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        The essay on the theme:

“The analysis of            Russian                students`
knowledge              of the Bologna process. ”

                                    Written by
                                    the 1st year student
                                    Milacheva Tatiana

                Moscow      2007

The analysis of students` knowledge of the Bologna process in Russia.

       First of all the Bologna process is meant for students. It is very important to analyze
students’ knowledge and their opinions. There are several universities joined the Bologna
program. I have chosen only 5 five of them. These are institutions of higher education with
different location and attitudes to Bologna process. This list of universities can show us a picture
of Russian students’ knowledge of the process. It will be            efficient to consider this theme on
three levels:
       -Work of universities` administration
       -Students` activity and involvement in the process
       -Picture in the mass media
                         Work of universities` administration
       The first and second points are closely connected. Here it is a table with 3 columns:
completeness of web sites’ content, conferences and own projects. This data can give us
information about universities activity.

 The name of Lomonosov    Higher School Peoples’                        Saint            Internationa
 the         Moscow State of Economics  Friendship                      Petersburg       l university
 University  University                 University                      State            of business
                                        of Russia                       University       and      new
 Completenes        ,         www.mubin
 s of web         Different            Information        Reports,
 site's content   articles-            page        about documents,      Articles,       Detailed
 (from 1 to 4     interviews with      Bologna            Bologna’s     reports about information
 points)          universities         process:           Seminars      Bologna’s        about
                  workers,             articles, detailed and     other seminars.        conferences
                  information          reports,           information. 2 points from ,          which
                  from different       documents and      3     points 4                 were in this
                  sites and own        descriptions of from 4                            University.
                  remarks .            the international                                 1      points
                                       program.                                          from 4
                                       4 points from 4
                                                          Conference                     The
                  2points from 4                          of                             Internationa
 Conferences,     “The       second    Monitoring of participants The            second l
 own projects     International        Russian            of        the International    scientificall
                  scientific       -   Universities       educational seminar            y-practical
                  practical            which              project of “Russia        and conference
                  conference;          participate     in European      the European “Bologna
                  November 2004        Bologna            commission space of higher process: the
                  in     Moscow.”      process:           “Tuning       education:       European
                  One of the           - The survey Educational plans               and and Russian
                  discussed            “Bologna with Structures         prospects after experience
                  questions       is   students eyes” In Europe”, the             Berlin universities
                  universities`        in the context of took place conference”,         managemen

                participant  in   the project “The     in Bruxelles   on      29-30th    t"
                Bologna           monitoring of        in      June   October,           In
                process.          participation of     2006       .   2003.“Integrati    November,
                Training “ The    Russian              Russian        on            of   December
                transition   to   universities in      variant of     educational        2006, took
                two-cycle study   Bologna              glossary       systems into a     place in in
                system in the     process”             terms of the   context of the     Yaroslavl.
                context      of   -"The analysis       European       international
                Bologna           of problems and      higher         cooperation:
                process”          prospects of the     education.     experience and
                December          Russian higher                      prospects” on
                2006,        in   school                              December,
                Dresden.          integration     in                  5th, 2003
                                  the     European
                                  space of the
                                  higher      social
                                  and economic
                                  education "

       Higher School of Economics and Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia successfully
participate in the new system. The table demonstrates us what conferences and own projects on
Bologna process are there. These universities take part in different researches and in
international meetings. Their administrations cooperate with federal mass media and comment
on some aspects of the Bologna process.
       International university of business and new technologies is a regional educational
institution. It shows activity, invites foreign specialists and considers questions of student
exchange. Saint Petersburg State University is the most prestigious institution of higher
education in this part of the country. There were several important international conferences .
The head of this university willingly introduces new standards in traditional educational system.
Lomonosov Moscow State University treats the Bologna process with caution. It is for a long
time that its administration criticizes a new way of education. The Faculty of Sociology joined
this system only in September 2006.       According to inquiries the major part of students from
different faculties knows only about degree structures.       Unfortunately the lack of information
can be a characteristic feature of some other universities as well.

       -Students` activity and involvement in the process
       There is a group of students, which knows about the Bologna process only basic
positions. At best only somebody       knows by hearsay about exchanging programs and credit
system, facilitating student and teacher mobility. According to the research “Bologna with
students eyes” the level of knowledge about ECTS system is very low, students know more
about mobility and participants in management of university.

