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									              Minutes of the General Business Meeting
             SEHSA Environmental Health & Safety Association
                          November 4, 2004

Location:   Lake Placid, NY.

Mary-Lynn Cummings called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Mary-Lynn introduced the members of the Board present.

Al Swavy made a motion to approve the minutes of the annual
general business meeting in 2003. Second by Brian Hansen.

Mary-Lynn provided a President's report, as follows:
 We received our certificate of incorporation as the SEHSA
   Environmental Health & Safety Association of New York, Inc.,
   dated June 15, 2004.
 The Board will now be working with our legal counsel to file
   for tax-exempt status with the IRS.
 The Board finalized a Professional Development Awards Program.
   Individual grants up to $500 are available to support
   professional development opportunities for the general
   membership. More information is available on the SEHSA
 Maureen Kotlas was representing SEHSA as a participant in an
   EPA Working Group on EMSs. Maureen has recently left her
   position at Stony Brook and the Board is investigating whether
   the working group would like to have her position filled by
   another SEHSA member.

Nora Baynes-Duffy provided a Treasurer's report.

David Miller and Vinnie Franconere conducted a review of the
financial records and found everything to be in order.

The following committee reports were submitted:
 Mary-Lynn Cummings reported that Tom Rathbone is serving as
   liaison to SUNY PPAA and the Chancellor's University-Wide Task
   Force on Campus Safety. The Chancellor's Task Force is
   currently focused more on personal safety than traditional EHS
 Vinnie Franconere is legislative/regulatory liaison.
 Mark Fairbrother has assembled historical information about
   SEHSA into 4 notebooks. If anyone has old agendas,
Minutes of the General Business Meeting                            p. 2
SEHSA Environmental Health & Safety Association       November 4, 2004

    photographs, or memorabilia from early SEHSA days, please pass
    this material along to Mark.
   Richard Belgrave reported active membership recruiting efforts
    in the New York City metro area. He is also working to
    identify and contact unrepresented SUNY campuses.
   Mark Fairbrother reported that the Professional Development
    Awards Program committee looks forward to reviewing
    applications from the members.

The following unfinished business was discussed:
 Dave Turkow stated his interest in developing a statewide
   contract for hazardous waste.
Minutes of the General Business Meeting                          p. 2
SEHSA Environmental Health & Safety Association     November 4, 2004

The following new business was discussed:
 The Bylaws were revised to align the organization name with
   the name approved by the Commissioner of Education in the
   Certificate of Incorporation. A motion to approve the
   November 4, 2004 version of the Bylaws was made by Brian
   Hamilton. Second by Dave Turkow. Approved.
 Kim Dalton-Ferris of SUNY Geneseo won the logo contest.
 The Board will be meeting with OFPC and administrators in SUNY
   Central in coming months.
 Next year's fall conference will be held in Corning, NY,
   November 14-17, 2005.

The meeting adjourned at 9:50 a.m.

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