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					May 20, 2012                                                                             1

                      Williamsburg     Christian Reformed Church
                                      Rev. John Noordhof
9:30 a.m.
Gathering Songs
Call to Worship: Psalm 145: 1-7
Silent Prayer followed by "Spirit of the Living God"                            (424)
God's Greeting:
Opening Songs: "I Will Sing of My Redeemer"                                      (479)
                   “Be Still"                                                   (M39)
Call to Confession:
Song of Confession: "God be Merciful to Me"                                     (255)
God's Assurance:
Song of Dedication: "God Himself Is With Us"                                    (244)
Pastoral Prayer
Offerings: Local and Denominational Ministries
Offertory Prayer
Song: "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"                                          (M30)
Children's Message
                           (Children 3-4 depart to their Sunday School class)

Prayer for Illumination
Scripture: Philippians 2:19-30
Sermon: "The Ingredients of True Community"
Prayer of Application
Song: "Christian Hearts in Love United"                                         (513)
God's parting Blessing
Doxology: " He is Lord" (2x)                                                    (633)

This morning our service will be led by Mr. Jack Menkhorst. Pastor John has a classical
appointment at Calvin CRC in Ottawa. He will be back this evening, when we will have a
special service focusing on the Ascension of Jesus.

 Prayer Ministry: There is a prayer request box located at the back of the church. Items
placed here are prayed for by the prayer team before the service or by the serving elder after
the morning service, in the prayer room. After the service, the prayer room is open to anyone
wanting prayer with the serving elder.
May 20, 2012                                                                       2

7:00 p.m.
God Calls us to Worship
Call to Worship
Silent Prayer followed by “You are Worthy”                                 (232)
God’s Greeting
Song: “Crown Him with Many Crowns”                                         (410)
We Celebrate the Ascension of Jesus
The NT Story: Acts 1:1-11
Song: “Rejoice, the Lord is King”                                          (408)
The Heavenly Perspective: Revelation 5
Song: “Alleluia”                                                           (234)
Its Application: Q&A 46, 49, 50, 51
Song: “Alleluia! Sing to Jesus”                                            (406)
Pastoral Prayer
Offering: Local and Denominational Ministries
Offertory Prayer
Song of Preparation: “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High”                      (M44)
Prayer for Guidance
Scripture: Psalm 89
Sermon: Lament for the King
Prayer of Application
God Sends Us into the World
Song of Response: “Jesus Shall Reign”                                      (412)
God’s Parting Blessing
Doxology: “He is Lord” (2x)                                                (633)
Collections for May 13: T.C.S. SMARTboard                                $ 1,145
                        C.R.W.R.C.                                           200
                        Budget                                             1,422

Church Family: We pray for the Lord’s blessing on the marriage of Stacey (Tibben) and
Graham Peters, who were united in marriage yesterday. We pray for the Lord’s continued
comfort to those who are mourning.
                                                                       th                  th
  Congratulation to Mrs. Jean VanVeen, who will celebrate, D.V., her 70 birthday on the 28
                                     th        st
and to Mr. Theo TerHorst, with his 74 on the 31 .
May 20, 2012                                                                         3

Contact Information:
Pastor John: Office: 613-535-1882 Cell: 613-808-9992 (the only number to leave a message)
Home 613-535-1880. Email: wcrcpastor@bellnet.ca or johnhenry64@sympatico.ca
Pastor Joe: Phone: 613-448-3541; Email: pastorjoe@xplornet.ca

                                        Happy Birthday
This Week                                          Next Week
May 20 Caroline Ross                              May 28 Anjo Norg
     21 Weston TerHorst                                  Jean VanVeen
     22 Tanya Geertsema                               30 John DeJong (Nancy)
        Bill Hoftyzer                                    John Guthrie
     25 Jessica Vanderveen                            31 Josh Geertsema
     26 Tyler Harbers                                    Theo TerHorst
                                                  June 1 Megan Martel (Stuart)
                                                       2 Brenda DeJong

Ottawa Christian Counseling Service: Dundas County Divisional office. Please call the
Ottawa office at 729-8454 to contact Elizabeth. All new clients must dial 0 for general

The Billy Graham Ministry which is hosting the RocktheRiver events is providing an
opportunity for YOU (believers of all ages) to reignite your faith in Jesus Christ and find power
to live a life that radiates His love. How? Through the Christian Life and Witness Course
(CLWC). This three-session training equips you to apply God's Word to everyday life,
pursue spiritual maturity, share your faith with others, and, if you choose, serve as Rock the
River counselor. Not only is it designed to equip you in your Christian life but it's fun and
FREE and no registration is necessary! When is it? CLWC classes will be held on Tuesdays-
Saturdays at various locations in the Ottawa region between May 22-June 9. For example,
you can go on Wednesday nights from 7-9:30pm for three weeks at the Life Centre. For more
information, check out the bulletin board in the foyer for the exact times and locations, or talk
to Pastor Joe, or check out the website: http://www.billygraham.ca/ministries/youth-
Tot's & Tea: We are having "Tot's and Tea" on Wednesday, May 23 at 10:00 a.m. at
Winchester Park, by the public swimming pool. Please bring a blanket to sit on.

