’s “go-to” person) for two major product lines – Rexa Actuators and Cashco Regulators. Four years into my
tenure with Rawson, I was promoted to Technical Quotes Representative. In this position I have been honing my valve knowledge, while
contributing to the team with my actuator background and PC skills.

After spending one year as an Inside Sales Representative at BETTIS, I was quickly promoted to Technical Sales Trainer / Training
Coordinator, where I was truly able to put to use my computer, technical, people and presentational skills handling all aspects of
Training: I developed and presented technical training seminars for sales forces and engineers, both locally and abroad.

I spent the last 8 years of my 13 year career with Hydril, as well as my 2 year tenure at ITT Snyder, in Inside Sales. My primary Sales
duties at Hydril included phone sales, customer support, quotes, order entry & expediting as well as RMA's & Credits. My duties at ITT
Snyder were very similar, with the exception of spending a considerable amount of time assisting in refining their computer system and
training their personnel.


Automated Valve & Control
- Developed Excel program for calculating Thrusts and Torques on “Mult-Turn” Knife Gate & Globe Valves.
- Developed Access database program for call tracking.
- Developed Access database program for creating formal quotations.

Rawson, LP
- Most recently completed a Team Project - which I was Team Leader on – whose goal was to develop the Sales and Literature portion of
a new shared network called SharePoint. My team’s work was to be the ground work and template for future developments of this network.
- Developed a Sales Call database in MS Access for recording, sorting and tracking sales calls. Rawson was prompted, after seeing my
database, to develop a more comprehensive, company-wide program. A development I was highly instrumental in.
- As a result of the above, Rawson – once a paper-based sales force for tracking sales calls – is now a computer-network-based sales calls
/ quotations sales force.
- Developed a set of “Sales Tools” utilizing MS Excel, Word and a PDF-editing program. I have had onlookers think my spreadsheet was a
website, due to it’s ease of access and navigation. (I would, naturally, welcome the opportunity to demonstrate my aforementioned

BETTIS Corporation
- Brought BETTIS' Training into the 21st century by elevating BETTIS from a 35mm Slides and Overheads Media-based Training format to
PowerPoint - the wave of the future for live and recorded presentations.
- Developed self-running PowerPoint sales presentations for use at trade shows, etc.
- Assisted Outside Sales Department in making numerous Major Sales Presentations to customers nationwide as well as throughout
Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia.
- I was put in charge of and accomplished getting a Worldwide Project Tracking System implemented. (This system was accessed via the
- First Inside Sales Person to implement the use of a personal computer to automate sales tasks.

ITT Snyder
- Developed "Power Keys" for the company’s new computer system (AS400), utilized by all departments (Great Time-Saving Utility Item).
- Instrumental in the transferal from a manual system to an AS400 System
- Trained employees in System procedures, improving personnel efficiency and accuracy.
- Documented "System" procedures for personnel use, easily learned by novice PC users.

- Automated Product Sales Quotation System, saving countless hours.
- Established and maintained efficient system for Material Return Authorizations.
- Designed "Sales Call" sheets to promote better tracking of phone calls.
- Wrote some basic programs to aid in dealing with flow applications in a timely manner.
                                               G. W. "Jay" Schwausch
                                                    5418 Cactus Forest Dr.
                                                     Houston, TX 77088
                                                       Tel: 713-370-6174
                                                       Cel: 281-773-0573

                                                PROFESSIONAL SKILLS

- Valve and Valve Automation: 10+ Years Actuator Experience. 4+ Years Valve Experience. Rexa Actuator “Product
Champion” for Rawson Corporate Division.
- Industrial Regulators: 4+ Years Experience. Regulator “Product Champion” for Rawson Corporate Division.
- Highly Skilled in PC Applications: Very experienced in Word, Excel, Access, Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, &
Windows (95, 98, & XP). Intermediate experience in Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and Adobe Acrobat.
- Technical Sales Trainer / Training Coordinator: Experienced at developing AND presenting technical programs designed
for Technical Sales personnel.
- Technical Inside Sales: Enjoy being in technical field of work. Work very well with people and technical sales tasks.
- Production Planning: Experienced in Multi-plant Material Requirements Planning.
- Purchasing: Material and Contract-Labor Purchasing.
- Professional Brain Hacker (Mentalist): Over thirty years of Professional Entertaining, including Customized Trade Show
- Detail Oriented: Work very well with detailed and complex jobs.


A.V.C. (2009 – Present)
- VALVES and ACTUATION                           Inside Sales Representative

Rawson, LP (2003 – 2009)
- VALVES and ACTUATION                           Technical Quotes Representative, 1+ Years
- INDUSTRIAL/INSTRUMENTATION SALES               Inside Sales Representative, 5 Years

BETTIS Corporation (1995 – 2003)
- TECHNICAL TRAINING                             Technical Sales Trainer/Training Coordinator, 6 Years
- VALVE ACTUATION SALES                          Inside Sales Representative, 1 Year

ITT Snyder (1993 - 1995)
- FLOW MEASUREMENT SALES                         Inside Sales Representative, 2 Years

HYDRIL, PTD (1980 - 1993)
- FLOW MEASUREMENT SALES                         Inside Sales Representative, 8 Years
- ADMINISTRATION                                 Production Planner, 2 Years
- PURCHASING                                     Buyer, 2 Years
- MANUFACTURING                                  Lead Man, 1 Year

- S.P. Waltrip High School: Diploma.
- N. Harris Montgomery County & Houston Comm. College: Electronics, 36 Credit hours.

- If asked whether I enjoyed working alone or with others more, it would be difficult to say. On one hand, I thrive on a good
personal challenge. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoy working with people.

- DRIVEN, CREATIVE, and DETAIL-ORIENTED are the words I hear most often when people are describing me.
If I were asked to describe myself in three words or less, I think I would those would be the words I would have to say…

                                          OUTSIDE INTERESTS / HOBBIES
- Mentalism       - Hypnosis        - Graphology - Neuro-Linguistic Programming               - Body language Interpretation

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