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     Fuzzy Friends
     By:Sierrra Hill
             What is a Ferret?
   A ferret is a small mammal that belongs to the
    weasel family. A ferret has a long slim body
    with short legs and a long tail.
         Where do Ferrets live?
   In the wild Ferrets normally live in rough
    grassland, scrubland, and on fringes of forests
    of western North America.
             Species of Ferrets
   The two species of Ferrets are the Domestic
    Ferret and the Black-Footed Ferret.
        What is a Ferret’s Diet ?
   In the wild a Ferret would eat prairie dogs ,
    although they sometimes feed on mice, ground
    squirrels, snakes, and ground-nesting birds.
   In captivity a Ferret would eat food from a
    local pet store.
              Interesting Facts
   Roman’s used ferrets to hunt rabbits.
   Domestic ferrets are kept as pets or used for
    hunting rabbits and rats.
   It is believed that the domestic ferret was
    derived from the European polecat, Mustela
American Ferret Association
     Color Standards
              Guard            Undercoat         Eyes            Nose
Albino        White to Cream   White to Cream    Ruby Red        Pink

Black         True Black       White or slight   Black or near   Black, near black, or
                               golden hue        black           speckled black

Black Sable   Dark ash         White to cream    Dark brown or   Ash blackish brown
              blackish brown                     near black

Champagne     Tan              white or cream    Light to dark   Beige

Chocolate     Milk chocolate   White to golden   brown           pink

Cinnamon      Rich light       golden            Light or dark   Brick colored
              reddish brown                      burgundy

Dark-eyed     White to cream   White to cream    Burgundy        Pink only

Sable         Warm deep        white             Brown or near   Light brown
              brown                              black
          Stars that have ferrets
   Paris Hilton was seen carrying around a ferret
   Hilton said: “My animals make me really
    happy. I just love my pets. I have 11 dogs,
    three ferrets, two rabbits, two monkeys, and
    three cats.”
   Ferrets are social creatures who are intelligent,
    inquisitive and persevering. They are
    delightful companions who require several
    hours of supervised play time each day.
             Ferrets in Movies
   A ferret was shown in Harry Potter and the
    Goblet of Fire when Professor Moody
    transformed Draco Malfoy into one.
             Are Ferrets Illegal?
   In California ferrets are illegal.
                  Info links
   www.ferret.org
   For ferret photos go to www.ferretguy.com
Now you know
 about ferrets!

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