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News from the Catskill Symphony Orchestra                                             Vol. 13, No. 1 October 2010

                                 Mozart, Beethoven and Spyro Gyra
   The CSO’s 2010-11 Season opens on Saturday,               final version.” Noting that this indecision is
   September 25 with an exciting crossover concert           particularly evident in the solo piano part, Jeremy
   featuring pianist/composer Jeremy Wall and a blend of     Wall believes that Mozart engaged in considerable
   classical, jazz, world and popular music. On the          improvisation at the time of the first performance. In
   program are Beethoven’s Symphony No. 4 in B-flat          that vein, Wall will add his own “contemporary
   Major, Mozart’s Piano Concert No. 24 in C Minor,          inclinations to this magnificent piece of music.”
   and two brand new works by Mr. Wall, “Andalusian
   Nights” and “Tender Mercy,” both for piano and            “Andalusian Nights,” Mr. Wall’s first piece for piano
   orchestra. The concert, under the direction of Maestro    and full orchestra, is a new arrangement of earlier
   Charles Schneider, takes place at 8:00 p.m. in the Hunt   compositions in two movements, Majorcan Delights
   Union Ball Room.                                          and Dervish Dreams. The first movement contains
                                                             “Spanish-tinged harmonies and rhythms” which evoke
   Jeremy Wall is best known as co-founder of the very       “fond memories of the fine music and repast in
   popular, Grammy-nominated jazz fusion group Spyro         Majorca, where Chopin lived and wrote some of his
   Gyra. He has appeared as producer, composer,              most inspired music.” Dervish Dreams, on the other
   keyboardist and arranger on their 26 recordings,          hand, “begins with a simple, playful theme but takes a
   including one platinum and two gold records. He has       wild ride through the subconscious before crashing
   also collaborated with classical clarinetist Richard      back to reality with a bang.” Wall will also bring us a
   Stoltzman on 12 crossover releases from the fields of     new work lovingly dedicated to his wife, “Tender
   jazz, pop, classical and world music. Trained at the      Mercy.”
   California Institute of the Arts and at SUNY Purchase,
   Mr. Wall has performed the great classical works for      Beethoven’s elegant Symphony No. 4 in B-flat Major
   piano and in 2004 was the featured piano soloist at the   rounds out the program. The Symphony was written
   Shenandoah Bach Festival. His mastery of crossover        in 1806, a time of great turmoil in Beethoven’s
   music is also evident in such compositions as             personal and professional life, turmoil that he managed
   “Shakedown,” which received a Grammy nomination           to rise above as he penned this sophisticated, high-
   in the Best Pop Instrumental category and “Ariana,”       spirited, and witty work while also putting the
   which was a national jazz radio hit. Now an Associate     finishing touches on eight additional masterpieces,
   Professor of Music at SUNY Oneonta, he continues to       including his Fourth Piano Concerto, his Fifth
   work with professional and student ensembles.             Symphony, and his Violin Concerto. Berlioz detected
                                                             “a heavenly sweetness” in the Fourth Symphony, and
   Mr. Wall brings a unique perspective to the Mozart        its Finale rondo is a movement filled with fast tempos
   Piano Concerto No. 24, which is among the most            and harmonic surprises. It exudes great energy and
   tragic and reflective of Mozart’s works. The Concerto     great fun.
   is rooted in the key of C Minor, with only occasional
   excursions into happier, major keys, and critic Edward    In the words of Maestro Schneider, the opening
   Downes writes that the “very handwriting” of the          concert “promises to be one of the most unique in our
   manuscript “shows agitation, struggle and even            history.” Don’t miss it!
   indecision: passages are revised, re-revised and
   sometimes left unclear as to which is meant to be the                                              Thomas Beattie
  Page 2                                                                                                       Fanfare

