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									Australian Foods

 By Alec and Kevin
         Australian Foods
• One way to really understand a culture
  is by eating the country’s local
• By eating these foods, you gain
  knowledge about other people’s ideas,
  and how others eat throughout the
Australian Delicacies
• Vegemite is a very
  thick, salty substance,
  that is made from
  leftover yeast extract
  (by-product of beer).
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• Very dark in color,
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  Vegemite is spread on
  bread, crackers, and
  sometimes eaten right
  out of the jar.
• Damper which is
  made by bush
  settlers, is usually
  baked in a pot
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  or in a regular oven.
• This bread is known
  as traditional
  Australian cuisine.
• Lamington is a
  sponge cake cube, with
  shredded coconut
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• A common childhood
  treat, this cake is sold at
  school fairs and bake
  sales around Australia.
                 Chiko Roll
• The Chiko Roll is a
  deep-fried roll with a
  minced meat and
  vegetable filling.                   QuickTime™ and a
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• The roll was a hot             are needed to see this picture.

  snack made to be
  eaten with one
  hand, leaving the
  other for a cold
• An Emu is a large,
  flightless bird, similar to
  the Ostrich.
• Ground Emu is very
  similar to ground beef.
• The meat can be used
  to make burgers,
  steaks, and stew.
• Low in fat and cholesterol,
  kangaroo meat is used for
  kabobs and steaks and
  can be very delicious.
• Kangaroo meat is best
  when it is young and not                QuickTime™ and a
  cooked beyond medium          TIFF (Un compressed) decompressor
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• Kangaroos can be pests
  and are sometimes killed
  for their meat and fur and
  in some cases just for
            Witchetty Grub
• An aborigines
  favorite, witchetty
  grub is a finger-
  sized moth white
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• This delicacy can
  either be eaten live
  and raw, or
Cuisine Terms
•   Adam’s ale- water
•   Amber fluid- beer
•   B&D- brandy and ginger ale
•   Lemonade- 7-Up
•   Moo-juice- milk
•   Plonk- a super cheap wine
•   Tinny- can of beer
•   Bottle shop- liquor store
•   Beetroot- beet
•   Bickie- biscuit
•   Bum-nuts- eggs
•   Caulie- cauliflower
•   Chips- french fries
•   Chook- chicken
•   German sausage- bologna
•   Lobbies- lobsters
                Food Cont.
•   Murphy- potato
•   Pawpaw- papaya
•   Saveloy- hot dog
•   Marge- margarine
•   Lolly/ lollies- candy
•   Ice block/ icy pole- popsicle or an ice
    cream bar

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