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									My I love choo-choo’s (and
other swell things) Tsarist
       Survival guide
           By Zak
  Why did the Tsar Survive this

Point 1: The Rebels Lacked Direction
 (Due to its spontaneous nature, the revolt

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The peasants, workers, and liberal politicians al
  wanted very different and sometimes
  contradictory things. The Liberals in particular
  were scared by the newly unleashed forces (A
  famous quote by Struvel; “Thank God for the
  Tsar, who has saved us from the people!”). In
  general, most sources point to the idea that very
  few people wanted all out Revolutionary
  Change, they merely wanted concessions from
  the Tsar.
LEADERSHIP                      Hi, I
                              you from
Lenin was in London,         yesterday’s
  Stalin in Siberia, and        ppt!
  Trotsky alienated many
  would be followers with
  his plan to actually
  overthrow the Tsar
  AND the entire political
  Why did the Tsar Survive this
Point 2: The Tsar appeased the majority
 with the concessions made to Liberals
 and the Peasants

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*The lack of unity among his opponents
  made it easy for the Tsar to divide them

*The October Manifesto served to split the
  moderates from the revolutionaries.
were satisfied with the Tsar’s promise of
 land reform and agricultural disturbances
 fell off dramatically.

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feared “anarchy more than monarchy”
  (McAuley) were satisfied with the Tsar’s
  promise of a legislative Duma and a
  relaxation of censorship laws.
  Why did the Tsar Survive this
The Tsar uses the Army and Black
 Hundreds to crush the Proletariat

*The autocracy never really lost control of
  their main instruments of oppression. This
  aided greatly in its survival:
             THE POLICE
• arrested the leaders of the St. Petersburg
  Soviet, including Trotsky.

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             THE ARMY
• brutally crushed a Moscow strike killing
  100 persons…and Lenin arrived too late to
  play a role in the situation

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Crushed other riots in the Baltic and Georgia
 and killed many Jews in Odessa

The workers lacked the will to further resist,
 General Strikes called in St. Petersburg
 and Moscow had slowed or calmed and
 most workers, needing to feed their
 families, simply returned to work.
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    So, If everything was so
      bad…what were the
  changes/significances of the
      1905 Revolution?

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               The Duma
Regardless of its successes or failures, it
 had been established, and it had been a
 popular idea to provide hope and
 conversation for people and politics.
The St. Petersburg Soviet – also
   established, it displayed strong
working class solidarity to be useful
 in later necessary circumstances.
The division between different opposition groups had been

  (a) the Social Revolutionaries controlled the peasentry
  (which they held until after the Bolshevik takeover)

  (b) the Social Democrats were cought unaware and lost
  credibility (and in turn, quite a bit of membership…90%
  by 1905.).
The End

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