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  September 15, 2011
Odyssey Funding

Who is eligible for Odyssey

How does one request
 Odyssey funding?
Three important resources:

            • Odyssey Office

            • Odyssey Program

            • Your project sponsor
            Four easy steps
1. Generate and develop an idea for a

2. Prepare a proposal
   and budget.

3. Complete the Funding Request packet.

4. Turn the materials in.
Odyssey Funding Packet Forms
 Proposal   Funding Request   Odyssey Budget
  Form          Form           Request Form
  Generate and Develop
      Your Project
•What do you want to do? Why do you want
to do it? What do you hope to learn?

•Gather background information.

•Select and consult with an appropriate
              Special Situations
• Travel to Countries on the State Department Warning
  List (

• Research with Human Test Subjects

• Medical Service Work Abroad

If your project involves any of these situations, consult with
    the Odyssey Office or see the Odyssey Program Guide
    for specific policy information.
       Prepare the paperwork
Proposal Form
  Narrative (with sponsor approval)

Funding Request
  Attachments (if needed)

Odyssey Budget Request Form
  Budget Attachments (if needed)
    Writing Your Narrative
• First paragraph-describe your project.

• Next pages/paragraphs-detail your methods, timeframes, and
  objectives. Address any possible concerns the CEL may have.

• Concluding paragraph-make the case for Odyssey credit. Explain
  how the category you have chosen is appropriate including how
  you will meet the category requirements.

•   2-4 pages in length. Avoid overly technical language.

• Use the available resources:
  --sample proposal handouts in the Odyssey Office
  --checklist on the back cover of the Odyssey Program Guide.
         Prepare a budget

• Think through all the steps of your project

• Think through all the steps of your project

• Check your math!!

             What do we fund?

•Stipends for students and supervisors
•Travel expenses (transportation, housing, food, etc.)
•Program and conference fees
•Expendable supplies
•Other as appropriate to your project
The CEL generally does not fund:

 • tuition at other colleges or universities;

 • stipends for paid internships ;

 • durable equipment, hardware or supplies;

 • projects by seniors which take place predominantly or exclusively after their

 • ordinary expenses to travel abroad (passports, visas, immunizations, etc.);

 • study abroad.
Budgets that include student or faculty stipends must
include the Hendrix share of FICA expenses (7.65%
of gross salary). The recipient’s FICA expenses will
be deducted from the gross salary.

$2,400.00 for 8 weeks
 $183.60 for the Hendrix FICA
$2,583.60 total stipend request

Note that when all deductions are made, the actual
net on a $2,400 stipend is usually around $1,900.
                    Things to consider:
                    We aren’t made of money.
                    It’s a very competitive process.

                    Faculty and students have an equal chance at getting

                    The goal of the CEL is to be fair and prudent in the
                    allocation of funding.

                    Be sure to consider other sources of funding.

                    Have a back-up plan if you wish to pursue your project
                    and you don’t receive funding.

Odyssey credit granted to a project is independent of funding decisions.
               Odyssey Deadlines
                      Monday, October 3, 2011
                      Spring Semester 2012 projects

                    Wednesday, February 1, 2012
                         Summer 2012 projects
                NOTE: The February 1 deadline is the most
                        competitive of the year.

                        Monday, April 2, 2012
              Fall Semester 2012 and Winter Break projects.

Due by 5 p.m. on the day of the deadline
  to the Odyssey Office in SLTC 246.
       What happens after
       I submit my request?

1. Proposal approved for Odyssey credit –
   you are sent an e-mail regarding this.
2. Paperwork is forwarded to the CEL for
3. CEL reviews all requests, deliberates and
   votes.                                                  Allow
4. Funding decisions sent to the Committee on         approximately
   Faculty for final approval.
                                                       FOUR weeks
5. Notification letters are sent to all proposers.
                                                     for the decisions
                                                      to be finalized.
The Committee on Engaged Learning makes
the funding decisions.
The members of the Committee for 2011-2012 are listed below:

Dr. Ann Wright (Physics), Chair of the Committee
Dr. Jay Barth (Politics), Director of Civic Engagement Projects, ex officio
Dr. Peg Falls-Corbitt (Philosophy), Associate Provost for Engaged Learning,
   ex officio
Dr. Nancy Fleming (Music), Director of the Odyssey Program, ex officio
Prof. Danny Grace (Theatre Arts and Dance)
Dr. Jeff Kosiorek (History)
Dr. David Sutherland (Mathematics), Associate Provost, ex officio
Dr. Robert Williamson (Religion)
Elana Harrison and Sara Slimp, representatives appointed by the
    Student Senate

You can contact the entire committee by e-mail at
NOTE: If you choose a CEL member as your sponsor, that person
will not participate in evaluating your request.
       What happens if I receive funds?

Sign a form agreeing to the following before any funding will be released:

            By accepting this Odyssey grant, I hereby acknowledge my obligation to complete the project for
which this funding is awarded within ONE YEAR of the time of this acceptance or by the time of my
GRADUATION from Hendrix College, whichever comes first. If I fail to participate in the project or am unable
to complete the project prior to the deadline established in the preceding sentence I shall refund to Hendrix
College the full amount of the grant set forth above. I acknowledge that the project is not considered
complete until a Project Completion Form is submitted to and approved by the Hendrix College Odyssey

Sign a Waiver of Liability Form (if you receive funding for a project that involves

Participate in a mandatory orientation session at the end of the semester (if your
project will take place overseas).
Finishing up…
Turn in a Project Completion Form

Share your photographs to document your experience with the
Odyssey Office or Communications.

Share your experience with the campus:
       Odyssey Exemplar Presentations
Go ahead and ask!

Good luck on your funding request!

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