SCHOOL OFFICE HOURS
                            7:30 am—3:30 pm              Monday through Friday, second half of August through
                                                         last day of school in June (school year)
                            9:00 am—12:00 noon           Monday through Thursday, remainder of June
                            School Office Closed         Month of July (Items may be dropped off at Parish Office, Emails may be sent to
                                                         Administration and Staff)
                            9:00 am—12:00 noon           Monday through Friday, first half of August

                                                     STAFF DIRECTORY

SCHOOL WEBSITE…………………                          PTU Secretary—Elena Rogers……………………..(440) 357-1114
ADMINISTRATION                                                          Market Day—Colleen Friday……………….…........(440) 257-5423
Pastor—Rev. Fred Pausche………………………...(440) 352-8282                      CYO Athletic Director—Mike Whalen……………..(440) 354-9518
Principal—Donna Lee Saladino……………….… (440) 352-6169                     MAINTENANCE
                                   Mark Kobosky, Building & Grounds
Assistant Principal—Ann Ulrich………….……….(440) 352-6169
                                          CLASSROOM TEACHERS
Administrative Assistant—Maggie Shero ……….(440) 352-6169                KINDERGARTEN
                                        Tess Babcock ……………………………
Administrative Clerk—Mary Nista ………..……..(440) 352-6169                 Jennifer Keith ……………………………
                                          Jill Slowey………..………………………
Business Manager—Susan Kuchenbecker………..(,440) 352-8282                 Christine Rusnak……. …………………
Parish Office………………………………………(440) 352-8282                              GRADE ONE
                                   website           Karen
PTU                                                                     Megan Flowers ……………………………
PTU President—Debra Esker…………………….(440) 357-1735                        Mary Hartnett………………………………
PTU Vice President—Paula Haumesser ……...…(440) 352-2240                 GRADE TWO
                                  Beth Jablonski…………………………
PTU Treasurer—Alicia Henrikson……………….(216) 798-3359                     Amy Holmes………………………………..…
                                         Jeannine Turk ………………………………
GRADE THREE                                                   Library—Terri Brown …………………….…
Lisa Krsolovic…………………………….…
Sandra Mullin …………………………..…          TEACHER AIDES
Melanie Proctor ……………………….…          Cheryl Gillespie, Kdg …………………..…
                                                              Lisa Resetar, Kdg …………………………....…
GRADE FOUR                                                    Jennafer Hedrick, Kdg …………….……
Lisa Powers ……………………………………              Kellie Silvestro, Kdg ………………….....…
Christine Horne …………………….……       Jennifer Leigey, Gr 2………………..……
Joanne Pengov ………………………….…             Mary Henke …………….……..………..……
                                                              Jo Ann Albers, Computer ………………….…
Jenna Dolce …………………………………              AUXILIARY SERVICES
Beth Paskey ………………………..…….…            Meg Lose—Rem. Reading, Rem. Math.…..…
Rita Citraro ……………………………….……            Carolyn Kucia—Academic Talented………
                                                              Francesca DiFiore, Intervention
GRADE SIX                                                     Andrea Schmidt, Intervention Specialist .…
Angela Merkel …………………….………            Rick Teubl, Speech & Language Therapist…
Cheryl Collier …………………………...…       Sandra Grepp, School Psychologist …..……
Kristen McGinness ……………………         Suzzanne Tenkku, Health Aide ……………
                                                              Colleen Beck, Nurse ………………….………
GRADE SEVEN                                                   Nancy Dickinson, Clerk …………………
Sherry Tedeschi …...…………………..…     Marge Majoros, Clerk …………….………
Lynn Graham ……………….……….….…
Brian Stevenson …………………………           AFTER SCHOOL GRIZZLY CUB CARE
                                                              Jennafer Hedrick …………………………
Linda Oster ……………………………………              LUNCH PROGRAM
Denise LaSpina ……………………….…         Ruth Helsel, Director…………..………………
Jackie Aurand ………………………..…
                                                              NOON WATCH
SPECIALS                                                      Michelle Clarke………………..…………….…
Computer—Joyce Gravagna ……………     Nicol Susel ……………………….…
Art—Erin Olson ………………………………
Physical Education—Abbey Kelley ……….…
Music—Andrea Karpuszka ………..…
Spanish—Amanda London ………………
Band—Stacy Heiner…………………………
Being CHRIST ~ Every Day ~ Everywhere, through
      teaching, learning, leading and serving.
                     Our Belief Statements
We believe that Faith is an integral part of our learning.
We believe in developing God given talents for use in service to others.
We believe in leading by example.
We believe that each child is unique and we celebrate his/her differences.
We believe in every child reaching his/her fullest potential.
We believe that learning is a life-long process and strive to instill a love of
We believe in a strong and challenging academic curriculum.
We believe that each of us deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.
We believe in fostering and directing the students to apply their knowledge in
everyday experiences.
We believe that learning is a team effort between the home, the child, and the

                  Accreditation and Continuous Improvement
  St. Gabriel School is a Catholic school in the Diocese of Cleveland, and is fully accredited by the
   Ohio Department of Education, through the Ohio Catholic Accrediting Association (OCSAA).

Our current Continuous Improvement Plan cycle, flowing from our Mission, from our Beliefs Statements,
and driven by data, is guided by two main goals, one for Catholic Identity, and one for Student Academic

Goal One states, “Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the dignity and
diversity of the individual.”
Strategies to achieve this goal include implementing best practices and programs, such as bully prevention
programs, abuse prevention programs, service and outreach programs, and relationship building programs.
Many practices, programs and resources already in place will be extended, and new practices, programs,
and resources are continually being added. Examples include Rachel’s Challenge, Called to Protect,
Altercare Nursing Home Visitations, and Operation Keepsake.

Goal Two states, “Students will improve their higher order thinking skills.”
Strategies to achieve this goal include implementing best practice programs and activities, such as
classroom instruction strategies, professional development systems, and metacognitive strategies. Many
programs, practices and resources already in place will be extended, and new programs, practices and
resources are continually being added. Examples include Marzano’s Classroom Instructional Strategies
that Work, PLC’s (Professional Learning Communities), and Bloom’s Taxonomy.

                              ACADEMICS                                                 Attendance and Punctuality
                                                                                        The importance of regular school attendance and punctuality to a child’s progress
                                                                                        cannot be stressed enough, no matter what their ability or skill level, and is a serious
Academic Standards
                                                                                        issue at St. Gabriel School. Illness and emergency situations of course cannot be
We adhere to the grading scale of the Diocese of Cleveland.
                                                                                        helped, but frequent absences or tardiness naturally limit students in their
A+ (4.0-4.3………………98-100                       C+, (2.1-2.3……………..82-84
                                                                                        opportunity to acquire basic and meaningful understanding of the subject matter and
A, (3.8-3.9)……………….95-97                      C, (1.8-2.0)………………79-81
                                                                                        to do good work. Frequent absences or tardiness also limit the effectiveness of the
A-, (3.4-3.7)………………93-94                      C-, (1.4-1.7)……………..77-78
                                                                                        teacher’s work and instruction for the student in the classroom. Frequent tardiness
B+, (3.1-3.3)……………...90-92                    D+, (1.1-1.3)………….....75-76
                                                                                        also disrupts the rest of the class’ learning. Students that are habitually absent and/or
B, (2.8-3.0………………...87-89                     D, (.8-1.0)…………….....72-74
                                                                                        tardy will receive an Attendance Notice from the Administration to require a change
B-, (2.4-2.7)………………85-86                      D-, (.6- .7………………..70-71
                                                                                        in attendance patterns, or a conference will be scheduled to address the issue.
                                       F (.5 and below)………69 and below
                                                                                        Scheduling a vacation during a time when school is in session causes a serious
Honors are earned in each quarter grading period by those students in Grades Four
                                                                                        interruption in the instructional process and an extra burden on teachers. At times
through Eight who have a Grade Point average of 3.0 and above.
                                                                                        when this is unavoidable, parents must notify the school in writing and a vacation
First Honors:      4.0+ (95-100)
                                                                                        release form will be sent home. The days that a child will not be present in school
Second Honors: 3.9-3.6 (93-94)
                                                                                        should be stated, along with other requested information. If parents decide to take
Third Honors:      3.5-3.0 (87-92)
                                                                                        students out of school for vacation, they may check their teachers’ homework and
Students who have any D’s or F’s, Incompletes, or Specials or Conduct grades of N
                                                                                        assignment postings on Edline while away. Teachers are not required to give work
or U on their report card for the quarter grade are not eligible to be named to the
                                                                                        and assignments individually ahead of time.
Honor Roll for that grading period. An Honors Assembly is held at the end of the
school year to acknowledge academic achievement, service, effort, and perfect
                                                                                        For homework assignments missed during an absence, students are given one day for
                                                                                        each day absent to complete and turn in work. For work still not completed, students
                                                                                        will be assigned to the Opportunity Room until work is completed. Points may be
                                                                                        deducted for overly late work.
Daily attention to the joys of reading, the challenges of critical thinking, and the
rewards of discipline-specific skill development is the focus of assigned homework.
                                                                                        When students need to leave school during the day for medical and dental
It will be given in proportion to the amount of time necessary to reinforce the skill
                                                                                        appointments, the child must present an appointment notice or note from the parents
and content involved. In part, the satisfactory completion of homework is an
                                                                                        on the day of the appointment. These notes are given to the teacher who reads and
exercise in time management, organization and responsibility. We hope to develop
                                                                                        forwards them to the Office.
these important skills in all students. Teachers may modify homework assignments
to account for individual student needs when necessary. Teachers will coordinate
                                                                                        Parents must call the school before 9:00am on the day of any absence. A signed
with their grade level team members, the amount of homework given, as well as due
                                                                                        parent note explaining the absence must be sent in upon return to school. A
dates for major assignments.
                                                                                        doctor’s note is needed for absences more than five consecutive days. A student
                                                                                        is considered tardy if they are not in homeroom by 7:50 am. Any student arriving
Students may spend more or less time on any given evening. This depends on nature
                                                                                        after 7:50 am must come to the Office before admittance to class to get a tardy slip.
of assignments, individual course load, and even individual approaches to homework
that will range from the methodical student to the extraordinarily focused student
                                                                                        Students are marked absent a full day if they miss three or more hours of class time.
who may complete homework quickly and efficiently.
                                                                                        They are marked absent a half day if they miss one and a half or more and less than
                                                                                        three hours of class time. Class time can be counted either from the beginning or
In addition, each grade level at St. Gabriel has its own unique guidelines and
                                                                                        from the end of the day, and excludes lunch/recess time.
procedures, including procedures for late and missing assignments, and teachers also
post their assignments as they are given on their web pages on Edline.

