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									The Life of A Vietnamese Girl

  Compare my life to yours!!!
          What happened on my birthday?
              Tragedy or Happiness?
   My birthday is December 25th 1984
   I was born in Vietnam
   My family came to the US in 1996

   On my birthday:
   Christmas Day
   Controls on overseas borrowing removed.
   New motor vehicle industry allows for
    greater access for imported
    vehicles and components.
   Apple Macintosh introduced.
   Indian Prime Minister, Indira Ghandi is
   Cabbage Patch Kids doll’s craze sweeps
    America and much of the
    Western world.
              Hobbies and Interests

   Playing Badminton

   Playing Pickle ball

   Cooking “Pho”

   Reading

   Singing

   Watching comedies and Chinese
   Favorite Music: Traditional Music
    (especially about mothers)
   Favorite Vietnamese Singers: Nhu
    Quynh, Manh Quynh
   Favorite American Singers: Britney
    Spears, BSB,
    ‘nsync, Christina Aguilera
   Favorite Outfit: Vietnamese Long
    Dress (ao dai)
   Favorite Colors: Baby Blue, Pink, and
    Light Purple
   Favorite Food: “Pho” and spicy foods
                           Love Poem
 From the moment I saw you,
  I knew I had to know you
 From the moment I saw you,
  I knew right then that I liked you
 From the moment I saw your
  I knew I had to give at least one
 From the moment I looked into
  those eyes,
  I knew that one day I’ll make you
                      Significant Family

   The most significant family to me are
    my parents, my two brothers, two
    and my two nieces.

   The one that keeps me up but also
    drives me crazy is my three year old
    Her name is Sandy. She is also the
    one that
    gets me in trouble the most, because I
    poke at her, and make her cry.
                  Accomplishments & Goals

   Received the Honor Roll Award throughout middle
    school – from Eckstein Middle School, 1997-1999
   Received the Undergrad Award for Excellence in
    Language Arts, Introtechnology, and Health –
    from Nathan Hale High School, 2000
   Received Certificates for Excellence in
    mathematics (Fermat), American EthnicStudies,
    Science, and Latin – from Univeristy of

   Finish high school, and enter a 4 year college
   Learn more things every day
   Always get good grades throughout my
    educational years.
                           Life Philosophy

   Nothing is impossible, all it takes
    is time

   Life is short, enjoy and have fun

   Only education is a permanent

   Get what you give

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