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									City Council
             City Council Mission
The mission of the City of Scottsdale is to cultivate
citizen trust by fostering and practicing open,
accountable, and responsive government; providing
quality core services; promoting long-term prosperity;
planning and managing growth in harmony with the
city’s unique heritage and desert surroundings;
strengthening the city’s standing as a preeminent
destination for tourism; and promoting livability by
enhancing and protecting neighborhoods. Quality of life
shall be the City’s paramount consideration.

            2008 City Council Orientation
              City Council Goals
• Neighborhoods:
  Enhance and protect a diverse, family-oriented
  community where neighborhoods are safe, protected
  from adverse impacts, well maintained and actively
• Environmental Sustainability & Preservation:
  Preserve Scottsdale’s desert environment and
  natural resources, and honor the city’s heritage and
• Transportation:
  Strengthen the transportation system for the safe,
  efficient and affordable movement of people and
            2008 City Council Orientation
          City Council Goals (cont.)
• Economy:
  Position Scottsdale for short- and long-term
  economic prosperity by strengthening, expanding
  and diversifying our economic resources.
• Public Safety:
  Protect Scottsdale residents and visitors by
  providing quality public safety and homeland
  security services.

            2008 City Council Orientation
           City Council Goals (cont.)
• Fiscal and Resource Management:
  Provide the means to reach other goals by ensuring
  Scottsdale is fiscally responsible and fair in its
  management of taxpayer money and City assets,
  and coordinates land use and infrastructure planning
  within the context of financial demands and available
• Open and Responsive Government:
  Make government accessible, responsive and
  accountable so that decisions reflect community
  input and expectations.

            2008 City Council Orientation
   Scottsdale’s Governing Structure


                              City Council

Charter Officers             City Manager     Boards & Commissions


              2008 City Council Orientation
          Council-Manager System
• The Council-Manager system dates back to 1908.
• Article 3 of the City Charter
• The Council-Manager system combines the political
  leadership of elected officials with the managerial
  experience of an appointed City Manager. City
  Manager is the chief executive of the administrative
  branch of the City government.
• City Council sets policies
• City Manager prepares proposed budget and City
  Council approves the budget and determines the tax
• City Manager implements policies, oversees delivery
  of public services and administers the budget
             2008 City Council Orientation
City Manager’s Office
John C. Little
Acting City Manager
                    Our Mission

• To successfully implement the City Council’s
  Mission and Goals by leading the
  organization’s delivery of effective and
  efficient public services and programs.

• Ensure, at a minimum, that “investors” receive
  a dollar’s worth of service for each dollar

           2008 City Council Orientation
                    Reporting Relationships
                                                            Downtown Group
                                                            Michelle Korf (int.)
                                                            Economic Vitality
                                                           Harold Stewart (int.)
                        Acting City Manager
                           John C. Little                       Fire Chief
                                                             Willie McDonald

                                                               Police Chief
                                                               Alan Rodbell

   Asst. City Manager                Asst. City Manager    Asst. City Manager
     David Ellison                     Roger Klingler        Neal Shearer

Citizen & Neigh. Resources            Municipal Services    Community Services
           CAPA                       Water Resources        Financial Services
     Human Resources                     WestWorld          Information Systems
 Planning & Dev. Services                                  Government Relations

            Scottsdale Cultural Council
            Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

                        2008 City Council Orientation
          Role of the City Manager
• Serves as chief advisor and provides policy
  recommendations to City Council
   – Must be responsive to both individual and
     collective requests of the City Council; balance
     requests and clarify

• Makes democracy operational
• Facilitator; helps people who do not agree
  reach understanding

            2008 City Council Orientation
         The COS Organization

• Operating budget: $398,355,147
• Five-year CIP: $895,186,500
• Full time employees: 2,598

          2008 City Council Orientation
City Attorney
Deborah Robberson
City Attorney
City Auditor
Brent Stockwell
City Auditor (interim)
             City Auditor’s Office

• The City Auditor’s Office provides independent
  research, analysis, consultation, and educational
  services to promote operational efficiency,
  effectiveness, accountability, and integrity in
  response to City needs

             2008 City Council Orientation
             City Auditor’s Office
• FY 2008/09 Adopted Budget: $973,586

• 8 Staff (same staffing level since FY 1997/98)

                       City Auditor

        Audit Associate

       Asst. City Auditor         Asst. City Auditor

         Senior Auditor             Senior Auditor

            Auditor                     Auditor

            2008 City Council Orientation
             City Auditor’s Office

• City Charter authorizes the City Council to appoint
  an auditor that reports directly to the City Council

• The City Auditor is appointed by the City Council,
  serves at the pleasure of the City Council, and
  leads the seven-member professional staff

• The City Auditor's Office has the responsibility of
  conducting audits of City activities and programs

• All audits result in written reports to the Council

             2008 City Council Orientation
            City Auditor’s Office

• The audit process was established to
  independently review, evaluate, and report on
  management and employee accountability of
  taxpayer resources

• All audits are conducted in accordance with
  generally accepted government auditing standards,
  often referred to as "Yellow Book" standards

• The City Auditor's Office has an external peer
  review completed at least once every 3 years. The
  next peer review will be held in Spring 2009

           2008 City Council Orientation
            City Auditor’s Office

• City Code requires an Audit Committee, consisting
  of three members of the City Council, appointed by
  the Mayor with the approval of the City Council

• Currently, Councilman W.J. "Jim" Lane is the chair
  and Councilmen Wayne Ecton and Ron McCullagh
  are committee members

• An annual Audit Plan is presented to the Audit
  Committee for review and recommendation and to
  the City Council for review and approval

• Following approval, audit assignments are selected
  from the adopted plan

           2008 City Council Orientation
        FY 2008/09 Audit Plan
Fire Asset Management                    Aug 2008
Basin Management Funds                   Aug 2008
WestWorld Financial Operations           Sep 2008
Workers’ Compensation                    Oct 2008
Cash Handling Compliance                 Oct 2008
Business Resumption Follow-up            Jan 2009
City Fuel Usage                          Jan 2009
Code Enforcement Follow-up               Jan 2009
Development Permit Fees Collection       Jan 2009
Delinquent Collections                   Feb 2009
Capital Project Change Orders            Mar 2009
Convention & Visitors Bureau Agreement   Mar 2009
Water System Security                    Apr 2009
City Court Minimum Standards             May 2009
Purchase Orders                          May 2009
In Lieu Parking                          Jun 2009
         2008 City Council Orientation
City Clerk
Carolyn Jagger
City Clerk
                   Our Mission

• Exceed customer expectations by providing
  superior, equitable service; facilitating
  timely access to public information; and
  using technology to expand services to
  meet the public’s needs
• Encourage voter participation and
  confidence in the democratic process by
  conducting fair and impartial municipal

          2008 City Council Orientation
                      City Clerk

• 10 Full-time Staff
• 2008/2009 Budget
   – $956,910 (City Clerk)
   – $238,461 (Elections)

           2008 City Council Orientation
                          City Clerk

                                                                                City Clerk
                                                                     Directs day-to-day operations of the                                         Chief Deputy
                                                                              City Clerk’s Office
                                                                                                                                                   City Clerk
                                                                          Oversees preparation of Council
                                                                              agendas and minutes                                        Assists in direction of day-
                                                                                                                                        to-day operations of the City
            City Records                                                    Ensures Open Meeting Law                                            Clerk’s Office
              Manager                                                     compliance by overseeing legal                                   Supervises Front Desk
                                                                         publication and posting of official                                     Operations
          Citywide Records                                              notices, ordinances and resolutions                                Software Programming
         Management Program                                                                                                               Technology Planning and
                                                                          Administers Municipal Elections
            Administration                                                                                                                     Administration
                                                                       Oversees Citywide Records                                            Budget Development
                                                                    Management Program and retention
                                                                      and preservation of official City