Congregation: This morning we will have election for office bearers.
For Elder: Will Brunsveld, Grant Cousins, John Guthrie, Jack Menkhorst, Ralph Norg,
           Jason Wagensveld (3 to be elected)
For Deacon: Stan Tibben, Jason Vedder. (1 to be elected)
May 20, 2012                                                                         4

Rules for Election:
1. All professing members over 18 years of age are entitled to vote. Signed votes delivered
   in a sealed envelope will be counted.
2. A majority elects. Blank and spoiled ballots are deducted from the total. Anything over
   one half of the valid votes is a majority. (A spoiled ballot has a mark against more than
   the required number of names or has markings that cannot be clearly associated with a
   name. A blank ballot is one that has no marks against any name.)
3. In case more brethren than are needed receive a majority of the votes, those receiving
   the largest number shall be considered elected.
4. When a tie occurs between two brothers, only one of whom can be chosen, another vote
   is to be taken between these two. If the result is again a tie, a lot shall be cast.

Love South Dundas is coming soon (June 10 – June 24)! What’s more powerful than love
in action? That’s what Love South Dundas is. It’s us getting out of our church walls and into
the community to show God’s love in tangible ways. The more people we get on board the
better so how about you? Come join us as we wash cars, visit seniors, bake goods, and invite
the community to our Children’s Fair on Sunday June 24 at Earl Baker Park in Morrisburg.
Come out and invite your friends to this event: it begins at 2:00 PM, with Bob Cates the
juggler at 3:30 PM, a free BBQ at 4:30 PM and an Ecumenical Service at 6:00. You’re also
encouraged to come up with your own RAKs (random acts of kindness) like giving away
stamps or coffees, paying someone else’s bill, doing a chores for a neighbour; the skies the
limit. A list of suggested RAKs and for cards to explain why we do them is available. For
information or to volunteer email communitycrc@ripnet.com. T-shirts and lawn signs are also
available to promote Love South Dundas. More information to follow.

  th                                                                                         th
60 Anniversary of our Church: 2 Weeks from today, D.V., we hope to celebrate the 60
Anniversary of our congregation. Lots of plans have been made already: the picture-book is
being printed, the big tent has been rented, a choir is beginning to practice, and other things
as being planned as well. We hope to have a special worship service, with special music, and
with former members and possibly former pastors in our midst. After the service there will be
refreshments & games, and following that we hope to have a bbq and potluck salads &
desserts. And……lots of time to fellowship and enjoy each other’s company. There will be no
evening service on that Sunday. Please, plan to be here on June 3 .

Camp Adonai Reminder: The deadline for early registration for Camp Adonai is May 31,
2012. After May 31, there will be a late charge. Please note if your child is going to be 10 this
year, he or she can go to camp. Junior week starts Sunday August 12 to Friday August 17 for
campers aged 10 to 12. Senior week starts Saturday, August 18 to Saturday August 25 for
campers aged 13 to 15. You can obtain your registration form from our website at
http://www.campadonai.ca and click on camper registration form. Please download the form,
fill it in and mail it with your cheque to Ed Oegema. The registration forms should also be
available at your church. If you are interested in being a counsellor, click on the Counsellor
May 20, 2012                                                                         5

application form, complete the form and email it to Cindy Byker at cbyker@ripnet.com and
for lifeguards e-mail Kim Vanlindenberg at kvanlindenberg@hotmail.com. Finally, the 50
Anniversary for Camp Adonai/Round Lake Bible Camp will be celebrated on Saturday,
September 22, 2012 in Kemptville. Be sure and mark this important mile stone on your

TCS Memorial Scholarship - A reminder to any TCS graduates who have completed their
first year at a Christian college or university, with plans to return for the second year: $500
scholarships are available to be presented at the TCS Graduation on June 22. Please send
your letter of application outlining your courses, activities and goals to: Mrs. Maryke DeJong
at dejongpm@gmail.com or Mr. James Kooistra at james@kooistra.ca by June 15.

Ottawa Carleton Male Choir Spring Concert: Join us for our annual Spring Concert on
Friday, May 25, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at Calvin Christian Reformed Church, 1475 Merivale Road,
Nepean. With participation of ‘Pearls of Rhythm’. Freewill offering.

