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									                            ORACLE 11g DBA Course Contents

Tasks of a Database Administrator

      To plan and create databases
      To manage database availability
      To manage physical and logical structures
      To manage security
      Network administration
      Backup and recovery
      Database tuning

Oracle 11g Architectural Components

      Oracle Database Server
      Oracle Database Instance,
      Memory Architecture
      Process Architecture

Database Creation

      Understanding required init parameters for DB Creation.
      Creating a Database with DBCA
      Creating a Database with the CREATE DATABASE Statement
      Creating Database using OMF
      Executing post database creation scripts
      Setting up Listener and TNS

Managing Databases

      Database Start up / Shutdown process and options
      Monitoring Alert and Trace files for trouble shooting
      Configuring various memory structures
      Overview of DB Background processes
      Overview of Logical storage structures like Blocks, Extents and Segment.
      Overview of Data Dictionary Views

Managing Tablespaces and Datafiles

      Overview of tablespaces and datafiles.
      Create / Alter of tablespaces
      Adding / Resising of datafiles
      Overview of Oracle Managed Files (OMF)
      Extent Management – Dictionary Managed Tablespaces & Locally Managed
      Big file Tablespaces & Temporary Tablespaces

Managing Control file, Redo Logs and Archive Logs

      Overview of Controlfile
      Control file Contents, Multiplexing and viewing control file information
      Overview of Redologs
      Adding / Dropping Online Redolog groups / members
      Overview of Archive Logs

User Management

      Overview of Users / Schemas
      Understanding Role and Privileges
      Creation and Managing Users
      Managing Resources / Profiles
      Dictionary Views for User Management

Managing UNDO Data

      Overview of Automatic Undo Management
      Understanding Undo Retention and Undo Tablespaces
      Minimum Undo Retention
      Retention Guarantee
      Managing Undo Tablespaces

Managing Tables

      Overview of Tables and Datatypes
      Understanding PCTFree and PCTUsed Concepts
      Row Chaining and Migration, Average Row Length.
      Analyzing Tables, Table Reorganization
      Obtaining Table Information

Managing Indexes

      Overview of Indexes
      Understanding different type of indexes
      Creation / Altering of Indexes
      Rebuilding / Coalescing Indexes
      Identifying unused Indexes
      Overview of Invisible Indexes
      Obtaining Index Information

Oracle Data Loads

      Overview of various data load operations
      Working with SQL Loader
      Working with classic Export / Import utilities
      Understanding and Working with Data Pump
      Overview of Transportable Tablespaces

Distributed Database Management

      Overview of Distributed Database Architecture
      Understanding DB Links and Shared DB Links
      Overview of Dedicated / Shared Server Processes & Dispatchers
      Configuring DB for Shared Server

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