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SPS Degreasing by jennyyingdi


									Installation to degrease the SPS magnets

            Leonel Ferreira
1)   Principle
2)   Surface required
3)   Services
4)   Safety
                      SPS_U Degreasing, principle
      Main steps
      a) Initial contamination control (to be defined, possibly just visual
      b) Acetone impregnated rag cleaning (if necessary) - ~ 5 minutes per
      c) Degreasing by circulation (detergent) – 2 hours;
      d) Drain of the circuit after each cycle – 10 minutes per magnet;
      e) Rinsing (clean water) to container (RP control) – 30 minutes;
      f) Drying with blower – up to 2 hours.
      g) Control of cleanliness (to be defined, possibly statistical sampling and
          FTIR analysis)

& surface finishing
                        SPS_U Degreasing, principle
                      Main equipment
                      a) Four tanks for detergent and water (volume to be
                          defined: ~ 1.5 m3/each) equipped with heaters and
                          filtering pumps;
                      b) Peristaltic pump ( minimum 5 m3/h + option to invert
                          pumping direction)
                      c) Blower
                      d) Piping (hoses + valves + quick connectors)
                      e) Transportable containers (0.8 m3)

& surface finishing
                           SPS_U Degreasing, principle
Identical principle:
      machine for
      LHC magnets

                      NB: all can be done without building a machine on purpose, but
& surface finishing
                      implies more manual operations
                      SPS_U Degreasing, surface required
                        a)   Cleaning installation : 6 m x 3 m
                        b)   Rag cleaning procedure : 8 m x 1m

                                       Lay-out example
                              Rag cleaning procedure         Magnets

                                                         Cleaning installation

& surface finishing
                            SPS_U Degreasing, services

                  a)   Demineralised water (1 – 2 to 4 m3/cleaning cycle
                  b)   Clean, dry compressed air or nitrogen
                  c)   Power supply 220 and 380 V (16 and 32 A)
                  d)   Ventilation

& surface finishing
                                 SPS_U Degreasing, Safety

          a)          A retention basin for the cleaning installation, the magnets being
                      cleaned plus containers with waste water from the rinsing step must
                      be foreseen;
          b)          A safety shower must be installed in the working area (a portable one
                      is enough) and a disposable eye washer;
          c)          The working area must be well delimited and the chemical risks easily
          d)          Detergent, filters, rags and water for elimination must be controlled by
                      RP .

& surface finishing

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