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tried the products and loved them


									I tried the products and loved them. The smell, packaging, effectiveness: all of it. I will happily
recommend Urth to our readers.

Brian Boye
Grooming Director

"As the editor at a men's magazine, many products come across my desk. But I can say, without
reservation, that the urth line is one of the best I've ever tried on my sometimes-sensitive skin. If you
want your skin to look good and feel great, urth is the simple solution."

Michael Wood
Editor In Chief

As a grooming guru, I try hundreds of products a year and urth is on my hot list. I’m impressed by the
tightly targeted line’s use of Asian herbs, botanical extracts, and multivitamins in their formulas. It
gives guys’ healthy skin that looks as great as it feels.

Tyler Steele
Grooming Editor

“The formulations are awesome! This line falls into the “ultra prestige” category with higher-end

James Whittall
"urth brand delivers on the promise to to satisfy man's quest for great-looking, healthy skin. All of the
formulations use the best ingredients available on the market today and our customers are telling us that
their skin has never looked better. We highly recommend the brand to all of our guests at”

Dennis Staufenberg

As a 10 year veteran of the spa industry with the title of Spa Director for three openings of the highest
caliber day spas in Los Angeles, I cannot give high enough accolades to Urth Skin Solutions. The
Scrub is simply perfect, I have never seen another like it. The Face Balm is light and never leaves you
greasy in appearance or feel. The Face Wash is gentle yet thorough and the scenting awakens. My
face is prone to razor bumps and irritation - and I haven't had a single irritation since I started with
Urth's Shave Formula. All genius.

The only problem with Urth is that there isn't more products in the line to enjoy! Well done.

Christopher Warren, MS, HHP
Santa Monica, CA

I'm a veteran of men's grooming products. I've used expensive products from Revive to Cle de Peau.
I've never experience the clean, tightening and tingling effect of a face scrub like Urth's. I can't wait
for more products to come down the line in the future.

Jose Ho, Architect

urth is exactly what I have been looking for. I have tried many other brands and none compare. The
scrub is my favorite. It feels so good and you can tell it is actually working. It has really helped clear
up the little blackheads around my nose. My skin used to be blotchy all the time and for the first time
in my life I have great looking skin. Thanks for developing these awesome products.

Josh Hollar
Long Beach

I love urth! It is the best skin care system for men out there. I bought the Perfect Travel Kit for my
husband as a gift and he loves it. In less than a week, urth has evened out his skin tone and given him
a healthy and fresh look. And the products all smell amazing. Thank you for making my husband even

Candace Chasteen
I was the kind of guy that just washed my face with rite-aid face wash and shaves with Gillette shaving
gel. After being turned on to Urth Skincare I will never go back to buying my produces in a Drug
Store. With only four steps to this skincare line, it makes the process of cleansing, shaving, scrubbing,
and moisturizing simple and easy to complete and maintain. A few weeks ago my mother told me my
skin looked great, and asked me what I was doing differently. Son tested, mother approved... Thanks

Ryan Kenney
National Sales Manager, West Coast I Kerry Hotels

I tried your Shave Formula for the first time and I have to say that it was the best shave I have had.
The cool feeling after using it stayed with me for quite a while. I had some guests in town and they
used it and will not stop asking where I bought it, I guess I should tell them. Thanks for the smooth

R Mears

Your shave cream is amazing! As a man of color, who has always fought razor bumps. I am always on
the hunt for creams that protect my face but reduce inflammation. urth shave cream goes on evenly
allowing for a close soothing shave. Love your new product!!

Greg Reynolds
New York, NY

I LOVE your products, particularly the Scrub and Face Balm. They both smell great, very refreshing
and natural like you would get in a spa. The scrub better than anything else I've tried (big surprise)
because you can really feel that it "scrubs" and the consistency is thick and even so it doesn't slip
through your fingers and down the drain in clumps. The face balm isn't greasy and doesn't have that
SPF smell to it, so I don't mind putting it on my face. Thanks!

Rob Koontz
Los Angeles, CA

"Your scrub is amazing. My skin always got irritated after shaving with the electric razor. Now I use
the scrub before shaving and my skin feels smooth and healthy. Additionally, your Urth's face balm
protects my skin from the sun preventing it from being red and blotchy."

Nick O.
Santa Monica, CA

"I had major problems with razor bumps and in-grown hairs after shaving. I tried urth's Shave
Formula and no razor bumps or in-grown hairs for over a month.

Thanks for making a product that allows me to not worry about hidding my neck all the time."
George H
Los Angeles, CA.

"I highly enjoy using the shave formula, it creates a smooth shave and my face feels moisturized
afterwards, not oily. I used a national brands shave formal (Neutrogena) when I ran out of Urth, I
could not stand the smell, during and after shaving my face. I also, love the Scrub. After using a
couple times a week, my face feels invigorated and looks smoother."

Stuart W.
Newport Beach, CA

"After only a couple of days of use, I noticed that your Face Balm made my face look younger and
more vibrant, while also protecting my skin against the sun. A friend of mine even asked me if I got a
facial. Thanks for the added confidence you've given me."

Robert G.
Los Angeles, CA

"As a person who spends a lot of time outside in the elements, I have found that urth's Face Balm
offers moisture and protection without feeling heavy or greasy. I have found that my skin tone and
texture has 'evened' out with regular use of urth's Face Scrub."

B Brown
Hollywood, CA

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