Progress Reports                                                                           Conferences—First Quarter
The report card reflects a student’s progress in learning and mastering curriculum         Parent-Teacher Conferences for Grades One through Eight are held in mid-
content and skills at the end of each quarter, and then cumulatively at the end of the     November, after the end of the first quarter grading period. These conferences are
year. The report card grade is based on more than one type of assessment to make an        by request only, either the teacher’s request or the parents’ request. Conferences for
accurate evaluation of what a child has learned and mastered. Each child is                all Kindergarten students are held before the end of the first quarter.
evaluated according to performance, class participation, classroom and homework            Conferences—As Needed
projects and assignments, tests, and various assessments that show evidence of             Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences are not formally scheduled, but accomplished
achievement and learning of required grade level material.                                 through phone communications or face to face meetings at any time needed.

Throughout each quarter and the whole year, every student’s individual grades and          Please note: A teacher, or a parent, may arrange an appointment for a personal
evaluations of their work and progress are posted on Edline. This information is           conference if needed at any time agreeable during any grading period. Parents
updated weekly in order to keep both parents and students informed of their                requesting conferences must send a note or email to the teacher to arrange a time.
progress. Parents are also personally notified if their child is falling significantly     Teachers are very willing and glad to talk with parents about their children at times
behind at any time during a grading period. The purpose of publishing this continual       pre-arranged that do not interrupt teaching or learning or other school work.
progress is for parents, students and teachers to be able to address any difficulties or
struggles a child may be having as soon as possible.                                                            ADMISSIONS POLICY
Permanent Records
                                                                                           St. Gabriel School accepts applications from students of any race, color, nationality
Permanent record cards are kept on file for each student. This record is updated each
                                                                                           or ethnic origin and does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its educational
year and contains a cumulative record of the student’s grades for each subject, and
                                                                                           programs. A student whose family has been a registered and active member of St.
the students achievement in effort, conduct, and attendance. In Eighth Grade, or in
                                                                                           Gabriel Parish is generally enrolled in the parish school, if there are openings, and
the case of a transfer, a copy of this permanent record card, plus a copy of the
                                                                                           any special needs can be met. New families moving into a home within the parish
student’s ITBS and Cog AT scores, is sent to the high school to which the student is
                                                                                           boundaries must first register in the Parish. This is done at the Parish Office.
applying or to the school to which the student is moving. Parents wishing to view
their child’s Permanent Record, or ITBS or CogAt scores, should call the office to
                                                                                           To enter Kindergarten, a child must be five years old by September 30th. To enter
make an appointment with the Principal.
                                                                                           First Grade, a student must be six years old by September 30th and have successfully
                                                                                           completed a Kindergarten course of study. Preference is given to brothers and sisters
Standardized Testing
                                                                                           of children attending St. Gabriel School, or in the case of transfers, to students
The testing program for schools within the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland is
                                                                                           coming from other Catholic schools. Non-parishioners will be considered for
designed to serve and assist teachers and administrators in a systematic evaluation of
                                                                                           acceptance only if all the children in the parish desiring attendance at St. Gabriel
the curriculum and planning of instruction. Additional individual standardized
                                                                                           School have been accommodated.
testing programs are also used in some grades to determine how best to meet
students’ needs in specific areas.
                                                                                           Those wishing to register in any grade must obtain and complete the Application
                                                                                           form that is available at the School Office, and follow the steps listed in the
The Cognitive Abilities Test is a national norm-referenced test that is composed of a
                                                                                           Admission Procedure. The enrollment cap for each grade level is 90 students.
battery of sub-tests which are a measure of verbal abstract reasoning and problem
solving ability. These tests are given each year to Grade One in the fall, and Grades
                                                                                           Monthly Open Houses for Interested New Families
Two, Three, Five, and Seven in the spring.
                                                                                           Non-school parents interested in enrolling their children for the following school
                                                                                           year are invited to attend one of St. Gabriel’s special school open houses, held at
The IOWA Test of Basic Skills is a national norm-referenced test that provides for the
                                                                                           9:00 am approximately one Tuesday a month. Open Houses will include a
comprehensive measurement of a student’s growth and achievement in the
                                                                                           presentation, tour, and a brief observation of an individual classroom in session,
fundamental skills of reading, vocabulary, word analysis, listening, language,
                                                                                           arranged by appointment at least a week before the scheduled Open House. See the
mathematics, science and social studies. These tests are given to all Grades One
                                                                                           Website Calendar for Open House dates. As a general we do not provide individual
through Eight in the spring.
“shadowing” days for prospective students. Students may sit in with their parents
during an observation time on one of the monthly Open House days.
                                                                                         St. Gabriel School places a high priority on quality communication. School and
                    CATHOLIC IDENTITY                                                    Classroom communications, including Parent Newsletters, will be posted on
                                                                                         Edline. Please check frequently. Intermittent communications will also be sent
                                                                                         via email through Onecall Now. It is very important therefore, that all families
Within an academic setting committed to excellence, the Catholic school exists to
                                                                                         have opened their accounts on Edline, and have an update email contact in the
impart the message of the Gospel, to building a believing community, to bring the
                                                                                         school database.
people of God together in worship, and to express Gospel values through service to
others. The Catholic school finds its true justification in the mission of the Church.
The school must be a means for the local church to evangelize, educate and               For parents and students currently enrolled, St. Gabriel School maintains an intra-
contribute to the formation of a healthy and morally sound lifestyle among its           school online website called Edline. It is a locked and password protected web site,
members. Discipleship of Jesus Christ is integral to the school’s Catholic culture and   which includes communications of school news, school information, student
mission.                                                                                 progress data, and the ability to communicate with all school staff and organizations
- Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association                                           through email. Teachers and staff also post schedules, student assignments,
                                                                                         curriculum, and pertinent classroom and school news on their web pages, and may be
Catholic students are given preference in admission. In addition, in keeping with the    contacted through their listed emails (which also are printed in the “Directory” in the
ecumenical spirit of the Catholic Church, all religious traditions are respected and,    front of this Handbook.)
space permitting, students from other faith traditions are welcome in the school.
Catholic liturgy, sacraments, traditions, and prayer are taught as an integral part of
                                                                                         Daily and Weekly Information
the school’s curriculum to students of all faiths. The liturgy is celebrated weekly,     Information and important papers are additionally sent home with students in their
prayers said daily, and Catholic traditions celebrated according to the liturgical       book bags weekly, sometimes daily. Parents should stress with their children the
season. It is the work of the entire Catholic community of St. Gabriel to celebrate      importance of bringing home all information handed out at school. Generally
sacraments and faith formation within the context of parish life.                        information affecting all students in a family will be sent home with the “youngest or
                                                                                         only” child. Parents should also check Edline and email, as communications will
The curriculum for religion is consistent with the teaching of the Roman Catholic        increasingly be relegated to that avenue in the interest of going green.
Church and will conform to the guidelines of the Religion Curriculum Guide of the
Catholic Diocese of Cleveland. All supplemental material used in the curriculum
                                                                                         Regular News
must conform to Catholic moral teaching and doctrine.                                    Regular Bi-Weekly Parent Newsletters are posted on Edline. This provides
                                                                                         important information about current school activities, upcoming events, changes to
St. Gabriel School provides numerous and various opportunities for students to           the calendar, mention of student awards and recognitions, and more. Messages from
participate in school, parish, and community outreach and service. Students learn        The Principal’s Corner are often in the Newsletters. Intermittent email Virtual
the serving attitude of Being Christ, every day, everywhere, in activities and           Backpacks are also sent weekly or as needed. This provides additional news,
projects such as Student Council, the Eighth Grade/First Grade, and Seventh              information, reports and reflections on the progress of the school in various areas.
Grade/Kindergarten Partner programs, the Thanksgiving Food Bank collection, the
Christmas Adopt A Family Project, the New Student Welcome Program, the Jr Hi
Service Hours Program, the Jr Hi Altercare Nursing Home Program, and the Jr Hi           St. Gabriel School maintains a school website,, visible to
Fairport Harbor “Senior Prom.”                                                           the public on the world wide web, which includes general information about
                                                                                         features, programs, organizations, dates and events, and history and philosophy of
                                                                                         the school. Also available are downloadable documents such as registration
                                                                                         materials for school enrollment and alumni participation. It undergoes frequent
                                                                                         updates and improvements.

