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					 Revere Public
Mentor Program
1.Superintendent’s Office
                                    5   4
   Revere High School
2. Garfield School
3. Beachmont School                 1
   Rumney Marsh Acad.
4. Paul Revere School
5 Lincoln School
6. Whelan School
   Susan B. Anthony                         2
7. McKinley School

                              2007-2008 Supervisors and Mentors
    Phil Cincotta-NBCT-Administrator
       Garfield Middle School
            Susan Lanza
                                                                            MaryAnn Joaquim-NBCT-Administrator
            Grace Healey
         Maureen Connolly
                                                                                 Garfield Elementary
          Connie Gannon                                                                   Francine Cook
            Ann Tyman                                                                 Sandra Speziale-Burke
            Matt Costa                                                                   Whelan School
           Jill Toomey                                                                 Corinne Collar, NBCT
            Lisa Devine                                                                 McKinley School
  Susan B. Anthony Middle School                                                        Debbie Selvitella
         Alex Rizzo Cerbone
                                                                                            Donna Felzani
           Eve DelGreco
            Jamie Foss
                                                                                            Paul Revere
             Ed Schutte                                                                     Terry Incerto
         Maureen Connelly                                                                    Marie Alessi
          Connie Gannon

                                       Maureen McCarthy-NBCT-Administrator Rose Marie O’Connor-NBCT-Administrator
                                                  All Schools-SPED             Beachmont and Rumney Marsh
                                                   Nancy Benecchi                     Corinne Collar
                                                   Adriana Tringale                  Diane Czyzewski
                                                                                      Ann McLaughlin
                                                     Anita Capozzi
                                                                                      Adam DeLeidi
                                                     Chad Flahive
                                                    Stephanie Magno       Dianne Kelly-NBCT-Administrator
                                                                                Revere High School
                                                                                 Nancy Barile, NBCT
                                                                                 Kari Nanstad, NBCT
                                                                                Christine Porter, NBCT
                                                                                    Jessica Quinn
                                                                                     Mark Fellowes
                                                                                 Debra Molle, NBCT
                                                                                   Colleen Cooke
                                                                                   Joanne LaPolla
                                                                                   David Eatough
                                                                                   Matt Costa, NBCT

Karen Agnetta-NBCT-Administrator                Mary Ellen Dakin-NBCT
        Lincoln School                            Kelly Adriani
        Cheryl Connors                       National Board Coordinators
        Denise Gianola
        Debra Selvitella
         RPS Mentor Program
The mentoring program is intended to be a useful way of helping new
faculty members adjust to their new environment. The program’s
success will depend on the new faculty members, their mentors and
administrators all taking an active role in this process.
Mentors and New
 A Relationship

Accessibility – the mentor will make time to be available to the
new faculty member. The mentor might keep in contact by
dropping by, calling, sending e-mail, or extending a lunch
Networking – the mentor will help the new faculty member
establish a professional network.
Confidentiality-the mentor will respect the new teacher’s
confidentiality in a non-evaluative relationship.
Topics to Talk About

 •    Meet the Teacher Night
 •    Working with parents
 •    Evaluation and observation procedures
 •    School environment
 •    Difficult disciplinary situations
 •    Classroom organization
 •    Standards based strategies
 •    Collaborating with other teachers
 •    District initiatives
 •    Report cards and grading system
 •    Professional development opportunities

     and much, much more
 District Support Team and Beginning Teacher
All members of the support team agree to:
1.   Meet with the beginning teacher
     immediately before the opening of
2. Attend eight meetings with the
     beginning teacher the first semester
     and four meetings during the second
3.   Observe and provide feedback to the
     beginning teacher.
4.   Maintain an interest in the beginning
     teacher’s professional development.
5.   Respect beginning teacher’s
     confidentiality in a non-evaluative
The principal agrees to:

1.   Be available to the support
     team when needed.
2.   Ensure that the beginning
     teacher’s assignments are
3.   Conduct a formal evaluation
     with written feedback.
4.   Work collaboratively to match
     mentors to mentees.
5.   Make every effort for coverage
     in order for mentors to conduct
     peer observations.
Mentor teacher agrees to:
                     1.     Spend a minimum of 1 ½ days before
                            school with the beginning teacher
                            regarding plans for first week’s lessons.

                     2.     Check in with the beginning teacher on a
                            weekly basis.

                     3.     Observe and provide feedback to the
                            beginning teacher at a mutually agreed
                            upon time.

                     4.     Help prepare the beginning teacher for
                            the first evaluation.

                     5.     Provide assistance in orienting the
                            beginning teacher to the school and the
                            district policies.

