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                            Case RepoRt

                            propranolol for Infantile Hemangiomas
                            Moise L. Levy, MD, United States

     author affiliation
                            aBstRaCt                                                摘要                                                              sInopsIs
   Moise L. Levy, MD, is
    physician in chief in   Hemangiomas are common vascular                         血管瘤是常见的血管胎记,通常                                                  Los hemangiomas son marcas de
   Pediatric/Adolescent     birthmarks that usually present a pre-                  以一种可预测的模式进行增殖和                                                  nacimiento comunes de origen vascu-
   Dermatology at Dell      dictable pattern of proliferation and                   最终退化。大多数血管瘤都无需                                                  lar que acostumbran a seguir un
     Children’s Medical
Center of Central Texas,
                            ultimate involution. Most do not                        任何治疗。当干预治疗得到临床                                                  patrón predecible de proliferación y,
          Austin, Texas.    require any treatment. When inter-                      证明时,即可选择进行医药和手                                                  en última instancia, involución. La
                            vention is clinically indicated, medi-                  术治疗。从历史观点上来说,糖                                                  mayoría no requiere tratamiento y, en
               Citation     cal and surgical options exist.                         皮质激素已被用于并已被证实能                                                  los casos en que se aconseja realizar
Global Adv Health Med.
                            Historically, corticosteroids have                      够,减缓或停止大多数血管瘤的                                                  una intervención por motivos clínic-
                            been used and have been shown to                        生长;但随之出现的生长问题和                                                  os, existen opciones médicas y quirúr-
              Key Words
                            slow or stop the growth of a majority                   感染性并发症使该类药物的使用                                                  gicas. Históricamente, se ha demostra-
          Hemangioma,       of hemangiomas; however, growth                         变得更加复杂。在 2008 年,刊登                                              do que el uso de corticosteroides
      propranolol, beta     concerns and infectious complica-                       在《新英格兰医学期刊》(The New                                             reduce o detiene el crecimiento de la
blocker, corticosteroids,
                            tions have complicated their use. In                    England Journal of Medicine) 上                                  mayoría de los hemangiomas; sin
    segmental, PHACE,
         posterior fossa    2008, a letter to the editor in The New                 的一封致编者信介绍了研究人员                                                  embargo, las complicaciones infeccio-
          malformation,     England Journal of Medicine described                   在九个病例中就非选择性 β 受体                                                sas y las preocupaciones en torno al
   arterial, cardiac, eye   another serendipitous observation of                    阻滞剂普萘洛尔治疗血管瘤的疗                                                  crecimiento han complicado su uso.
    anomalies, vascular
    birthmarks, timolol
                            the effect of the nonselective beta-                    效所偶然观察到的另一项结果。                                                  En el año 2008, una carta dirigida al
                            blocker, propranolol, on hemangio-                      这一发现由上述最初观察结果及                                                  editor publicada en The New England
                            mas in 9 cases. This finding has been                   其他结果的作者予以阐述。                                                    Journal of Medicine describía otra obser-
                            expanded by the authors of this origi-                                                                                  vación fortuita advertida en nueve
                            nal observation as well as others.                                                                                      casos sobre el efecto del betablo-
                                                                                                                                                    queante no selectivo propranolol en
                                                                                                                                                    los hemangiomas. Se han efectuado
                                                                                                                                                    trabajos de ampliación de este hallaz-
                                                                                                                                                    go por parte de los responsables de esta
                                                                                                                                                    observación original, entre otros.

                                   irthmarks are common and are seen in approxi-                                    Treatment of wound-related complications is also
                                   mately 8% of all newborns.1 Though they are                                      important for some such cases.
                                   usually of little significance from a clinical per-                                   This report will focus on medical therapies for
                            spective, they often are of concern to families.                                        hemangiomas. Historically, corticosteroids have been
                            Fortunately, a relatively small number of these are of                                  used after an early observation of their effect on t
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