OneCallNow                                                                                  scores, previous classroom scores and teacher recommendation. In Grades 4-8,
An immediate direct phone-blast/email-blast system is used to notify all families of        supplemental AT (Academically Talented) classes are offered to students meeting
any information that needs to be delivered quickly, at any time during any day. This        the same state and school criteria. And in Grades 1-3, supplemental Enrichment
would include such things as school closing announcements, safety and emergency             classes are offered to students also meeting the same state and school criteria.
bulletins, and notifications and/or reminders of events, meetings and other items or
directions of importance. It is important to keep the Office updated on changes in          Auxiliary Services
phone and/or email contacts.                                                                Through state and federal auxiliary funding, St. Gabriel School is able to provide
                                                                                            Staff services and resources to help meet the needs of both struggling and high
       CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION                                                           achieving students from an Intervention Specialist, Remedial Reading/Remedial
                                                                                            Math Tutor, Academically Talented Teacher, Speech and Language Therapist,
                                                                                            School Nurse and Health Aide, School Psychologist, and Textbook/Service Clerk.
Graded Course of Studies
The curricula of all subjects taught at St. Gabriel School follow the Graded Course of
Studies Curriculum Guides set forth by the Office of Catholic Education for the
                                                                                            The Technology Program provides the students with a skills-based curriculum taught
Diocese of Cleveland. These Curriculum Guides are strictly aligned with Ohio State
                                                                                            weekly that encompasses keyboarding, file management, word processing, Microsoft
Standards, so students are learning the same graded curricula as all Ohio schools.
                                                                                            Office programs, multi-media presentation programs, Internet research and
All textbooks and instructional materials are selected so as to support the Graded
                                                                                            navigation, and more. Innovations such as pod-casting, for example, are continually
Course of Studies.
                                                                                            being incorporated into the weekly curriculum. The Computer Teacher also works
                                                                                            with classroom teachers to help students on projects and activities that integrate with
Curriculum Parent Handbooks for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade are distributed
                                                                                            particular curriculum areas as needed.
at the start of the school year. These booklets describe the major skills and concepts
and standards to be presented and developed, and present an overview of the major
                                                                                            The technology infrastructure consists of a fully networked school, both wired and
learning objectives of each subject. General Curriculum Maps that each teacher will
                                                                                            wireless. There is a computer lab that has 32 desk top computers, and five mobile
be following for the subjects they teach for each grade are also posted on Edline.
                                                                                            carts with 30 laptops each. Each classroom is also equipped with interactive
                                                                                            electronic white boards and projectors, and additional computers in all classrooms.
Religious Education
At St. Gabriel School, the religious formation of students is of prime importance.
                                                                                            Teachers are continually acquiring professional development and training in
Religion classes are held daily. Students in Grades K through Eight attend all school
                                                                                            technology. All teachers have web pages, email access, and training to use the
Eucharistic Liturgy each Wednesday, and also on Holy Days. Students periodically
                                                                                            SMART boards, ACTIV boards, ActivVote, and mobile labs of student laptop
help plan and attend prayer services and liturgies that relate to their studies, seasonal
                                                                                            computers in their classrooms. An electronic grading program is used in conjunction
celebrations, or school events. A spirit of prayer daily pervades the school and
                                                                                            with Edline communications online service, and the computerized Accelerated
classrooms, and participation in service activities and outreach projects are
                                                                                            Reader Program is also being implemented across grade levels. In addition, the use
continually promoted throughout the year. (See CATHOLIC IDENTITY.)
                                                                                            of technology is being further explored for use in regular student assessments and
                                                                                            staff continuous professional improvement.
Sacramental Preparation
The sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist are received for the first time in the
                                                                                            The Arts
Second Grade. The religion curriculum provides for deep and careful preparation in
                                                                                            St. Gabriel School has a strong belief in the philosophy of education of the whole
these areas. Students in Grades Three through Eight are also given the opportunity
                                                                                            child, in which the fine and performing arts are a vital part. To supplement the core
yearly during Lent to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation as a class.
                                                                                            curriculum subjects, students weekly attend classes in General Arts and General
                                                                                            Music. Student art shows, musical and theatrical performances, and band
Honors/AT/Enrichment Classes
                                                                                            performances are among highlights of the school year.
In the Sixth and Seventh Grade there is an Honors Math course, and in Eighth Grade
an Honors Algebra and an Honors Reading course that are provided to students
                                                                                            A special whole-school supplementary Arts Series is planned each year. Selected
meeting state and school criteria. The criteria include specified ranges of
                                                                                            outside Performing Artists are contracted to come to the school on specially
standardized cognitive scores, standardized achievement scores, placement test
scheduled days to provide students with an interactive experience of a diversity of art   counted as absences. All high schools provide weekend or evening open houses
forms throughout a day of adjusted scheduling.                                            annually. Information will be provided to students in the beginning of the year.