                                 Office Coordinator

                         Supervises Council Secretaries
                         Agenda Process Coordination                      Executive Secretary
                           Council Minutes Oversight
                                                                            Budget and
                                                                      City Code Coordinator                      City Clerk Assistant II
                                                                    Tracks, Records, and Files                    (underfill of Office                                    City Clerk Assistant II
                                                                       Official Documents                             Coordinator)
                                                                    Offsite Document Storage                                                                              Customer Service and
                                                                              Liaison                          Receives and transmits official                              Passport Support
                                                                      Customer Service and                     documents and contracts and                                 Document Scanning
                                                                        Passport Support                       ensures their execution by all                               Records Research
                                                                                                                    appropriate parties                                      Legal Postings &
                                                                                                                    Records Research                                            Publishing
                                                                                                                  Customer Service and                                    Vehicle Title Tracking
                                                                                                                     Passport Support
                                                                                                                     Webtime Keeper
           Executive Secretary                    Executive Secretary

           City Council Support
         Boards and Commissions                   City Council Support                                                                           City Clerk Assistant I
                                                 Council Minutes Review
                                                                                                                                                 Customer Service and
                                                                                                                                                   Passport Support
                                                                                                                                                   Legal Postings &
                                                                                                                                                  City Council Meeting

2008 City Council Orientation
                      City Clerk

• City Charter provides the Council with
  authority to appoint a City Clerk to:
   – Give notice of all Council meetings
   – Keep the journal of the Council’s proceedings
   – Authenticate and record in full all ordinances
     and resolutions
   – Perform other duties as required by Charter or

           2008 City Council Orientation
                       City Clerk

• Our Goals:
   – Preserve and maintain legislative documents in
     accordance with applicable laws.
   – Comply with requirements of the Open Meeting
     Law for posting of all public meetings at least 24
     hours in advance of the meeting.
   – Make public records available to meet
     expectations and in accordance with legal
   – Encourage participation in the democratic
     process by preserving the integrity of election
     procedures, which fosters voter confidence.

            2008 City Council Orientation
                           City Clerk

•   Primary Functions:
     – Prepare, Distribute, and Post Council Meeting Agendas
     – Ensure Legal Compliance of Official Postings and Public
       Notices (1,191 documents in 2007; 1,128 through 11/08)
     – Oversee City of Scottsdale Municipal Elections
     – Process Candidate, Referendum, Initiative and Recall
     – Produce Council Meeting Minutes (78 sets in 2007; 87
       sets in 2008)
     – Oversee the Citywide Records Management Program
     – Preserve and Maintain Legislative Documents in
       Accordance with Applicable Laws
     – Provide Timely Access to Records Under the Control of
       the Clerk’s Office
     – Accept Legal Filings on Behalf of the City
     – Provide Passport Services (3,570 in 2007; 2,582 through
       12/04/08; $75,000 average annual revenue)
     – Oversee Clerical Support to the City Council

                2008 City Council Orientation
             FY 2008/09 Priorities
• 2008 Municipal Elections
• Records Management Program Enhancements
   –   Historic Document Preservation
   –   Disaster Recovery Plan
   –   Records Management Manual Update
   –   Conduct onsite inspections to ensure consistency
       throughout the organization
• Phase II Public Web Access to Official Records
   – Added newly-adopted ordinances page
   – Added historic City Charter documents
   – Candidate Packet made available online
   – Added historic Candidate and Election pamphlets (1982
     to present)
   – Began work on Scottsdale Historic Information Webpage
• Procedures and Processes Documentation

            2008 City Council Orientation
                    Online Resources

•   Agendas:
•   Official records:
•   City Charter:
•   City Code:
•   New ordinances:
•   Boards and Commissions:
•   Election information:
•   Campaign finance:
•   Video recordings of Council meetings:

Carolyn Jagger, City Clerk, 480-312-2411,

                 2008 City Council Orientation
City Court
B. Monte Morgan
Presiding Judge
                    Our Mission

The Scottsdale City Court is dedicated to
serving the community by providing a dignified
and professional forum for the efficient
resolution of cases within its jurisdiction. All
persons shall be treated equally and fairly to
promote public trust and confidence.

            2008 City Council Orientation
                       City Court
•   7 courtrooms and 1 in custody courtroom
•   Total staff: 66.38 (FY 08-09)
•   Annual budget: $ 6.2 Million (FY08-09)
•   Revenue (FY07-08):
     – $24.3 million – total collected - gross
       revenues - fines, sanctions
     – $14 million – City General Fund Revenue

            2008 City Council Orientation
                        City Court
• Judicial Officers
   – Presiding Judge, 4 Associate Judges, 2 Hearing
   – Pro Tem Judges

• Court Administrative & Staff ‘Operational Teams’
   – Public Service Team
   – Case Processing Team
   – Criminal Courtroom Services Division
   – Technology Team
   – Specialized Functions – Financial, Security,

             2008 City Council Orientation
                       City Court
• Workload Indicators (FY 07-08)
  – 222,200 civil and criminal charges filed
   – 139,000 photo enforcement charges filed
   – 142,400 customers to court in person
   – 199,500 telephone customers
   – 50% of calls routed by IVR system
• Third largest city court by case totals

            2008 City Council Orientation
                     City Court
• Operational Accomplishments
   – Completed operation of the Loop 101
     photo enforcement program (28 months)
   – Web and IVR systems for customer
     access – over 50% of users
   – AZTEC WIZARD™ case management
     system enhancement and sharing with 4
     other city courts
   – Continued technology use – process
     automation, quality assurance reports

          2008 City Council Orientation
• Space needs analysis and expansion
• Workload measures and analysis
• Staffing analysis and projections
• Customer service access enhancements
• Technology enhancements and

         2008 City Council Orientation
Citizen & Neighborhood
Raun Keagy
General Manager
                    Our Mission

“Enhancing Neighborhoods & Serving the
Citizen and Neighborhood Resources helps to
maintain and enhance the quality of life for
Scottsdale residents by facilitating neighborhood
preservation, revitalization and problem solving.