                     6.     Maintain a log of activities and meetings.

                     7.     Attend monthly meetings system wide or
Beginning teacher agrees to:

                    1.   Attend all meetings of the
                         Support Team or mentor’s
                    2.   Bring professional problems
                         to the attention of the mentor
                         in a timely fashion.
                    3.   Observe both mentor and
                         other teachers.
                    4.   Take advantage of
                         professional development
         Follow up

                Sept. 27
  Protocol for Teacher Appraisal and

              •  Nov. 1
     Parent Teacher Conferences

              •  Jan. 24
             SPED and ELL

              •   March 13
     Differentiated Instruction/SBE

               •    May 29
Reflection on Progress and Refining Practice
Superior individual development is the goal for all of our children, and we will not be satisfied with
lowered expectations of achievement.

We realize this expectation will require the use of a broad range of instructional methodologies
and curriculum offerings.

We will support one another in the development of these skills and programs and will hold
ourselves accountable.
                    Messages for Mentors
              through the Voices of New Teachers
•   Observe us often.

•   Give us feedback on even the smallest things.

•   Check our lesson plans for practical applications.

•   Make us pay attention to details.

•   Get together with us socially early in the year.

•   Bea available and be willing to share resources and materials with us.

•   Meet with us as much as possible.

•   Don’t wait for us to come top you. Be proactive!
• We cannot grow if you don’t offer suggestions for improvement.

• We love the support, ideas, flexibility, and humor. You keep it real!

• Leave a note that says,: ”I’ve noticed…”regarding positive actions in
  the classroom.

• Share the remarkable ideas and expertise you have.

• We couldn’t do it without you.

• You give endless support in all areas, academically and emotionally

• You make a difference in our lives!
•   Mentor induction program
•   Survey
•   Mentor Log

 Have a wonderful year teaching and
            learning in
       Revere Public Schools!

Good luck to all!
 2007-2008 Mentor Assignments
Bch Elem             Subject              Mentor             Supervisor
Kibbe, Siobhan       Music(see Garf)      Collar, Corinne    O'Connor
Reyes, Colleen       Gr. 4 Math           Collar, Corinne    O'Connor

RMA                  Subject              Mentor             Supervisor
Garfield, Melinda    Digital Technology   Czyzewski, Diane   O'Connor
Collins, Mary        Math Strategies      Czyzewski, Diane   O'Connor
DiMarino, Michael    History              DeLeidi, Adam      O'Connor
Dunleavy, Mark       Math                 DeLeidi, Adam      O'Connor
Durante, Carlo       ELA Strategies       McLaughlin, Ann    O'Connor
Fitzgerald, Edward   Math Strategies      DeLeidi, Adam      O'Connor
Stewart, Rochelle    ELA/Journalism       MacLaughlin, Ann   O'Connor
Pomfred, Gregory     Math                 Czyzewski, Diane   O'Connor
TBA                  ELA Strategies       McLaughlin, Ann    O'Connor
Garf Elem               Subject                  Mentor             Supervisor

Maria Schena            K                        Speziale-Burke     Joaquim

Mary Desmond            School Nurse             Connolly/Gannon    Joaquim

Bouhanda, Rachel        Librarian                Tyman, Ann         Cincotta

Coyne, Erica            SPED EC                  Flahive, Chad      McCarthy

Prezioso, Josephine     Gr. 2                    Tyman, Ann         Joaquim

Hart,Victoria           SLG (SPED)               Benecchi, Nancy    McCarthy

Hudd, Kimberly          Occupational Therapy     Flahive, Chad      McCarthy

Kibbe, Siobhan          Music                    Flahive, Chad      Joaquim

Miller, Heather         Gr. 5                    Magno, Stephanie   Joaquim

Stabelfeldt, Shealeen   SLG (SPED)               Magno, Stephanie   McCarthy

Kristin Kalogeris       EC                       Speziale-Burke     Joaquim

TBA                     Intensive Needs (SPED)   Benecchi, Nancy
GMS                   Subject               Mentor            Supervisor