A comprehensive Band Program is also offered for interested students. The St.
Gabriel Band Program is one of the largest elementary/middle parochial school band        Extra Curricular Activities
programs in Northeast Ohio, and well known for its performance and achievements.          Each year more optional activities and clubs are made available to interested
Instrumental instruction is offered on all band instruments. Small group instrument       students. These promote further growth and development of social skills, leadership
lessons and full band rehearsals are provided during school hours in time slots that      skills, faith values, and other talents and abilities of students outside the standard
do not pull out from classroom instruction time. Lessons and rehearsals take place in     curriculum or regular classroom. St. Gabriel School, often in partnership with St.
a dedicated Band Room with professional quality equipment. The Band Program               Gabriel Parish, is always working to increase such opportunities for students.
consists of the Fourth Grade Beginning Band, Fifth Grade Band, Sixth Grade Band,
Junior High Symphonic Band and Junior High Jazz Band. The bands perform in                *Altar Servers                                            *Geography Bee
school concerts, school assemblies, community festivals, and honors band programs.        *Liturgical Readers                                       *Newspaper Staff
The Jazz Band performs each spring at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.                     *Scouts                                                   *Ski Club
                                                                                          *Community Honors Bands                                   *Spelling Bee
Foreign Language                                                                          *CYO Sports (baseball, basketball, cheerleading,          *Student Ambassadors
In keeping with research supporting the benefits of children studying a second             football, golf, soccer, softball, track, volleyball,     *Student Council
language, Spanish is also included in students’ subjects of study. Spanish is taught       wrestling)                                               *Technology Club
once a week to all grades with the goal of learning enrichment, and reaching a level      *Ecology Club                                             *Liturgical Dance
of familiarity, understanding and ease of basic communication in the language.            *Youth Choir                                              *Power of the Pen
Advanced Spanish is also offered to Seventh and Eighth grade students twice weekly        *Science Club                                             *Math Club
for more complete preparation for High School Spanish. Beginning this school year,        *Geography Bee                                            *Band
Chinese will also be offered weekly to Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade students.
                                                                                          Classroom and teacher placement
Library                                                                                   In the spring of each school year, teachers and the administration confer and consult
The St. Gabriel School library is available for students to borrow books and practice     to create the next year’s classroom student assignment and teacher assignment lists.
library skills learned in their Reading curriculum. The card catalog is automated,        Much effort and work is put into this process to make the best placements and
and the Online Catalog can be accessed at >LEECA Quick                      groupings for all students. Therefore it is the policy that all critical needs as deemed
Links>Library Catalogs>St. Gabriel.                                                       best are considered by the teachers and administration, and must be corroborated
                                                                                          during the school year by experiences, by evidence and input from teachers, from
Field Trips                                                                               staff, and from parents, and by scheduling of any special services or programs for the
Field trips are pre-planned educational experiences related to the curriculum and         next year. Any input by parents deemed critical to be considered, must be conveyed
followed by evaluation. Although field trips are educationally based, students may        to teachers and/or administration at some time during the school year before spring.
be denied participation if they fail to meet behavior standards or parental permission    The placement of all children is intertwined, and the placement of every single child
requirements. A substitute assignment or project will be given to a student who           affects the placement of every other child, to create the optimum teaching and
cannot attend a class field trip.                                                         learning environment. The next year’s class lists are finalized in May at the end of
                                                                                          the school year.
High School Visitation
One day in the first semester is scheduled for Eighth Grade visitation to a Catholic
High School in the area, and will not be counted as a student absence. Students who
                                                                                                                DISCIPLINE POLICY
wish to visit any other prospective high school on a day in addition to the day
                                                                                          Code of Conduct
scheduled, must do it on a day when St. Gabriel is not in session but the high school
                                                                                          A high standard of conduct, based on and modeling Christian gospel values, is
is in session. Such additional visitations during St. Gabriel school hours will be
                                                                                          expected of the students at St. Gabriel School. Students grow in responsibility and
                                                                                          self-discipline through the years as they learn that they are accountable for their
choices and actions, which will always have consequences. They learn to self-                       Students will remain seated at their assigned homeroom tables, unless
control their own behavior as they understand that the observance of school rules and               permission is given by the administration.
guidelines brings order and happiness to themselves and others, and safeguards their                Students will use proper manners while eating.
liberties rather than curbs. They grow to realize that every student has the right to               Students will follow directions of Noon Watch supervisors in clean up and
learn, and every teacher has the right to teach, in a safe environment that is a Christ-            dismissal to go back with teachers to classrooms.
like atmosphere of caring, safety and respect for the dignity of all. This atmosphere
affirms and supports the loving witness of the entire Catholic community of St.            Bus Rules and Guidelines
Gabriel School which ever strives to fulfill the mission of Being CHRIST ~ Every           Students are responsible for safe conduct on the bus ride to and from school. For
Day ~ Everywhere.                                                                          their own safety, students are expected to respect the authority of the bus driver and
                                                                                           comply with all bus regulations. These regulations will be upheld and enforced by
General School Rules and Guidelines—Apply also to all out-of-school sponsored              St. Gabriel School. In addition, all guidelines, regulations and consequences under
activities, field trips, programs, etc.                                                    the St. Gabriel School Discipline Policy as explained in this handbook apply to St.
          Behave in a respectful, orderly, and safe manner.                                Gabriel students riding the bus. A student who jeopardizes his/her safety and/or the
          Maintain a considerate quietness anywhere in the building.                       safety of others will lose the privilege to ride the bus for a specified number of days.
          Walk when moving anywhere in the building or with a class.
          Respect school property by leaving areas used neat and orderly, and not          Consequences for violating rules and guidelines
          chewing gum on the school premises.                                              Administration and teachers will address all discipline issues in a manner respectful
          Remain seated and talk quietly at lunch.                                         of the dignity of each student, and use consequences in the spirit of both helping
          Wait quietly in the hot lunch line.                                              students to learn how to correct their misbehavior and to learn the critical importance
          Exhibit appropriate table manners.                                               of self control and Christ-like behavior. The following consequences and discipline
          Leave their respective eating area clean and orderly.                            procedures for violation of any school and/or classroom rules, not necessarily in any
          Speak and act in a Christian manner.                                             order, may include, but are not limited to:
          Use a respectful tone of voice, manner and language at all times.
          Adhere to the Dress Code at all times.                                           Verbal Reprimand—warning to correct misbehavior
          Be honest in relating to adults and fellow students                              Time Out—removal from class to reflect on how to correct misbehavior
          Do not bring any electronic games or devices for play to school.                 Written Conduct Referral—written description of misbehavior and warning to
                                                                                           correct misbehavior, sent home for parent notification
Playground and Lunchroom Rules and Guidelines—In addition to above                         Natural Consequences—actions to be taken to naturally make up for misbehavior
General Rules and Guidelines                                                               Restitution—making up for damages done (physically or emotionally)
        Students will not use inappropriate language, gestures, rough play, kicking,       School Service—form of restitution upon causing damage that must be made up
        pushing, tripping, spitting, jumping on other students, tearing or pulling         Loss of Privileges—losing privilege to attend school function, assembly, event, etc.
        clothes, and any other inappropriate behavior.                                     Detention—written notice of scheduled time to stay after school from 2:00-3:00pm
        Students will remain in assigned area and away from all parked cars.               sent home; after receiving 3 conduct referrals or 3 dress code demerits, or
        Students will line up when signaled for the end of the play period.                combination; or automatically without warning or referral upon any Serious
        Students will follow Noon Watch supervisors and enter the building to the          Violation that is inconsistent with Rules and Guidelines.
        lunchroom quickly and quietly.                                                     Behavior Contract—written agreement between student, family and school, created
        Students will use only play equipment provided by the school or authorized         by administration and teacher(s), that delineates violations, consequences and criteria
        by the Principal.                                                                  to be adhered to by student/parents for re-admittance to school after out-of-school
        Students will use all playground equipment safely, carefully, respectfully         suspension; signed by all immediately upon return to school.
        and appropriately so as not to harm self or others or cause damage to              In-School Suspension—written notice of scheduled half or full day of missing
        equipment.                                                                         classes and activities in school, upon serious misbehavior, and/or after receiving 3
        Students will be respectful and obedient to all Noon Watch supervisors, on         detentions; parents will be notified by administration of suspension; missed class
        the playground and in the lunchroom.                                               work may be made up and receive credit

Out-of-school Suspension—scheduled day(s) out of school, used immediately in              NOTE: Serious violations occurring outside of school by any student that affect
severe cases of serious violations, such as weapon or drug possession, fighting,          any other student in the school, such as internet or bus behavior, are covered by
swearing, obscene or hurtful behavior; number of days scheduled will be determined        this discipline policy, and may be cause for consequences to be given.
by conferring of administration and teacher(s); upon violation parents will be
notified by administration to come to school to pick up their child for suspension;       BULLYING POLICY
students will be required to be under a Behavior Contract upon return to school, and      Bullying is defined as a form of violence (any mean look, word, action or gesture
further consequences, such as loss of privileges, may be issued depending upon            that hurts a person’s body, feelings, or possessions), that is repeated, intentional, and
misbehavior; missed work may be completed and receive credit, at discretion of            involves an imbalance of power between the parties involved in a given situation.
administration and teacher(s).                                                            Types of bullying can encompass mean looks (eye rolling, intimidating stares, giving
Opportunity Room—This room is located between the library and the Speech/GBN              dirty looks), mean gestures (insulting gestures with hand or fingers, holding nose,
room. The Opportunity Room is used during the recess/lunch period for students            flipping someone off, using the “loser” or “crazy” gesture), mean words spoken or
any age, any grade, who are in need of a place of opportunity to reflect on ways to       written anywhere (mocking, teasing, taunting or calling names, gossiping or
improve behavior, and/or to work on making up missing or late classroom                   spreading rumors, embarrassing or humiliating someone, threatening to harm or hurt
assignments. This will be by written referral from teacher or administrator only.         someone, making threats), and/or mean actions (pushing, shoving, hitting, punching,
Parents will be notified.                                                                 kicking, biting, spitting, assaulting another with the body or objects, tripping or
Expulsion—withdrawal of student from enrollment in St. Gabriel School.                    causing a person to fall, physical cruelty, intentionally excluding someone from a
Withdrawal will be required upon a serious violation, repeated serious misbehavior,       group, setting someone up, writing unkind/insulting words about a person, etc.).
or violation of Behavior Contract that is in complete disregard of the safety and
health of the student themselves, or another student, or a staff member, supervisor, or   CYBERBULLYING
volunteer. The Principal and/or Pastor has the final right to determine expulsion at      Any acts of bullying as described above, against any student or staff member of the
any time.                                                                                 St. Gabriel community, that are committed through use of electronic means (internet,
NOTE: Teachers will supplement the school code of conduct and consequences                cell phone, etc.), whether in, on or out of the school campus, will be addressed as a
with their own classroom codes of conduct, consequences and procedures.                   school discipline issue.
Serious Violations                                                                        Bullying is seen as an especially serious violation of the code of conduct of the
Actions considered serious violations of the discipline policy, and for which the         St. Gabriel Community, and will not be tolerated. All incidents of bullying must
Principal and/or Pastor may out-of-school suspend and/or request that a student           be reported and will be investigated thoroughly. Several avenues, including a Bully
withdraw from the school, include but are not limited to, the following:                  Report Form, will be provided for both victim and bystander students, to report
• Use, possession, or sale of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, look-alike weapons        incidents. Students who are found to have knowingly and purposefully engaged in
• Use of, or intention to use, any object in a dangerous or harmful way                   such behavior will be treated as having committed a Serious Violation, and may be
• Truancy or unauthorized leaving of the school property                                  asked to withdraw from the school if the behavior is not corrected and/or restitution
• Use of vulgar, profane, obscene, violent, threatening, aggressive, or immoral           is not made. In cases of suspected bullying, careful and thorough investigations will
    language or gestures, pictures, or any other media or behavior                        be made to determine actions and consequences.
• Harmful teasing, harassing, belittling, or abuse of a student, teacher or
    anyone (see “Bullying Policy” and “Cyberbullying”)                                    Cheating
• Fighting or endangering the safety of anyone in St. Gabriel School                      Cheating is any act of intentional academic dishonesty through which a student
• Defying a teacher or person in authority or interfering with a teacher’s                attempts to gain an unfair advantage through dishonest means. Cheating shall
    conducting of class                                                                   involve forgery, unauthorized copying or sharing of information, tests, homework,
• Stealing, vandalizing, defacing, or destroying school, student, teacher, or parish      assignments, plagiarism and all other forms of academic dishonesty.
    property as well as anything on school or parish property.                                 1.    First offense results in the student receiving a zero on the graded
• Repeated academic cheating (see “Cheating”)                                                        assignment, quiz, test, project, paper etc. on which the cheating occurred.
                                                                                                     The parent will be called by the student in the teacher’s presence. In
                                                                                                     addition, a detention will be given to any student breaking this rule.

