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Why Sales Prospects Won't Call You Back

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					by Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr.

FJR Advisors, Inc.
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Why Sales Prospects Won’t Return Your Phone Calls or Emails

As much as I'd love to, I make an effort every email I receive from my readers.
However, being a popular sales author, it's impossible for me to answer all of
them, and even reading all of them is impossible due to sheer volume, but I do

However, your prospective customers don't try. They most likely couldn't care
less. That's why they usually don't return your calls or emails.

Why? Because you're not giving them any value up front, and they know it.

Every time I get an unsolicited call, or sometimes even an email, 9 times out of 10
I don't even want to hear it. Why? Because I know very well that it's someone
either trying to sell me something, or trying to get something free from me. What
I'm really saying, there's zero value in it for me!

You may have heard by now the story of my first decent sales training program,
where I learned that cold calling doesn't work anymore. I also first learned of the
acronym "WIIFM" in that training:

WIIFM quite simply means What's In It For Me

We were taught that before opening your mouth in front of a prospect - or taking
any action with your prospects - to always ask ourselves, "What's the WIIFM?" In
other words, there had better be something in it for the prospect, or it was a
complete waste of time.

Very few salespeople do this.

When I receive unsolicited calls from salespeople, there's never a WIIFM. And
that's why I don't return their phone calls. Or answer their emails.

Everything word you say to a prospective customer, every word you write to your
prospects, every action you take with a prospect, MUST contain a WIIFM. And
you need to give the WIIFM up front if you want the prospect to listen! This is a
law, like the law of gravity - there are no exceptions.

This is why cold calling doesn't work. Don't even think about all the tough
receptionists, advanced anti-cold-call phone systems, no soliciting signs, and
everything else. If you do happen to get a live prospect on the phone or in person,
the problem is that there's really no way to open a cold call with a WIIFM. Cold
calling, by its very nature, is anti-WIIFM. It's all about what YOU want, not
what's in the prospect's best interests.

(Also, "elevator speeches" and "unique value propositions" don't count as
WIIFMs. They're worn-out cliches and catchphrases that sales managers love to
throw around, and nothing more.)

The bottom line is if you want to increase your sales numbers, and achieve
massive sales success, remember to never, ever approach a prospect without
giving a WIIFM up front. And Ii you can't think of one, you shouldn't be talking
to them in the first place. Which means they're not a truly qualified prospect for
you - and it's not ethical to try to sell something to someone that doesn't deliver
powerful WIIFMs - real value - to them.

In closing, never forget that making cold calls is by far the most anti-WIIFM sales
strategy in existence. If you're making cold calls, you have no hope of delivering a
real WIIFM, up front, to your prospects, which means you have no chance of
getting them to buy.

Frank Rumbauskas is the author of the New York Times best-seller Never Cold Call
Again and several other books. Over 50,000 salespeople at organizations around the
world have stopped cold calling thanks to his programs.

For lots more sales tips and advice from Frank, along with a free 37-page PDF preview
of his lead-generation system, visit his Sales Blog at

Description: Sales prospects won't return your phone calls or answer your emails because you're making the same mistakes as most salespeople. Learn what they are, and how you can fix them for quick results!