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									               Ch. 2.2
Similarities/Differences in

  How does Sports & Entertainment
 Marketing change the Marketing Mix?
           We have to look at…
• What we are selling and promoting?
  – Is selling and promoting a box of cereal
    the same as selling and promoting a
    sports team or an entertainment event
    (concert, movie)??

  – Whatever our product is, we must look
    at the product, then determine the most
    effect ways to advertise, promote, and
    market it to our consumers!
           How does…
Sports & Entertainment change the
         Marketing Mix???

              The Four P’s
  Product, Price, Place and Promotion!

Let’s look at the 4 P’s for S & E Products!
• Sports & Entertainment Marketing requires us to
  sell and market two types of products…

• Core Product – Game or Event itself.

• Ancillary Product – Related to or created
  from core product.
  – T-shirts
  – DVD
  – Stage Show
  – Book
  – Toys
• Prices must be charged for tickets, food, merchandise, etc…and we
  have to pay our athletes and staff!

• So, do issues occur with sports and entertainment marketing that don’t
  with most other goods and services?

• Professional athletes make lots of $, so fans become disappointed
  when they strike for more $! Fan Loyalty can be affected.

• Ticket scalpers and online sellers can sell tickets at cheaper prices.

• Piracy is a problem for creators of music…
   – NAPSTER and illegal downloading has been an issue…

• Intellectual Property – idea, concept, or created work that needs to

• Royalties need to be paid for the use of ones work!
• Once we get our team and venue set, we have to make it a
  place people want to come to!

• Having Occasion Appeal will get people to
  your event and keep them coming back!
   – Other things marketers can do, other than the
     game or event, to add to the appeal and keep
     their fan base…
      •   Prizes at the game
      •   Good food
      •   Souvenirs
      •   Soundtracks/DVD’s
      •   Contests/giveaways
• The types of promotions used to promote
  S & E products are…
• Product Tie-ins – Use of merchandise as a
  promotional tool
  – Happy Meal at McDonalds
  – Toy in Cereal Box

• Cross-Promotion – Industries relying on one
  another to promote a product.
  – Celebrities appearing on talk shows
  – Interviews in Magazines
          » Web sites are becoming more & more popular as well!
•   Endorsements are One way to promote our products!

• Must choose endorsements that match
  products with celebrities!!

• The hope is that fans will identify with celebs
  that they admire and purchase products

• What is a good product for Ben Wallace to
• What is a good product for Jessica Simpson to
• The S & E Industry is also seeing
  substantial growth…
• Synergy - Products owned by source
  promote the growth of related products.

• Oprah started with a talk show, and her image is “lifestyle
• The Oprah show is her CORE product, and her
  ANCILLARY products are her magazine, her production
  company, her angel network, and other charities that she
  works with or has created.
• The SYNERGY occurs when fans from one product start
  using, consuming, etc… another product, and then return
  to another, and another… (that cycle is synergy)
        Assignment: 20 Points
• Determine a way to create synergy for a
  – (Can be in the Sports or Entertainment Industry)
• You can choose the celebrity.
• Can’t be Oprah, Dr. Phil, or Rachel Ray
• I want at least 5 other things that celebrity
  can create for themselves to grow and
  create synergy! (Explain EACH)!
• Type the ideas on a Word Doc, print, turn in
  with your names on top!

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