           2008 City Council Orientation
    Citizen & Neighborhood Resources
•   Seeking compliance in property and zoning
•   Conducting analysis of neighborhood issues and
    negotiating resolutions to concerns.
•   Coordinating neighborhood canvassing events to
    reach citizens where they live.
•   Providing neighborhood mediation and meeting
•   Conducting home and business safety and crime
    prevention programs
•   Serving residents with information about City
    programs and services

             2008 City Council Orientation
  Citizen & Neighborhood Resources
• Representing neighborhoods when working
  with other city departments by:
   • Linking neighborhoods with City departments
   • Providing information for problem prevention and
   • Presenting the neighborhood perspective in City

• Annual Budget for CNR: $3,774,908

            2008 City Council Orientation
   Citizen & Neighborhood Resources
                        Raun Keagy
                       General Manager

      Kit Weiss                                  Malcolm Hankins
Neighborhood Services                           Code Enforcement
•City Call Center                    • Property Maintenance Code
•Citizen Liaisons
                                     • Zoning Code Enforcement
•Neighborhood Advocacy
                                     • Solid Waste Code Enforcement
•Education & Outreach
                                     • Sign Ordinance Enforcement
•Neighborhood Safety
                                     • Parking Code Enforcement
•Neighborhood Resource
Centers                              • Housing Quality & Development
•Neighborhood Partnerships           • Neighborhood

                2008 City Council Orientation
  Citizen & Neighborhood Resources
Key Services and Programs
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Neighborhood College
  • Adopt-a-Road & “Treasures & Trash”
  • Neighborhood Enhancement Program
  • Neighborhood Speed Awareness Program
  • G.A.I.N. (Getting Arizona Involved in
  • Neighborhood & Individual Safety Program

          2008 City Council Orientation
  Citizen & Neighborhood Resources
Key Services and Programs
  •   Residential Revitalization
  •   Code and Zoning Enforcement
  •   Clean and Lien
  •   Neighborhood Contact Tracking System
  •   Community Mediation
  •   Civic Engagement & Outreach
  •   City Call Center - 480-312-3111 (providing
      responses to callers regarding any service and
      the non-emergency Police call response center)

            2008 City Council Orientation
• Neighborhood revitalization projects south of
  Indian Bend Road
• Neighborhood issue resolution & facilitation
• Systematic proactive code enforcement
• Education & outreach to landlords and
• Aggressive outreach programming taking
  City government to neighborhoods
• Liaison to city departments and other

           2008 City Council Orientation
Communications and
Public Affairs (CAPA)
Pat Dodds
Public Affairs Officer
                   Our Mission

• Provide timely, accurate and credible
  information to citizens and employees
• Inform citizens why, how and when they can
  get involved
• Make City government as accessible as
  possible – through cable TV, the Internet,
  other media

           2008 City Council Orientation
• CAPA focus areas:
   – Direct public communications – Web, CityCable,
     publications, advertising
   – Media relations
   – Employee communications
   – Special events and programs
   – Public records

• Total staff:
   – 12 full time (2 vacancies)
   – 2 part-time (job share)
• Annual budget: $1.7 million
            2008 City Council Orientation
• Publish weekly citizen newsletters via e-mail; monthly
  utility insert (reaches 80,000 homes)
• Publish weekly employee newsletter via e-mail
• Broadcast meetings (about 15 monthly)
• Coordinate Web site in cooperation with Information
  Systems (20,000 subscribers to e-newsletters)
• Handle media questions (200 news stories/month)
• Coordinate more complex records requests in
  cooperation with City Attorney’s Office
• Assist with emergency communications

             2008 City Council Orientation

• Public information and public outreach
  support for priority programs and projects,
  e.g., downtown and neighborhood
  revitalization, transportation projects,
  economic vitality, preservation
• Coordinating internal communications –
  improving Intranet, CityLine
• Emergency communications

           2008 City Council Orientation
Community Services
Debra Baird
General Manager
                     Our Mission

To create and provide a sense of place by designing
facilities and programs with significant public
dialogue, by offering programs that meet the expressed
needs of our residents, and to create and maintain a
community that brings people together.

             2008 City Council Orientation
Community Services

        Debra Baird
      General Manager

            Rita Hamilton
           Library Services

            Paul Ludwick
           Human Services

              Bill Murphy
          Parks & Recreation

             Linda Butson
        Facilities Management

2008 City Council Orientation
            Community Services
• CS Department Budget
   – $61,162,039
   – 395 FT, 483 PT FTE’s
   – Administration - 5 full-time staff
      • Provide guidance and support to all divisions
        and ensures attainment of Council goals
• Library System
   – $11,277,247 budget
   – 94 FT, 71 PT staff
   – Provide a supportive environment for the
     community to discover opportunities, explore
     ideas, interact with others and become lifelong

            2008 City Council Orientation
            Community Services
• Parks and Recreation
   – $23,681,846 budget
   – 170 FT, 370 PT staff
   – The Parks and Recreation Division provides
     exceptional recreation experiences to enrich the
     quality of life for our Community and provide clean
     and attractive parks and city facilities
• Human Services
   – $6,260,477
   – 64 FT, 42 PT staff
   – To respond creatively and effectively to human
     service needs to enhance the quality of life of
     Scottsdale residents.
            2008 City Council Orientation
             Community Services
• Facilities Management
   – $16,784,708 budget
   – 62 FT staff
   – Our mission is to have our customers enjoy and
     conduct city business in City facilities that are
     safe, clean and operating at maximum levels
     through proactive maintenance strategies.

             2008 City Council Orientation
               Library Systems
• Rita Hamilton, Director
   – Main library and three branches, one branch is a
     joint City/school library
   – 161,159 registered borrowers
   – 2,999,895 annual circulation
   – 1,432,652 annual attendance
   – 420,552 computer users in the Library
   – 80,548 children attend library programs
   – 650,000+ items in collection
   – 37,570 volunteer hours provided

           2008 City Council Orientation
                Human Services
• Paul Ludwick, Director
   – Two senior centers, two neighborhood centers,
     youth and family services program, Federal
     programs (CDBG/Sect-8)
   – 44 agencies receive space in City facilities
   – 66,889 volunteer hours worked
   – 2,281 unduplicated emergency services clients
   – 912,418 customer contacts at senior centers
   – 318 teens received employment assistance
   – 638 families involved in Juvenile Diversion
   – 735 Section-8 housing vouchers

            2008 City Council Orientation
            Parks & Recreation
• Bill Murphy, Director
   – 945 acres of parks; 8 lakes
   – 4 aquatic centers
   – 4 community centers; 43 total parks
   – 2 tennis centers; skate park facility
   – 1 sports complex
   – 2 neighborhood equestrian facilities
   – 3 off leash areas
   – Pinnacle Peak - hiking trails
   – 4,787,281 citizen contacts
      • Sports,aquatics,classes,events,fitness,after
   – 32,879 volunteer hours

           2008 City Council Orientation
          Parks & Recreation
– Over 15 million square feet of medians & right of
– Scottsdale Stadium and Scottsdale Civic Center
  Mall mainenance
– Enhanced downtown maintenance
– Seasonal Youth Sports Field Maintenance
   • 10 Scottsdale school sites outlined in IGA
– Urban Forestry (Tree City USA)
   • 26 Years – Tree City USA Award
   • 16 Years – Growth Award

         2008 City Council Orientation
          Facilities Management
• Linda Butson, Director
   – Manage 2.5 million square feet of buildings
   – Manage 240 facilities
   – Provide the following technical skills for
     maintenance and upgrade of building inventory
      • Contract Administration (repair, maintenance
        & service contracts)
      • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)
      • Electrical
      • Plumbing
      • Building Trades (carpentry, drywall, painting)
      • Construction Trades (welding, concrete work)
           2008 City Council Orientation
•   Appaloosa Library
•   Mustang Library Remodel
•   Granite Reef Senior Center
•   Vista del Camino Remodel/Expansion
•   Facility Inventory Management
•   Grayhawk Community Park Phase I
•   Camelback Park
•   Troon North Community Park Phase I
•   Yavapai Ballfields
•   Giants Spring Training Facility
•   Scottsdale Sports Complex
•   McDowell Mountain Ranch Park & Aquatic Center
•   Enhanced Downtown Maintenance
•   Eldorado Park Lake and Ballfield Renovation
•   Youth Sports School Field Maintenance
             2008 City Council Orientation
Downtown Group
Michelle Korf (interim)
Executive Director
                     Our Mission
• The Downtown Group works with merchants,
  property owners, business associations and
  the arts community to create a Downtown
  experience that is unique to destination

