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									The Ninth Annual South Carolina Virtual
    Enterprise Network Trade Fair

          Booth Registration

                   April 27, 2011

             Radisson Hotel Columbia
              2100 Bush River Road
               Columbia, SC 29210

     Phone: (803) 731-0300 Fax: (803) 731-4892
Dear Virtual Enterprises and Practice Firms:
You are cordially invited to attend the Ninth Annual South Carolina Virtual Enterprise Network
Trade Fair and Competitions which will be held in Columbia, South Carolina. The Trade Fair
will be held at the Radisson Hotel Columbia, 2100 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210.

This Registration Information Booklet provides the information you need to:
        Register for the trade fair
        Find accommodations
        Prepare to participate and compete in educational competitions

Up-to-date information about the Fair will be sent to registered companies as soon as available.
Information may also be found at http://veinternational.org/sc/ . Please contact the South
Carolina Virtual Enterprise Center for further assistance if you cannot get the necessary
information on the event.


                                           Wednesday, April 27

    8:00 am – 5:30 pm               SCVEN Headquarters                 Newberry A

    8:00 am – 11:30 am             Trade Fair and Competition          Congaree A Pre Function
    8:00 am                        Coordinators’ Meeting
    8:00 am                        Judges’ Meeting
    8:30 am – 12:30 pm             Competitive Events                  See Room Assignments
    8:00 am – 1:00 pm              Trade Fair Setup                    Congaree A
    1:00 pm – 4:00 pm              Student Projects Displayed          Congaree A
    1:30 pm – 3:45 pm              Official Opening of Trading         Congaree A
    3:45 pm - 4:00 pm              Close of Fair and Booth Breakdown   Congaree A
    4:15 pm - 5:00 pm              Awards Ceremony                     Congaree A

2011 South Carolina Competitions and Trade Fair                                            2
                                          Registration Form

Please complete this form and fax to SCVEN Office at (864) 949-2329 by March 30, 2011; you can
email us at Eric.Wells@spart5.net with an electronic copy.

           Name of Virtual
  Enterprise/ Practice Firm
          Name of School
               Full Address

              Contact Person
              Phone Number (                )
                Fax Number (                )

Number of people likely to attend as:                    Students
                          Chaperones/Others (please indicate role)

                                                 _____Booth ($400)
                                         ____Booth electricity ($50)
                                       Prepaid (2010-11 Membership)

Trade Fair Registration Fees: Without Electric = $400.00 U.S. With Electric = $450.00 U.S.
Booth reservation is held with check payment in full by March 30, 2011. Payments should be made

Mail to:          SCVEN
                  SC Trade Fair Registration
                  Post Office Box 510
                  Roebuck, SC 29376

Cancellation Policy
       Any cancellation of exhibit space must be in writing to:
              Attn: Eric Wells
              Post Office Box 510
              Roebuck, SC 29376

         A $150 fee will be charged for any cancellation on or before March 30, 2011. The entire
         registration fee will be forfeited for cancellations received after this date.

2011 South Carolina Competitions and Trade Fair                                             3
                            Registration Information Details
Booth Specifications
                 10’ x 10’ area, 8’ high back, 3’ high sides
                 8’ table
                 Pipe and Navy drape
                 Booths do NOT have Internet capability.
                 If using electricity, you must bring extension cords and surge protectors as needed.
                 Read Trade Fair Regulations for booth design limitations.

Shipping Instructions:
         All incoming packages should be addressed to Convention Services Manager and marked
         “Hold for SCVEN Trade Fair – April 29.” There is a $5.00 per box charge for each box
         received at the Hotel/Conference Center. Because there is a limited storage space, boxes can
         be accepted no more than three (3) working days prior to your meeting. A storage fee of
         $10.00 per day, per box will be applied to any materials shipped earlier than three (3) days
         prior to the event.
                                  Ship to: Radisson Hotel Columbia
                                            2100 Bush River Road
                                             Columbia, SC 29210

Trade Fair Accommodations
         Radisson Hotel Columbia
         2100 Bush River Road
         Columbia, SC 29210
         Phone: (803) 731-0300 Fax: (803) 731-4892

    Room                                     Single Rate                   Double Rate
    2 Queen Non-Smoking                      $129.00 with buffet           $129.00 with buffet
                                             breakfast up to 4 per room    breakfast

   Hotel check-in time is after 3:00PM on the day of arrival. Checkout time is before 12:00PM
    on the day of departure.
   All rates are subject to the prevailing local and state taxes. Currently, taxes total 11% and
    are subject to change.
   There is a charge of $1.00 per room per day safe warranty fee.

The cutoff date is Friday, April, 8, 2011. All rooms not reserved after the cut-off date will be
released. Reservation requests received after the cutoff date will be provided on a space available basis
at prevailing rates. Individual reservations may be made by calling: 1-803-744-0142, 1-803-731-
0300 or 1-800-333-3333

You may have up to four students staying in one room. A 12 midnight curfew will be strictly enforced
by hotel security during the Trade Fair for all schools staying at the hotels.
2011 South Carolina Competitions and Trade Fair                                                 4
                                     Trade Fair Regulations

General Rules:
      The exhibitor agrees to abide by show regulations as set forth by SCVEN fair management.

