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					Hertfordshire County Council
                        Teenage Pregnancy
                         Scrutiny Seminar

    The contribution that Sex and Relationships
    Education can make to help reducing
    teenage pregnancies within diverse contexts

                               28 September 2006

Hertfordshire County Council
        St Luke’s and Swing Gate Schools
• St Luke’s - Osted 2004: teaching and learning in
  PSHCE very good
• Some excellent interactive work: theatre-in-
  education, handle m & fm contraceptives, ICT
• Swing Gate First School & Nursery - Ofsted
  2005: School Council – democratic representation
  – councillors involved in team work
• Focus here is on skill building for life

Hertfordshire County Council
                               Statutory SRE policies
   The role of a school’s governing body and
   headteacher in the determination of a school’s
   policy is crucial. The policy defines SRE and how
   SRE is provided, monitored and evaluated.
    Sex and Relationship Education Guidance (DfEE 2000)

    The PSHE Adviser’s monitoring of policies since
    April 2006 shows of 208 returns, 205 schools
    have policies. Guidance is provided to schools.

Hertfordshire County Council
                Main elements of SRE and ECM

           Acquiring knowledge and understanding
           Exploring attitudes and values
           Developing personal and social skills
(Sex and Relationship Education Guidance (DfEE 2000)
      Links with Every Child Matters outcomes:
    Being healthy, Staying safe, Enjoying and
    achieving, Making a positive contribution,
    Achieving economic wellbeing

Hertfordshire County Council
         Arnett Hills JMI and Tring Schools
• Arnett Hills JMI School Y5 teacher: pupils
  wrote modern day fables based on Aesop’s
  ones and created films using the Stop
  Motion function of the Digital Blue cameras.

• Tring School has trained some Y12 pupils
  to be peer educators and they help teach Y9
  pupils about STIs and relationships etc

Hertfordshire County Council
                               SRE survey of KS 3-4
• Survey undertaken of SRE provision in 12
  middle, special and secondary schools in
  Hertfordshire 2005/6
• Consultations with 13 members of staff and
  117 pupils
• Quality varies but much good practice
• Very few teachers have SRE training
• Pupils keen to be involved in curricular

Hertfordshire County Council
                               SRE survey of KS 3-4

• Pupils clearly stated they want to learn and
  understand much more about their
  relationships and emotions and how to
  manage them
• Pupils value their biology lessons but want
  to know more, particularly about STIs at an
  earlier age – Y7-8
• Pupils enjoy and gain from experiences
  including role play, discussions, use of ICT
  and DVDs, seeing theatre performances

Hertfordshire County Council
                               SRE survey of KS 3-4

• Many pupils felt there were insufficient
  images of differently abled individuals
• All of these need addressing in relevant
  engaging 21st century ways by teams of
  trained teachers and health specialists that
  respond and meet pupils’ needs, interests
  and learning styles and give them the
  knowledge, understanding and skills to
  make safe, compassionate and responsible
  choices for themselves and others.
Hertfordshire County Council
         Survey of SRE at Verulam School
• Written questionnaire on SRE
• 26 Y11 pupils and 46 Y10 pupils
• 71%: contraception should be taught from Y7 and
  Y8 and 68%: STIs from Y7 and Y8
• Main sources of info:
• School 48% Y11                        43% Y10
• Family 6% Y11                         12% Y10
• Friends 35% Y11                       26% Y10
• Internet, tv, books, mags 11% Y11    19% Y10

Hertfordshire County Council
                               PSHE provision

• DfES recommends SRE should be taught
  within the National Curriculum Frameworks
  for PSHE at KS 1-4 but these remain non
• There is a statutory duty to teach key
  aspects of SRE in particular about
  reproduction and sexually transmitted
  infections (STIs) including HIV within the
  science curriculum