Grieco, Donna         ITS                   Healy, Grace      Cincotta

Colarusso, Roseanne   School Nurse          Connolly/Gannon   Cincotta

Brennan Caitlin       Music                 Lanza, Susan      Cincotta

Bouhanda, Rachel      Librarian(see Garf)   Tyman, Ann        Cincotta

Kolakowski, Leslie    Math                  Costa, Matt       Cincotta

Mantia, Deanne        Science               Healy, Grace      Cincotta

McCarthy, Cristin     Art                   Lanza, Susan      Cincotta

Mefford, Todd         Science/Math          Toomey, Jill      Cincotta

Smith, Leo            Hist/ELA Strategies   Toomey, Jill      Cincotta

Trudeau, Kassandra    English               Devine, Lisa      Cincotta

TBA                   ITS                   Healy, Grace      Cincotta
Lincoln                     Subject        Mentor              Supervisor
Gasper, Michael             Art(see McK)   Selvitella, Debra   Agnertta
Hegarty(White), Elizabeth   EC             Connors, Cheryl     Agnetta
Merrill, Julie              SLG SPED       Capozzi, Anita      McCarthy
Morano, Jayne               Gr.4 Math      Gianola, Denise     Agnetta
Irwin, Christine            K              Connors, Cheryl     Agnetta
Van Veen, Ilana             Gr. 5 Math     Gianola, Denise     Agnetta

McKinley                    Subject        Mentor              Supervisor
Mila Davletshina            ELL            Selvitella          Joaquim
Gasper, Michael             Art            Selvitella          Joaquim
LaPointe, Cynthia           Gr. 4 Math     Felzani             Joaquim
TBA                         Gr. 2          Felzani             Joaquim
Nastari, Adriana            SPED RRR       Capozzi             McCarthy

PR                          Subject        Mentor              Supervisor
Buonome, Alison             K              Incerto, Terry      Joaquim
Larson, Deborah             Gr. 4          Alessi, Marie       Joaquim
Mattera, Carol              Gr. 5          Alessi, Marie       Joaquim
McCubrey, Erin              Gr. 1          Incerto, Terry      Joaquim
O'Toole, Debra              Gr. 2          Incerto, Terry      Joaquim
Whelan                   Subject               Mentor              Supervisor

Cerasale-Messina,Katie   Librarian (see SBA)   Foss, Jamie         Cincotta

Curley, Jessica          PDD I (SPED)          Tringale, Adriana   McCarthy

O'Connell, Lois          K                     Mulligan, Nancy     Joaquim

Pye, John                Second Step           Mulligan, Nancy     Joaquim

Spracklin, Erin          PDD II (SPED)         Tringale, Adriana   McCarthy

Corcoran, Molly          Speech                Flahive, Chad       McCarthy

TBA                      Nurse                 Connelly/Gannon     Joaquim

SBA                      Subject               Mentor              Supervisor

Carney, Wendy            ELA                   Rizzo, Alex         Cincotta

Cerasale-Messina,Katie   Librarian             Foss, Jamie         Cincotta

Duncan, Mary             Title I Math          Shutte, Ed          Cincotta

Gear, Edward             Health/PE             Rizzo, Alex         Cincotta

Hairston, Stephanie      Resource Room SPED    Tringale, Adriana   McCarthy

McNamara, Jill           Math Strategies       DelGreco, Eve       Cincotta

Menissian, Kristina      Science               DelGreco, Eve       Cincotta

Monagle, Bridget         Perm Sub              Foss, Jamie         Cincotta

Mongale, Amy             ELL                   Shutte, Ed          Cincotta

Smith, Nancy             School Nurse          Connelly/Gannon     Cincotta

TBA                      ITS                   Foss, Jamie         Cincotta

TBA                      Science               DelGreco, Eve       Cincotta
RHS                                       Mentor              Supervisor
Begaj, Luli                 Math          Nanstad, Kari       Kelly
Benner, Matt                Spanish       Cooke, Colleen      Kelly
Cinelli, Antonio            English       Barile, Nancy       Kelly
Drewnowski, William         English       Barile, Nancy       Kelly
Fierro-Tucker, Antoinette   Italian       LaPolla, Joanne     Kelly
Gacs, Kalman                Art           Molle, Debra        Kelly
Galego, Michael             Biology       Quinn, Jessica      Kelly
Gannon, Nicholas            Math          Nanstad             Kelly
Heim, Katie                 Biology       Eatough, David      Kelly
Larson, Axel                Biology       Eatough, David      Kelly
Murphy, Ben                 English       Porter, Christina   Kelly
Parker, Lillian             Guidance      Molle, Debra        Kelly
Takahashi, Logan            English       Porter, Christina   Kelly
Tower, Nikolas              History       Fellowes, Mark      Kelly
Vale-Khaytayan, Nilsa       Biology       Quinn, Jessica      Kelly
Winn, Nikole                History       Fellowes, Mark      Kelly
TBA Spanish                 Spanish       Cooke, Colleen      Kelly
TBA ELL History             ELL History   LaPolla, Joanne     Kelly

SC                                        Mentor              Supervisor
Anderson, Caitlin           Math          Costa, Matthew      Kelly
Spolidoro, Melissa          Math          Costa, Matthew      Kelly

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