• Five full-time staff

            2008 City Council Orientation
            Downtown Group
• Business Concierge Services: Serves
  as one-stop shop for current and
  prospective merchants, property
  owners and investors

• Cultural Liaison: Liaison to the
  Scottsdale Cultural Council, Public Art
  Program, Scottsdale galleries and arts
  non-profit organizations

         2008 City Council Orientation
               Downtown Group
• Visitor Resource and Downtown Marketing
   – marketing, promotion, special events, stakeholder
     coordination, Web-site development

• Coordinate Downtown Revitalization Efforts
   – parking, maintenance, landscaping,
     transportation, development, public safety and
     special events

• Manage the Scottsdale Cultural Council
  contract and public arts program

            2008 City Council Orientation
• Develop and implement a plan for managing
  the full range of impacts of a growing
  residential Downtown neighborhood
• Support/coordinate special events and
  services that drive pedestrian traffic into
• Provide consultation services to investors,
  business owners and developers interested
  in Downtown revitalization
• Manage the Scottsdale Cultural Council
  Contract and Public Arts Program

          2008 City Council Orientation
               Priorities (cont.)

• Manage Downtown marketing and
  Web site development

• Responsible for coordinating the
  timing of capital projects and
  communicating impacts to area
  merchants and property owners

        2008 City Council Orientation
Economic Vitality
Harold Stewart (interim)
General Manager
         Our Mission

• To position Scottsdale for
  sustainable, long-term economic
  vitality in order to enhance the
  quality of life of residents.
• This mission will be accomplished
  through a comprehensive set of
  related programs including
  economic development, tourism
  development, revitalization, and
  business services for existing

2008 City Council Orientation
              Economic Vitality

• The Economic Vitality Department is
  composed of 4 divisions plus administration
• The department has 11 full-time positions,
  nine currently filled
• FY08/09 Adopted Budget: $9,367,509
   (note: approx. 84% of this amount is the
     tourism development program, including
     the contract with the CVB for tourism
     promotion, remaining $1.5m all other

           2008 City Council Orientation
                 Economic Vitality

• Economic Development Division: focuses on
  targeted job creation & revenue enhancement
• Tourism Development Division: supports the tourism
  industry through marketing, events, attractions &
• Revitalization Division: supports the revitalization of
  the mature/original areas of the community
• Business Services: supports the retention/expansion
  of existing businesses, with emphasis on small

              2008 City Council Orientation
              Economic Vitality

• Economic Development:
   – Targeted job creation – corporate HQ/advanced
     business services/biomedical/high
     tech/R&D/sustainable technologies
   – Revenue enhancement – focus on attracting new
     regional retail, expanding the tourism base
   – Last year: 5 targeted companies, employing
     1,300 persons, average salary of $72,000+

           2008 City Council Orientation
              Economic Vitality
• Tourism Development:
   – Support the industry through a comprehensive
     program of marketing, planning for development
     of new facilities, events, attractions, research
   – Since about 2002, bed tax receipts have risen
     approximately 40%
   – Tourism is one of our largest industries, with an
     estimated annual economic impact of $3.7 billion
     and direct revenues to the City of nearly $36.7

           2008 City Council Orientation
    Economic Vitality
• Revitalization:
     – Facilitate the revitalization of the
       mature areas of the community;
       current projects include:
        • Waterfront/Canal Bank
        • Rose Garden retail/Hotel project
        • Downtown residential projects
        • McDowell Rd. Revitalization
        • ASU SkySong/Los Arcos

 2008 City Council Orientation
              Economic Vitality
• Business Services:
   – Understand key issues facing businesses, with a
     focus on finding ways to mitigate those issues
     and to create a strong business climate
   – Strong emphasis on small businesses, especially
     in Downtown and south Scottsdale
   – Includes business visitation program,
     entrepreneurial development assistance, façade
     program, fee reduction program, etc.

           2008 City Council Orientation
• Focus job creation efforts on high-value employees in
  key industry sectors (esp. biomedical and
  technology) – partnerships w/ ASU and Mayo Clinic
• Downtown initiatives: insure success of key
  revitalization projects
• Southern Scottsdale revitalization – focus on the
  McDowell corridor
• Scottsdale/101 area commercial development
• Tourism development program planning, funding,
  and priorities

             2008 City Council Orientation
Financial Services
Craig Clifford
Chief Financial Officer
                 Our Mission
Financial Services commits to
  ensure that Scottsdale is fiscally
  responsible and fair in
  management and safeguarding
  of City assets. We develop and
  maintain processes, systems,
  policies, and internal controls
  that ensure legal compliance
  and fiscal stability. We embrace
  innovative approaches to deliver
  quality service to our internal
  and external customers.
        2008 City Council Orientation
            Financial Services

                    Craig Clifford, CPA
                   Chief Financial Officer

    Richard Chess                         Arthur Rullo, CPA
  Accounting Director                      Budget Director
        x7009                                   x2435

       Bill Yazel                      Debora Johnson
  Purchasing Director             Revenue & Licensing Director
        x5705                               x5925

     Pauline Hecker                       John Ralston
Risk Management Director           Enterprise Finance Director
         x7841                                x5466

          2008 City Council Orientation
                   Financial Services
• Administration
  Coordinates the department's operations; manages
  the City's cash & investments; short-term and long-
  term debt; and facilitates financial planning efforts.
    – 5 staff        $703,644 budget

• Accounting
  Maintains City’s financial systems and fiscal controls;
  manages employee payroll and accounts payable
  functions; and coordinates the annual audit and
  preparation of City’s Comprehensive Financial
    – 37 staff       $3,854,161 budget

                 2008 City Council Orientation
                  Financial Services
• Budget
  Regularly monitors and reports economic and
  financial trend forecasts; coordinates preparation of
  the City’s Operating and Capital Improvement
  Budgets and Five-year Financial Plan.
    – 7 staff       $863,022 budget

• Risk Management
  Coordinates the City’s safety and risk management
  efforts, including procurement of insurance and
  settlement of property & liability claims.
    – 8 staff       $6,748,281 budget

                2008 City Council Orientation
                   Financial Services
• Purchasing
  Facilitates the purchase of all materials, services,
  and construction contracts required by the City. Also
  responsible for City graphics and mail services.
    – 30 staff       $2,733,186 budget

• Revenue & Licensing
  Reads meters, bills and collects the City’s water,
  sewer, and solid waste fees; administers and collects
  sales and bed taxes; administers a variety of license
  fees, e.g., alarm user permits, liquor license fees;
  responds to customer requests for utility services;
  and provides for the collection of all delinquent
  money owed to the City.
    – 66 staff       $5,683,974 budget

                 2008 City Council Orientation
• Budget balancing
• Long-term Financial Planning

          2008 City Council Orientation
Fire Department
William “Willie” McDonald
                 Fire Department
• Fire Protection
   – Fire prevention
   – Response to reported emergencies
   – Public education
• Emergency Medical Services
• Special Operations
   – Hazardous materials, technical rescue, airport,
     bike unit
• Disaster (Emergency) Preparedness
• Community Outreach