Dutch Heritage Day (Hollandse Dag): You are invited to Kingston to celebrate “Hollandse
Dag” (Dutch Heritage Day) at the First Christian Reformed Church on 310 Kingscourt
Avenue on June 6, 2012. Coffee and treats will be served beginning at 9:30 a.m. and the
program will begin at 10:00 a.m. The Guest speaker is Rev. John Klomps, speaking on the
topic: " HERINNERINGEN UIT MIJN REIZEN Deel 2 " ( Luistert U mee? ) Rev. Klomps has
served several congregations in the Christian Reformed Church and was very much involved
in the Bible League of Canada. He had conducted tours to the Holy Land and Europe.
The afternoon program will be varied consisting of singing many dutch folksongs and
presentations by various guests. If you have something you can share please bring it along
with you. Come, join us for a real “gezellige” time. For more information phone Eelke
Hiddema at 613-546-5615.

Preparing for Pentecost - Next Sunday is Pentecost, a time to celebrate the Holy Spirit. On
the first Pentecost, through the gift of speaking in tongues, God made clear His desire to
extend the Good News to all people. Today (or next Sunday) you’ll see a bulletin insert
demonstrating how the Gospel is shared worldwide through a gift of $10 to World Missions.
Consider making a gift to World Missions during this Pentecost season.

Groundwork - I am The True Vine: When Jesus calls himself the True Vine, he is preparing
his disciples—and us—for a new reality. Join the May 27 Groundwork conversation on John
15 to discuss what he means, and also what it means that we are the branches. Find a local
radio station or listen online at www.GroundworkOnline.com.

Kids Corner - The Great Divide: Do you know a family that’s been changed by divorce? Join
Lucille as she explores divorce on this week’s Kids Corner. Kids Corner is a member of the
HisKids.net alliance--working together to provide quality entertainment for kids that is Christ-
May 20, 2012                                                                      6

centered and Bible-based. Visit HisKids.net to find great Christian programs and music for

Volunteer with the CRC! - Current opportunities posted include a CRWRC partner ministry
Director Assistant in Honduras, CRWRC medical volunteers in Tanzania, as well as
construction team opportunities in the Dominican Republic and HIV/Aids Prevention
Educators in the Philippines, both with CRWM. For details on these or other opportunities,
please visit www.crcna.org/servicelink or contact us at volunteer@crcna.org.

               May 20                 May 27                   June 3
Elders         Derrick Noort          Tim Van’t Foort          Koop Mulder
               Paul Oosterhof         Mike Luchies             Andrew VanVeen
Deacons        Hans Schuler           Brent DeVries            Tony VanderVeen
               Alex Noort
Greeters       N&C VanderMeer         J&A Knier                B&R Kooistra
Coffee         K&C Mulder             B&T DeJong               B&J Hoftyzer
               G&E Reitsma            H&L DeJong               P&J VanVeen
(DeRuiter)     H&J Jansen                                    G Joldersma
(Lubbers)                             R&M Johnston
Ushers         Harlem Norg            Anjo Norg                John Menkhorst
               Ian Guthrie            Stan Tibben              Harlem Norg
               Nicole Van’t Foort     Travis DeJong            Ian Guthrie
Collections Cadets                    Friendship               CRWRC -West
                                      Sunday                   Africa Drought
 Rm 1          Kristin Groeneveld     Janet Noort              Jennifer Noort
               Amy Dewar-Brunsveld    Melissa Pickup           Melissa Pickup
               Emily Tibben           Brigitte DeJong          Susan TerHorst
 Rm 2          Jessica VanderVeen     Richard Don              Eva Reitsma
               Greg VanVeen           Jordan Geurts            Caroline Ross
               Lindsey DeVries        Karen Menkhorst          James DeJong

Woodland Villa: May 27: W Brunsveld, Mrs R Brunsveld, P Venema, R Norg, W Luimes
May 20, 2012                                                              7

                                   Weekly Calendar
Sun., May 20:      -Sunday School and Catechism
After a.m. service -Election for office bearers
                   -60 Anniversary Choir practice
Tues. May 22:
7:00 p.m.        -Friendship Group; Refreshments: Jack & Margo VanGilst
7:30 p.m.        -Elders and Deacons meetings
Wed., May 23:
10:00 a.m.       -Tots & Tea at Winchester Park
7:30 p.m.        -Youth group
                                  Upcoming Events

June 2:         -Men’s Breakfast & Bible Study at MacIntosh Inn
June 3:         -60 Anniversary of our Church celebration
June 24:        -Love South Dundas at Earl Baker Park in Morrisburg

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