    2.    Second offense results in a zero on that particular graded assignment plus    Sweater:      Navy: long sleeve pullover or cardigan.
          one day in-school suspension. Parents will be notified and a conference       Turtleneck:   White knit, under blouse or sweatshirt.
          will be held.                                                                 Socks:        White or navy, knee length, or fully covering ankles, or tights.
    3.    Third offense may result in the student being asked to withdraw from St.      Shoes:        Sturdy solid black, brown or navy oxford style dress shoes; tie or slip
          Gabriel School as determined by administration and teacher(s).                              on; heels no higher than 1 inch; NO open backs (slides or sandal style)

DISCIPLINE MEASURES FOR ANY ACTION THAT VIOLATES THE SPIRIT,                            Skirt:      Plaid: length to top of knee.
MISSION AND PHILOSOPHY OF ST. GABRIEL SCHOOL, EVEN THOUGH                               Blouse:     White: short or long sleeve, pointed or oxford collar, buttoned to first
NOT SPECIFIED IN THIS HANDBOOK. ANY STUDENT WHOSE                                                   button; must be tucked in. Plain white t-shirt may be worn under blouse.
BEHAVIOR REPEATEDLY AND/OR NEGATIVELY AFFECTS THE                                       Slacks 5-6: Navy: twill or corduroy.
LEARNING AND/OR SAFETY OF ANY OTHER STUDENT OR STAFF                                    Slacks 7-8: Jr Hi girls only, may wear khaki twill or corduroy slacks, with belt, (not
MEMBER, OR NEGATIVELY AFFECTS INSTRUCTION OR THE                                                    jeans, or cargo or other type pants)
EDUCATIONAL AND /OR FAITH FORMATION PROCESS OF ANY                                      Vest:       Navy: V-neck pullover.
OTHER MEMBER OF THE ST. GABRIEL SCHOOL COMMUNITY, WILL                                  Sweater: Navy,: long sleeve crewneck or V-neck pullover.
BE ASKED TO WITHDRAW FROM THE SCHOOL.                                                   Sweatshirt: Navy, red. White; must have St. Gabriel School name and/or logo
                                                                                        Turtleneck: White knit, under blouse or long sleeve sweater or sweatshirt.
                             DRESS CODE                                                 Socks:
                                                                                                    White or navy: knee length, or fully covering ankles, or tights.
                                                                                                    Sturdy solid black, brown, or navy oxford style dress shoes; tie or slip
                                                                                                    on; heels no higher than 1 inch; NO open backs (slides or sandal style)
The purpose of the Dress Code is to contribute to an atmosphere that is appropriate
and conducive to the spiritual, educational and social processes of St. Gabriel
                                                                                        BOYS GRADES 1-6
School. Students at all times are expected to dress in a manner that is comfortable
                                                                                        Trousers: Navy: twill or corduroy, with belt.
yet appropriate, and not causing distractions. The school uniform is also a special
                                                                                        Shirt:      White or light blue: short or long sleeve knit polo style; must be tucked
sign that gives a message to others about our school’s good character. Refer to
                                                                                                    in; solid white t-shirts may be worn under uniform shirt
Schoolbelles Buying Guide ( ) for selection of dress uniform
                                                                                        Sweatshirt: Navy, red, white; must have St. Gabriel School name and/or logo.
and gym styles for St. Gabriel School.
                                                                                        Sweater:    Navy: long sleeve pullover or cardigan.
                                                                                        Socks:      White or navy: must fully cover the ankle
DRESS UNIFORM: Must be worn daily, grades K-8. All plaid jumpers and                    Shoes:      Sturdy solid black, brown, or navy oxford style dress shoes; may be tie
skirts, and gym uniforms must be from Schoolbelles.                                                 or slip-on
                                                                                        BOYS GRADES 7-8
GIRLS AND BOYS KINDERGARTEN                                                             Trousers: Navy or khaki: twill or corduroy, with belt, (not jeans, or cargo pants, or
Girls:  Light blue blouses with jumpers or navy slacks; navy sweater or                             other type pants)
        sweatshirt with St. Gabriel School logo may be worn.                            Shirt:      White: short or long sleeve dress shirt; must be tucked in.
Boys:   Light yellow knit polo style shirts with navy slacks with belt; navy            Tie:        Navy or navy patterned, appropriate
        sweater or sweatshirt with St. Gabriel School logo may be worn.                 Vest:       Navy: V-neck sleeveless pullover.
Shoes:  Sturdy shoes that tie, buckle, or use Velcro. No open back shoes.               Sweater:    Navy: V-neck long sleeve pullover.
                                                                                        Sweatshirt: Navy, red, white; must have St. Gabriel School name and/or logo.
GIRLS GRADES 1-4                                                                        Socks:      White or navy: must fully cover the ankle.
Jumper:     Plaid: length to top of knee.                                               Shoes:      Sturdy solid black, brown, or navy oxford style dress shoes; tie or slip
Slacks:     Navy: twill or corduroy                                                                 on; NO athletic shoes
Blouse:     White: short or long sleeve, round collar; must be tucked in; plain white
            t-shirt may be worn under blouse.
Sweatshirt: Navy, red, white; must have St. Gabriel School name and/or logo.

GIRLS AND BOYS GRADES K-8                                                                            *On Spirit Days or other special celebration days, school Spirit/Grizzly
Accessories K-6: Students may wear one watch, one bracelet, one ring, and one thin                   Wear may be worn. Students with no spirit wear may wear shirts with
            chain religious necklace tucked into blouse or shirt; no hats, headscarves               school colors or any nice shirts that are appropriate.
            or bandanas; girls may wear only one pair of small post earrings, only                   *Jr Hi girls may wear very light make-up on out-of-uniform days—
            one earring in each ear; no dangling earrings; boys may not wear                         abuse of this privilege will cause complete loss of this privilege
            earrings to school or to school functions.
Accessories 7-8 only: Optional, may wear tasteful and appropriate jewelry, not           OPTIONAL UNIFORM GRADES K-8: Allowed to be worn only in August,
            excessive or distracting to learning; no hats or headscarves; boys may       September, May, June
            not wear earrings—abuse of these privileges will cause loss of privileges               *Navy walking shorts (Schoolbelles)
Girls Hair: No extreme hairstyles or unnatural coloring.                                            *Cotton knit shirt, white 1-8, light blue Kd girls, light yellow Kd boys)
Boys Hair: No extreme hairstyles or unnatural coloring; not longer than shirt collar,               *Tennis shoes; white socks fully covering the ankle
            nor interfering with that student’s or any other student’s education (such
            as blocking of view).                                                        NOTE: Uniforms must fit properly. All items must be labeled with students’
Make-up K-6:       No color nail polish; no make-up                                      names. Students must be neatly groomed. Students may not mark, write, draw,
Make-up 7-8 only:         Optional, girls may wear light, natural looking make-up and    color or have stickers or tattoos on their skin. Students are to be in uniform the
            nail polish—abuse of these privileges will cause loss of these privileges    entire school day, including entering and leaving the building, as well as on the bus.

GYM UNIFORM                                                                              CONSEQUENCES:
The school gym uniform for Grades 1-8 consists of knit shorts and T-shirt that are       Students in non-compliance will receive Dress Code Demerits. Three demerits will
offered only by Schoolbelles.                                                            result in a detention. Students out of uniform will not be admitted to classrooms and
                                                                                         will be required to fix the problem or call parents for changing items.
Kindergarten students do not wear this uniform, but can wear the clothes they wear
to school, and must bring gym shoes on Gym day.                                          The administration reserves the right to the final say on all Dress Code matters.