            2008 City Council Orientation
                  Fire Department
• Approved by City Council on Sept. 7, 2004
• Operational July 1, 2005
• Full service Fire, EMS and emergency
   – 273 full-time employees
   – Daily staffing levels
       • 66 Firefighters on-duty per day
• 14 Fire stations, 13 engines, 3 ladders
   – Eldorado Park (FS 1), Cactus Acres (FS 8)
• Advanced Life Support
• Total Budget for FY 2008/09: $33.2 million

             2008 City Council Orientation
                 Fire Department
Emergency Services                  Support Services
• Emergency Operations              • Administrative Services
    – Garret Olson:                     – Teresa Martin:
       x.21891                             x.21866
• Training and Emergency            • Resource Management
  Medical Services                      – Rich Upham:
    – Brian Sturdivant:                    x.21810
       x.21808                      • Fire and Life Safety
• Emergency Management                  – Jim Ford: x.21804
    – Lorenzo Jones:

            2008 City Council Orientation
                 Fire Department
                 Activity Report FY07/08
                  July 1, 2007 Through June 30, 2008


                             1.0%             Structure Fire Resp. 250
                                              Medical            16,888

                                              Hazardous Materials 210

                                              Misc. Resp.         6,935

                                              Technical Rescue        9


       Total Requests for Service 24,292
           2008 City Council Orientation
                            Fire Department
                 Annual Total Fire Loss Comparison
$12,000,000                                              $9,327,908
                                            $8,553,360          $9,233,669
$10,000,000                      $7,492,576        $8,717,476

                   $6,060,420            $6,883,747


                 '03/04         '04/05       '05/06      '06/07    '07/08

          Scottsdale                                  National Average

         These are gross figures, not adjusted for inflation

                     2008 City Council Orientation
• Strategic Plan implementation
    – Standards of coverage analysis
       • Inventory of occupancies and hazards
       • Resource deployment strategy
•   Construction, relocation of Fire Stations
•   Achieve staffing goals
•   Reduce response times
•   Increase resuscitation rate
•   Improve employee involvement

            2008 City Council Orientation
Bridget Schwartz-Manock
Government Relations Director
                  Our Mission

Promote positive and cooperative
relationships and communication with all
levels of government. To seek
intergovernmental opportunities and
resources to advance Scottsdale’s objectives.
To anticipate and influence external public
policy decisions that may impact Scottsdale.

         2008 City Council Orientation
               Government Relations
• Total staff: 3 full-time equivalents

                              Government Relations

                                  Brad Lundahl
     Chaney & Assoc.                                  Linda Pellegrini
                               Government Relations
         Contract                                     Admin. Secretary

• Annual Budget for FY 2008/09: $747,792

                    2008 City Council Orientation
          Government Relations

• Federal Legislative Program/Congressional
  Lobbying/Federal Agencies
• State Legislative Program/Legislative
  Lobbying/State Agencies
• Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG)
  and other regional organizations
• Liaison to other governments and

           2008 City Council Orientation
State Priorities
   – Support the maintenance of shared revenues
     from sales and income taxes and oppose any
     reduction in state-shared revenues, either
     directly or indirectly.
   – Seek legislation that will cap the number of
     signatures required to run for City Council.
   – Support legislation that makes positive changes
     to State land policies, allowing cities the ability to
     preserve land for open space.
Federal Priorities
   – Federal funding assistance for transportation
     projects throughout Scottsdale
   – Support full funding for public safety programs,
     such as Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI).

            2008 City Council Orientation
Human Resources
La Verne Parker-Diggs
General Manager
                  Our Mission

• Hire, develop and retain a competent,
  committed and diverse workforce to
  provide high quality and cost-effective
  services to the Scottsdale community

• Cultivate an environment within the
  organization and community where
  differences are valued and respected

         2008 City Council Orientation
                  Organizational Chart
                           La Verne Parker Diggs
                             General Manager

       Valerie Wegner                                Velicia McMillan
Office Coordination Manager                    Assistant General Manager

      (Vacant) Director
     Staffing Services &                 (Vacant) Manager     (Vacant) Manager
     Employee Relations                     Diversity &          Training &
                                             Dialogue           Development
    Bernadette La Mazza                                          Programs
     Staffing Services
                                            Ken Nemec
     Employee Relations                       Manager
                                          Employee Benefits

     Technology Support Services

     Classification & Compensation

• 36 FT and 1 PT staff - $4.3 million annual
  operating budget
                 2008 City Council Orientation
              Human Resources
Recruit, develop and retain the best possible personnel
            for the City of Scottsdale through:
• Standardized HR Processes
• Recognition & Effective Utilization of Resources
• Development of Innovative Solutions to City & Valley
• Successfully Leveraging Technology to Work More
• Consistent, Innovative & Responsive Employee
  Retention & Recognition Programs
• Intentional Process for Workforce & Educational
• Provision of Sustained, Credible & Comprehensive
  Customer Service at all Levels
• Demonstrated HR Leadership through Partnerships

            2008 City Council Orientation
Information Systems
Brad Hartig
Chief Information Officer
                      Our Mission

Scottsdale Information Systems provides
reliable, secure and flexible technologies,
supported by excellent customer service and
leadership in technical innovation

             City City Council Orientation
        2008 2008 Council Candidate Orientation
               Information Systems
• Technology Infrastructure Support
   – Maintenance and support of telephone, computer and
     network infrastructure
   – Overall security of the environment
• Application Development
   – Software engineering for business solutions

• Project Office
   – Project management methodology and resources to support
     procurement and implementation of technology solutions
• Geographic Data Services
   – Development & maintenance of digital maps & aerial photos
   – Leverage visualization tools for planning analysis

               City City Council Orientation
          2008 2008 Council Candidate Orientation
              Information Systems

• Departmental Support
   – Maintenance and support of departmental applications
   – Technology training & consulting for City staff

• Shared Departmental Technology Management
   – Management and coordination of Police and Financial

• Total staff = 86.81 FTE
   – 86 - Full time employees
   – 1 - Part time employee

• Annual budget $10,602,652

              City City Council Orientation
         2008 2008 Council Candidate Orientation
                  Information Systems
•   Provide leadership and vision for the City’s long-term strategic
    technology direction

•   Implement and maintain scalable, flexible, reliable and secure
    technology infrastructure

•   Provide technology support for 2800+ personnel across two main
    campuses and 70 remote locations

•   Develop and implement software solutions that improve the use of City
    resources and provide increased customer service

•   Provide technology tools and education to leverage the organization’s
    capacity to serve Scottsdale citizens

•   Provide project management methodology and resources for the
    procurement and implementation of technology solutions

•   Support a nationally recognized, award winning Geographic
    Information System

                  City City Council Orientation
             2008 2008 Council Candidate Orientation
•       Improve Public Safety Radio Communications
    –          Implement new radio infrastructure to service Police, Fire, and
               other municipal departments
    –          Improve coverage, reliability and interoperability between City
               departments and other valley agencies

•       Streamline Business Processes and Management of
    –          Focus new development on areas that increase efficiencies that
               directly reduce operational costs
           •       Prosecutor's Case Management System, eSubpoena, Police
                   Patrol log, expand use of Digital Plan submittals, Drainage
                   Inspection Management
    –          Improve management and workflow of documents used
               throughout the City
           •       Enterprise Document Management
           •       14 departments manages over 6.2 million documents
           •       2 departments planned to be added in FY 08/09
           •       Upgrade to new release of software

                     City City Council Orientation
                2008 2008 Council Candidate Orientation
•       Enhance the City’s use of web services
    –          Implement Online Solicitations
    –          Rewrite eServices to improve security and usability
    –          Enhance the look and readability of City newsletters

•       Upgrade the City’s Telephone Technology
    –          Transition from older proprietary technology to new nonproprietary
    –          Incremental approach eliminates needs for complete system

•       Enhance City’s Business Continuity, Security and Data Center
    –          Alternate Computing Site
           •        Full replication and redundancy for the City’s e-mail environment
           •        Perform analysis and prioritization of the City’s critical applications
           •        Data backups for all servers in the City’s main data center
    –          Data Encryption of Backup Tapes
           •        Prevents unauthorized viewing of tapes stored off-site
    –          Implement Virtual Server Technology
           •        Provides improved utilization of server resources
           •        Reduces power, space and air conditioning requirements

                      City City Council Orientation
                 2008 2008 Council Candidate Orientation
Municipal Services
Dan Worth
General Manager
                  Our Mission

“Your Scottsdale is our Scottsdale, we
build it and maintain like it’s our own.”

