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					Mobile Sites and Mobile SEO

       Mobile Sites &
        Mobile SEO
                              Did you know?
• 90% of mobile users in US and Western Europe have
  a web-enabled phone- Source Comscore 2010
  Mobile Year in review
• Mobile Web use is growing faster than application
  use – Source
• The current industries seeing the most growth in
  mobile searches are business, entertainment, and
  travel (30% in Restaurant category)
• Mobile Searchers tend to use the same search
  engine on their mobile device as they use on their PC
Traditional Online    Emerging Platforms     Future Investment


           Social Media
                                 Landing Pages
                                Paid Advertising
                   Solve a Need… Mobile Problems

Mobile users face four main usability
•   Small screens
•   Awkward input
•   Download delays
•   Poorly-designed sites
                                         In the past

1900 - innovation   1983 - portability       2010+ – smart phone
Today– a 3 screen future
                                     Types of Activities

• Communication (including email,
social network sites, forums, using a
camera application to send a picture to a
• Information seeking (examples
include finding business hours, stores,
locations, directions, checking news,
sport information, movie times),
• Data handling (e.g., uploading a
picture, installing an application),
• Entertainment (e.g., watching video),
• Transactions (e.g., shopping, banking)
                                 Mobile Sites vs Full Sites

1. If your budget allows for a mobile site, build one: your
users will do better with it.
2. Use site analytics to determine how much your site is
accessed from mobile devices and to decide whether it’s
worth building a mobile site and which platform to prioritize
3. Build a mobile site if people do small, quick transactions
on your site under time pressure.
4. Build a mobile site if people use your site to communicate
with each other.
5. Build a mobile site if people come to your site to kill time
and browse.
6. Do not build a mobile site if your full site has a shallow
information structure and limited functionality (1–4 possible
                                Mobile Website

• Auto-Detect Mobile Phones. Mobile-friendly websites
  automatically detect that users are on a mobile device
  and then display the appropriate version of the site.
• Clear Calls to Action. The most important features of
  the site should be at the top of the page and should
  include clear calls to actions.
• Avoid Mobile-Unfriendly Elements. The design should
  avoid mobile-unfriendly elements such as flash, large
  images, video, and complex layouts.
                            Mobile Websites Continued

Fluidity. Design with a fluid layout that will gracefully
adapt to a range of typical mobile screen resolutions.
Touch Interface. Touch screens don’t have hover states
— it’s all about fingers tapping, so don’t build a site that
requires users to move their mouse over menus or other
elements. Also, make sure links and other clickable
elements are big enough to tap with a fingertip.
Scrolling. Limit scrolling to one direction — the site
should only scroll vertically. Having to manage a page
that scrolls horizontally and vertically is difficult to
                                   Mobile Sites

One Window. Avoid pop-ups and new windows. A user’s
entire experience should take place in a single window.
Simple Navigation. Simplify your navigation. Typically, a
site’s traditional navigation is too complex for a mobile
Clean Code. Most desktop web browsers allow a lot of
leeway when rendering HTML and will usually display a
site correctly, even if the code has flaws. Mobile browsers
usually have less room for error, so there is an added
value to having clean, simple code.
                              Mobile Sites Cont’d

Use Alt Tags. Sometimes images won’t load, either
because of issues with the mobile browser or because a
user’s connection is too slow. Always include descriptive
alt tags for images, in case they don’t appear.
Label Forms. Some modern websites embed form
labels inside the form field. On mobile, it’s much more
difficult to keep track of the fields, and users often
make use of “next/previous” buttons built into they
keyboard. Without clear labels alongside the form
fields, it might be impossible to know what information
is supposed to be in which field.
                         Last but not least –Mobile Sites

Escape Hatch. Sometimes users just need to use your
normal site. If possible, always have a link back to the
original, Full site and from your Desktop site to your
mobile site
                            Did you know…

1 in 7 searches on Google are
performed on a mobile device

                           Google’s keyword tool
                           provides mobile keywords
                           and volume
                       Keyword Query Context

Google’s research:
• 59% of smartphone users
  report using the mobile
  Internet while waiting in line
• 48% report using it while
• 44% report using it while
                            Mobile Search vs Desktop

Local results are more likely in mobile

Image search optimization and video SEO often
have a low priority in enterprise SEO, but will play a
crucial role in Mobile Search
                      Like me, Like me Not

No Google Plus One in mobile
results (yet)

                          Fewer places to filter in
                          Mobile may mean a
                          higher CTR in mobile
                                                 Mobile SEO
1. Validating the page with the .Mobi
   Validator or the W3C Validator                     Low
2. Following ‘traditional’ on-site SEO Best           in Mobile
Practices such as:                                    SEO means
 * Major keywords in the title tagging                big
 * H1′s and body text                                 opportunity
 * Rich keyword Meta Titles and Descriptions          for your
 * Keyword-rich anchor text for internal links
3. Have dedicated Link building Campaign
for the Mobile Site
                                     Mobile SEO Continued

3. Mobile Search results tend to reflect ‘Local Search results’ – your site
   must be optimized for local type searches. Also submit your business
   info to local directories making sure your site is verified and included
   in sites like Google’s Local Business Center.

4. Get the Mobile Site spidered and indexed – submit to major search

  * Google Sitemaps
  * Yahoo! Submit Your Mobile Site

5. Standard domain names and URLs (,,, should all point to your mobile site.
If you can afford only one of these domains, use
Mobile Keyword Research Tool
                                    Great Tools to use
• - see how your site looks on an ipad
   – Note: Flash works so not fully accurate (disable the flash plugin)
• - how your site looks on an iphone
• - Sees how mobile friendly
  your site is and checks against W3C Compliance
• - makes the page mobile-
  web-friendly by trimming the content down to its bare
  instant-test- mobile readiness test gives you a score
  between 1 and 5 based on an analysis of over 30 proven
  mobile web development techniques
‘The Market doesn’t know what it
      wants until it sees it.’
            ~JK Rowling, Author
                           Next Steps

• Look for a blog post on Mobile Sites vs
  Mobile SEO
• Review Analytics of existing sites for
  Mobile Traffic and see if a Mobile Site is
• Upgrade SEO to include Mobile SEO
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Description: Let’s start with the premise that, given the growing demand and popularity of mobile sites you decide it’s time to consider a mobile website for your business. However, you remain a somewhat skeptical whether you need a mobile website for ‘your’ business and the prospect of building one leaves you even more puzzled.