NON-DRESS UNIFORM: Worn during permitted Out-of-Uniform Days,                                              ELECTRONIC DEVICES
such as birthdays, picture day, field trips, rewards, spirit days, and any other days
designated by the Principal; grades K-8                                                  General Electronic Items
             *No tank, sleeveless, or narrow strap tops, unless under top with sleeves   Electronic items are not to be brought into and/or used in any rooms or areas of the
             *No tops that are revealing, have low-cut necklines, or expose bare         school campus, unless requested by teachers for learning purposes. Such items
             midriffs when sitting, stretching, stooping, etc.                           include, but are not limited to, CD’s, IPOD’s, MP3 and DVD players, radios, TV’s,
             *No sweatpants, pajama pants, yoga pants, knit pants, “tear-away”           cell phones, any electronic “smart” devices or computer devices, and laser pointers.
             pants, or any pants with writing on the back; pants may not be worn         Such items will be confiscated, a detention will be given, and parents will be
             low-waisted or sagging, and the bottom edge of the hem of the pants         notified. At the discretion of the administration, the items may be returned either to
             must come BELOW the knee.                                                   the student at the end of the school day or returned to a parent/guardian of the
             *No skirts or dresses shorter than the top of the knee; no                  student. Parents and students assume all responsibility for any loss or damages to
             combination of tights and short skirt                                       electronic items brought to school.
             *No shorts except Schoolbelles shorts may be worn on any out-of-
             uniform day except for Field Day, unless otherwise designated               Acceptable Use Policy for Two-Way Communication Devices
             *Shoes may be school, athletic or dress shoes; NO flip flops, slides, or    Student possession of, and/or involvement in, electronic paging, communication, or
             sandals without backs; NO shoes with wheels                                 photography devices, such as cell phones, smart/computer devices, cameras, or two-
             *No inappropriate words, designs or pictures on any clothing                way radios in any rooms or areas if the school during school hours is prohibited,
                                                                                         except as specifically authorized by the Principal. Any student found violating this
                                                                                         policy shall receive the following consequences:

•   Confiscation of the involved device—depending on the nature and severity of              Office staff to allow admittance into the building. There is also an extensive written
    the violation, the confiscated device or media may be held in evidence                   St. Gabriel Parish Building Security Policy that describes rules and guidelines for all
    indefinitely.                                                                            individuals and groups using and/or visiting any areas in the school building after
• Notification of parents.                                                                   school dismissal hours.
• Suspension or revocation of privileges related to Internet access, electronic mail
    and/or fax, network access, and computer access.                                         Procedure for picking up a child during the school day
• Detention                                                                                  If a student is to be released to his or her parent or guardian during the school day to
• Suspension or expulsion if violation is serious and deemed appropriate by                  leave early or for medical appointments, the parent is required to ring in at the Main
    school/district administration.                                                          Office entrance doors, and sign their child out at the Office window. The child is
Legal action may be taken.                                                                   then called from their classroom to come to the Office to meet with their parent or
SPECIAL NOTE: If cell phones are brought to school for appropriate and family                guardian. Parents may wait in the lobby.
approved use for family/safety purposes after school, they must be stored in book            ID Picture Badges
bags, in lockers, and turned off during the school day. Violations of this policy will       For safety purposes, students and staff are required to wear Identification Picture
be dealt with as mentioned above.                                                            Badges at all times during the school day. ID pictures for the badges are taken
                                                                                             during the first week of the school year by St. Gabriel Parish staff.

    INTERNET ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY                                                           General Disaster Emergency Procedures
                                                                                             St. Gabriel School has a Crisis Response Plan with procedures and guidelines for
We believe that technology is a vital means to assist those who carry out the                response actions for safety and emergency situations. Students and staff are
educational ministry of St. Gabriel School. We are pleased to offer students access          instructed in the steps that must be followed, and school practice emergency drills
to our computer network, including access to the Internet. To gain access to the             such as Fire Drills, Lock-Down Drills and Tornado Drills are held regularly.
Internet, all students under the age of 18 must obtain parental permission and must
sign and return an Acceptable Use Policy form listing all Internet Rules to be               Emergency Procedure for Perry Nuclear Power Plant
followed to the School Office. This form is distributed to all students and their            The Mentor School District to which St. Gabriel belongs, in conjunction with the
families at the beginning of the school year.                                                Lake County Emergency Management Agency, has developed plans to protect
                                                                                             students, should an emergency at Perry Nuclear Power Plant require protective
                                                                                             response by the Mentor School District. There is a very low probability of an
PHOTO RELEASE AND AUTHORIZATION                                                              emergency at the plant and an even lower probability that it will occur during normal
                                                                                             school hours. Nonetheless, the district and the school have developed plans for
A Photo Release and Authorization Form is sent home at the beginning of the school           accomplishing sheltering or evacuation protective actions. Information about these
year. This form gives the parent/guardian’s consent and authorization for St. Gabriel        plans is sent home at the beginning of the school year.
School to release, publicize, disseminate, distribute, use, and/or reproduce any and
all photographs taken of their child during his/her enrollment at St. Gabriel School         Emergency School Closing
by an employee, agent, or representative of St. Gabriel School or by an independent          It is sometimes necessary to close schools on short notice. The closing will be made
contractor.                                                                                  as early as possible. This information will be managed by the Instant School Alert
                                                                                             System through TV Channels 3, 5, 8, and Radio Channels WTAM 1100, and by the
                   SAFETY AND SECURITY                                                       OneCallNow individual phone and email communication system.

