Individual Supervision Agreement for Children & Young People Staff by 4w9DQc


									Individual Supervision Agreement for Rutland Children & Young People Staff

Between:        (Name of Supervisor)    and:     (Name of Supervisee)

The purpose of staff supervision is to ensure that the services are delivered
competently and effectively by staff who are well-motivated and well-equipped to do
the job. This applies to staff in all sections of the organisation.

There are three main functions of supervision:

        Learning and Development
        Support in Relation to Work
        Management Accountability

Prior to completing this agreement all staff should refer to the Staff Supervision

The Agreed Structure is:

Supervision will take place every* __________

Both parties will allow up to 2 hours for each supervision session

Supervision will take place in __________

Sessions will be recorded on the specified pro-forma and maintained in accordance
with the requirements of The Supervision Policy.

The agenda for sessions will be agreed and prioritised by the parties prior to, or at
the beginning of each session. There will only be interruptions if there is a matter of
the utmost urgency.

The content and management of the supervision sessions will include:

        Reviewing work and agreeing action plans
        Looking at the development of skills, knowledge base and value base
        Looking at learning and developmental needs and professional standards
        Space to reflect on experience of and feelings about the work
        Mutually constructive feedback and periodic review
        Supervision notes aimed to be returned within 1 week for signing and copying
        Supervision notes to be stored in a confidential folder in a locked cupboard or
         on confidential section of computer

Signed:                                Signed
Supervisee                             Supervisor

Date                                   Date
* See supervision policy


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