                                                                      Enthusiasm and Fresh Ideas
                                                             Welcome to Diane Williams, Gary Cassinelli, Roger Sullivan,
                                                             and Tim Parsons, new members of the Catskill Symphony
                                                             Governing Board. The bylaws set a limit of nine years (three
                                                             terms of three years each) for members of the Board. This allows
               Catskill Symphony Orchestra, Inc.
                                                             newly elected members to learn the basics of what the board does
            P.O. Box 14, Oneonta, New York 13820
                                                             and to gradually assume critical roles in decision-making. This
                     Phone: 607-436-2670
                                                             year we have several newcomers, bringing a variety of talents and
                                                             fresh ideas to keep the CSO alive and growing.
The mission of the Catskill Symphony Orchestra is to         Diane Williams explained her interest in music as originating
entertain, educate, and inspire audiences of all ages by     when she was a child. “My father was a Welsh tenor, and music
presenting a professional ensemble of the highest quality    was a large component of family life.” She remembers singing in
performing the full range of symphonic literature. The       church and school choirs, and also performing in musical theater.
Orchestra also seeks to broaden the availability and         During her grade school and high school years she played the
appreciation of symphonic music in Oneonta and               flute in both band and orchestra. At SUNY Geneseo, she played
surrounding communities and to provide a challenging         bassoon in the concert band, a woodwind ensemble, and in the
environment for talented regional musicians.                 symphony orchestra.

                                                             Dee is the Executive Director of Oneonta Auxiliary Services, Inc.,
                The Governing Board                          at the State University of New York College at Oneonta. OAS is
The governance of the CSO resides in the Governing Board     a not-for-profit corporation that provides a variety of essential
which oversees the general and financial management of the   benefits to the campus, including food services, the bookstore, the
CSO.                                                         College Camp, ID cards, vending, and laundry.
                  Martha Forgiano, Chair
                Thomas Beattie, Vice Chair                   Mrs. Williams lives in Cooperstown and works in Oneonta, so
                Sarah Patterson, Treasurer                   she is familiar with both communities. She has served on other
                  Virginia Marr, Secretary                   boards and has assisted with marketing, fund raising, and special
                                                             events. She enjoys traveling, reading, and entertaining her family
Robert Brose                       Tim Parsons               and friends. Dee commented, “I am delighted to have been
Wendy Brown                        Virginia Pence            selected to serve on the board and look forward to a fabulous
Keith Bundy                        Leonard Pudelka           2010 –2011 season!”
Gary Cassinelli                    Roger Sullivan
Karyl Clemens                      Beth Steele               Another SUCO employee, Roger Sullivan, joined the board with
David Diener                       Penny Wightman            Mrs. Williams at the end of the 2010 spring season. Roger began
Dr. Bertine McKenna                Diane Williams            playing the clarinet in 3rd grade. He said that musical career
                                                             ended in high school. Today he claims to be a listener, and he
Honorary:         Warren Francis, Michael MacDowell,         enjoys many types of music including jazz, blues, classic rock,
                  James Piscitelli, Senator James Seward     and, of course, symphony performances.

                                                             Mr. Sullivan is an Associate Vice President at the college. He
     Charles Schneider, Music Director and Conductor         works closely with the enrollment services, including recruitment
              Deborah Wolfanger, Manager                     of a diverse and talented student body, and then supporting their
                                                             retention. Answering a question about what special talents he
                The Administrative Council                   brings to the board, he said, “I believe I bring energy and
                  Virginia Pence, President                  enthusiasm to the Board; I like challenges and consider myself
                 Currie Marr, Vice President                 someone who gets things done. Lastly, I have a commitment to
               Dorothy Scott Fielder, Secretary              this area and to organizations like the CSO that make our
                                                             community such a great place to live and work.
Erika Baker-Heinegg                Virginia Miner
Cynthia Goertemoeller              Freda Shultis                                                 (continued on page 4)
Cathy Grygiel                      Prudence Stelling
Corinne Hahn                       Molly Swain
Maryann Mazarak                    Pamela Wightman

Fanfare Editors: Tom Beattie and Pam Wightman
October 2010                                                                                                                      Page 3