Hertfordshire County Council
                               Hitchin Girls School
• Modifying SRE programme in response to
  girls’ feedback:
• Emphasis more on Aiming higher – raising self-
  esteem, self-respect – less on physical aspects
• Y11 Parenting classes – visit by former
  pupil/teenage mum and 7 weeks old baby
  Y10 & 11 Healthy/Unhealthy relationships
  Y9 Body images in the media, continuation of STIs
  and contraception teaching

Hertfordshire County Council
           Other examples of local practice
• Body Zone Sir Frederick Osborne
• TIC TAC TAS drop-in clinic Thomas Alleyne
• St Bernadette RC Primary School – Ofsted 2006
  pupils contribute exceptionally well to community
• St Joan of Arc School – consultation with 6th
  Formers last year has contributed to reform of
  SRE programme. The updated modified policy
  and programme to be shared with parents this
  autumn. Pupils want greater emphasis on
  emotions and relationships.

Hertfordshire County Council
                    Role of parents/guardians
• Schools should always seek to work in
  partnership with parents. This is essential to
  effective SRE.
• Parents/guardians have the right to
  withdraw their child from all or part of SRE
  provided except for those parts included in
  the statutory NC. Schools should make
  alternative arrangements for such cases.
(Sex and Relationship Guidance, DfEE 2000)

Hertfordshire County Council
       Redbourn Infants & Nursery School
• Involve parents/carers closely in the school
• Answer children’s questions honestly about
  SRE and would refer to parents if the
  teacher had a concern
• Mothers bring in their babies for a session
  e.g. demonstrate bathing the baby
• Last year did History project: A special
  Grandparents’ day – pupils interviewed

Hertfordshire County Council
                               Local support
• PSHE Adviser: consultancy and training,
  writes and edits SRE materials for schools
  on a traded basis
• DfES/DoH funde national PSHE certification
  programme run locally to train teachers and
  community nurses: 33 teachers certified in
  04-06, another 22 expected by June 07
• Healthy Schools Programme: tight focus on
  driving up standards in PSHE including SRE
  – core funded
Hertfordshire County Council
                               Local support

• Teenage Pregnancy Strategy funded
     – Let’s talk about relationships and sex for
       parents/guardians of children with learning difficulties
     – SRE Scheme of work KS 3-4
     – Survey of SRE for 11-16 year olds
     – SRE lessons for KS1-2 (at printer)
     – SRE lessons for KS 3-4 (at printer)

     SRE Guidance for schools published by CSF

Hertfordshire County Council
                               Local support

• School nurses offer support in the planning,
  implementation and teaching of SRE in
  schools. 17 nurses have qualified under
  new DfES/DoH PSHE Certification
• Home and Hospital Education Service
  provides support to pregnant teenagers from
  28 weeks of their pregnancy if the pupil is
  unable to attend school.

Hertfordshire County Council
                               Local support

• Herts Anti-bullying Initiative extensive peer
  support training programme for pupils and
  staff to develop pupils’ emotional
  intelligence and relationship skills
• DfES Social and Emotional Aspects of
  Learning (SEAL) resource training
• Youth Service workshops & support groups,
  distributes information, C-Card scheme
• Connexions provides help and support for
  U-18 pregnant teenagers and young parents

Hertfordshire County Council
                               Ofsted reports
• Changes since September 2005: schools’
  self-evaluations play much bigger role, more
  reporting on personal and health aspects,
  inspectors talk to randomly chosen pupils
• Nationally Ofsted continues to report SRE
  weaknesses in schools
• Locally many positive reports on Personal
  development and well-being but significant
  potential for improvement remains
Hertfordshire County Council
                        Targeted and universal
   Effective SRE that engages pupils in age
   and stage appropriate ways is critical.
   There is a compelling case for targeted
   action on pupils who are exposed to
   particular risk factors, while maintaining for
   all pupils:
   SRE that is planned and evaluated within
   PSHE programmes and taught by trained
   staff - and access to confidential advice for
   all young people.

Hertfordshire County Council
                               For more information contact:

Amber Carroll
PSHE & Citizenship Adviser
Hertfordshire Development Centre
Tel: 01582 830233 M:07879 667101

Hertfordshire County Council

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