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									Minutes for March 19, 2005

                                         TSID Board Meeting
                                       March 19, 2005. Dallas, Texas

The 5th TSID Board Meeting of Fiscal Year 2005 was called to order at 10:50 a.m. CST, Stella Ashley,
President, presiding. This meeting was held at Northlake Community College, Dallas, Texas.

Quorum established.

Members Present:
         Stella Ashley, President                        Theresa Minchew, PBID Rep
         Nancy Thomas, President Elect                   Doug Dittfurth, AID Rep/2005 Conference Co-Chair
         Ida Flanary, Vice President                     Sherri Roberts, BVID Rep/Nominations Chair
         Chris Grooms, Secretary                         Robert Helms, GHID Rep/Communications Chair
         Michela Steele, Treasurer                       Nancy Vasquez, CCRID
         Melissa Hays, HOPRID                            Carol Washington, ETGID
         Israel Villalobos, EPRID                        Phreda Woods, MCRID Rep
         Lisa Miller, NCTRID Rep/Student SIG

         Bill Green, NCTRID/Religious SIG
         Windy Rossi, NCTRID President

Minutes from the February 5, 2005 meeting were approved as corrected.

President –Stella Ashley, present, TSID does not extend the 501c3 status to entities outside of the

President Elect –Nancy Thomas, present, need digital pictures of all the Board members for the “TSID
101” presentation at the conference.

Vice President – Ida Flanary, present, written report. Ida will begin keeping track of the K-12 Educational
Interpreters that register for conferences beginning in 2003. It will be stated in the conference planning
notebook that the chair of registration will report this information to the Vice President at the conclusion of

Past President – Susan Tiller, not present, no report.

Secretary – Chris Grooms, present, By-Law and Constitution Motions submitted to the Communications
Chair for publication in the InterpreTexan. Will send Standing Rules and 2004 Business Meeting Minutes
to Doug Dittfurth for publication in the conference program book.

Treasurer – Michela Steele, present, written report.

Committee Reports:
Conference Committee – Doug Dittfurth, Co-Chair, present. Submitted written report. Connie Secfik-
Kennedy has been appointed the Program Book Committee Chair. Currently have 376 registrations.
Submitted a revised budget. The conference hotel is booked. There are two alternative hotels listed on the
web site. Phreda Woods reported that the Marriott Hotel is willing to reserve rooms for TSID at
$129/night, however this hotel is not within walking distance of the Hilton. At this point, the TSID Board

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Minutes for March 19, 2005

does not want to contract with a second hotel for rooms. Annual Chapter Reports need to be sent to Doug
by March 30.

Communications Committee – Robert Helms, present, verbal report. Due to problems with the printing of
the current InterpreTexan a special mailing of the motions to change By-Laws, conference registration
form, conference agenda and presenter bios will be sent to members March 21. The early registration
deadline will not be extended.

Forums Committee – Melody Hull, not present, no report.

Legislative Committee – Deidra Fuller, not present, no report.

Scholarship and Awards Committee – Cindy Wright, not present, no report. Those not awarded
scholarships will be given the option to register using the early registration fees.

Nominations Committee – Sherri Roberts, present, still need nominees for Nominating Committee, Audit
Committee and Legislative Chair. Also, need two nominees for Trustees.

Other Committees:
Recruiting, Retention and Member Benefits Committee (Nancy Thomas, Ida Flanary, Joanne Warren,
Windy Rossi, Israel Villalobos). Written report. Motion to accept report and extend the committee under
New Business.