Provide traditional public works
maintenance and management
services for the community.

         2008 City Council Orientation
     Municipal Services Department


                                               • $54.7 million
Capital Projects          Storm Water            operating
 Management               Management             budget
                                               • 272 full-time
   Street                   Traffic              staff
  Operations               Operations

    Fleet                 Solid Waste
 Management               Management

               2008 City Council Orientation
Capital Project Management Division
• Manage over 100 CIP projects
  • Supports other departments in CIP
    development process
  • Administers design and construction
  • Submits public bids for Council award
  • Manages City “Green Building” policy
    for City buildings
• Manage Real Property
  • Asset management- 90 leases
  • Right-of-way and real estate

        2008 City Council Orientation
 Capital Project Management Division
          Major Ongoing Projects
Buildings and Parks
  Police Operations Support & District 1    $42M
  Fire Stations 1 and 8                     $15M
  Appaloosa Library                         $11M
  Grayhawk Park                              $9M

Water and Wastewater
  CAP Water Treatment Plant Expansion       $96M
  Advanced Wastewater Treatment             $53M
  Scottsdale Rd – FLW to Thompson Peak      $42M
  Cactus Rd – Pima Freeway to FLW           $23M
  Indian Bend Rd – Scottsdale to Hayden     $20M

            2008 City Council Orientation
Stormwater Management Division
• Develops Stormwater capital
  improvement plan
• Performs new development drainage
• Performs regulatory floodplain
  management functions
• Ensures compliance with federal and
  state water quality mandates
• Addresses drainage complaints
• Provides technical assistance to other
  City departments

        2008 City Council Orientation
      Street Operations Division
• Asphalt maintenance
   • Asphalt and concrete repair
   • Preventive maintenance- overlays to reduce
     traffic noise and extend pavement life
• Street Sweeping
   • Neighborhood quality of life
   • EPA dust and water quality compliance
• Shoulders, Drainage and Unpaved Roads
   • EPA compliance
   • Preventive maintenance
   • Storm repair and response

          2008 City Council Orientation
              Traffic Operations
• Maintains the City’s Traffic Control
   •   285 Traffic Signals
   •   94,590 Signs/posts
   •   1,480 Lane Miles of Striping
   •   Modify/construct 12 Traffic Signals
• Maintains 5,840 Street Lights
• Manages Roadway Emergency
  Response Program

           2008 City Council Orientation
      Fleet Management Division
• Vehicle procurement and disposal
• Manage maintenance and repair for
  over 1,270 units
  •   Scheduled preventative maintenance
  •   Unscheduled repairs
  •   Emergency road-call service
  •   Equipment rebuilds to extend life
• Procure and provide fuel- over
  1,200,000 gallons annually
  • Three fueling facilities
  • Public CNG facility
  • Alternative fuel program

           2008 City Council Orientation
   Solid Waste Management Division
• Provides residential collection services to all
  single family homes- over 78,000 customers
   • Twice a week refuse and recyclable collection
   • Once a month brush and bulk item collection
• Makes commercial service available to
  multi-family and business customers
   • Commercial recycling available
   • Cost competitive with private providers
• Operates Solid Waste Transfer Station
• Special events: Household hazardous
  waste, electronics recycling
• Special services: Appliances, move-in
  boxes, dead animals

            2008 City Council Orientation
Planning and Development
Connie Padian (interim)
General Manager
                      Our Mission
Work with citizens to build and preserve
Scottsdale as a great community.

                    Community Vision

      Assure                                 Manage Development
   Construction                                   Review
                      Development Phase

             2008 City Council Orientation
  Planning & Development Services
• Annual budget - $17 million
   – (Adopted 2008/09)
• User fee revenue = $8.5 million (est.)
   – (projected for 2008/09)

• Total staff
   – 167 Full-time positions
   – 14 contract positions

           2008 City Council Orientation
     Planning & Development Services
                 One Stop Shop – initial intake of development
                 proposals, and issuance of permits, & maintenance of
                 development records
                 Administration - coordination of departmental budget,
                 technology and internal/external communications

                  Long-Range Planning/Planning & Design – assists
                  with development and the integration of the community
                  vision into programs and tools.
                  Current Planning – assures community vision is
                  considered for all proposals to City Council, Planning
                  Commission and Development Review Board.

Development Plan Review – review construction plans to
Services    ensure compliance with city rules & regulations
                 Inspection & Land Survey – inspect all development
                 projects to ensure achievement of quality built

                2008 City Council Orientation
Planning & Development Services
      Environmental – assists the organization on
      compliance with federal, state and county
      environmental regulations.
      Energy Management – assists with strategic planning
      for sustainability and energy efficiency.
      Green Building Program – assists with design and
      building techniques to minimize environmental impact
      and reduce the energy consumption of buildings while
      contributing to the health of its occupants.

       Preservation – assists with the preservation effort to
       achieve the community’s vision for creating a 36,400
       acre McDowell Sonoran Preserve.
       Historic Preservation – assists with historic
       preservation plan for neighborhoods designated as
       historic areas.

     2008 City Council Orientation
   Planning & Development Services
• Update and Integrate Community Vision
   – Update General Plan; support strategic planning,
     neighborhood and revitalization process
• Manage Development Process (annually)
   – Schedule 500+ pre-applications; schedule initial meeting
     within 1 week
   – Coordinate case review through public hearings:
       • City Council: 205
       • Planning Commission: 100
       • Development Review Board: 170
       • Board of Adjustment: 15
   – Community awareness of projects through mail-out
     notices, Web site access to agendas and case proposals
     and response to questions within 24 hours
   – Downtown Assistance – 100 properties utilized fee
     reduction program to finance renovation projects

             2008 City Council Orientation
   Planning & Development Services
• Assure Construction compliance (annually)
   – Provide service to 25,000 walk-in customers
   – Respond to 75,000 phone calls/requests for info.
   – Review 6 ,000 plans, first review within 30 calendar days
   – Provide 350 over-the-counter plan review for home
     improvement projects
   – Issue 7,500 building and encroachment permits
   – Conduct 130,000 inspections
• Preserve community’s natural and historical
   – Steward for 13,000 acres of city owned Preserve and
     19,000 acres of State Trust Land
   – Coordinate 18 Historic Preservation Plans
• Consolidation of Environmental Programs
   – Foster environmental organizational culture
   – Facilitate innovative initiatives

             2008 City Council Orientation
•   General Plan Update 2011
     • Downtown Plan Update
     • Southern Community Area Plan
     • Airpark Community Area Plan
•   Economic Revitalization Support
     • Zoning Ordinance Amendments
          • Planning Unit Development District (PUD)
          • R1-7 Single Family
     • Fee Reduction Programs
•   Major Projects
     • SkySong, Scottsdale Quarter, Palmeraie, Waterview
•   Continuous service improvements
     – Reduced wait time for One Stop Shop customers
     – Digital plan review and on-line services
     – Easy to use/access Home Improvement Resources

                 2008 City Council Orientation
• McDowell Sonoran Preserve
   • Trails, Gateways
   • State Land Acquisition
• Historic Preservation
   • Neighborhoods
   • Exterior Improvement Matching Grant Program
• Office of Environmental Initiatives
   – Resource Conservation
   – Green Building Program

              2008 City Council Orientation
Police Department
Alan G. Rodbell
                     Our Mission

The Scottsdale Police Department, in
partnership with the citizens of Scottsdale,
recognizes the changing needs of our
community and law enforcement’s role in
addressing those needs. Furthermore, we
pledge excellence, initiative and integrity to
enhance the quality of life throughout the City
knowing those we serve deserve no less.