                          Live Performance in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
                                                (With apologies to Walter Benjamin)
                                                                   In addition, a live performance always offers the possibility of a
   Over fifty years ago, Walter Benjamin wrote an essay            surprise. Even in a piece as well known as Beethoven's Fourth
   entitled, "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical             Symphony it is possible to be surprised. Perhaps the conductor
   Reproduction." He suggested that mechanical reproduction        chooses a different
   "withers the aura" and depreciates the presence of the
   original. Benjamin's article is mainly concerned with           tempo or we hear one of the interior parts that cannot normally be
   pictorial art, for example, comparing painting to               discerned even with the highest quality audio equipment. This
   photography or theater to motion pictures, but surely it        concert promises some real surprises, including a brand new
   would be reasonable to relate his discussion to music. Most     composition; Jeremy Wall will give the premier performance of
   of us are continually exposed to an incredible variety of       his First Piano Concerto. Equally interesting, Mr. Wall will
   mechanically produced music. Whether in an elevator,            perform Mozart's Piano Concerto number 24 and promises that
   waiting on the phone, or even visiting a public rest room,      during the cadenzas he will include jazz phrases, demonstrating
   our society finds it essential to provide constant music. In    the crossover movement that is becoming increasingly popular.
   addition, almost everyone has access to carefully
   engineered recordings of classical music, which is available    Most often, crossover refers to a performer who has achieved
   on the radio, on TV, and often on expensive home                success in one music genre and then switches to another genre
   equipment. With so much music constantly available, it is       where he or she is also successful. Probably the original
   reasonable to ask why anyone would want to attend a live        crossover artist, and one of the most successful, was Mario Lanza,
   concert, such as the upcoming performance by the Catskill       who was a crossover success in the 1950s before the term was
   Symphony.                                                       even invented. Some of us may remember that Lanza was a
                                                                   creditable opera signer, but between 1951 and 1955, five of his
   Many of us still prefer the sound in a concert hall to even     albums were rated number one on Billboard's list of popular
   the best audio systems, and there is no doubt that when an      albums, and his album, The Great Caruso, was the first and thus
   audience gathers for a concert it creates a strong aura of      far the only recording of operatic arias to reach number one as a
   presence. Walter Benjamin suggests that, ""Even the most        popular album. More recent examples of crossover performers
   perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one         are Sarah Brightman and Wynton Marsalis, each of whom has
   element: its presence in time and space, its unique existence   released best-selling albums in a variety of musical genres.
   at the place where it happens to be." Perhaps more
   important, a concert sets aside a period of time when we are    There is also a long history to the practice of using ideas from one
   invited to focus our attention specifically on the music.       musical genre in some other type of composition. George
   Normally, we live in a world filled with audible                Gershwin is probably the example that immediately comes to
   distractions, even in our own living room it is still hard to   mind from classical music, but this type of exchange became a
   pay total attention to what is being played.                    fairly common practice in the last century. Introducing jazz
                                                                   phrases into an older composition is more recent, but it is just a
   Linda Stone says that many of us live in a state of "constant   small step from past practices. After all, the very idea of a
   partial attention." This is not like multitasking, where we     cadenza is to allow the performer a chance to improvise in free
   choose to perform several activities that don't require much    time. All in all, if surprise is a desirable feature of a concert, this
   attention at the same time, but rather it is a state where we   one should provide plenty of examples. I hope that you find
   are unable to focus total attention on the activity at hand,    plenty of pleasant surprises in the upcoming concert. Let me
   even though that might be our intention. To paraphrase          know if you have other special reasons why you love live
   Oscar Wilde, hearing is not the same as listening. A            performances.
   concert sets aside a special time when there are fewer
   distractions so that we can really listen to what is being                                                  Harry E. Pence
   played. Even though a few in the audience may take                                         
   advantage of this period of seclusion by taking a short nap,
   most of us enjoy the special opportunity to truly focus on a
   piece of music.
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Enthusiasm and Fresh Ideas (dontinued from page 2)
Away from the college and committee responsibilities,          also assisting the development committee in expanding the
Roger enjoys working out at the gym, reading, listening to     symphony donor base.
music, hiking, fly fishing, and an occasional round of golf.
His perspective of what music might bring new audiences        When he isn’t at work or serving as a volunteer for local
to our concerts and how we can entice younger people to        concerns, he enjoys golfing on the Leatherstocking Golf Course
approach this venue with open minds could open our doors       and boating on Otsego Lake. Of course those are activities for
to a different kind of audience.                               our limited summer season, but he also mentioned his full-time
                                                               enjoyment of his new, first grandchild.
Gary Cassinelli, of Treadwell, said his first experience
with music came while he was in second grade. In his           Current members of the board look forward to tapping the energy,
school, everyone was required to learn to play the flute. He   ideas, and enthusiasm of Diane, Roger, Gary and Tim. Fresh
is self employed. His company sources furniture for major      approaches help to keep the Catskill Symphony Orchestra alive
furniture retailers around the country. He works with the      and thriving. Please welcome these new board members when
retailer to develop product designs, then uses his             you see them at the next concert or around town.
knowledge of the manufacturing process to find the correct
factory to create the product. Once those arrangements are                                                      Virginia Pence
complete, his office handles the ordering, shipping, and
invoicing between the retailer and the factory.

