Spontaneous Normal Sinus Rhythm Conversion Using Integrative Medicine in Atrial Fibrillation by GlobAdvHealthMed


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                                Case RepoRt

                                spontaneous Normal sinus Rhythm Conversion Using
                                Integrative Medicine in atrial Fibrillation
                                Wendy S. Farrar, MSW, NCTMB; Amber L. Fyfe-Johnson, ND; Courtney J. Baechler, MD, MS; Jeffery A. Dusek, PhD

       author affiliations      abstRaCt                                                reduce costs via avoidance of addi-                             sINopsIs
   Wendy S. Farrar, MSW,
                                The relationship between acute life                     tional hospitalization, electrocardio-                          Se ha citado en la literatura una rel-
 NCTMB, is an integrative
       health practitioner,     stress and the development of atrial                    version, and general anesthesia.                                ación entre el estrés agudo vital y el
  Amber L. Fyfe-Johnson,        fibrillation (AF) has been noted in the                                                                                 desarrollo de fibrilación auricular
ND, is a research scientist,    literature. However, the use of integra-                                                                                (atrial fibrillation, AF). Sin embargo, el
     and Jeffery A. Dusek,
 PhD, is research director,
                                tive medicine (IM) in restoring cardi-                  摘要                                                              uso de la medicina integrativa (inte-
       all at Penny George      ac rhythm has not been adequately                       文件指出沉重生活压力与出现心                                                  grative medicine, IM) para restablecer
  Institute for Health and      studied. This case report describes                     房颤动 (atrial fibrillation,                                       el ritmo cardiaco no se ha estudiado
        Healing and Allina
                                how an IM approach was used in a                        AF) 之间的关联。但尚未对使用                                                adecuadamente. El informe de este
   Northwestern Hospital,
                                patient with atrial fibrillation and                    综合医学 (integrative medi-                                         caso describe cómo se usó un enfoque
 Minneapolis, Minnesota.        acute pain. Spontaneous cardiover-                      cine, IM) 恢复心律这一课题作出                                            de IM en una paciente con fibrilación
Courtney J. Baechler, MD,       sion to normal sinus rhythm occurred                    充分研究。该案例报告说明综合                                                  auricular y dolor agudo. Se produjo
   MS, is vice president of
   Penny George Institute
                                during the IM session, in addition to                   医学 (IM) 方法如何用于出现心房                                              una cardioversión espontánea a un
   for Health and Healing       marked decreases in self-reported                       颤动和剧痛的患者。在综合医学                                                  ritmo sinusal normal durante la ses-
     and medical director,      pain, anxiety, and nausea at the con-                   (IM) 疗程期间,患者自动恢复至                                               ión de IM, además de una reducción
        Cardiac Preventive      clusion of IM treatment. These results                  正常窦性心律,此外在综合医学                                                  marcada del dolor, la ansiedad y las
 Services, at United Heart
   and Vascular Center, St
                                provide initial support that for some                   (IM) 治疗结束时,主诉疼痛、紧                                               náuseas notificados por la paciente al
           Paul, Minnesota.     cases of AF, IM therapies can help to                   张和恶心的情况明显减少。                                                    finalizar el tratamiento de la IM.

Amber L. Fyfe-Johnson, ND

                                        trial fibrillation (AF) is a relatively common car-                             sota. PGIHH consists of inpatient services, an outpatient
                                        diac arrhythmia that can have adverse conse-                                    clinic, a research center, and a fitness center. Physicians
 Global Adv Health Med.                 quences related to (1) a reduction in cardiac out-                              and nurses predominantly make referrals to PGIHH; the
         2012;1(2):20-23.       put, and (2) atrial appendage thrombus formation (stroke                                most common reasons for referral are pain, anxiety, and
                Key Words
                                and peripheral embolization). In addition, affected                                     nausea. PGIHH employs 21 IMPs, all credentialed as
      Sinus rhythm, atrial      patients may be at increased risk for mortality.1,2                                     registered nurses, nationally certified massage thera-
        fibrillation, stress,   Diagnosis of AF is primarily through a 12 lead electrocar-                              pists, or licensed acupuncturists. Since 2005, PGIHH
    integrative medicine,       diogram (EKG) characterized by an absence of discrete P                                 IMPs have seen more than 25 000 hospitalized patients,
   cardiac, pain, anxiety,
         nausea, coronary
                                waves and an irregularly irregular ventricular rate. AF is                              with an average of 2.43 visits per patient. The use of IM
             heart disease,     more prevalent in men, is known to increase with age,                                   and CAM in hospitals has more than doubled in recent
  hypertension, obesity,        and is commonly associated with underlying coronary                                     years due to increasing patient demand, more robust
  aromatherapy, guided
                                heart disease (CHD) and hypertension.3                                                  research suggesting efficacy of IM therapies, and an
       imagery, massage,
       case reports, India           The trend toward not only offering but also inte-                                  effort toward healthcare market differentiation by hos-
                                grating complementary and alternative medicine                                          pitals and healthcare systems.6 IM therapies have been
                                (CAM) therapies in the conventional medical care set-                                   shown to be effective in many populations with pain,
                                ting has catalyzed conceptualization of a new clinical                                  including (1) cardiac surgery,7 (2) thoracic surgery,8 (3) a
                                paradigm. Several different terms are concurrently                                      general patient population in acute care,9 and (4) other
                                used to describe this practice, such as integrative medi-                               surgical populations.10,11 The effectiveness of IM in an
                                cine, integrated medicine, or integrative healthcare.                                   inpatient setting also has been established in observa-
                                However, there is still debate regarding the most appro-                                tional studies.12,13
                                priate terminology and how it should be defined.4,5  
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