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									White Paper on Magic Marketing
Solution - A Power Point Presentation
Dr. Ifay Chang

                  Client Confidential
Magic Marketing Solution
Recommendation of A Concept, Value Marketing, for Small Businesses Today
and Tomorrow
   Understanding the Process of Marketing
        Definition
        The Basic Elements

        The Strategic and Tactic Changes in Planning and Implementation

   Understanding Strategic and Tactic Marketing
          Bottom-Up More Advantageous for Small Companies
   Telemarketing (Cold call) and Direct Marketing (Spam Mail)
          Characteristics, Pitfalls, Techniques and Conclusions
   Concept of Value Marketing, Demonstration of Magic Marketing Solution
          Mi-Card** As A Value Medium, Magic Comes from Values
          Magic Directory and Magic Icon: DBCC, NYMTC, i800-Health, Online Shopping
 Tactic and Strategic Thinking Behind ‘Magic Marketing Solution’
 Application of Magic Marketing to Promotion of Online Shopping

          Creating Magic Information Card

          Building Online Shopping Business Community for Long term re;ationship
    Conclusions                                                                        1
**Mi-Card -- Magic Information Card, An Extremely Effective Marketing
Medium with ClickCall Benefiting the Business Community
Understanding The Processes of
Definition of Marketing
    Find Out What Customers Want and Give It to Them - Tim Cohn
    Peter Drucker's Definition of Marketing:"Marketing and innovation are the two chief functions of
     business. You get paid for creating a customer, which is marketing. And you get paid for creating
     a new dimension of performance, which is innovation. Everything else is a cost center."

    A General Definition of Marketing: The act or process of buying and selling in a market.

    Another Marketing Definition: The commercial functions involved in transferring goods from
     producer to consumer.

    Process Related Definition: The Traditional 4P and Customer Services

    Marketing Is A Strategy. Strategy Is Not Just A Goal but A Guided Direction. Strategy Can Only
     Succeed with A Plan - Al Ries and Jack Trout

    Marketing Is Like A War. The Larger the Army and the More Supply, the Greater the Advantage
     to Win the War Unless Someone Uses A Brilliant Tactic to Win A Crucial Battle And Then Win
     the War. Finding the Right Tactic Is The Only Alternative A Cash Scarce Business Can Do To
     Fight A Marketing War - Ifay Chang
Understanding The Processes of
Basic Elements
    Product, Price, Place (Distribution) and Promotion (Traditional 4P)
    Customer Services (Key Element for Keeping Customers/Market
    Strategic Thinking, Segmenting the Markets (Businesses) and
     Targeting the People (Customers) Will Give You Competitive
         Analyze and Determine What Customers Needs and Wants
         Investigate the Business Environment and Plan How to Serve
          Customers Needs and Wants Satisfactorily and Profitably
         Develop A Plan with Products and Services to Sell at What Price Via

          Which Distribution Channel with What Promotion and Advertising Means
          Implement A Tactic Plan Consistent with the Strategic Plan             3
    Top-Down Versus Bottom-Up of Development of Marketing
     Strategy and Plan (See Figure Later)
 Understandinging The Processes
 of Marketing
The Strategic and Tactic Changes in Implementing A Marketing Plan
       Internet Is Challenging the Traditional Marketing Strategies
       Internet Is Increasing the Marketing Capabilities, Conceptually and
       The Changes Are in Specific Marketing Strategy and Tactics to Take to
        Implement the Strategy
            Development of Strategic Plan to Implementation of Tactic Plan Is Still the
             Same process but Faster Feedback and More Dynamic Correction with
            Leveraging on Internet Enters in Both Strategic Plan and Tactic
            Telemarketing (Internet Assisted), Email Direct Marketing and Internet (Web)

