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					Let’s Get Real: The
Truth About Bullying
By: Ashley Berry, Corinne
Blackburn, and Emily Eaton
               The Bully
Who is the bully? The bully can be:

•   Boy or girl
•   Large or small
•   Popular or unpopular
•   Attractive or unattractive
 The three kinds of bullying

1. Verbal bullying- This is the most
   often reported kind of bullying. It
   includes name-calling, taunting, cruel
   criticism, and racist slurs. This
   bullying can take place in person,
   over the phone, or even e-mail.
   This kind of bullying is the easiest to
   get away with.
2. Physical bullying- This kind of
   bullying includes slapping, hitting,
   choking, poking, kicking, pinching,
   biting, scratching, and spitting. It
   also includes destroying personal
3. Relational bullying- This kind of
  bullying includes ignoring, isolating,
  excluding, or shunning.
            The Bullied
The warning signs of a kid that is being
 bullied are:

• Stealing money from home
• Has torn or missing clothing
• Plays alone or prefers to hang around
• Takes an unusual route to school
      Why Kids Don’t Tell
• They are ashamed of being bullied
• They don’t think anyone can or will
• They have learned that “ratting” on a
  peer is not cool
• They are afraid of retaliation
          The Bystander
The bystander is the one to see the
 person get bullied, but usually does
 nothing about it. The bystander is
 afraid that if he/she tells they will
 become a new target to get bullied.
What Do I Do If I See Someone
       Being Bullied?
              Just remember CARES!

Creative Problem Solving- Come up with helpful ways
  to deal with bullying
Adult Help- This is not tattling when it keeps others
Relate and Join- Join with and support the victims
Empathy- Try to understand the feelings of the victim
Stand Up and Speak Out- Say, “Bullying is not
     What Can I Do If I’m Being
                     Just Think HA,HA,SO!

Help- When someone bullies you, you can ask other students,
   teachers, parents, or siblings to help you
Assert Yourself- When someone picks on you, you can say
   “Please stop that. I don’t like it.”
Humor- You can try to find a funny way to deal with the bully
Avoid- stay away from kids who are mean
Self talk- When someone is mean to you, say to yourself “I’m
   okay, this is that kid’s problem, and being mean isn’t right.”
Own It- Deflect a put down by owning it. For example, if
   someone says “That’s an ugly dress,” you can say “I don’t like it
   either, but my mom made me wear it.”
  What To Do If You’re Being
Remember to use HA,HA,SO. This
 includes: Helping, asserting yourself,
 using humor, avoiding mean kids, self-
 talk, and owning it.
Also remember that it is your right not
 to be bullied. Ask adults and friends
 for help.
     Why Bullying Matters
      What Happens To The Bully
Bullies are at risk for problems, too. Bullying
 is violence, and it often leads to more
 violent behavior as the bully grows up. Some
 teen bullies end up being rejected by their
 peers and lose friendships as they grow
 older. Bullies may also fail in school and not
 have the career or relationship success that
 other people enjoy.
      Why Bullying Matters
         What Happens to the Bullied
One of the most painful aspects of bullying is its
 relentlessness. The seemingly never-ending nature
 of bullying can put a person in a state of constant
 fear, and kids who are bullied may find their
 schoolwork and health suffering.
Studies show that people who are abused by their
 peers are at risk for mental health problems such as
 depression or anxiety. They may also think about
 suicide more.
              Myths Vs Facts
Myth:Name-calling and teasing are just normal parts
  of growing up.
Fact: This behavior is not normal and needs to be
Myth:Boys are usually the bullies.
Fact:Girls are becoming more physically aggressive and
  the relational bullying they do can be extremely
Myth:If we ignore minor incidents they’ll go away
Fact:No. This behavior will continue unless we
  confront it for what it is.
Bullies are very mean,
They’re tall or small and sometimes lean,
All I know is what they do,
Is bully, bully kids like you.

I watched a fight this afternoon,
But I had to go away too soon,
When I left the bully yelled,
“Give me the money by the morning bell!”

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