When Gary was asked what special talents he brings to the
Governing Board, he replied, “I think a key to any board is
to bring in new members to work in tandem, accomplishing
the current goals but also bringing new concepts to the
table to help keep the organization moving forward. I
believe this is where I fit in.”

In keeping with his work at getting new furniture
manufactured, Mr. Cassinelli said his hobbies include
house restoration, landscaping, and gardening. One of his
hopes is to work with the board to find ways to develop
programs that will be of interest to young people.

Our fourth new member of the board, Tim Parsons, said he
was first exposed to music as a young child. He had both
instrument lessons and was involved with singing in
elementary school. Tim explained, “Soon I discovered that
while I enjoy various types of music, I have absolutely no
talent or ability!” [That may refer merely to his
performance talent, as the Catskill Symphony always
welcomes individuals who have the ability to be members
of the audience and support the symphony with both their
presence and their presents.]

Tim is employed by Mang Insurance Agency, LLC. He
serves as a Commercial Account Executive, selling and
providing service concerned with commercial insurance to
businesses and organizations. A combination of his
business experience in the local area and service on quite a
few non-profit boards provide the combination of expertise
that he hopes will be useful to the Symphony. He is
looking forward to serving on the finance committee and

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                   Bookmark the Catskill Symphony Orchestra Website


By putting the CSO website in your favorites you            CSO Newsletter “fanfare” Page         This
will have ready access to essential information              page has many issues of the organization’s
about the current 2010-11 symphony season. On                newsletter. You can read these issues online or
the website’s main page, just below the stunning             print out your own copy.
360 degree photograph of the Catskill Symphony
Orchestra by Stephen Joseph, is a list of the five
concerts to be performed. Click on any concert              Supporting Businesses Page
title and you will bring up the critical                     We encourage CSO patrons to consult the
performance information, including: Date, time,              businesses that financially support CSO. This
location, music to be performed, guest artists and           page provides a complete list of business
links to their biographies or websites. Judged by            supporters with links to their websites.
the 450 website hits last year, the most popular
concert was the Cabaret on March 13, 2010
during which the celebrated guest artists, Jay              Bus Trip Opportunities Page
Ungar and Molly Mason, performed American                    Bus trips or other events offered by the
music.                                                       Administrative Council are described on this
                                                             page and printable reservation forms are
The twelve side pages also provide a wealth of               provided. The most recent bus trip was to Lake
information as indicated by their titles. Judged             George, featuring an evening dinner cruise on
by the 450 website hits last year, the two most              the Lac du Saint Sacrement. The staff served a
popular side pages were “Tickets” and “About                 grand buffet in their elegant dining room while
the Catskill Symphony”. There are four side                  narrating the notable places observed along the
pages that are particularly worthwhile checking              shoreline.
periodically because the content changes when
appropriate. These pages include:                        Whatever your interests, check out the website at
                                                         the above address and learn all the latest from the
      Cabaret Conductor’s Contest Page                  CSO.
       Check out this page two weeks before the
       cabaret. The Guest Conductors are                                                     Currie Marr
       revealed and you can vote for your choice
       online with dollars. This is the main
       fundraiser event for the Catskill
       Symphony Orchestra.

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   November 13, 2010                          April 30, 2011
   Tchaikovsky   Serenade for Strings         Brahms      Symphony No. 1
   Grieg         Holberg Suite                Cherubini   Messe solennelle in A Major
   Poulenc       Organ Concerto
   Fedak         Invocation and Dance

   March 19, 2011
   Cabaret Concert with Jonathan Howell


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