            2008 City Council Orientation
              Police Department
The Scottsdale Police Department is a
professional organization with exemplary
leadership and employees. We are known as a
community that is safe and secure and have
reduced the fear of crime for all of our citizens
and visitors. We have collaborative working
partnerships with the community and City
government. Our resources, including finances,
technology and staffing levels, are aligned with
our five-year strategic directions.

            2008 City Council Orientation
       Police Department
          Strategic Directions & Objectives

1.0 Reduce Crime
1.1 Enhance Patrol Capabilities

1.2 Enhance Crime Prevention Initiatives

1.3 Increase Investigative Capabilities

1.4 Strengthen Administrative Bureau Service Levels

2.0 Provide Exemplary Training Solutions
2.1 Enhance Training Initiatives
2.2 Strengthen Scheduling & Deployment

3.0 Enhance Recruitment & Retention

3.1 Strengthen Hiring Initiatives

3.2 Develop Employees

4.0 Innovate for the Future

4.1 Strengthen Facilities Planning
4.2 Advance Technology Solutions
4.3 Develop the Organization

5.0 Strengthen Communications

5.1 Strengthen Internal & External Communications

    2008 City Council Orientation
                                              Police Department
                                                                             Chief of Police

Administrative Services Bureau       Personnel Development/             Uniformed Services Bureau        Office of the Chief          Legal Advisor
            Director               Investigative Services Bureau              Assistant Chief            Staff Commander
                                           Assistant Chief

           Forensic Services               Investigative Services               Special Operations             Internal Affairs
               Division                           Division                           Division                        Unit

         Operational Support                                                                                    Budget Office
              Division                        Crimes Against Persons               Patrol Enforcement
                                                     Section                             Section
       Planning, Research, and                                                                           Community Relations Unit
        Accreditation Division               Crimes Against Property               Traffic Enforcement      and Volunteers
                                                    Section                               Section
     Police Records and Analysis                                                                                  Chaplains
               Division                        Special Investigations                   Detention
                                                      Section                            Section
         Technology Services                                                                              Public Information Office
              Division                              Police Crisis                   McKellips
                                                Intervention Section                District (1)

                                          Personnel Development                     Downtown
                                                 Division                           District (2)

                                                 Personnel                          Via Linda
                                                  Division                          District (3)

                                                                                    District (4)

                                                                             Emergency Preparedness

                                        2008 City Council Orientation
               Police Department
• Office of the Chief
   – Leadership, public information, internal
      investigations, budget
• Administrative Services
   – Emergency/non-emergency phone calls,
     forensics, property/evidence, criminal history
     records & analysis, planning & policy, technology,
     equipment & supplies
• Investigations & Personnel Development
   – Criminal investigations (violent, property &
     narcotic crimes), school resource officer program,
     crisis intervention services, Family Advocacy
     Center, training, recruitment, volunteers

             2008 City Council Orientation
              Police Department

• Uniformed Services
   – General law enforcement, patrol, traffic
     enforcement, detention services, emergency
     preparedness, municipal security, false alarm
• 4 district stations serving 20 geographic
  beats (4th district station to open June 09)
• Total staff: 723 full time (435 sworn)         2.1
  part time
• Annual adopted budget $90 million

            2008 City Council Orientation
               Police Department
• 2007 Scottsdale Crime Clock:
   –   One property crime every 1 hour, 4 minutes
   –   One theft every 2 hours
   –   One burglary every 6 hours
   –   One motor vehicle theft every 12 hours
   –   One violent crime every 20 hours
   –   One aggravated assault every day
   –   One robbery every 3 days
   –   One sexual assault every 9 days
   –   One murder every 73 days
   –   One arson every 12 days

             2008 City Council Orientation
                 Police Department

During FY2007/08 -
•   302,868 total calls for service (citizen & officer generated)
•   37,855 police reports processed
•   4,985 traffic accidents resulting in a report
•   42,073 citations issued
•   8,050 property crimes
•   2,875 crime scenes processed
•   4,373 prisoners transported
•   Approximately 300 crime prevention appearances
    with 345 active neighborhood watch programs

               2008 City Council Orientation
Mary O’Connor
General Manager
               Our Mission
The Transportation Department works to ensure
that Scottsdale neighborhoods, businesses and
visitors are provided an accessible,
environmentally sensitive, safe and efficient
transportation system.

Projects and operations for aviation, street, transit
and non-motorized travel are developed in
cooperation with the public to promote economic
sustainability for the community, preserve and
enhance neighborhood quality of life and ensure
seamless connections to the regional network.
             2008 City Council Orientation
• Staffing
   – 48 full-time equivalent positions (4 vacant
       positions deferred as of November 2008)
   – 1 part-time volunteer
   – Administration division
        • Provide community outreach, guidance and
          support to all divisions and two citizen
          advisory commissions, and ensure
          attainment of Council goals
• FY 2008-09 adopted operating budget:
  Approximately $18 million = 3% of City’s total
  operating budget
• FY 2009-14 adopted CIP: Approximately $180.5
  million = 21% of City’s total capital improvement
  program budget

           2008 City Council Orientation
• Traffic Engineering and Operations
 Special Revenue fund; design and manage the
  City’s roadways to provide for the safe and
  efficient movement of people and goods
  – Intelligent Transportation System (optimize traffic flow
    through operation of the City’s Traffic Management
  – Transportation Impact, Speed Limit and other studies
  – Study and design of intersection control devices,
    including traffic signals
  – Neighborhood traffic management
  – Safety (including school circulation/safety audits)
  – Special event traffic management
  – Right of Way Management and barricade permitting

            2008 City Council Orientation
• Aviation
  Enterprise fund; responsible for day-to-day
  operations, security, maintenance, planning,
  noise programs and administration for the City’s
  Airport; represent Scottsdale’s interests on
  regional, state and federal levels
  – Implementation of the Council adopted 2005 FAA Part
    150 Noise Compatibility Study
  – Airport Strategic/Business Plan (scheduled completion
    Spring 2009)
  – Noise monitoring and abatement program
  – Airport community outreach
  – Airport Runway Safety Area improvements and other
    capital improvement projects

