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                             Case RepoRt

                             statin-induced Myopathy
                             Kara Fitzgerald, ND; Elizabeth Redmond, PhD; Case Clinician: Cathryn Harbor, MD

          Copyright 2011     abstRaCt                                                摘要                                                              dades cardiovasculares (ECV),
Metametrix, Inc, Duluth,
                             Heart disease (HD) is the number                        心脏病 (heart disease, hd) 是                                       como se refleja en el estatus de la
      Georgia. This case
report is excerpted from     one killer in the United States.1 In                    美国的头号杀手。1 2006 年,心血                                             atorvastatina como el principal
           Case Studies in   2006, the direct and indirect costs                     管疾病在美国造成的直接和间接费                                                 medicamento recetado en los
          Integrative and    associated with cardiovascular dis-                     用估计为 4,000 亿美元。2 从阿托                                            Estados Unidos.3 El tratamiento
    Functional Medicine
   and is reprinted here
                             ease in the United States were esti-                    伐他汀在美国处方药中高居榜首可                                                 con estatinas, sin embargo, está aso-
   with permission from      mated at 400 billion dollars.2 Statin                   以看出,用于降低胆固醇的他汀类                                                 ciado a efectos secundarios que
            the publisher.   therapy for cholesterol reduction is                    药物疗法是心血管疾病 (cardio-                                             indican insuficiencia mitocondrial.
                             a mainstay intervention for cardio-                     vascular disease, cvd) 的主要                                      Un síntoma inducido por las estati-
       author affiliations
  Kara Fitzgerald, ND, is
                             vascular disease (CVD) as reflected                     干预方法。3 然而,他汀类药物疗                                                nas que se notifica con frecuencia
         coauthor of Case    in atorvastatin’s status as the num-                    法也存在造成信号线粒体功能障碍                                                 es la mialgia, definida como un
    Studies in Integrative   ber one prescribed medication in                        的副作用。通常报告的他汀类药物                                                 dolor muscular sin un incremento
            and Functional
 Medicine and is on fac-
                             the United States.3 Statin therapy,                     引起的症状是肌痛,其定义为无血                                                 asociado de creatina quinasa (CK)
ulty for the Institute for   however, is also associated with                        清肌酸激酶 (creatine kinase,                                         sérica. En los ensayos clínicos, las
    Functional Medicine,     side effects that signal mitochon-                      ck) 升高的肌肉疼痛。在临床试验                                               comunicaciones de mialgia varían
               Gig Harbor,   drial distress. A commonly report-                      中,报告肌痛的比率从低于 1% 到                                               desde menos del 1% hasta el 25%
  Washington. Elizabeth
      Redmond, PhD, is a
                             ed statin-induced symptom is                            25% 不等。4 肌病是肌肉组织异常                                              de los pacientes.4 La miopatía es un
   technical support spe-    myalgia, which is defined as mus-                       或疾病的总称。肌病包括肌痛、肌                                                 término general, definido como
    cialist at Metametrix,   cle pain without an associated ele-                     炎(与 ck 升高相关的肌肉组织炎                                               una condición anormal o enferme-
 Inc, as well as coauthor
                             vation of serum creatine kinase                         症)及非常严重的横纹肌溶解症(                                                 dad del tejido muscular. La miopatía
          of “Vitamins” in
 Laboratory Evaluations      (CK). In clinical trials, the reports                   极端肌炎)。他汀类药物引起肌病                                                 incluye       mialgia,      miositis
      for Integrative and    of myalgia vary from less than 1%                       的组织学检查结果表明,从电子链                                                 (inflamación del tejido muscular
    Functional Medicine.     to 25% of patients.4 Myopathy is a                      功能障碍来看,“线粒体肌病”一                                                 asociada a niveles elevados de CK)
 She coordinates educa-
  tional activities within
                             general term defined as an abnor-                       词对该疾病的界定更加准确。5 线                                                y la condición extremadamente
  the company. Cathryn       mal condition or disease of muscle                      粒体肌病与他汀类药物引起的                                                   grave de rabdomiólisis (miositis
  Harbor, MD, has prac-      tissue. Myopathy includes myalgia,                      coQ10 缺乏存在联系。5 鉴于心肌                                             extrema). Los resultados histológi-
ticed family medicine in
                             myositis (inflammation of muscle                        细胞中的线粒体密度和 coQ10 在                                              cos en la miopatía inducida por
    Virginia for 13 years.
                             tissue associated with elevated CK)                     线粒体能量生产中的作用,它缺乏                                                 estatinas demuestran una disfun-
       Correspondence        and the very serious condition                          与心脏病风险提高的关系很早已被                                                 ción de la cadena de electrones, por
    Kara Fitzgerald, ND      rhabdomyolysis (extreme myosi-                          确认。6-7 在以下的案例中,线粒                                               lo que “miopatía mitocondrial” es
                             tis). Histological findings in statin-                  体特定有机酸、血清 coQ10、维生                                              un término más preciso.5 La
                             induced myopathy demonstrate                            素 d 及临床记录均表明他汀类药                                                miopatía mit
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