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									Workshop on Notifiable Avian
Influenza in Southern Africa,
  Pretoria 7 - 9 March 2006

   Angola Country Report

       By Dr. Filipe Vissesse
        Dr. Edgar Dombolo
Routes of migratory bird in

Migratory wilds birds routes
Área: 1.246.700 Km2
Population: 15 million
Rural Population. + 70 %
GDP Agriculture: 8 %
Livestock: 3.8%
              Risk of Introdution
   + 50 species Wild birds:
    Migratory e.g.: Ciconia ciconia, Flamingo ssp, water
    duck, Hirundo rustica, H. cucullata, etc..
   Residents: Cuco cafer, C. Solitarius, Guinea fowl, Quails,
    Ostriches, etc..
   Farming systems specially in rural areas
   Formal and Informal trade markets
   Imports poultry produts (meat, day-old-chicken, hatching
    eggs, eggs, etc..), feed, equipment, etc,
   Poor veterinary staff and lab. capacity diagnosis,
    infrastructures and equipment,
   Poor communications facilities
Migratory birds
 Contact between wild birds,
domestic poultry and markets
Farming systems
             Poultry Population
Province    Population Province       Population
Bengo          900.000 Lunda Sul            190.000
Benguela     1.000.000 Malange              700.000
Bié          1.000.000 Moxico                 46.000
Cabinda        500.000 Namibe               105.000
Cunene       1.000.000 K. Kubango           250.000
Huambo       1.000.000 Kwanza Norte         500.000
Huila        1.600.000 Kwanza Sul         1.000.000
Luanda       5.000.000 Uige               1.000.000
Lunda Norte    180.000 Zaire                980.000
Total                                    16.951.000
           Poultry Species

        Species                  Population
Commercial chickens                      1.000.000
Non Commercial chickens                14.000.000
Ostriches                 Information not available
Ducks and Geeses                        1. 951.000
Total                                  16. 951.000
              Human Resources
Personnel                 Institutions               quantity
Veterinary ISV, IIV, FCA, MININT, Private and NGOs       237
Technical   ISV, IIV, FCA, Private and NGOs              560
Basics      ISV, IIV, FCA, Private and NGOs              300
TOTAL                                                  1.097
Medical     MINDEF, MINSA, PRIVATE and NGOs            1.750
Nurse       MINDEF, MINSA, PRIVATE and NGOs           10.000
Basics      MINDEF, MINSA, PRIVATE and NGOs           20.000
TOTAL                                                 31.750
     No diagnostic capacity for
 AI, in existing labs (vet & human)

Veterinary 05 (Lubango, Cabinda, Wako, Benguela
Human      17 (one per province) + 10 in Luanda
           (Gov. & private)
 National Contingency Plan elaborated
 Suspect situation: Active surveillance (Field
  visits for sampling, movement control and
 Outbreak situation: Stamping out with
  concerned mesures.
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