            2008 City Council Orientation
• Transportation Planning & Transit
  Special Revenue fund: anticipate Scottsdale’s
  future community/regional transportation needs
  and ensure timely and effective development of
  a multi-modal system, including a
  comprehensive nonmotorized/trails system
   – Implement and regularly update Transportation Master
   – Regional Transportation Plan/Prop 400 implementation
   – Provision of transit services (coordination of regional
     and local bus routes and Dial-a-Ride, management of
     trolley services and Cab Connection); regional travel
     reduction compliance/assistance
   – Shared-use path and trail planning, design and
   – Transportation CIP planning
            2008 City Council Orientation
• Implementation of Regional Transportation Plan
  (extension of 20 year countywide sales tax passed
  November 2004); freeway, arterial and transit
  projects included for Scottsdale

• Development and implementation of the Airport
  Strategic Business Plan, including economic
  analysis and community impacts

• Implement the policies, capital and operational
  recommendations of the Transportation Master Plan

• Update and implement the 2004 Trails Master Plan,
  including prioritization of neighborhood trails projects
  and updated design guidelines

             2008 City Council Orientation
                  Priorities (cont.)
• Implement a comprehensive Right of Way
  Management program to reduce congestion
  associated with construction and other uses
  of the right of way
• Plan and develop transportation CIP projects,
  including maximizing funding opportunities
  from federal/regional agencies
• Implement department strategic plan initiated
  in fourth quarter 2008

           2008 City Council Orientation
Water Resources
Marshall Brown
General Manager
                 Our Mission
• Plan, manage and operate a safe, reliable
  water supply and wastewater reclamation
  system and provide efficient, high quality
  service to Scottsdale citizens.

• Key Responsibilities
   – Maintain sustainable long-term water
   – Provide reliable potable water service
   – Ensure safe and efficient wastewater
   – Reclaim wastewater for reuse and
   – Meet/Surpass regulatory requirements
           2008 City Council Orientation
           Water Resources

• 176 full-time employees
• $64.5 million Operating Budget                        (08/09)
  –   Electricity                              $   14.4 million
  –   Salaries                                 $   10.5 million
  –   Purchased Water                          $    8.9 million
  –   Multi-City Sewer                         $    5.7 million
• $60 million CIP Budget                   (08/09)
  –   Sewer Collection System                  $     9.3 million
  –   SROG WWRP Expansions                     $     8.5 million
  –   Water Distribution System                $     7.6 million
  –   CAP WTP Expansion                        $     6.0 million
  –   Gainey WWRP Rehabilitation               $     5.0 million

           2008 City Council Orientation
   Water Resources
 Marshall Brown
General Manager

                               Chris Hassert
                       Planning/Engineering Director

                                 Dave Petty
                          Water Operations Director

                             Suzanne Grendahl
                            Water Quality Director

                              Art Nunez
                  Water/Wastewater Treatment Director

    2008 City Council Orientation
            Water Resources
• Administration: Planning, Finance, Engineering,
  Water Conservation
   – 23 staff                   $3.7 million budget

• Operations: Wells, Potable Water Distribution,
  Wastewater Collection, Reclaimed Water
  Distribution, Backflow Prevention
   – 73 staff                   $22.2 million budget

• Water Quality: Federal/State Regulatory
  Compliance, Laboratory Analysis, Field Sampling,
  Industrial Pretreatment, Superfund
   – 18 staff                   $2.4 million budget

• Treatment: Surface Water and Groundwater
  Treatment Facilities, Wastewater Treatment
  Facilities, Recharge Facilities
   – 62 staff                   $36.2 million budget

                2008 City Council Orientation
 Water Resources

  2007 Water Supply


Surface Water

  2008 City Council Orientation
                  Water Resources
Drinking Water
• Treatment:
   – CAP Water Treatment Plant (WTP) – treats CAP allocation
     from Colorado River – 50 million gallons per day (MGD)
   – Chaparral Water Treatment Plant – treats SRP allocation
     from Salt and Verde Rivers. – up to 27 MGD
   – Arsenic Treatments Facilities – Treat groundwater at four
     sites – up to 47 MGD
   – Superfund - Central Groundwater Treatment Facility
     (CGTF – 9 MGD)
• Operations:
   –   Groundwater wells (23)
   –   Water Lines (1,955 miles)
   –   Reservoirs (44) and Booster Stations (86)
   –   Pressure Reducing Valves (322)

              2008 City Council Orientation
                 Water Resources
• Treatment
   ― Water Campus
       • Water Reclamation Plant (20 MGD) –Irrigation of Golf
       • Advanced Water Treatment (AWT) Plant (12 MGD) -
          Groundwater Recharge
   ― 91st Ave WWTP – Sub Regional Operating Group ( SROG)
     of Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix (164
     MGD) – Residuals Treatment
   ― Gainey Ranch WWTP (2 MGD) – Irrigation of Golf Courses
• Operations
   – Water Campus pumpback system (5 stations/16 MGD)
   – Sewer lines (1,336 miles) and lift stations (43)
   – Reclaimed water distribution system (22.5 golf courses) &
     irrigation water distribution system (4 golf courses)
             2008 City Council Orientation
• Facility Improvements
  – Drinking Water
     • CAP Treatment Plant Expansion to 80 MGD
     • Southern Neighborhoods Water Quality
       Improvements (CGTF Reverse Osmosis)
  – Wastewater
     • Water Campus Reclamation Plant Expansion to 20
     • Advanced Water Treatment – Expansion to 27.5 MGD
       (partnership with RWDS golf courses)
     • Gainey Wastewater Reclamation Plant (WWRP)
• Water Conservation
  – Drought Conditions
  – Enhanced Programs (“Water Use it Wisely”,
    residential audits, rebates, etc.)
          2008 City Council Orientation
                  Priorities (cont.)
• Water Quality Regulations
   – Disinfection By-products - Granular Activated
     Carbon (GAC) addition at the CAP WTP
   – Compounds of Potential Concern
     (Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care products) –
     AWT expansion to 27.5 MGD
   – Brine Management
• Operational Enhancements
   – Distribution and Collection System Optimization -
     Water Quality Improvements, Electrical
   – Treatment Facility Optimization - Water Quality
     Improvements, Electrical Efficiencies, Resource
   – Enhanced Asset Management Program –
     Fiscally Responsible Planning
           2008 City Council Orientation
Brian Dygert
General Manager
                    Our Mission

WestWorld is a premier, nationally recognized
equestrian and special event facility that
provides recreational opportunities and family
entertainment for citizens and visitors.

           2008 City Council Orientation
• WestWorld’s staff consists of
     24 permanent employees
      9 contract employees
• WestWorld has an adopted budget of

          2008 City Council Orientation

                                                       Brian Dygert
                                                     General Manager

                                   Theresa Smith
                                  Admin. Secretary

                        EJ Jones                                                          Brent Bailey
                     Events Manager                                                  Operations & Equestrian

Patricia Chapman     Jennifer Bowley             Gloria Storms-Ruiz      Operations Staff                 Joelle Peluso
 Event Contracts   Management Analyst            Event Coordinator          16 FTE                Senior Customer Support R

                                         2008 City Council Orientation
Major Events at WestWorld:
• Barrett-Jackson Classic Auto Auction
• Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show
• Sun Country Circuit Quarter Horse Show
• Scottsdale Classic Quarter Horse Show
• Goodguys Southwest National Car show
• Arizona Bike Week

• WestWorld hosts more than 130 events that
  bring more than 600,000 visitors to

          2008 City Council Orientation
• Continue to follow and update Master Plan
  adopted in 2006
• Complete upgrades to RV stations
• Complete original stall repair plan
• Continue to elevate customer service
• Extend event season

           2008 City Council Orientation

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