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Online pharmacies are pharmacies that operate over the Internet. These pharmacies are similar to
community pharmacies; the primary difference is the method by which the medications are requested and
received. Some people consider these online pharmacy stores as a convenient way to order and receive
drugs; on the other hand few find it more convenient to buy drugs from their local chemists.
Despite the fact that online pharmacy store is a more convenient way of ordering drugs there are lots of
issues which are related to it. Like everything online pharmacy store has its own problems. Firstly to start an
online pharmacy store one needs to have a national licence for the distribution and selling of drugs. In India
most of the laws regarding selling and distribution of drugs are almost a decade old and hence they do not
fit with the online drugs store. People order certain drugs which require prescription to be sold. So
another major problem faced by these online pharmacy stores is that they can’t sell certain drugs without
This is why most of the online pharmacy stores in India sell mostly sell over the counter drugs or personal
care products. Many local drugs store or community drugs store does sell many prescription drugs without
proper prescription, but this cannot be followed by the online pharmacy stores, as they have to keep track
of prescriptions for sold drugs. Delivering the drugs to their customers in a proper way is also an important
part of the online pharmacy business. Hence delivering drugs to the customer in good condition is a
problem faced by these online pharmacy companies. Also online drug store is not very helpful when it
comes to buying emergency drugs, as people prefer to buy these from their local dugs store.
There are certain models that can be adapted to operate online drugs stores. By taking cash on delivery for
ordered drugs problem relating to proper delivery can be solved as company can have their own
distribution network. It will also fix the problem of delivering prescription drugs as a copy of prescription
can be handed over to company during delivery. Indian drugs act is almost half a decade old and it has
numerous loop holes but it can be solved using certain tricks and models. Once these few problems are
fixed online pharmacy stores can do good and better business.

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