1st Grade Predicting with Heckedy Peg by 6sfasQ80


									_________      ________       _______        _______        TEKS: Information Literacy A, C, D, E -
(Date Used)                                                         L. Arts: 1.15 B, 1.15D, S.Studies: 1.17B
                                                                    Reading Literacy A, G -
                                                                    L. Arts: 1.1A, 1.1C, 1.1D, 1.1E, 1.13A, 1.12C
                                                                    Information Acquisition H – L.Arts 1.12F

                                               with Heckedy Peg

Objective:       The student will understand the term “URL” and use a URL to locate a website
related to children’s literature.

       Heckedy Peg by Audrey Wood

       Introduce the book and review its parts: spine, spine label, call number, title page, etc.
       Introduce the book to the students. Talk about the basic premise of a witch tricking some
        children with temptation and the mother’s struggle to save her children.
       Read the story aloud. When you get to the part of the story where the children are telling the
        mother what they want from the market, stress the items to the students and define any items
        unfamiliar to them.
       After the children have been changed into food, have the students predict how the mother will
        be able to identify each of them (by remembering what they wanted from the market).

Closure/Evaluation:           Have students think of other food combinations the author could have
used (ex: milk & cereal, ketchup & French fries, ranch dip & carrots, peanut butter & celery, etc.)

Comments:          This book provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss Don Wood’s use of light in
his paintings. Go through the pages of the story and have the students identify the source of light in
each painting (the window, the fire, the door, the sky, etc.)

See also:     Other Audrey & Don Wood books

Submitted by: Cassie Jones

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