             Marketing and Advertising Exploited Because of Low Cost
             Recognition of the Value of World Wide Web for Business Processes
             Especially Marketing
            Internet Has Impact on Both Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches in
Strategic and Tactic Marketing
                       Top-Down      Internally Oriented
                                     Aiming at Long Term
                        Strategy     Success
                                     Usually Trying to Change
                        Tactics      Environment to Fit
                                     Look for Confirmation
                                     through Marketing
           Marketing               Plan
  It Is Generally                    Externally Oriented
  Better to Adopt                    Aiming at Short Term
  the Bottom-Up
                                     Going to the Market to
  Approach                           Find a Competitive Edge
  Especially for        Strategy     Coming back to HQ &
  Small Businesses
                                     Making Changes to
                                     Exploit the Edge
                                     Look for Information
                                     through Market
                       Bottom-Up     Investigation
Today’s Marketing & Advertising
    PR Through News Media, TV/Newspaper/Magazine Interview or Article
    Publications in Journals, White Paper, Product Brochures and Press Releases
    Seminar Presentations, Tradeshows and Networking Events
    TV, Radio and Print Advertising
    Brand Name and Product Promotion by Offering Free Samples or Gifts or Discount
    Web Site Marketing and Advertising
    Direct Marketing by Mail and Email
    Telemarketing
    Other Media Such As Bill Boards (Highway, Public Transportation, Public Space)
    Video/Audio Tape and CD

 For Small Businesses, Most Items above Are Not Affordable Due to Capital Constraints
 On the Other Hand, Any Business Big or Small Must Do Marketing to Succeed
 Telemarketing and Direct Emailing Are Selected for Low Cost Not for Effectiveness
Successes and Failures
   Good Ideas Sometimes Are Obvious Ideas; They Work but Can Be Easily Copied
       Tide:White, Cheer: Whiter Than White, Bold: Bright Until Unilever/Surf:2X
         Perfume Grabbed 12% of $3.5B Market Share Now Everyone Puts Perfume in
         (People Don’t Look at Clothes They Smell Them)
       Delta Airline’s Triple Mileage Successful but Soon Copied by Others

   Good Marketing Puts A Knife in the Competitor’s Back, Hard to Defend
       BurgerKing’s Broiled Not Fried Hamburger Ad, It Was Too Expensive for
         MacDonald to Change
       Domino’s 30min Guaranteed Home Delivery, Pizza Hut Can’t Match

   High Price Low Demand but Not Necessarily Low Profit
       Joy: The Costliest Perfume In The World

   More Dumb Ideas Came from Top Down Marketing Strategy
       GM Used the Same Body for All Mid-Size Cars, A Disaster Strategy

   Small Companies Have Advantages in Discovering Competitive Edge
       Kemmons Wilson Was Charged $2 Each for His 5 Children at A Motel That Gave
         Him the Idea of Building His First Holiday Inn, Kids Stay Free
In The Following, We Will Critique Two bad Marketing Methods and Recommend An
    Marketing Concept Especially Good for Small Businesses Called Value Marketing
Telemarketing (Cold Call) and Direct
Marketing (Spam Mail)
 Telemarketing (Cold Calls)
    Characteristics
         Limited Market Analysis and People Knowledge (Area Code)
         More Sales Oriented Than Promotion or Consulting (Little Value)
         Inexperienced Caller with Limited Product and Service Knowledge
         Random Selection of Numerous 15 Second Opening Lines
    Pitfalls
         Marketing Process Depersonalized
         Low Probability of Success ( P of Right Phone List x P of Right Person
          Answering Call x P of the Right Time to Call x P of Matched Interest in
          Product and Services = Small Number, Ps )
          Must Offer Immediate Value Like Sales Discount and Promotional Gifts