General Building Security Procedures                                                         When Mentor Exempted Village Schools and/or Riverside (Painesville Township)
All doors of the school building are locked to outside access during the school day to       Schools are closed due to weather, St. Gabriel School is also closed.
insure the safety of all within the building. A doorbell is located to the left facing the
school’s main front doors. All who enter after being admitted by school office staff         If either Riverside (Painesville) or Mentor announces a delayed opening, St. Gabriel
must stop at the Office window in the lobby, sign in, and receive a name badge if            School students from that area are not considered tardy.
they will be entering the school. A second set of inside doors are then opened by
Emergency Contact Information                                                              Immunizations: Kindergarten Students must have all immunizations required before
It is very important that parents notify the school when changes of address, telephone     the first day of school. Seventh Grade students must have the TDAP booster by the
numbers and/or place of employment occur throughout the school year. This                  first day of school. Students not having immunizations or booster will not be
includes the persons listed on the Emergency Medical Forms. If parents know that           admitted to class.
they cannot be located at the numbers on the Emergency Form, they must notify the
school as to where they can be reached in case of emergency.                               If a child is sent home from school with a fever, they should be kept home for at
                                                                                           least the next 24 hours.
If the child is to be released only to a particular adult in cases of court appointed
custody, the custodial parent must provide this information both to the Principal and      Family Custodial Situations
to the child’s teacher. A photograph of the person to whom the child is to be              All families must complete an Information Regarding Legal Custody form, whether
released is required. There is a Roster of Approved Persons form sent home at the          or not there is a divorce or separation situation. This makes our information uniform
beginning of the school year for all parents to complete, which lists who is approved      and complete.
to pick up their children.
                                                                                           In the case of pending divorce or separation of a student’s parents, parents are asked
                                                                                           to inform both the Principal and the teacher of this fact so that appropriate support
                                                                                           can be given to the child.
Emergency Student Dismissal
In case of individual student illness or accident at school, and if the student needs to   In the case of divorce or legal separation of a student’s parents, a copy of the entire
be sent home, the parent or guardian will be notified as soon as possible and should       legal court decree bearing the case number and the final page bearing the
come to the school to pick up the child. If the parent cannot come, the school will        judge’s signature must be submitted to the Principal. Unless the decree indicates
call a person on the “Roster of Approved Persons.” A driver ID is required when            otherwise, routine school communications such as newsletters, daily class work
that person comes to get the child. A release form is signed at the school Main            and papers will be sent home to the custodial or residential parent. It is the
Office, or the Clinic, when a student is taken home.                                       responsibility of the custodial or residential parent for sake of the child to share this
                                                                                           information directly with the non-custodial or non-residential parent.
Health and Medicine
The School Nurse or Health Aide is available to give immediate attention to students       Unless restricted by a Court Order, any non-custodial or non-residential parent has
in times of sudden illness, or when accidents occur during regular school hours on         the right to attend any school activity of their child, and has the right to know about
school property. Emergency medical information for each child is updated at the            their child’s progress in school. Parents should keep each other informed as to these
beginning of each school year and kept on file in the Clinic and Office.                   activities and progress. It should be noted that many events and activities, including
                                                                                           the School Weekly Parent Newsletter, Principal Letters, Academic Progress and
Written request must be obtained from the physician and the parent/guardian before         Assignments, and CYO sports information are posted on and/or linked to Edline.
any medication may be administered by school personnel. This request must include          Unless the decree indicates otherwise, non-custodial and non-residential parents can
instructions as to the name of the medication, dosage, time, duration of medication,       request to have their own access code for Edline. Non-custodial and non-residential
and possible side effects                                                                  parents may also request a copy of this Handbook Calendar from the School Office.
                                                                                           The school website is also available for access by non-custodial parents.
No child is allowed to have any medication in his/her possession while in school,
unless authorized by a note with the physician and parent signature. This includes         VIRTUS – Safety in Matters of Child Abuse
aspirin, any type of cough drop, all over-the-counter medications, and prescriptions.      In accordance with the Diocese of Cleveland and St. Gabriel Parish, all employees
A form that can be obtained from the School Clinic must be completed and on file.          regardless of their contact with children, and all parent and non-parent volunteers
Any medication which needs to be given during school hours must be brought to the          who work with children for four or more hours in a month, or more than once a
Office to be given to the Nurse or Health Aide who will administer the medication.         month, must be certified in the Diocesan VIRTUS Program. This includes:
If a child is too ill to go outside for recess or noon play, he/she is too ill to attend        Reading and signing the respective acknowledgement forms for the following
school. There are some exceptions, such as cases of broken bones or sprains. For                policies from the Diocese of Cleveland:
other exceptions there must be a physician’s note.
         1. Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse                 Youth Gangs
         2. Standards of Conduct for Ministry                                            Youth gangs and gang-related activity are prohibited. The full policy is on file in the
    Being fingerprinted and having a criminal background check performed by BCII         Office of the Principal. This policy is incorporated in the handbook by reference as
    or the FBI                                                                           though it were fully set forth in the handbook and is binding just as if it were set
    Attending a three-hour education and awareness VIRTUS training session,              forth in the handbook.
    followed by one year of on-line monthly updates (24 in total)
    Being interviewed within 30 days of beginning the ministry followed by a             Weapons Policy
    second interview by a staff member                                                   The St. Gabriel School policy expressly prohibits the use, possession, sale, or
    Completing an Employee and/or Volunteer Application                                  discharge of any weapons, look-alike weapons, any object used as a weapon, or
    Submitting a copy of their driver’s license or valid photo ID                        explosive devices in the school, on school grounds, or at school-sponsored activities.
                                                                                         This policy shall apply to all students, parents, participants in parish programs,
These actions must be completed prior to any contact with children. The employee         teachers, administrators, and other personnel in the school or parish. This policy
or volunteer may start their ministry while waiting for the results from BCII or FBI;    includes, but is not limited to, any firearm, knife, deadly weapon, or an object that is
however, they must be in the company of a VIRTUS trained, fingerprinted person.          indistinguishable from a deadly weapon, explosive or incendiary device. An object
                                                                                         that is indistinguishable from a deadly weapon is prohibited if a person indicates that
Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect                                                            he or she possesses the object and further indicates that it is a deadly weapon or the
All school employees are mandated reporters under Ohio law (ORC 2151.421) and            person brandishes or displays the object and indicates that it is a deadly weapon.
shall report all known or suspected child abuse. The law grants these persons            Firearms shall include any loaded or unloaded gun of any caliber type. This
immunity from criminal or civil liability as a result of such reports. The Lake          prohibition also includes any pistol, rifle, or other device that uses air or gas
County Department of Job and Family Services and/or law enforcement are the              propelled projectiles.
investigating agency for child abuse/neglect. St. Gabriel School follows the law and
cooperates with the Children Services Division and law enforcement.                      Violation of this policy may warrant notification of the police, immediate
                                                                                         suspension, and possible expulsion. If it is determined that this policy has been
Sexual Violence                                                                          violated, the parents/guardians of the offender shall be immediately contacted and
If an incident of sexual violence occurs, the Pastor, Principal or other school          must cooperate with the disciplinary process.
authority are required under state law to report the incident. The Lake County
Department of Job and Family Services and the police will be contacted immediately       The disciplinary process will include in/out of school suspension, pending
if any knowledge or suspicion of sexual abuse or violence has occurred involving a       investigation and resolution. If the student’s infraction does not warrant immediate
child less than 18 years of age.                                                         dismissal, then the parents/guardians may be required to sign a probation contract
                                                                                         that includes all conditions of the student’s retention at the school. Possible terms of
Harassment Policy                                                                        this agreement may include professional counseling, participation in a community
The Pastor, Principal, and staff of St. Gabriel School believe that all employees and    program addressing youth violence, suspension from extracurricular activities, and
all students are entitled to work and study in school-related environments that are      any other conditions deemed appropriate by the administration of the school or
Christ-centered and free of harassment. St. Gabriel School will not tolerate             parish program.
harassment of any type, and the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.
Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, suspension or expulsion.         Student Threats and/or Actions of Violence
                                                                                             Any and all student threats to inflict any harm to self or others, and any actions
Examples of harassment include, but are not limited to, verbal or written taunting;          of serious aggression or violence to self or others, will be taken seriously
bullying; other offensive, intimidating, or hostile conduct; jokes, stories, pictures,       immediately.
cartoons, notes, e-mails, drawings or objects which are offensive, alarming,                 Whoever hears or suspects a threat, or sees an action of violence, must report it
annoying, abusive, or demeaning to an individual or group.                                   immediately to the Principal.
                                                                                             Police must be notified in appropriate situations.
                                                                                             If police are contacted, the student will be kept in the Principal’s Office under
                                                                                             supervision until the police arrive.
The parent/guardian of the student who has made the threat, or enacted or was          Searches
involved in the violence, will be notified immediately.                                In cases of suspicion that a student may be carrying or storing contraband (any
Any adult or the parent/guardian of any students who have been verbally                weapon, illegal drug, drug paraphernalia, electronic device, or any other item
mentioned as potential victims or listed in writing as potential victims shall be      prohibited by law or school policy), searches of a student’s person or personal
notified immediately.                                                                  property may be necessary.
The student should be suspended and not be considered for readmission to
school until a mental health evaluation/risk assessment has been conducted by a        Student AIDS Policy
mental health professional (licensed PhD psychologist or psychiatrist). If a           Should children with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) seek
psychiatrist performs the primary evaluation, he/she shall determine the               enrollment at St. Gabriel School, they shall be permitted to attend if all the criteria
necessity to utilize a psychologist (PhD) for psychological consultation and/or        set forth in the AIDS Policy are met. A copy of the complete policy is on file in the
testing. If a psychologist (PhD) performs the primary evaluation, he/she shall         School Office and is available for review upon request. This policy is incorporated
determine the need for psychiatric consultation. The consultation shall comply         in the handbook by reference as though it were fully set forth in the handbook and is
with the provisions of ORC 2305.51.                                                    binding just as if it were set forth in the handbook.
The Principal shall provide the psychiatrist and/or PhD psychologist with all
relevant facts, including but not limited to, aggressive behavior, details of the
threat as known to the Principal, copies of any drawings or writings, disciplinary
                                                                                                               THE SCHOOL DAY
history of the student, behavioral concerns, and the names of any known victims
                                                                                       Morning Arrival
or potential victims.
                                                                                       Morning arrival procedures are in place with safety of all as the priority. All cars,
The Principal shall receive a written comprehensive, detailed evaluation and
                                                                                       buses and student transportation vans enter by the driveway between the school and
report, and a documented treatment plan in accordance with ORC 2305.51 from
                                                                                       church. Buses drop children off at the Main Office entrance of the school building.
the mental health care professionals stating the basis (factual and risk factors and
                                                                                       Students being driven to school as car riders must be driven around to the back
testing results) upon which he/she determined that the student is not/does not
                                                                                       north side of school and dropped off at the back Delivery Entrance door. Front and
pose a danger to self or others.
                                                                                       back entrance doors are opened for students at 7:20am, and adults are on duty at
This report shall also address the concerns raised by the Principal to the
                                                                                       both entrances between 7:20 and 7:45am. Cars may not drive up to the front Office
Psychiatrist or Psychologist. The evaluation and report shall be made available
                                                                                       door to drop off children between 7:20 and 7:50am, but must drive around to the
to the Principal who will share them with legal and/or mental health care
                                                                                       Delivery Entrance. If it is necessary for a parent to come in to the school Main
consultants and administration assisting the Principal in his/her education
                                                                                       Office alone or with their child, the car must be parked in the parking lot over by the
regarding the readmission of the student to school. The mental health care
                                                                                       Church, and then everyone walks to the Office door. Above all, whether parents are
professional (psychiatrist and/or PhD psychologist) shall provide a follow-up
                                                                                       driving anywhere in the lot, or walking anywhere in the lot, they must be extra alert,
assessment of the student within 30 days, if the student is readmitted to school,
                                                                                       go slow, and be courteous.
and shall provide the Principal with a copy of the follow-up assessment and/or
evaluation and shall inform the Principal if therapy, counseling and/or treatment
                                                                                       Also in the morning, parents may not walk back to the classroom with their child. If
will be needed and/or provided.
                                                                                       necessary, someone in the Office will take care of seeing that children get to their
Counseling should be made available to children who are victims of the
                                                                                       classroom, or the teacher or an aide will come to the Office to take care of them.
threatening behavior or who observed the threatening behavior if it is
                                                                                       Kindergarten has a special system for morning arrival the first week of school to
determined that such counseling is needed and parental permission is granted.
                                                                                       make it easier for the new little ones, and other students new to the school will also
Documentation from the mental health care professionals concerning any
                                                                                       have a special system the first week. If there is parent-child separation issue, the
student are to be placed in a separate, confidential file, and should not be part of
                                                                                       Teacher and Administration and will work collaboratively with parents to resolve the
the student’s academic/disciplinary file, with access only by the Principal and/or
                                                                                       issue in a timely manner.
Pastor. This documentation may be kept for a period of one year beyond the
time when the child leaves the school as a result of expulsion, withdrawal by
                                                                                       Starting Time
parent/guardian, graduation or non-readmission before being destroyed.
                                                                                       7:20 am    School Doors open, students may go to classrooms
                                                                                       7:45 am    Warning Bell for K-8 and Morning Kindergarten
                                                                                       7:50 am    Tardy Bell, Class begins
Dismissal Time                                                                            and leave in a continual flow. If you are picking up your child in your car, you must
2:30 pm—All Classes K-8, buses pick up at south doors, car riders picked up after         park over by the Church (not in the parking spots right in front of the Church where
           buses depart                                                                   the Mentor buses drive out), wait for the signal from the supervisory Staff, and the
                                                                                          walk up to the side MPR door only after all Riverside bus students are
Recess/Lunch                                                                              dismissed and buses are gone. The entrance doors will be opened by
Students remain at school during the 42 minute lunch period. During the first half of     administration after all students are in their assigned classroom. You can then enter
the period, they will have a period of outdoor recess on the playground, or indoor        the building to pick up your child from one of the assigned Kindergarten or First
recess in their classroom, depending on the weather, under supervision of paid parent     Grade rooms. Parents may not come into the building before buses have left and
Noon Watch monitors and school Staff. During the second half of the period, they          wait inside the halls for their child to come down with car riders. The six rooms are
will eat their lunch in the Multipurpose Room under the supervision of paid parent        assigned by ABC order of students’ last names:
Noon Watch monitors and school Staff.                                                            Rm 101-Names A-E           Rm 102-Names F-K          Rm 103-Names L-N
                                                                                                 Rm 104-Names O-R           Rm 105-Names S-T          Rm 106-Names U-Z
Students may bring packed lunches or buy the hot lunch provided daily through the
Food Service Program of the Cleveland Diocese. Information concerning this                      After school clubs, sports groups, scouts, etc. come down with car riders and
program is sent home at the beginning of the school year. The monthly menu is                   meet their leader, coach, etc. in the MPR.
distributed to families each month and also posted on the school website. The cost
and the collection process for hot lunches, milk and snacks is announced at the           Phone Calls/Communications during the School Day
opening of school. Personal fast food lunches may not be delivered to students            Parents are asked not to call their child during school hours. In case of an emergency
during the day. Also, canned pop, glass bottles, or glass containers brought from         from parents, the School Office should be called, and a message will be delivered to
home are not permitted in the lunch room.                                                 the student(s). Please be aware that because of dismissal preparations it becomes
                                                                                          very difficult to deliver messages after 2:17 pm. In case of an emergency or serious
St. Gabriel School also participates in the Federal Government Lunch Program,             need from students (such as forgot glasses, medicine), students may use the office
which helps to defray the cost of the hot lunch. At the beginning of the school year,     telephone with the permission of the Principal and administration. They may NOT
parents are given an opportunity to apply for free or reduced price lunches funded by     use theirs or the teacher’s cell phone. Students who forget books, gym uniforms,
the government. Applications are reviewed and approved by the Diocesan Food               and/or assignments may not use the phone to call home for these items.
Service Coordinator. Parents are notified in writing of their status.
Recess/Lunch Times                                                                        Bus transportation to and from St. Gabriel School is provided by both the Riverside
M, T, Th, F                                 W                                             Board of Education and the Mentor Exempted Village Board of Education. Under
10:48 am—11:30 am                     11:28am—12:00pm           Grades 4 & 5              Ohio law (ORC 3327.05), the Mentor Board of Education cannot transport a
11:30 am—12:12 pm                     12:00pm—12:32pm           Grades 1 & 2              Riverside student to a Mentor address without a written release from the Riverside
12:12 pm—12:54 pm                     12:32pm—1:04pm            Grades 3 & 6              Board of Education. Likewise, Riverside cannot transport a Mentor student to a
12:54 pm—1:36 pm                      1:04pm—1:36pm             Grades 7 & 8              Riverside address without written release from the Mentor Board of Education.
                                                                                          It is the parents’ responsibility to make the necessary arrangements when such a
Kindergarten students eat in their classrooms at the beginning of the school year to      need arises.
learn to comfortably manage lunchtime procedures in the Multipurpose Room. By
the Second Quarter they are ready to be assigned a regular lunch time at one of the       If a student needs to get dropped off at a stop other than his or her own, within the
other grade levels sessions.                                                              same transportation district, parents must send in a note to the Office with the
                                                                                          address of the stop. The student is then issued a bus pass from the Office.
Afternoon Dismissal                                                                       Each district busing St. Gabriel School students notifies the parents of routes and
Afternoon dismissals again are in place with safety as the priority. Riverside buses      schedules in August. Concerns and problems regarding routes and schedules are
arrive and park in the coned off area of the parking lot. Inside the cones, Riverside     referred to the respective transportation district.
buses that are parked along the school side will be loaded and leave before car riders.
Mentor buses are loaded by the front Main Office doors as they arrive individually
Grizzly Cub Care                                                                          Administration and Staff to support the mission of St. Gabriel School and enhance
The after school Grizzly Cub Care program is staffed by school teachers and aides,        the children’s school experience through additional opportunities, family social
and provides care, supervision, and recreation for St. Gabriel students in grades         activities, and supplemental fundraising endeavors. All parents are invited to attend
Kindergarten through 6th grades from 2:30pm to 6:00pm. After an initial registration      any monthly afternoon meetings. A complete PTU information packet is distributed
fee, parents pay an hourly fee per child to use the service any school day of the year,   at the beginning of the school year.
except the day before Christmas break, Easter break, and the last day of the school
year. Students may be picked up at any time during the program, before closing time       Principal’s Council
at 6:00pm. There is an extra $1 fee for every minute a parent is late after 6:00pm.       The Principal’s Council is group of parents and teachers who meet monthly with the
                                                                                          Principal to offer input, advice and support to the administration and work of St.
School Supplies                                                                           Gabriel School.
School grade level supply lists are given to students at the end of the school year for
the following school year. SchoolKidz supply kits are also available for order and        Random Activities and Programs
purchase at the end of the previous school year. During the year, some basic              Throughout the year, there are many other various school and classroom activities,
supplies are sold in the school student bookstore before school on Mondays,               and events and programs that occur that need the help and service of volunteers.
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.                                                         These are continually made known through avenues of communication such as the
                                                                                          Parent Newsletter, Edline, our PTU Marketing Committee, and flyers and
All students must have a book bag in which to carry their books to and from school,       announcements that are sent home. The main criteria for volunteer work is VIRTUS
and a school assignment notebook (to be purchased on Orientation Day) to record           training and certification and a background check. (See SAFETY AND
assignments and important information from teachers. All textbooks are to be              SECURITY section of the Handbook.) Other criteria and training may need to be
covered, and ALL personal items must be labeled with students’ names and                  followed depending on the activity.
homeroom numbers.

