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ABC Limited, our flagship company, was set up in 1993 in New York to produce hot rolled
products with a humble target capacity of 800 Metric Tonnes per month. Since then we have
never had to look back and today the unit boasts of a capacity of 10,000 Metric Tonnes of
international standard hot rolled products. Now the 0.6 million tonnes of iron and steel that the
group produces has earned global acclaim.

ABC Limited is a premier private organization to venture into production of TMT bars in the
secondary steel sector of India. It is, however, the first in Eastern India to have accredited with
ISO 9001 : 2000 for its re–rolling mill. ABC Limited is the only manufacturer of the most
advanced TMT bar ‘FE 600’ and is also capable of producing high strength deformed bars in ‘FE
415’ Grade and ‘FE 500’ Grade, popularly know as TMT bars in India. ABC Limited is the most
popular brand and is highly valued in Eastern India.

As pert of our growth strategy we have made expansions, introduced up–to–date technologies,
processes and equipments enabling us to scale up production and offer low cost steel. Our
expansion is reflected in our ISO 9002 company with two fully automated Japanese Rolling Mills
with installed capacity of 1.20 Lac tonnes per annum. The production unit is adopted to the
Thermax Cooling Technology of Henningsorfer Stall Engineering Gmbh (HSE), Germany
provides by P. K Mill Pvt. Ltd. (India).


Today ABC Limited is a well–Known brand as full–facility provider of TMT bars, Allied Steel
Products and superior quality Iron Castings. It enjoys a prominent position in the secondary steel
sector of India.

The initial few years had its due share of hurdles and setbacks but we managed to ride the rough
by holding on to our beliefs, abilities and solidarity. We learnt the value of quality and consistency,
the worth of dependability and commitment, the appreciation of today, everyday.

Keeping customer interest first ABC Limited has consistently strived to deliver high quality
products quickly and at competitive prices. A lot of time and money has been invested in most
advanced design & engineering, research and development, products testing & validation,
networking & marketing, customer service which has enabled ABC Limited to become the
preferred provider for both national and international markets.
Days Ahead (Vision)

ABC Limited is growing and preparing itself to achieve at the international level. Anticipating
customers’ requirements with the changing times and satisfying them is our commitment.

The combined strength of commitment towards Quality, Product Excellence, Customer
Satisfaction and Diversified Growth with Innovation has put ABC Limited in the Global Iron and
Steel map.

Here in ABC Limited we have put together our Cumulative Knowledge, Advanced Technological
Skills and Human Expertise to keep ourselves a step ahead in today’s world of rapid
technological and market changes. We have successfully developed strategies to tackle
simultaneously the challenge to operate at peak efficiency in the present and to innovate
beneficially for the future. Improving employees’ working environment, motivation and quality of
life is also our concern. The future for ABC Limited is in its present.

Our Calling (Mission)

Right from inception ABC Limited did not want to keep itself restricted to routinely producing steel
products. It always aspired to excel in each aspect – be it quality or service or innovation. It has
always remained focused in providing its customers long lasting contentment.

The simple business principles that ABC Limited steadfastly follows are reducing costs,
improving product quality, adopting state-of-the-art technologies, implementing processes to
deliver ‘ real value’ to customers, maintaining swift and efficient time to market, improving asset
utilization, expending the scope of operation and availing of new opportunities.

The spirit of entrepreneurship has translated into acquiring ailing units and turning those into
viable production units, and diversifying into new high growth areas, while ensuring safety and
sustainability of the environment.

ABC Limited s policy of taking its customers as partners in innovation has inspired modernization
and up gradation throughout the organization.

The ‘success’ behind us powers the ‘hope’ ahead of us.

Quality Assurance

ABC Limited is committed towards customer satisfaction by maintaining quality of products as
well as service in compliance with mutually agreed upon specifications, terms and conditions. The
team effort of employees enable to continuously elevate quality consciousness and performance.

All ABC Limited manufacturing units are ISO 9001:2000 certified where integrated quality control
systems ensure procurement inspection starting from vendor assessment and testing of all
incoming products. Systematic stage wise inspection runs all through the process lines upto
finishing, weighing, painting , picking, marketing and container tracking.

ABC Limited quality attitude is driven by no-compromise approach toward quality standards,
sound financial status and nurturing human talent at deserving recognition.
Performance Highlights

       Developing and upholding brand ABC Limited
       Accredited with ISO 9001:2000 for re-rolling mill
       Production capacity raised to 10,000 Metric Tonne per month
       ISO 9002 company with fully automated Japanese Rolling Mills
       Capable of producing high strength deformed FE 415 and FE 500 bars
       Acquiring sick units and turning into viable ones
       Customer service with best people and practices in the industry
       Employees’ comfort upliftment
       Sustainable development of environment & industry.

Group Profile

A name to reckon with , ABC Limited is a popular choice when it comes to TMT BARS, Allied
Steel Products and Superior Grade Iron Casting. Such popularity, prompt and effective customer
service and competitive price have put ABC Limited in an exalted position in the secondary steel
sector of India.

ABC Limited is well equipped with its successful diversifications, latest scientific assistance,
smart marketing approaches and intelligent utilization of human talent to face the challenges of
the future and create new history.

Expectations need to be surpassed, obstacle demand to be overcome, goals require to be
achieved – ABC Limited is on the taste to make this possible with its customers support and
patronage, any where in the world!

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