       The shortage of information influences on negative attitudes to Bachelor’s Degree. Only
three percents of students would prefer 4-year level of education, if they had such a choice. Not
all understand the difference between     a master’s degree and a specialist with 5-year form of
education. There are not many students, who paid attention to the Bologna process, when they
were choosing a university. I mean first-second year students, because Russia signed the
Bologna Declaration in 2003.
       Some students explain       their low level of knowledge by not planning to take part in
international exchanging programs and working abroad.
        Though, about 72 % of students would agree to study in European country during the
year, but   not everybody      knows who should pay for education. There aren’t      many students
who can call name of universities cooperated         with their educational institution or different
conditions of exchange schemes. But in comparison with previous years the number of students
participated in international programs has increased greatly. In 2003 the number of students was
397, and by 2006 it rose by 577 in Higher School of Economics. It had its peak in 2005, with
678. No doubt these data confirm not only activity         of universities` administration but also
students` interest and involvement in the process.

                      Picture in the mass media

       Information about the Bologna program appears in universities media. Newspaper of
Higher School of Economics “Vyshka” considers it very important to cover such theme. There
are many articles about main principals, advantages and disadvantages of the process, reports
about Bologna’s seminars, and interviews with students, taking part in international program.
       Information about the Bologna process appear from time to time in different brochures
published by universities. Certainly there can be some difficulties with receiving print materials,
so it is necessary to use information on web sites. I tried to pay attention to completeness of web
site's content and specify the information location. Sometimes you can face an uncomfortable
search system. There are references to materials on the Bologna process from main page only in
3 universities, (except Lomonosov Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg State
University). This has an influence on the level of students` knowledge, because the Internet as
whole and universities sites especially recently became the basic sources of knowledge.

        The name of the 2003 .          2004 .   2005 .      2006 .     2007 .

         “Московский         12;        4       7           8           2
         “Mk “
        “Коммерсантъ”        3          2       2            1          2
        “Известия”           3          3       5           3           3
        “Российская          7          16      12           13         4
        “Акция”              -          -       -           2           -
        “Комсомольская       -          1       -           5           1
                             12         10      23          10          9
        ИА REGNUM

        Sum       total   of
        articles per year    37         36      49          42          21

       It is very important to consider not only universities media, but federal as well. Second
table shows us the dynamics of publications per year.       Six print media and one news agency
“Regnum” were chosen for analysis. Newspapers cover political and society events first of all.
The fifth newspaper “Aktsia” is popular among young people and it’s free of charge. It could be
efficient to write about Bologna process in this newspaper or in similar to it, but unfortunately
they printed only two articles about the process.
       As we can see from the table the number of messages are increase until 2006 year. But
the difference between 2005, 2006 and we can suppose between 2007 is little. Television doesn’t
find enough air time    for information about Bologna process. I mean news programs, because
from time-to-time there appear special programs and sometimes this topic is discussed in talk
shows. Special regularity appears after reading the most part of articles.
        Journalists started to write about new standards of education in 2003, several months in
front of the subscription of the Declaration, but the most part of people didn’t know enough
about this theme. There were numerous doubts about its benefits and Russia’s participation in
the process. The basic message was negative at that time.
       Later, in 2004-2005 the main problem was how Russian traditional high school can
combine with European standards of education. There were a lot of debates about advantages

and disadvantages of the Bologna process. Questions      concerning degree structures, student’s
mobility were subject of much controversy.
       Later, in 2006, 2007 the level of common        knowledge in Russia about the Bologna
process increased. It appeared understanding that the Bologna declaration was signed and it was
time to think about system’s developing. Answers to some questions became obvious, big part
of articles are trying to explain particular aspects, like ECTS system and the Diploma

       The level of students’ knowledge in Russia is lower than abroad, though there are
positive changes in comparison with previous years. There is a lot of information about the
Bologna process in the mass media, on different (not only universities) web sites. But those
reports rarely find their addressees. It would be very important to write in internal media.
Reports should accent on new opportunities, changes concerned to students` life. Information
about exchanging programs, conferences and other important events should appear on
corporative web sites.
       The main reason, which influences the students` knowledge, is a work of administration.
Universities` managers as a rule know a lot about different aspects of the Bologna, but it is
difficult to say the same about academic personnel. Administrative workers like students are
often acquainted only with basic statements. Students’ councils can play an important role in
awareness, but such activities develop slowly. Presently these organizations at most work with
other issues.
       The level of information depends on different symposium, which universities organize.
Participation in   seminars can help students to understand the goals of the Bologna process,
cover main questions. Most part of conferences is meant for specialists, though some students
willingly take part in different projects involved in the Bologna process environment. It will be
efficiently to continue such type of work.
       The observance of         recommendations would promote positive changes of students`
knowledge of the Bologna process. It’s important remember that main results           depend on
manager’s policy first of all.

1. The sociological research “Bologna with students eyes” in the context of the project “The
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2. Information from this divisions of web site, Higher School of Economics:
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