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Justin Swilling is making his dream of racing in NASCAR’s premiere racing
   series a reality by quickly advancing through the ranks in the motorsports
   industry. Justin has been racing since he was nine years old. He began
   racing with the 600 Racing sanctioned program. He began with a
   Bandolero car and advanced to a Legends car, where he has had great
   success. Since 2006, he has amassed three championships in multiple
   racing series and fifty-seven top five finishes.

In addition to his racing schedule, Justin is enrolled as a full time home
   schooled student. He intends to attend Belmont Abbey College to pursue
   the Motorsports Management Program created by legendary promoter
   Humpy Wheeler. Justin is interested in learning the principles of business
   and the business practices of motorsports entities.

Justin received an invitation to participate in the inaugural driver development
   program Humpy’s Heroes. He is one of ten drivers in the nation to receive
   an invitation. Such invitations do not come often for race car drivers. To
   receive such recognition from a legendary motorsports promoter is a
   testament to Justin’s talent and the hard work he has given throughout his
   young life.

                                                       JUSTIN SWILLING
                        Justin’s Objective
Justin’s goal in life has always been to make it to
  the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. He has
  modeled himself after Carl Edwards on and off
  the track; I like his “Never give up” attitude and
  his aggressive driving techniques on the track.
  He is also extremely well at selling his sponsors
  product in front of his fans and on television.
  Carl Edwards is just a flat out likable guy on and
  off the track and that is why I try to model myself
  after him.”

                                    JUSTIN SWILLING
                                            Humpy’s Heroes
The program is a comprehensive educational
   experience preparing young drivers to make the
   transition from local short-track racing to
   NASCAR’s big three series,” remarked H.A.
   Humpy” Wheeler. “During the program, the
   participants will be given instruction, counseled,
   engage in dialog then judged on their driving
   ability, interviewing skills, public speaking, and

Each driver will spend personal time with Wheeler,
   legendary Hall of Fame promoter and former
   president and general manager of Lowe’s Motor
   Speedway in Charlotte, N.C.

“Influencing the career paths of drivers has always
    been a primary passion of mine,” Wheeler added.
    “I have the pleasure of saying I’ve
  coached and help guide some of the greatest
    drivers in NASCAR history.”

                                                        JUSTIN SWILLING
                                                      Humpy’s Heroes
The drivers will also have the unique
   opportunity to be exposed to a series
   of industry experts who will share their
   knowledge and experiences with the
   group in a private classroom setting.
   Never before has such an educational
   program been available to the racing

“This is not a ride-along program,” stated
    Wheeler. “Each young driver’s ability has
    been recognized by motorsports insiders
    and they are being offered this opportunity
    because of the skill and tenacity
    demonstrated behind the wheel. Nowhere
    else in the industry will you find a program of
    this caliber available for serious racers that
    want to advance their career.”

Through a series of events lasting
   throughout the summer, the drivers will
   vie for a grand prize that includes an
   open test session with a top Sprint
   Cup Series team, as well as an
   interview on a nationally televised
   program.                                                JUSTIN SWILLING
Speed TV – Interviews during the Summer
  Shootouts at Lowe’s Motor Speedway

• The Dalton Daily Citizen

• Legends Nation (, one
  of the top websites for legends racing news

                                JUSTIN SWILLING
                    Community Service

Justin is active in the community through his
  local church. He has participated in events
  including feeding the homeless, helping
  with fundraisers, and collecting canned
  food products for his church food pantry.

                               JUSTIN SWILLING
“My personality has always been
   known as the very talkative and
   energetic guy whom is very easy
   to get along with. My on-track
   personality has always been
   known as the cautious and
   conservative driver who is always
   at the front of the pack contending
   for the win at the end of every
   race. My one true weakness off of
   the track is that I am always
   thinking about racing, this can
   sometimes get in the way of
   completing the task at hand. My
   biggest strength both on and off
   the track is that I have both
   determination and discipline to be
   the best person and the best
   racecar driver that I can possibly
   be. “

                                          JUSTIN SWILLING
Bandolero Cars

•   Winner of multiple races and
•   Thirty-nine top three finishes.
•   2006 Bandolero Young Guns Winter Flurry Series Champion at Atlanta
    Motor Speedway
•   2006 Bandolero Young Guns Georgia Winter Series Champion.

Legends Cars

•   Sixteen wins in the Legends car
•   Numerous top three finishes.
•   2007 Semi-Pro Atlanta Motor Speedway Winter Flurry Champion
•   2008 Semi-Pro Winter Nationals Winner at Orlando Speedworld.
•   The major turning point in his racing has been to participate in the 2009
    Inaugural “Humpy’s Heroes” driver development program.

                                                        JUSTIN SWILLING
Upcoming Schedule
   • The 2009 Summer Shootout
     racing series at Lowe’s Motor
     Speedway (All 10 weeks
     beginning June 9th – August
   • The 2009 Thursday Thunder
     racing series at Atlanta Motor
     Speedway (Part time)
   • Annual legends racing classic
     at Bowman Gray Stadium (July
   • The 2009 Raceceiver Legends
     Nationals (Oct. 8th – Oct. 10th)

               JUSTIN SWILLING
                         Partner with Justin
Justin is searching for sponsorship partners. A partnership
  with Justin will include more than just your company
  marks on his car. Together we can create effective
  campaigns that will benefit each partner. You will be
  amazed at his maturity, his work ethics, and his charm.

Justin Swilling is a wonderful spokesman for any
  organization. He has the All-American persona. You will
  love him the first time you meet him.

Please contact me to discuss sponsorship opportunities or
  media opportunities.

                                         JUSTIN SWILLING

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