                                                                                            TUITION POLICY & PAYMENT SCHEDULE
                                                                                          The Tuition and all fees at St. Gabriel School are cost-based, meaning that all costs
Parents and guardians are welcome to serve as volunteers in the school and in the         to educate a child are borne by the parents or guardians. There are no volunteer,
many activities and groups that are part of the St. Gabriel School community. The         fundraising or donation requirements. Arrangements for your preference of
benefits that St. Gabriel School receives from the generosity and contribution of the     payments through the school year are made with the Parish Business Manager.
time and talent of volunteers are greatly needed and deeply appreciated. Service and
engagement in the school in individual situations is always dependent first on the                                 TUITION AND FEES
request, on the needs, and on the acceptance of the administration and the teachers                                      School Year 2011-2012
and staff involved.
                                                                                                                 Tuition Instructional Snacks/Supply Non-Parishioner
St. Gabriel School takes very seriously the priority of safety and positive                                                   Fee         Fee             Fee
climate. Thus all who volunteer as explained previously in the VIRTUS section,
must pass thorough background checks and be Virtus certified. Furthermore,                Grades 1-8              $3425        $250               0              $1000
the Administration and Teachers and Staff must also feel and be assured of the
great responsibility of trust and confidentiality on the part of volunteers, just as      Full Day Kindergarten $3425          $250               $45            $1000
with this responsibility on the part of all employed staff. Those who violate this
trust will be asked to withdraw their involvement.

St. Gabriel School is fortunate to have the Parent Teachers Union, a very active and
involved parent volunteer organization. The goals of the PTU are to work with the

The Instructional Fee is per child, is due upon registration, and is non-refundable.

The preferred method of payment is to use our automated payment system (ACH).
This has proven to be very convenient and reliable and insures a consistent cash flow
for the school. A payment in full receives a 2% discount if paid by June 15th. Other
payment options include 4, 10 or 12 month plans.

Note above: Families who are not registered in the Parish will be assessed a non-
parishioner fee of $1000 per child.

In order to provide quality Catholic education to all St. Gabriel students and to
ensure the financial stability of the school, the timely receipt of tuition is of the
utmost importance. Accounts that are delinquent are subject to a $25 late fee per
month. Anyone who is unable to make a scheduled payment must call Lynne
Ridenour, at 440-352-8282, to get a late fee waived.

Tuition Assistance
St. Gabriel’s policy is that no child will be refused a Catholic education purely for
financial reasons. Any family who feels the need for financial aid must fill out the
PSAS form and demonstrate the need for assistance. The Parish will make every
effort possible to work out a cooperative plan for those needing help to meet tuition
and fee obligation. Any questions should be referred to the Parish Business
Manager. All requests are kept confidential.


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