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									                              Mexican restaurants

From mole to mariscos, tortillas to Pozole, Mexican food is certainly not short on flavour. Real, authentic
dishes from this country are varied, balanced and complex. But many of the best dishes in a Mexican
restaurant are fried, and served with cheese, guacamole and cream, which can make it difficult for those
who are attempting to eat more healthily. However, whilst it’s true that the tempting dishes in a
Mexican restaurant can make eating in a healthy manner somewhat of a challenge, there are in fact,
plenty of delicious options which you can try out when dining out.

You don’t have to miss out on authentic Mexican culinary fare just because you’re trying to eat well.
One of the most popular and tasty dishes served in Mexican restaurants is the chicken fajita, which
provided it is prepared correctly, can actually be a surprisingly healthy dish. Make sure that the chicken
is grilled, rather than fried, and eat it with refreshing tomato salsa and coriander, rather than
guacamole. This dish is typically served with onions and peppers, so make sure to ask for an extra
helping of these nutrient rich vegetables.

Burritos are yet another healthy choice in Mexican restaurants. These are usually a better option than
tacos for the health conscious diner, as the shell is baked rather than fried. In terms of fillings, burritos
are usually served with grilled chicken, beans and vegetables, making them tasty and filling. Skip the
sour cream and ask for a salad, and you’ll have a nourishing, traditional Mexican meal.

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