          Unable to Engage in Broad Based Promotion or Positioning
          Under Tremendous Time Pressure to Conclude Pitch and Lead to
          Transaction or Follow-Up
         Most of the Time Annoyed or Alienated the Big Number (1-Ps ), Gain One
          Customer by Killing One Hundred Prospects
Telemarketing (Cold Call) and Direct
Marketing (Spam Mail)
 Telemarketing (Cold Calls)
    Techniques (Skills) Recommended
         Consultative Selling Instead of Product selling to Offer Value to Clients, Focus
          on Clients, Finding Needs Before Selling.
         Be Extremely Knowledgeable about Products and Related Questions
         Follow A Framework: Opening, Client needs, Product Info/Positioning of Ideas,
          Listen and Resolve Objections, Closing and Set Up Action or Follow-up
         Critical Skills: Presence, Relating, Questioning, Listening, Positioning, Checking
         Use Open-ended Questions Not Yes or No Questions
         Do Homework, Set up Objective, Concentrate (100%) on the Call
    Conclusions
          Cold Call Is A Low Yield, Possibly Damaging, Marketing Method

         Telephone Is Still A useful Communication Device for Marketing and Sales but
          Need to Prime Prospects and Have the Right Real-time Environment, For
          Example, Online Web Browsing and Shopping
         Search for Value Offering Marketing Methods, More Discussion to Follow
Telemarketing (Cold Call) and
Direct Marketing (Spam Mail)
 Direct Marketing (Spam Mails)
    Characteristics
         Large List with Little Knowledge of People or Business Profile (Zip Code)
         Fixed Message or Canned Pitch
         Reply Not Accepted for Fear of Spam Backfire (Receives Million Returns)
         Evolving Into Email Newsletter Trying to Add Content Value
    Pitfalls
         Low Probability of Success ( P of Right Email List x P of Right Person
          Receiving Mail x P of Not Being Deleted x P of Matched Interest in Product
          and Services = A Very Small Number, Ps )
         Can Not Offer Instant Contact When A Potential Customer Is Reached.
          No Way to Predict When Customer Will Contact Through What Means to

          Follow Up.
          Most of the Time the Email Is Deleted Creating A Bad Name among the Big
          Number (1-Ps )
Telemarketing (Cold call) and Direct
Marketing (Spam Mail)
 Direct Marketing (Spam Mails)
  Techniques (Tips)
         Use Personal Name and Meaningful Subject Title to Avoid Filter
         Use Automated Emailing Tool with Rich Library and Framing Function
         Imbed Interesting and Relevant Links (More Info Value)
         Develop and Use Opt-in Mailing List Per Product Category
         Use Credible Referrals and Short-to-the Point Writing
         Schedule Timely Follow-Up Calls or Appointments
    Conclusions
         Client Only Desires Content with Significant Value
         Action and Follow Up Difficult to Arrange and Expect by Mail

          Hot Leads May Turn Cold Since Mail Is Not Real-time Interactive
          Should Explore Multimedia Information Rich Medium with Hyperlink if
          Possible, For Example, CD (Better Yet Mi-Card See Discussion Later)
Concept of Value Marketing
What Is Value Marketing
  Offer Value to Prospects During Marketing Process Whenever Possible
 Leverage on Existing Values to Maximize on ‘Value’ & Minimize Cost

 Take Advantage of Collective or Alliance Marketing to Share Cost

 Understand Prospects Values, Discover Competitive Edges &
   Formulate Tactics
 Take the Bottom-Up Approach to Build A Marketing Plan around the Tactics

 Articulate the Key Differentiation and the Values Offered

 The Initial Value Doesn’t Have to Be from Your Products

 Launch the Tactic, Follow the Marketing Plan and Win the War

 Examples of Value Marketing, Newsletter, Seminar,... Mi-Card

Value Marketing Can Be Leveraged in A Collective way for Small and
Medium Businesses (See Magic Marketing Solution Components)                   12
 Takes ‘Little’ Money to Make ‘Big’ Impact and Receive ‘Continuous’ Return

 Offers ‘Great’ Value to Create Magic and Receive ‘Valuable’ Customers
Magic Marketing Solution
- Value Marketing -
What Is Magic Marketing Solution?
   A Suite of Valuable Components Forms the Magic Marketing Solution
        Magic Directory with ClickCall Features - A Big Value for Business Community
       Magic Information Card (Mi-Card) with Multimedia & Interactive Communication
         to Convey Values, Products and Services
       Web Call Icon, Symbol of ClickCall Function for Every Web Page

