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									Helping Artisans Reach Global Markets
               Pamela J. Brown, Ph.D.
               Associate Professor &
   Extension Entrepreneurship Specialist (Retired)
            Texas Cooperative Extension
           Texas A&M University System
      Introduction to Artisan E-Commerce Curriculum

• Promote the artisan industry
• Support artisan economy
• Strengthen the artisan business
• Analyze the e-commerce
  opportunities for artisans
• “Making your craft business better –
• Definition: (Noun) making things by hand: a
  profession or activity involving the skillful
  making of decorative or practical objects by
  hand, e.g. weaving, pottery, or woodcarving
  ( often used in combination )
• Definition: (Can be used in the plural) object
  produced by skillful and work: something
  produced skillfully by hand, especially in a
  traditional manner, e.g. a piece of pottery or
  carving ( often used in the plural )
Media of Artist with Web Sites   Media of Artist Selling Online

•   Clocks                       •   Clocks
•   Paper                        •   Paper
•   Book Art                     •   Book Art
•   Garden Art                   •   Garden Art
•   Ceramics                     •   Toys
•   Metal                        •   Ceramics
•   Jewelry                      •   Metal
•   Glass                        •   Jewelry
•   Furniture                    •   Glass
•   Wood                         •   Furniture
•   Baskets                      •   Wood
•   Toys                         •   Baskets
•   Fiber                        •   Fiber
•   Leather                      •   Leather
•   Wood                           •   Fiber
•   With the many available        •   Fiber has an important place
    woods, each with its unique        in history and the
    grain, the possibilities are       present. From cloths used to
    endless for creating works         wrap mummies in ancient
    from wood.                         Egypt to intricately
                                       patterned tapestries
•   Keywords: stain, grain,            hanging in The Vatican,
    whittling, carving, Windsor,       fiber, like all objects in craft,
    Mission, Shaker, Duncan            shares and practical and
    Phyfe, mortise-and-tenon           decorative heritage.

    Works: furniture, sculpture,   •   Keywords: linen, merino
    cabinetry, toys                    wool, cotton, needlepoint,
                                       embroidery, crewel, knitting,
                                       crochet, cut, drape,

                                   •   Works: garments, tapestries,
                                       rugs, blankets, dolls, baskets,
                                       purses, sacks, sails
Creativity is the single most sought-after
attribute in the business world today—not
surprisingly, since it is unquestionably the
driving force behind today’s global

–Harvey Seifter, Director, Creativity
 Connection, Arts & Business Council
          Activity – 10 to15 minutes

• “How can you use your creativity in
  managing your business better?”
• “What is the most challenging part of
  being an artisan business?”
• “What is your biggest challenge of doing
  business through e-commerce?”
• “What kind of craft do you make that
  you would like to sell online?”
                  E-Impact on Craft Businesses

Conducting business               Customer relations
Costs                             Employees
Profit                            Vendors
Time                              Policy

Less than 60% of all small businesses have a web page!
    Location, Location, Location
• Why do you live and work where you do?
   – Rural        ScenicQuality of life
• How can you leverage the desirable traits of
   where you live with the need to reach more
• Downside – less/no visibility
It’s all about marketing. . . Using the Internet . .
   . And more marketing . . . And planning.
Where (or how) do you sell most of your art?
•Walk-in art galleries
•Ebay auctions
•Artist Rising
•Boundless Gallery
•My own website
Source: The
Crafts Report,
     Who is Using Internet Facts
     GLOBAL               U.S.
- 445 Million people      – 81% of teens
- 51% of most developed   – 63% of adults
   countries                 • 18-29 80%
                             • 30-39 74%
                             • 50-64 60%
                             • 65+    26%
                          – 60% women
                          – 66% men
Search Engines:
Meta search engines:
Internet Usage by Age Group . . .
   Who Are YOUR Customers?
Why Would The Following Web Sites Find Online Business Beneficial?

  What do you think? Is this a handcraft site?
  Do these links make sense to the viewer?
  Does this make you want to buy their
  What does this site tell you? What do they
    What Do You/Artisan Want?
• To be found?
• To be found on the first page?
• To be found at the top of the
  first page?
Activity        In Store         Online

                Business         Similar
 How are a      cards-name,      information
                logo, business
 store front    type, contact
and an online   info,
 similar and    Brochures        Ditto
How Are A Store Front And An Online
       Similar And Different?
 In Store        Online
 Check-out stand Transaction site-
                 shopping cart
How Are A Store Front And An Online
       Similar And Different?

In Store           Online
Yellow             Search
pages              engines
Signage            Keywords,
News ads           Banner
                   ads, links
In Store       Online

Newsletters,   Newsletters,
mailings       listservs
Subscriptions Ditto
, freebies
Drawings,      Ditto
In Store      Online


Studio         Consignment,
Retail         Web mall,
location array affiliates
       More Resources For Artisans
• Texas Commission on the Arts
      • A registry for Texas artisans
      • Look for the Arts Commission in Your home state.
• American Crafts Council
   Learn from Multiple Resource
• Do online searches of business in the same
• Join local arts council and get feedback
  from other members.
• Look at e – businesses you believe are
  successful regardless of what they sell.
• Talk to other e – retailers.
• Look for local web developers to assist you.

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