Fight Tooth and Nail against with periodontal disease

					     ••••••>Fight Tooth and Nail against with periodontal
When the doctor told her that she was suffering from Periodontal Disease she was disturbed
and fought tooth and nail against it. Fortunately she completely recovered from it and is
happily showing off her teeth while giving a big, broad smile. Well that’s the story of a young
girl of 27. She was suffering from Periodontal Disease.

What’s that?

Periodontists pronounced as – pair-e-o-don-TI-tis literally means ‘around the tooth’,
inflammation around the teeth. It is an infection of the gums that affects the bones that
support the teeth as well. Periodontal disease may cause tooth loss if untreated. Its total
neglect may even cause a heart attack or a stroke or other serious health ailments. Though
Periodontal Disease is a common disease, it can be prevented. It is a result of poor oral
hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing, timely check-ups and clean-ups can help in curing or
in totally preventing it.

If you do not take proper care of your teeth, your teeth will get covered with a sticky, colorless
layer. This layer is called ‘plaque’. Plaque is also called ‘bio film’. It consists of millions of
bacteria. This can be removed through regular brushing. If you do not take care at this stage
then the plaque becomes harder and takes the form of ‘tartar’. This condition requires medical
help; a Periodontal Treatment. Ordinary brushing will not help in removing the attar from the
teeth. If you still do not take Periodontal Treatment then you will allow the bacteria in the
plaque to inflame the gums. This is the mildest form of Periodontal Disease and is known as
Gingivitis. The gums get swollen become red in color and can easily bleed.

Still it is not too late to seek Periodontal Treatment. If Gingivitis is not treated, it will lead to
an advance stage of Periodontists. The gums will start pulling away from the teeth, ‘pockets’
or spaces will be formed, the gum line gets infected, the tissues supporting the teeth get
destroyed and may result in a tooth loss. Other two serious forms of Periodontal Disease are
Aggressive Periodontists and Chronic Periodontists, both require immediate attention and
proper Periodontal Treatment. Every six months a visit to the dentist will preserve the big,
beautiful, broad smile of yours.

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