   Application Examples As References for Magic Directory, Magic icon and Magic
    Information Card, Mi-Card, the Best Value Marketing Medium
       Downtown Business Calling Card

       NY Metropolitan Transportation Council Report

       MWSearch E-Directory for Health

       MWS Online Shopping Mart

   Demonstration of Value Marketing in Action (A Demo)
       DBCC Demo, 50 MB Multimedia Rich Content, City History, Architecture,
         Panoramic City Scenery, Transportation Maps, 9-11 Memorial Poems, Songs
         and Web Sites, Utility Tools Including DBCC Directories
       DBCC Directory I (Restaurants and Shops) and II (Businesses), i800 Directory
         for Health
Apply Magic Marketing Solution to
Online Shopping
Bottom-Up Tactic Marketing
   You Got the Stores/Products/Services, You Offer
    Discounts/Coupons/Sales, How Do You Get Customers to Buy Online?
        Understand Customers Values - Want To Make Informed Purchasing Decisions
         in a No-Hassle Way (Valuable Content, Utility Tools and Convenience)
      Use Web Call Icon to Provide Such Values and as A Convenience Tool

      Add True ClickCall Value to Directory with Clear Advantages Over Yellow
         Pages and Other On-line Directory to Get Shoppers to Use the Magic Directory,
         in Turn Engage Online Shopping
      Distribute Magic Information Card with Lots of Values, Multimedia & Interactive
         Communication, and Persistent Links and Future Hooks to Retain Customers
   Market Collectively
      Magic Marketing Solution Offers Value Marketing, The Magic Comes from

         Values. Collectively, More Values Can Be Offered hence More Magic Performed
    Place to Market (Distribution)
      Magic Information Card Creates Its Own Medium and Can Work Persistently and
         Synergistically with Business Web Sites to Maintain and Update Values and
         Draw Customers
Creating Magic Information Card
for Online Shopping Mart
Bottom-Up Tactic Marketing
   Online Shopping Mart vs Shopping Mall and Retail Stores
        There Are Clear Advantages in Shopping Online But the Messages Are Not Yet
         Well Accepted by Consumers.
      A Culture of Online Shopping Need to Be Cultivated and This Can Be Done
         through Value Marketing Using the Inexpensive Magic Information Card.
      Magic Information Card Design and Production Are Similar to Web or CD
         Development. ClickCall and Other Mature Utilities Can Be Easily Integrated to
         Support a Online Shopping Business Community and Its Continuing Growth.
      The MWS Online Shopping Mart and Its Value Content (A.R.T. of Online
         Shopping), for example, Can Be Included in the Mi-Card for Wide Distribution.
   Cost Effectiveness with Magic Information Card Offering Value Marketing
      Significantly inexpensive Compared to TV, Radio, and Print Media

      More Effective with Interactive Marketing and Persistent reach to Customers
   Magic Marketing Is An Innovative Solution with Effective Media and Components,
    Priced Extremely Competitive and Advantageous Over Any Other Marketing Solution.
   Magic Marketing Is Synergistic with Business Web Sites Hence Can Leverage the
    Internet Value. (ClikcCall Directories, Persistent Links and Utility Values)
   Many Existing Values Perceived by Customers Can Be Easily integrated into a
    Concept Offering (For Example, Contents, Directories and Merchant Offerings for
    Promoting The MWS Online Shopping Mart Collectively)
   It’s Simple to Implement, Low Budget, Tractable (via Online Interaction) and
    Continuous and Persistent in Building a Long Term Customer Relationship
   Recognizing the Magic Marketing Solutions Are Building and Binding Business
    Communities Where Merchants Can Market Their Products and Services Cost
    Effectively and Customers Can Have Value and Convenience to Perform Informed
    Purchasing Decisions.

    in The Present Hard Time, the Magic Marketing Solution Is a Survival Solution for All
    Do Browse the Pages Which Describe the Magic Marketing in Action for MWS Online
    Shopping Mart, Click here.

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