Exhibit Staffing:
       Booths must be continually staffed by at least two people during all official exhibit hours. A
       coordinator for each company must be on the premises available at all times during all
       scheduled hours.

Exhibit Setup and Teardown:
       Setup is scheduled for Wednesday, April 27 from 8:00 am to 1:00 p.m. in Congaree A.
       Breakdown is from 3:45 p.m. to 4:00 pm. The Awards Ceremony will begin at 4:15 pm in
       the same room. Coordinators are asked to expedite breakdown and move students to the
       Awards Ceremony area. Any company that initiates teardown before 3:45 pm will be
       disqualified from all competitions.

Exhibitor Name Badges:
       Each trade fair participant must display a name badge for entry into the trade fair event area.
       The firm is responsible for providing name badges for their participants. Badges must
       include the participant’s name, company name, school name, city, and state. Badges must be
       worn at all times during the fair.

Professional Behavior:
       All exhibitors must keep their booth area neat and litter free. On the trading day, participants
       must dress in professional business attire or in a manner that is representative of the business
       or booth theme. Any disorderly conduct or inappropriate behavior is prohibited and cause for
       immediate dismissal from trade fair activities. Smoking is not permitted in any facility at the
       Charleston Convention Center.

Disability Provisions:
       The exhibitor represents and warrants that its exhibit will be fully accessible to wheelchair
       movement and that it shall indemnify and hold the SCVEN management harmless against all
       claims and expenses, including attorneys fees and litigation expenses, that may be incurred
       by or asserted against the SCVEN management, its officers, directors, agents, or employees
       on the basis of the exhibitor’s breach of this paragraph or non-compliance with any of the
       provisions of the A.D.A.

Exhibit Considerations:
       No exhibitor may engage in any activity or employ any individual or device that tends to
       create unreasonable congestion in aisles. Sufficient space must be provided within the
       exhibit area and be arranged so that persons watching demos and other activities are
       contained within the booth. Moving displays, motion pictures, slide projectors, TV monitors,
       etc., must be operated so as not to attract or create a crowd that would obstruct adjacent
       exhibitors. No preparation of food or drink is allowed in exhibit hall. Only sealed,
       individual items will be allowed to be distributed by exhibitors. Music or other amplified
       sounds are allowed if played at a low level. Loud sounds are distracting and disrupt
       participants and guests. Floor captains will make decisions to acceptable volume levels.

2011 South Carolina Competitions and Trade Fair                                               5
Booth Design:
      The exhibitor agrees to abide by booth wall height restrictions (8’ high in back; 3’ high
      sides). All displays, devices, and decorations that serve to distinguish a company’s booth
      must fit within the 10’ x 10’ area designated as the booth dimension. No part of the design
      features may extend into the aisle. Failure to observe this rule will automatically disqualify
      the company from the Best Booth competition. Floor captains will make decisions concerning
      acceptable booth design standards.

Exhibitor Compliance:
       The exhibitor assumes responsibility for compliance with all pertinent ordinances,
       regulations, and codes of duly authorized local, state and federal governing bodies
       concerning fire, safety, and health, together with the rules and regulations of the operators
       and/or owners of the event facility, and agrees to comply with all federal, state, and local
       laws. Upon request and at the sole expense of the exhibitor, the SCVEN management will
       assist the exhibitor in its efforts to comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws, but
       will not, in any event, be responsible or liable for any failure by the exhibitor to comply

Rights of Termination:
       The SCVEN reserves the right to terminate the privileges of any exhibitor if it determines in
       its sole discretion that an exhibitor is conducting his/herself in a manner that might reflect
       unfavorably upon the event. In the event of termination, the exhibitor shall promptly remove
       all equipment and personnel from the exhibit area. No portion of payments paid or owed will
       be refundable.

Event Cancellation:
       If the event facility becomes unfit or unavailable for occupancy, or becomes substantially
       interfered with by reason of picketing, striking, embargo, injunction, act of war, act of god,
       fire, or state emergency declared by any government agency or by reason of any municipal,
       state, or federal law or regulation or by reason of any other occurrence beyond the control of
       management, the SCVEN management may cancel or terminate the trade fair. In the event of
       such cancellation or termination, the exhibitor waives any and all claims for damages or
       expenses and agrees to accept in complete settlement and discharge of all claims against the
       exhibitor’s pro-rated share of the total amount paid by all exhibitors, less all cost expenses
       incurred by the SCVEN management in connection with the event.

Interpretation of the Amendments to Regulations:
       The exhibitor agrees that the SCVEN management shall have the right to make rules and
       regulations or changes to rules and regulations. The SCVEN shall have the final
       determination and enforcement of all rules, regulations and conditions.

       Although the SCVEN will take every precaution to provide adequate security during the
       event, it does not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen articles. Items such as money,
       jewelry, personal stereos, computers, exhibitor display items, or other valuables should never
       be left unattended anytime during the show. Do not bring expensive personal belongings
       with you. Please report any security issues, which would affect the event, to trade fair

2011 South Carolina Competitions and Trade Fair                                                  6

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