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					     Assignment 5
Hypermedia PowerPoint

      Nate Ramezane
    5/15/2008 EDX1201X
  Professor Scott Weersing
    Hardware and Software
• Hardware - The actual
  physical components and
  devices that make up a
  computer system.
• Software - A set of
  instructions or
  programming code that is
  written to instruct a
  computer to do a certain
  task or function.
• Referenced from
• The term includes application software such
  as word processors which perform productive
  tasks for users, system software such as
  operating systems, which interface with
  hardware to provide the necessary services
  for application software, and middleware
  which controls and co-ordinates distributed
• Referenced from
 Hardware components may
• System case - plays major role in expandability,
  protection, cooling and lifetime of your system
• Monitor - how we display text, pictures, video,
  graphics etc.
• Keyboard - main device of input, specialized
  functions for instructing the computer what to do
• Mouse - a device that translates movements on a
  horizontal surface into movements of a pointer on
  the computer screen.
• CD-Rom DVD Rom - plays or writes music, pictures,
  documents, movies etc
• Printer - Print documents, pictures etc.
        Internal Hardware
• Motherboard - primary circuit board, helps
  send communication between hardware
• Hard Disk Drive - Storage device that hold all
  of the files, programs, accessories etc for a
• Other notable hardware devices include a
  cooling fan, graphics card, sound card etc.
• PowerPoints on all subjects, first one details
  the In's and Out's of Computers
How do they relate?
        • Software is installed on
          hardware devices.
        • Software is the
          instructions given to the
          pieces of hardware,
          telling them what action
          to perform.
        • Printer Cable Image
Kid Pix, ClarisWorks, and
                 Programs such as these
                  advance basic computing
                  skills (keyboarding, mouse
                  operation, file management,
                  cut and paste, drawing ), as
                  well as higher-order thinking
                  skills (application, analysis,
                  synthesis, evaluation) in the
                  course of creating a project
                  about a particular topic.
                 Hyperstudio Tutorial
 Can be used for drawing program to design
  and/or complete any one of a number of
  different organizers: a story map to identify
  story elements, a story board to sequence
  events, or a Venn diagram to compare and
  contrast story elements.
 includes a slide show function which is both
  versatile and extremely simple to use.
 Link to Youtube video, slides were created
  w/ Clarisworks
Kid Pix
   The interface was designed to be as easy to
    use and as "open ended" as possible
   Unlike other drawing programs, all of the
    canvas is shown all of the time.
   Instead of using menus to access the
    different options that each tool has, they are
    displayed in a row of icons along the bottom
    of the screen
   Selecting a new tool presents a new set of
    options, such as different styles for the Wacky
   Referenced from

   Multimedia authoring tool
   provides relatively simple methods for combining
    varied medias
   Allows A more sophisticated storybook may be
    created using Hyper Studio than with clarisworks.
    The program is a bit more complicated, but the
    results are interactive and eye-catching. Try a
    "choose your own ending" story!
   Referenced from Unit 5 Lecture
   Image of a baby typing on a computer
                Sound Files
Audio File extensions

  .mp3, .mid, .wav, .voc, .rol,
   .mod, .mff, .cmf, .wma

  Most play songs, wav and
   voc play sounds, and mod
   plays both
              WAV files
Recorded sounds that are converted the
 digital format through software
If a sound card is installed you can hear
 these files
Common ones are Soundblaster,
 Roland, Adlib, Yamaha, etc.
44.10 KHZ is the higher end quality,
 can play at CD quality 64-128 kbit
     MDI Musical Instrument
        Digital Interface
Musicians record finger actions: what note is
 being played, its order, its time and length
Musicians use a synthesizer that mimics
Need a dedicated MIDI port setup: Two MIDI
 ports labeled IN and OUT to hook the
 synthesizer to your computer
Works like a mixing board in studios
Easy to edit and can be compressed to save
    CD / Compact Disk
• CD
  – Audio - high quality sound
  – Sounds are converted to analog audio
    inside the CD rom itself and played
    back through the audio cable
  – Data permanent on CD-R can rewrite
    on CD-RW
  – Inexpensive to produce, almost error
  – Most standardized medium
  – Multiformat = multimedia
  – 74 minutes of music
  – CD Image
   DVD / Digital Video
    (Versatile) Disc
• Delivers 540 horizontal lines of
  resolution, much sharper than VCR
• Digital sound can be separated for
  crisper more detailed surround
• Dolby digital output, can play
  through either composite, S-video,
  or Component Video.
• Enhances picture and sound for
  movies and other media
 Referenced from Lectures 1, 2, 3, and 4
  off of the course website
 Also references from Wikipedia various
  searches for related keywords.
 Links to graphics, pictures, videos,
  PowerPoints, html doc.’s, clip art, and

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