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									       Real Jobs
The Big Event Real Jobs Zone
      March 16, 2010

                In Control

In Control’s mission is to play a key role in the
creation of a new system of social care,
where people will control their support, their
money and their lives as valued citizens

                      A Real Job
    A real job can be where someone is employed by a company
    or organisation, or is self-employed. The person is paid,
    that is to say they do not give their labour for free.

•   Helps the person to meet their life-goals and aspirations.
•   Is valued by managers and colleagues.
•   Gives the person a chance to progress, if they wish to.
•   Has similar hours and times at work as other employees at the
    company or in similar jobs.
• Gives employment rights and the other benefits accorded to
    colleagues and others in similar jobs
...very similar to the definition in Valuing Employment Now

Valuing Employment Now

    The role of Personal Budgets
 (from Valuing Employment Now)
The move to personal budgets...provides an
important opportunity to support adults with
learning disabilities into work. Personal
budgets can and should be used for this.
Learning Disability Partnership Boards will be
encouraged to review day service
modernisation plans, to ensure that they have
employment at their heart... twelve other key areas....
 What have we discovered so far?
• Every individual is different: we all have
  different strengths and different support
• Each ‘group’ of people has different strengths
  and needs: we need to be sensitive to
• Each locality is different: we must build on
  strengths, and recognise weaknesses

Work and Jobs pages
•Valuing Employment Now, strategy
•Work and Jobs Facts Sheets
•What is a Great Job?
•Buy What about my Benefits?
•So how do I get a job?
•What if I need help?
•If the help isn’t there, what do I do?

•What’s a great job for me
•Get your job in 4 steps
•Finding the right job
•What about benefits
•Customised employment
•Customised planning
•Negotiating with
•Using supported
•Writing an ad
•My job by Wendy Perez

      The Real Jobs programme
1. Diagnosis and strategic planning phase
2. Tailored programme, incorporating:
• Developing a customised employment
• Family led jobs
• Self-employment
• Etc.

              Steering Group
•   Andrew Tyson
•   Anne O’Bryan
•   Keith Bates
•   Wendy Perez
•   Susan Allott
•   Steve Beyer
•   Nicola Gitsham
•   Ellen Atkinson
•   Chris East
• Cost – 7K for diagnosis phase for IC members
• Start – as soon as possible
• Diagnosis phase – includes 5 on-site visits,
  including 3 workshops
• Duration – by negotiation, up to 2 years
• Strategic focus – Valuing Employment Now,
  PSA16, Putting People First and Right to
  Control (braided funding streams), Getting a
  Life pilots (transition)
 UCP: United Cerebral Palsy’s Six
year Choice Access Project, 1993-
Mike Callahan, Nancy Sullivan, Abby Cooper,
 Susan Wells

              UCP: Design Features

an individual budget directed by participants

Differentiated roles:
  Choice Coordinator, Employment Advisor

Highly structured
        individual planning job development

Extensive technical assistance & training
UCP: Finding the Right Job

What do you do best?
Recognize that no one knows me better than I do, though others
may have helpful perspectives.
What would your best possible job be like?
Identify careers based on personal talents, skills, interests and
Understand the importance of work.
Who do you know that could help you out with . . . ? Using natural
supports the person has and chooses
   UCP: United Cerebral Palsy’s 6 year Choice
   Access Project, 1993-1999

• Detroit, New Orleans and Pittsburgh
• 285 people applied
• 260 people accepted - only people with severe +
  multiple disabilities re communication, manipulation &
  mobility difficulties.
• 40% also had learning disabilities
• 221 participants made plans
• 134 participants became employed (61%)
• 29 became self-employed (13%)
Customised Employment in
         the UK

  Developing local capacity for everyone that wants a career
A process that really works
Best supported employment practice:
 All stakeholders engaged
 Person centred planning techniques
 Updated technology – digital photography,
  PowerPoint profiles and portfolios

Best employer practice:
 Disability Equality Duty
 Lean Systems
 Reasonable adjustment

                 Real Careers
Customised Employment
Discovery               Profile
 What am I already good at?
Person centred job planning
 Led by the job seeker, focused on what
 works, aimed at potential employers
Employer discovery and negotiation
 Job seeker’s priorities, employer needs
 analysis, workplace analysis, reasonable
 adjustments and support         Career
     Family Led Jobs
Aligning the efforts of people who want
   careers, their families, friends and
services, Anne O’Bryan and Steve Parr
Key Aims
 – Find people who want real jobs but are
   having trouble getting them
 – Use best practice from the USA and UK
 – Combine family commitment and
   enthusiasm with local service support

                Shared learning
                Permanent paid jobs
    for 5 to 7 people
         Family Led Jobs
Key Actions

  Support to families to get involved, invite
   others and complete the process successfully

  Welfare Rights session
  Day 1 - Introduction and Discovery Process
  Day 2 - Getting to the Planning Meeting
  Day 3 – Employer Discovery & Job Negotiation
     Family Led Jobs


Discovery          Action
Chris was sixteen and still at school. It was difficult to think about his
employment pathway but a local supported employment service helped put
together his profile.

          Chris has courage
          and enjoys a challenge !
          Informal Work Experience
          Chris uses most appliances at home including:
          Nintendo Wii / game consoles
          Microwave / cooker hob
          T.V. / Sky
          Computer / Internet and microsoft word
          Basics of central heating
          Mobile phones
          Shower / bath / taps

          He often lays the table and helps with the
             laundry …. Unprompted!

“Discovery makes us think much more positively about Chris”.
 Veronica, Chris’s Mother
        Current Levels of Performance :
           Chris naturally keeps his room tidy and always makes his bed and
            folds/puts away his clothes.
           He can load/unload the washing machine/tumble
           Carries Ironing up and downstairs
           He can hoover when asked.
           He can make a simple lunch.
           Chris always makes us all a drink when asked.
           He lays the table at mealtimes very neatly!!
           He will answer the phone and call for person.
                                            –
            Chris will help put away shopping with motivation.
           Switches off lights and unused electric sockets(Fire!)
           He can lock the house up for the night!

Although he’s only 16 we can already see Chris has a lot to
offer an employer . . .
Chris has had personalised work experience at the
Co-Op supported by his school and family…

             Chris is ready to work

                                            Chris is ready to
                                            now consider
                                            your Job Offers !

            Contact Chrisdirect or via his representatives on:
            Te l :01803 310776- Veronica & Alistair Dowall (his
            parents), or, 01803 521612for Pluss (his Supported
            Employment Agency)

 And is now looking for a job in the hotel industry…


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