Chapter Reports:
AID, Austin, Doug Dittfurth – present, same report as last Board meeting.
BVID, Brazos Valley, Sherri Roberts – present, written report.
CCID, Corpus Christi, Nancy Vasquez – present, written report.
ETGID, East Texas Guild, Carol Washington – present, verbal report. The chapter is doing quite well, now
have a total of 22 members after several interpreters joined during a recent workshop.
EPRID, El Paso, Israel Villalobos – present, written report.
GHID, Houston, Robert Helms – present, no report.
GTID, Golden Triangle, Karen Corbello – not present, no report.
HOTID, Heart of Texas Interpreters for the Deaf, Lori Wrzesinski – not present, no report.
HOPRID, Heart of the Plains, Melissa Hays– present, written report.
McRID, Montgomery County, Phreda Woods (Eileen Shriver)– present, no report.
NCTRID, Dallas area, Windy Rossi - present, written report.
PBID, Permian Basin, Teresa Minchew – present, written report.
RGVID, Rio Grande Valley, Roland Quesada - not present, no report. Susan Tiller met with this chapter
and they will be holding a general meeting next month.
SARID, San Antonio, Jo Hilton – not present, written report.
TVID, Trinity Valley, TVID has merged with NCTRID. The dissolution of TVID will come before the
membership for vote at the Annual Business Meeting as a motion from the Board.

SIG Reports:
AAITO - Jackie Bruce, not present, no report.
Contract Interpreters – Deanna Kappelman, not present, no report.
Educational Interpreters – Paige Abshire, not present, no report.
Interpreter Coordinators –vacant.
Interpreter Educators – Laura Judkins, not present, no report.
Religious Interpreters - Linda Crow, not present, no report.
Students – Lisa Miller/Eric Breland, Lisa present, written report.

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Minutes for March 19, 2005

Unfinished Business:
Model Constitution Revisions, Stella found a copy of the old model that needs to be revised following the
new TSID Constitution. Committee appointed: Lisa Miller, Sherri Roberts, Theresa Minchew, Ida
Flanary, Chris Grooms. This committee will report to the Board by July 1, 2005.

Record Retention Policy, Michela is now working on a rough draft of a document with Michael Moore.

NCTRID/TVID Merger Motion for the Annual Business Motion. This charge has been given to the
Motions and Resolutions Committee. See New Business.

Motion for Lifetime Membership, Randi Turner and Doug Dittfurth will send a formal motion to the
Motions and Resolutions Committee.

New Business:
RID 2005 Conference, Lucy James, Co-Chair. No report.

We need to revise the process for communicating duties to the Committee Chairs, including contact
information for the Board liaison for that committee. Also, may want to ask each Chair to submit a report
at each Board meeting. Consider giving newly elected Chairs a packet of the information that they will
need to fulfill their duties. One idea is to have Chairs submit reports on-line via the web site.

Organizational Membership Dues, TAD. Stella suggested that the Presidents of TSID and TAD both join
each others’ organizations as representatives of their respective organizations.

Mentorship Grant, Nancy reported that the committee has worked on establishing a mentoring program and
has two motions to present to the Board.

FY05-05-01 (Nancy Thomas, Teresa Minchew) Move that TSID partner with Randi Turner to write a
grant for a mentoring project.

FY05-05-02 (Nancy Thomas, Teresa Minchew) Move that TSID apply to RID for the $2000 mentorship
Robert Helms and Doug Dittfurth are willing to help write this proposal.

FY05-05-03 (Nancy Thomas, Ida Flanary) Move that TSID accept the report of the Recruitment and
Retention Committee as recommendations that TSID adopt; and move that this committee continue for two
more years through 2007 to accomplish these recommendations.

Proposal from The Lorac Group, LLC. Proposal to help organize the TSID 2006 Conference. This might
be a way to convince other Local Chapters to host conference.

FY05-05-04 (Nancy Thomas, Israel Villalobos) Move that TSID contract with the Lorac Group, LLC for
the “Expert Package” for $500 (as a line item on the conference budget for 2006) for the 2006 conference
in El Paso.
Passed. (Phreda Woods abstained from the vote)

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Minutes for March 19, 2005

FY05-05-05 (Michela Steele, Teresa Minchew) Move that all committee chairs be given access to
boardprivate upon being elected for office in the new “Welcome Packet for New Electees.”

FY05-06-05 (Nancy Thomas, Teresa Minchew) Move that the Board bring to the membership a motion to
dissolve TVID.

FY 2005 Remaining Board Meeting Dates:
       April 21, Austin, Pre-Conference Meeting, Conference Hotel

Thank you to NCTRID for hosting today’s meeting and providing lunch.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm CST.

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