Four traditional Mexican dishes you must try

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					Four traditional Mexican dishes you must try
Authentic Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. Many traditional dishes date
back to pre-Hispanic times, and chefs in gourmet Mexican restaurants who whip up these
delicious dishes often cite the colourful markets and street food of Mexico as their source of
inspiration. Here are four delectable dishes which must be sampled when dining in a Mexican

Chilaquiles are a staple food in Mexico, invented centuries ago by Mexican folk who wanted to
make something great out of slightly stale tortillas. Today, Chilaquiles have transformed from
the creative leftover dish, to the star of the Mexican lunch menu. They are served sizzling, in a
red or green pepper sauce, with cheese melting on top. Epazote, a traditional Mexican herb, is
usually sprinkled on the surface, along with sour cream and raw onion, all of which combine to
create the creamy, tangy flavour which defines this dish. You el camion can also try out red
Chilaquiles, which are toasted tortillas made with a blend of purple chillies and fresh tomatoes.

The Tamale is a dish at the heart of Mexican gastronomy. Swaddled amongst cornhusks or
banana leaves, is soft, chewy maize, a slow cooked pepper sauce and chicken marinated in green,
yellow or black mole sauce. A thick bean paste is spread across this, along with a sprinkling of
herbs, and the dish is usually served with green salsa and sweet dried fruit.

When it comes to delicious soups, Mexico knows its stuff. Pozole is an ancient broth soup recipe
which actually dates all the way back to the pre-Columbian period. It’s made using hominy, and
is slowly stewed with either pork or chicken for several hours. After the flavours have combined
and the meat has tenderised, the soup is served with chilli, oregano, lime, onion and radish. This
is a wonderfully spicy, warming dish, perfect to try when dining out in the winter months.

You don’t have to miss out on authentic Mexican culinary fare just because you’re trying to eat
well. One of the most popular and tasty dishes served in Mexican restaurants is the chicken
fajita, which provided it is prepared correctly, can actually be a surprisingly healthy dish. Make
sure that the chicken is grilled, rather than fried, and eat it with refreshing tomato salsa and
coriander, rather than guacamole. This dish is typically served with onions and peppers, so make
sure to ask for an extra helping of these nutrient rich vegetables.

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